tagIncest/TabooJulie and Danny Ch. 02

Julie and Danny Ch. 02


Monday, June 27

(Before dinner at The Westchester Steak House)

"Lorna and I have been friends forever," explained Julie. "You know that, John. So, when Danny told me he was finally retiring from the military, I let her know Mr. Right was coming to town."

"Julie asked me... no, Julie told me she wanted me to meet Lorna," I chuckled. "Actually, I met her years ago, at your wedding as a matter of fact." Julie smiled and nodded. "But I was in the service, and Lorna was engaged at the time, I think. To some loser. Whatever. I remember thinking even then that she was my type. Well, Julie told me that Lorna and I were both going to be at Katelyn's wedding anyway, so..."

"I told Danny, you need a date for the wedding, she needs a date, let me put you in touch with her. He said sure, why not, so I e-mailed his picture to her. She was all excited! So, I put them in touch, simple as that."

"We wrote back and forth, we talked on the phone. We talked and talked for weeks..."

"And Danny was hooked!" Julie laughed.

"I got cold feet," I laughed. "I told Julie I wasn't sure that I wanted to be caught. That was the day I got here for the wedding."

"They met in person for the first time in twenty-three years at the rehearsal. I could tell Danny had hearts spinning around his head, just like in a cartoon!"

"I did. It must have been obvious to everybody. Especially to Lorna."

"They went out on Friday night, after the rehearsal dinner."

"Right. After the reception, we went out on Saturday night. And Sunday."

"Danny cancelled his flight, the one he was supposed to be on today."

"I rented an apartment today, one of those furnished short-term places like corporate relocation people refer you to. I'll be moving in on Thursday."

John drained his Scotch on the rocks, then scoffed. "Sounds almost like one of those mail-order bride deals, Dan. I mean, I wish both of you all of the happiness in the world,

but... but, I couldn't jump into a commitment like that so soon."

"I look at it this way. When you're holding on to a winning lottery ticket, do you not cash it in because you think you're gonna keep playing and win something bigger? Or, do you refuse to start driving from coast-to-coast until you're 100% sure all the traffic lights are green?" I stared at Johnny. "Not me. I'll take the prize here and now. And who cares about being on a predictable route? A poet wrote about a road splitting out in the woods. He took the one less traveled, and that made all the difference."

"And there's a song, John, you know it," said Julie. "I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find theeeere..." she sang.

I picked up from there. "Another road, maybe I could find another kind of life theeeere..."

Julie and I, in unison: "Ooh! Then I suddenly see you," Julie took my hands in hers. "Ooh! Did I tell you I need you, every single day of my life!" She smiled at me, neither one of us letting go of the other's hands. John's ears were turning crimson. People at the bar turned to stare. Not that I gave a fuck. Neither did Julie.

Lorna put her hand on my shoulder. I stood up. "Hi, Danny," she said, then kissed my cheek. "Julie, hi!" Julie stood to hug Lorna. "Hi, John!" she said. He nodded without standing. "How are you, Lorna?"

"Great! Looks like you're having fun! Have you guys been waiting long?" she asked.

"Not at all. Can I get you a drink? Something girly and sugary with an umbrella?" I asked.

"No, I'll probably have wine with dinner, but nothing now, thanks."

Lorna sat to my left, Julie to my right. All I could do was grin like the Cheshire cat. John looked as if he couldn't wait to go home. Not that I gave a fuck. Neither did Julie. Neither did Lorna. A lady walked past the table, behind John. She looked at me, with two hot ladies beside me, and smiled. Lorna and Julie giggled; John couldn't figure out what was so funny.

Tuesday morning, June 28

"He was so pissed off the other day. He said his pillow smelled like sweat, and he asked me if you slept on it. I told him yeah, you did. I insisted. You're my brother, and you can sleep there."

"Did he expect me to sleep on the couch?"

"I guess so. Or back at the hotel."

"Don't let him bother you. I'll tell him I'm sorry."

"No, Danny. Don't say anything. Don't let him find out I told you."

"Okay." After a moment, I asked, "Does he think we were in bed together?"

"No. He hasn't said so, anyway."

"Good. Listen, I just got back to my room after working out. Let me take a shower, then I'll call you back. We can get lunch, OK? Lorna gets off work around 4:30, and we're going out tonight."

"Should I just meet you at the hotel at 11?"

"Good idea. See you then."

"See you, Danny."

Ten minutes before eleven, Julie knocked on the door. She brought me a coffee and muffin.

"Thanks, Julie." I kissed her. "Here, have some of the coffee. You look tired."

"I'll be OK. The adrenaline from the wedding weekend is wearing off. No big deal."

"My adrenaline is pumping."

"I bet it is," said Julie. "Two hot ladies are after you. Can you handle the excitement?"

"I can. How about you?"

"Are you trying to excite me?"

"Yes, I am!"

"Danny! First, let me put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside, and lock the door."

I put my arms around my sister. Julie pressed the side of her face against my chest, her fingertips and nails in my back. I kissed her forehead, her nose. She stood on tiptoes and lifted her chin, lips parted. Our noses touched, our lips met. I could taste her lip gloss and her breath mint. My hands moved down her back to the top of her jeans. Julie settled back on her heels, pulling me toward her. She stepped backwards, gently sitting on the unmade bed. I followed, sitting beside her. Julie had already kicked her shoes off. She tugged the bottom of her T-shirt out of her jeans, crossed her arms in front, and pulled the shirt over her head. Julie's breasts, nipples erect, greeted me in naked, sweetly perfumed glory. My T-shirt followed hers through the air, landing on the chair.

"Danny, just hug me, baby, mmm? Hold me..."

Gently, I brought my topless sister against my bare chest. Her skin was hot, as if she had just come inside after sunbathing. I worked my hands on top of her shoulders, caressing them with my palms, making tiny circles with my fingertips. Suddenly, I brushed both hands down the sides of her back, stopping just below the waistband of her jeans. Julie gasped, her eyes wide open, then slowly exhaled with a melodic "Oh, oh, oh..." I sensed her heart beating faster. My lips went for the left side of her neck, tongue dabbling her skin. She rolled her head to the right, and I could feel her manicured nails in my back. Julie released her embrace, and fell back on the mattress, arms extended above her head. Moving to kiss her navel, I sensed the heat of her pussy. Holding her sides, I kissed her at random points on her abdomen, making slow but certain progress up to her heaving breasts. Both of us were on fire now. Julie wiggled a little bit, bringing her arms in front to unbutton her jeans. "I'll finish that, my love," I murmured. I pulled her zipper down, revealing white panties with tiny red dots. Julie picked up her hips so I could get her jeans over the delicious curves of her ass. She sat, then lifted her knees. Holding both pant legs at the hem, I pulled them toward me until they were free of sweet Julie's smooth, tanned legs. I folded her jeans and faced her, holding the backside next to my face. I made smooching noises at the jeans, sending Julie into laughter. "You can kiss the real thing, Danny, you can do whatever you want with me. Please do whatever you want with me, mmm?"

"I want to do whatever you want, sweetie. I'll rub your feet, your back, your neck. I'll order rose petals for the bed. Champagne. Chocolates." Julie reached to unbutton my jeans. "Tell me, and I'll make it happen." I stepped out of my jeans, and pushed my shorts down. My erection sprung free, the head moist with clear juice.

Julie whispered, "Take my panties off, and kiss me. Kiss me there."

I had my fingers inside Julie's panties, moving the waistband down while she lifted her ass again. As soon as they were off, she parted her knees. Beginning above her right knee, I brushed my lips and tongue along her inner thigh, moving to the left inner thigh, back to the right inner thigh. Julie rocked her hips, eagerly anticipating satisfaction. My sweet sister was overwhelmed with desire, having been unfulfilled for such a long time. Finally, my nose and lips met her neatly trimmed pubic hairs, her outer labia. Moving forward, I extended my tongue and pushed against the crease. Julie shuddered as I tasted her inner lips. How I loved her captivating feminine aroma, her wetness and her excitement! Ever so gently, I pulsed the tip of my tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy. As I approached her clitoris, she clenched my head between her thighs. I swept my tongue outside in a circle, licking her pubic hair, then went back to the clitoris. Julie moved her hips toward me, grinding against my mouth. I thought I was going to come on the sheets before long. I pulled my face back, and told Julie "I want you now, let me love you now."

Julie gasped, "Make love to me, please..."

On top of Julie, in a tight embrace, I moved the head of my cock to her sweet spot. With a gentle push, I entered my sister slowly, not stopping until I had no more length to give her. I moved back as far as I dared, without leaving her. Back in, slowly, then I held myself inside her without moving. Julie's love juices flowed upon my cock, my inner thighs, and the bed sheets. Together, we pumped back and forth, slightly faster, breathing harder and sweating. I felt Julie relax, then tense up a bit, then relax. I shifted position slightly, breaking from the embrace so I could kiss her breasts. Her nipples were still stiff, welcoming my licks and kisses. Her nails were in my back as I sensed my orgasm approaching. I went back down, holding lovely Julie against me when the pulsations began. I thrust deeply as I came, yet she continued bucking her hips beneath me. I held on for the ride, still hard, as Julie moved closer to her orgasm. Her writhing and moaning brought her to a state of ecstasy and exhilaration.

In the afterglow of our lovemaking, we pressed our bodies together. "Oh, Danny, I didn't think we'd be together again. Not this soon, anyway. I thought you'd be out West, and I'd be stuck with John." Julie paused, then said "I love him, but he's just not romantic. I told you that. I don't deny him, you know, I'm not a bitch. He just doesn't give me what I want, not in the bed. I know he stresses about work and money and bills, and it seems like his mind is somewhere else."

"Somewhere else, like at work, or somebody else?"

"I think it's work. I don't think he has somebody else. Really. I could tell if he's lying to me, or hiding something."

"And you're sure he doesn't suspect us?"

"He doesn't. He's not jealous, not paranoid."

"He must figure I'm with Lorna, not you."

"Danny, what about Lorna?"

"I love her, I do. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it's love. I love her, I adore her, and she loves me. I think we both felt, you know, more confident from the beginning because of you being the matchmaker."

"Does she know about this?"


"Will she?"

"I'd rather not. I mean, I know she was married, no kids. I know she was dating other men. She knows I was married, no kids. She knows there were other women. I'm just not willing to give her all the details, and I don't press her for details."

"Danny, I don't want to let you go. I don't want to get between you and Lorna, but I love you. I love you on a different level, after all that shit we went through with Mom and Dad. John couldn't understand totally. You and I do."

"Right. But what's his problem?"

"It was about three years ago. Katelyn was away at college, and she went with her girlfriends to Mexico on Spring Break. She came back home with one of those tramp-stamp tattoos in the small of her back. John screamed at her when he found out. 'Dirty needles! Hepatitis! Diseases! Sleazy! Bimbo!' Plus, and I didn't tell you this, so keep this secret: John found out that Katelyn was on the Pill."

"So he overreacted, blew it all out of proportion?"

"Right. See, this was the same time when John was going through a drinking phase. He was pissed off at his job, thought he was passed over for promotion, figured he was on someone's shit list. He was starting to act like Dad, angry at the world for his shitty life."

"But John's not alcoholic, is he?"

"No, he isn't. He doesn't need booze every day like Mom and Dad did. And we don't fight like they did. He was working in a department with a bunch of assholes whose idea of teamwork meant going out to the bar every night after work. Finally, I told him it had to stop. I didn't give him an ultimatum, you know, as if I was going to leave him. But he had to know that having a limp dick from drinking wasn't going to make things better."

"I get it. Wait... I mean, I don't get a limp dick from drinking too much, I mean that I get it, I understand you."

Julie giggled. "No, you'll never have a limp dick." She squeezed my soft dick for me.

"So, he's OK now?"

"Yeah, except for being stressed and unromantic. He's happier at work, things got better eventually, but the tension still shows."

"He needs a vacation."

"He needs to listen to what I want. He makes me feel like I'm just another line in his calendar. You know, 'Friday night, nine o'clock to nine-fifteen, Julie, bedroom, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.' Sometimes I need to know he wants to be with me and nowhere else, forget the clock, forget the TV, forget the Internet, forget the smartphone."

"Wait! I already have you in my calendar for Friday night, nine to nine-fifteen! Delete Johnny's appointment, will you?"

Julie climbed on top of me, laughing. "Put me down in your calendar for every day, all day, bedroom, hotel, back seat of the car, it doesn't matter. OK?"

"You got it. I love you, Julie!"

"And I love you, Danny!"

Tuesday afternoon, June 28

I arrived at Lorna's place just before five-thirty. Our plan for the evening was to go out for a quick bite to eat, then to the jeweler and have her choose an engagement ring.

"Hi, Dan!" We hugged and kissed. "Come on in, I'll be ready in a few minutes." Lorna finished brushing her hair, then put on some lipstick. Sammy, her cat, brushed against my leg.

After sandwiches, we headed to the jewelry store. Lorna parked, shut off the engine, then faced me. Without a word, she leaned over and kissed me. Again. And again. It seemed like there might have been a tear in her eye.

"I'm so happy," she whispered. "I love you, Dan. I do!"

"I love you, Lorna," I whispered. "I do, and I always will love you."

Lorna did wipe a tear from her eye. "Ready."

"Ready." Hand-in-hand, into the jeweler's we walked.

Lorna decided on a diamond-and-sapphire ring instead of a traditional diamond solitaire. We also ordered gold wedding bands. To my surprise, she bought me a gold chain necklace as an engagement gift.

Back at her place, we undressed and embraced. She pulled me gently toward the bed. She crawled on all fours to the center, rolled onto her back, and opened her legs. Lorna preferred to make love on her back, sometimes in an embrace with her legs wrapped around me, sometimes with my hands under her ass cheeks, with her pelvis tilted slightly upward. Tonight, it was the full frontal embrace. Her gardenia perfume smelled almost as heavenly as her hot, naked body. Soon, I felt her heels tapping on the backs of my thighs with each long, slow thrust of my cock. Lorna's pussy was deliciously wet, the sheets beneath us drenched. Her breathing changed from deep inhalation and moaning exhalation to a faster, almost gasping rhythm. She clenched my hips between her thighs, released, clenched again, then began bucking her hips up and down. I came sooner than I had hoped, she had me so excited with the physical intensity of her lovemaking. With each beat of my heart, I saw stars. Lorna pulled me closer, pressing her pussy against me, moving in small circles. I sensed that she had reached her climax as her movements gradually slowed, her breathing became deeper. "Danny, oh Danny," she gushed, "I am so, so, happy!" "I'm so in love with you, Lorna, so much in love..." We cuddled, we caressed, we whispered words of love and gazed into each other's eyes...

Wednesday morning, June 29

Lorna's alarm clock woke us up just before six o'clock. I made us omelets and coffee for breakfast. After I finished washing the dishes and cleaning up, I walked back into the bedroom. Lorna stood there in bra, panties and nude pantyhose, brushing her hair. "They keep the air conditioning at work a little cooler than I'd like, so wearing pantyhose isn't too uncomfortable," she said. I continued admiring the view. Lorna's natural beauty and femininity thrilled me beyond words. Both Julie and Lorna were the types that always wore a little lipstick, a little makeup even if making a quick trip to the supermarket. Neither would be caught dead in a ratty old t-shirt and sweat pants. And, both Julie and Lorna knew that I was a leg man! Wear a dress, wear a skirt, preferably with pantyhose, even better with stockings, a slip, and you've got full control over me. Walk past me and let me admire the movement of your derriere, the vent of your skirt fluttering open, let me hear the soft swish of nylon-on-nylon. Then take a seat, cross your legs, show a little bit of thigh, maybe even a tiny peek up your dress, and I'm climbing the walls. Take off your shoes (especially pumps), unzip the skirt, step out of the slip, roll down the pantyhose, and I'm mad with desire! I couldn't wait to pick up Lorna at work in the afternoon, bring her home and have her all to myself, give all of myself to her, from this day forward.

We had to get on the road as soon as possible to beat the morning traffic congestion. No time for a quickie, but that was no problem. Fortunately, we made it with ten minutes to spare. I dropped Lorna off, then drove her car back to her place. Our place.

Julie met me at Lorna's and my place. I left Lorna's car, then rode with Julie in her car to the hotel. I checked out of the room, paid the bill, and put my bags in Julie's car. She followed me as I drove the rental car back to the airport, one hour away.

After returning the rental car, Julie and I drove back west in her car. I offered to treat her to lunch, her choice. "OK," she said, "that sounds great. I'm good for seafood, maybe Chinese in Chinatown? Wanna make a U-turn and head back to the city?" Before I could answer, she said, "I know! Let's go to the casinos, only an hour away, what do you think?"

"Hell yeah. Let's do it. We'll have to leave by two o'clock so I can pick Lorna up at four-thirty. OK with you?"

"Hell yeah, Danny. Let's do it!" Julie put her hand on mine. "Too bad we can't get a room and spend the night!"

"Maybe not tonight, but we'll do it before the wedding. Two nights."

"Two nights with room service it shall be," laughed Julie. "A bachelor party with just me and the bachelor."

"A very private, invitation-only bachelor party, and you're getting the only invitation."

"Why, thank you, Danny!" exclaimed Julie. "I was going to say, don't invite John!"

I howled with laughter. "No way. No. Never."

We got to the casino by eleven-thirty. Julie played the slot machines for a while, winning just under one hundred dollars. Unbelievable luck. Next, we walked in the direction of the hotel and restaurants. She said, "We can go to the Italian restaurant, or the Brazilian steak house if you want. I was thinking about Italian seafood, how about you?"

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