tagBDSMJulie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 16

Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 16

byJohns Pet Julie©

This story makes a lot more sense if you read the first fifteen (yikes!) first. Click my profile for the link to those chapters.


The opposite of love is not hate.‭ ‬The opposite of love is indifference.‭

I had told Nate a long time ago that I planned on spending a Saturday night at the beach with Caroline on Labor Day weekend.‭ ‬Then when he arrived home from New York on the Friday beforehand,‭ ‬he started bitching up a storm about me not being around.‭ ‬This coming from a man who is away from home four or five nights a week,‭ ‬every week,‭ ‬and then spends all of his available time getting sloshed and watching sports on TV.‭ ‬It was now football season,‭ ‬which meant college games all day Saturday and pro games all day Sunday.‭ ‬He should have been glad I'd be out of his hair,‭ ‬but one thing I now know about relationships is that it's all about control.‭

More than anything I think Nate was unnerved by my complete lack of reaction to his fussing and fuming.‭ ‬I was indifferent to it,‭ ‬and I think he noticed.‭

There was a time when Nate would pitch a fit and would usually get his way.‭ ‬The Julie of just five years ago,‭ ‬maybe less,‭ ‬would have disappointed her friend and herself and just stayed home.‭ ‬Not anymore-‭ ‬I was spending the weekend with Caroline,‭ ‬end of discussion.‭

Saturday finally arrived and Caroline picked me up and I settled in for the hour long drive.‭ ‬Caroline,‭ ‬who had recently broken up with a boyfriend‭ ‬/‭ ‬dating partner‭ ‬/‭ ‬whatever,‭ ‬announced that she was‭ "‬taking an indefinite break from men‭"‬.‭ ‬I laughed and told her how jealous I was of her-‭ ‬she had the freedom to just hop in the car,‭ ‬go to the beach for an overnight stay,‭ ‬and declare that she's taking a break from dating.‭ ‬Conversely,‭ ‬I had to argue with my husband and practically get permission from my lover.‭

As we drove along I told her than my recently re-vitalized sex life with Nate had just as quickly become de-vitalized,‭ ‬and the worst part is that I didn't really care.‭ ‬It's not as if sex with Nate was all that great to begin with.‭ ‬Maybe my upcoming, unannouned visit‭ (‬more like an ambush‭) ‬to New York would help improve things somehow.‭ ‬I also had a birthday surprise in store for Nate-‭ ‬more on that later.

Caroline then remarked that my mood immediately soured every time Nate's name came up.‭ ‬She then asked me a pointed question-‭ ‬why didn't I just divorce the asshole‭?

I was frozen by the question and the thought behind it.‭ ‬Despite all of the bad feelings I harbored toward Nate,‭ ‬not even for a moment had I given the idea of a divorce serious consideration.‭ ‬My daughter was already in college while my son was a junior in high school and had his sights set on going to college upon graduation.‭ ‬Would I stay with Nate after that‭? ‬Caroline defied me to give her one good reason why I should stay,‭ ‬and the best one I could come up with was that I was still in my comfort zone,‭ ‬and like everyone else I had a fear of the unknown.‭ ‬Caroline laughed and called me a typically lame married woman...except that I was one that lets the guy upstairs fuck her and beat her ass raw.

Caroline certainly had a way of putting things.

We finally arrived to an unseasonable warm,‭ ‬sunny day-‭ ‬mind you,‭ "‬unseasonably warm‭" ‬isn't exactly a scorcherl in Maine during the month of September-‭ ‬but Caroline was determined to get some sun.‭ ‬It was too cold for bathing suits,‭ ‬but that didn't stop Caroline from wearing one that showed off her‭ "‬look at me,‭ ‬I play basketball and volleyball‭!" ‬physique.‭ ‬I wore a long sleeved t-shirt over my one piece suit which Caroline eventually talked me into taking it off so I could get some sun.‭

At this beach there's a pier that extends out above the Atlantic Ocean where there are shops and restaurants that is fairly notorious for being‭ "‬gay friendly‭"‬.‭ ‬I had never been there before‭ (‬why would I‭?) ‬nor had I ever been anywhere like it-‭ ‬and it was truly an eye opening experience.‭ ‬We went to have lunch at a café Caroline recommended,‭ ‬which wasn't very busy-‭ ‬just a smattering of paired up gay men.‭ ‬The man that waited on us had to be the most effeminate man I'd ever encountered-‭ ‬a stereotypical,‭ ‬over the top‭ "‬flamer‭" ‬that I stupidly didn't think existed in the real world,‭ ‬just in the movies and on TV.‭ ‬He was almost a caricature,‭ ‬and spoke with an exaggerated lisp when he spoke and shook his butt and hips like a woman when he walked.‭ ‬Caroline and I were the only women in the restaurant-‭ ‬it was the two of us,‭ ‬and an assortment of gay men,‭ ‬which made me feel...not uncomfortable,‭ ‬but out of place.

Caroline snapped me out of my‭ "‬look at the gay guys‭" ‬trance by asking me if I'd ever been with more than one man at a time.‭ ‬I almost spit out my drink in surprise-‭ ‬of course I hadn't‭! ‬Caroline calmly pointed out that John could have asked me to do it at any time,‭ ‬plus there were times where I'd had sex with both John and Nate on the same day,‭ ‬which she said was close to what she was talking about.

Oh,‭ ‬Caroline-‭ ‬you've foiled me again.‭ ‬Against my better judgement I asked her if she had ever been with two men at once.‭ ‬She said she hadn't,‭ ‬which actually kind of surprised me,‭ ‬and then she dropped the bomb:‭ ‬she said she was going to,‭ ‬and when she did she was going to do it with two bisexual men.

I felt my eyes widen in shock.‭ ‬You've got to hand it to her,‭ ‬Caroline tends not to disappoint.

Caroline went on to say that gay men were,‭ ‬in her words,‭ ‬awesome.‭ ‬They were generally well-educated,‭ ‬stylish,‭ ‬in shape,‭ ‬and they didn't make fools of themselves when encountering‭ "‬hotties like us‭"‬.‭ ‬She had me look around the restaurant,‭ ‬and I had to admit she was kind of right-‭ ‬these were attractive and well dressed men.‭ ‬I smirked at her and said that John had all of those qualities,‭ ‬except without the gayness and with a really big cock.‭ ‬HA‭!

Caroline looked at me in a conspiring manner and said that as of late she had found herself turned on by the gayness itself and that recently she'd been spending time searching the internet for gay male porn,‭ ‬and that she really got into it.‭ ‬She then whispered that she had a fantasy that she intended on making a reality-‭ ‬she was going to pick out two‭ "‬gorgeous gay men‭" ‬that were partners and ask if she could watch‭ "‬while they went at it‭"‬.‭ ‬She would then ‭ ‬get undressed as she ‭ ‬watched and start to pleasure herself,‭ ‬and figured they'd eventually ask her to join them-‭ ‬if not she'd make the move herself.‭

The words‭ "‬disbelief‭" ‬and‭ "‬Caroline‭" ‬should never,‭ ‬ever be used in the same sentence,‭ ‬but I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I was taken aback.‭ ‬I stupidly asked where,‭ ‬exactly,‭ ‬was Caroline going to find two gay men that would go along with this‭?

Caroline told me in a very matter-of-fact tone that she might find them at the bar we'd be going to tonight.

I recoiled in absolute horror.‭ "‬Please don't tell me you're planning on doing that tonight‭" ‬I annoyedly pleaded.‭ ‬Caroline calmly said no,‭ ‬she'd do it when she was by herself.

Thank heavens.

I felt relieved for a moment,‭ ‬until I noticed that Caroline was once again giving me THAT LOOK-‭ ‬that sexually charged,‭ ‬flirtatious look that I was hoping was gone forever.‭ ‬I got nervous-‭ ‬I was stuck with Caroline for the weekend without my own car to get away and I didn't want her to try anything crazy.

Seemingly undeterred,‭ ‬Caroline asked me what the wildest thing I'd ever done sexually before meeting John.‭ ‬How embarrassing-‭ ‬I couldn't even think of anything remotely interesting.‭ ‬I was practically a virgin before Nate,‭ ‬and John was the second guy I'd ever had sex with.‭ ‬I was thinking about making something up,‭ ‬but there was no point in that so I told the true story-‭ ‬when I was in high school and met a guy from a school in another town.‭ ‬We really hit it off and I left the party with him.‭ ‬We ended up making out in his car,‭ ‬and I allowed him not only to play with my tits through my shirt,‭ ‬but I actually gave him a blow job-‭ ‬and my phone number.‭ ‬And the kicker was-‭ ‬wait for it-‭ ‬he never called me.‭ ‬I never heard from him again.

Caroline sat there looking at me stone-faced,‭ ‬so I repeated with additional emphasis that he never called me.‭ ‬After a few seconds of silence we both broke up laughing.‭ "‬Fine‭"‬,‭ ‬I quietly told Caroline,‭ ‬I was practically a virgin before I met John-‭ ‬but I've been making up for lost time.‭" ‬Caroline then raised her glass and proposed a toast to‭ "‬making up for lost time‭" ‬and as our glasses touched,‭ ‬I saw that Caroline was giving me THAT LOOK again.‭

Caroline and I spent the rest of the day shopping before settling in for a late afternoon movie at her condo.‭ ‬Caroline's beach condo was tiny,‭ ‬as a vacation home for one person generally would be.‭ ‬It had a small living room with only a couch that folded out into a bed where one of us would be sleeping,‭ ‬a TV,‭ ‬a kitchenette,‭ ‬and a bedroom that barely had enough room for her queen size bed.‭ ‬It was a converted hotel,‭ ‬and what made the place great was the patio which offered a wonderful view of the beach and the ‭ ‬Atlantic Ocean ‭ ‬from the third floor.‭ ‬I was kind of drifting back and forth between watching the movie and staring at the ocean when I felt something touch my thigh-‭ ‬Caroline had oh-so casually stretched out on the couch and had casually plopped her bare feet in my lap onto my bare legs.‭ ‬I wouldn't have thought much of it if not for her previous attempts and her flirtatious behavior earlier that day.‭ ‬Still,‭ ‬I chose not to say anything.‭ ‬I figured she was probably just relaxing.

After the movie Caroline and I showered and got dolled up for a night out on the town.‭ ‬I always loved dressing up and getting out,‭ ‬but now more than ever since I was in good shape and looked‭ (‬and more importantly,‭ ‬felt‭) ‬sexier than ever.‭ ‬I checked myself out in the mirror,‭ ‬with my jeans,‭ ‬low-cut top and push-up bra that made my breasts look great.‭ ‬I couldn't help but smile and admire myself,‭ ‬and I joked internally that maybe I'd covert a gay guy or two tonight.

Dinner was uneventful...actually kind of boring compared to lunch.‭ ‬We went to a seafood restaurant that was largely patronized by older,‭ ‬upscale couples.‭ ‬I was thinking that perhaps this place wasn't as openly gay and overly wild as I originally expected,‭ ‬and that our lunch was an anamoly.

I would soon learn that I was jumping the gun with that assessment.‭ ‬Caroline and I walked back onto the pier,‭ ‬where Caroline led me to a two-story building at the end of it.‭ ‬There was loud music that could be heard coming out of the place as we advanced,‭ ‬and there was a lot of activity outside.‭ ‬I remarked to Caroline that I was surprised there were so many people at a Maine beach bar in October.‭ ‬As he said that the place is almost impossible to get into during the summer unless you arrive really early,‭ ‬and that people came from all over ‭ ‬New England ‭ ‬to party there.‭ ‬Caroline paid our cover charge‭ (‬$18.00‭ ‬each‭!!)‬ ‭ ‬and in we went.

I tried to keep my jaw from dropping as I walked in the door and looked around.‭ ‬The tanned,‭ ‬muscular bartender with the shaved head and about a dozen earrings was wearing nothing but a tight leopard-skinned thong.‭ ‬I joked to Caroline that no one had to guess what his religion he subscribed to.‭ ‬There was a young man dancing on a dancing on a raised podium wearing only a light-blue g-string,‭ ‬surrounded by onlookers.‭

It was a wild scene,‭ ‬to me anyway.‭ ‬There were men and women in groups,‭ ‬couples,‭ ‬and singles...but there didn't seem to be a lot of interaction between the two genders.‭ ‬There was a group of preppy,‭ ‬college aged guys that were huddled unusually close.‭ ‬There was a woman wearing a dog collar that was being tightly held by a woman dressed in an odd biker's outfit.‭ ‬The woman being held looked extremely squirmish and uncomfortable,‭ ‬and I my first instinct was to go over and ask if she was OK.‭ ‬Then I figured...when in Rome,‭ ‬do as the Romans do.‭ ‬No one else seemed concerned.‭

There was more,‭ ‬and I felt like I was swirling around on a carousel,‭ ‬with flashing lights and odd scenes all around me.

As I looked for an open table Caroline waved over to someone,‭ ‬and I followed her over ‭ ‬to a table where two women were seated.‭ ‬They were actually two very petite women in their late‭ ‬20‭'‬s,‭ ‬and Caroline introduced them as Kim and Eileen.‭ ‬They had different color eyes,‭ ‬but aside from that they could have been sisters,‭ ‬and they offered bright smiles as they said hello.

A waiter came over and we ordered drinks.‭ ‬I gulped mine down as I tend to do when I get really nervous.‭ ‬I'm hardly a bar person but I definitely noticed that it was a really strong drink for a bar.‭ ‬I felt totally completely of my element,‭ ‬and for whatever reason I didn't want Kim and Eileen to think Caroline and I were a‭ "‬couple‭"‬,‭ ‬so I made a big deal about adjusting and playing with my wedding band.‭ ‬It was obvious that Kim and Eileen were more than just two friends out having a drink like Caroline and I were.

Turned out there was no need to be nervous-‭ ‬Kim and Eileen were nice,‭ ‬normal,‭ ‬and friendly.‭ ‬We spent about a half an hour making small talk.‭ ‬I'd learned that Kim was‭ ‬33‭ ‬and Eileen was‭ ‬29,‭ ‬and they'd met in college when Kim was a senior and Eileen was a freshman,‭ ‬and they'd been together ever since.‭ ‬Kim said they'd be talking a trip to Hawaii in February to celebrate their ten year anniversary.‭ ‬I half joked that I should‭ "‬celebrate‭" ‬my husband promising to take me to Hawaii for ten years and never getting around to it. Kim then said they would be leaving shortly,‭ ‬and that their place was a short walk from where we were-‭ ‬did we want to come hang out‭?

I quickly went into a panic,‭ ‬but Caroline politely declined,‭ ‬saying that we would soon be doing upstairs to do some dancing,‭ ‬and then asked if they wanted instead to join us.‭ ‬The pair exchanged bemused glances,‭ ‬and Eileen smiled and said‭ "‬we usually don't go upstairs‭"‬.‭

As they said their goodbyes and got up to leave,‭ ‬both Kim and Eileen said it was nice meeting me and gave both Caroline and I long goodbye hugs.‭

Caroline grabbed me by by the shoulder and said‭ "‬I know this isn't your thing,‭ ‬but take a look at Eileen's ass‭"‬.

As Eileen walked away with her back toward us,‭ ‬Caroline was transfixed and let out a‭ "‬mmmmm...I wouldn't mind being Kim for a‭ ‬night‭"‬.‭ ‬I did look,‭ ‬and Eileen definitely had a heart-shaped,‭ ‬prize winning derriere that brought out a visceral reaction from me that I tried my best to hide.‭ ‬I mean,‭ ‬the sight of this woman's ass,‭ ‬while wearing jeans,‭ ‬literally made me hot and sweaty.‭ ‬I didn't know if the alcohol was hitting me too hard,‭ ‬too fast.‭ ‬I had never been sexually attracted to a woman before,‭ ‬but this was the moment.‭ ‬I didn't say it out loud but damn,‭ ‬I might not have minded being Kim for a night or two either.

What the fuck was going on with me‭? ‬I was straight as an arrow‭! ‬On the outside I could easily acknowledge a woman as being attractive,‭ ‬but this was the first time I'd actually been turned on by the sight of one.‭ ‬I told myself it was the alcohol.‭

Before I had a chance to say anything,‭ ‬Caroline said that Kim and Eileen were‭ "‬exactly like a married couple.‭ ‬They don't play around with anyone,‭ ‬even when they're together‭"‬.‭ ‬I continued trying to piece this all together and asked then,‭ ‬why were they inviting us over‭? ‬With a shrug Caroline explained that it was an invitation just to have drinks at their place.‭ "‬When you and Nate have other couples over,‭ ‬do you switch partners or have orgies‭?" ‬she asked with a crooked smile.

"Sometimes I wish we did,‭ ‬so that someone else would be stuck with him‭" ‬I replied.‭ ‬Caroline laughed,‭ ‬obviously knowing that she'd made her point.‭ ‬Caroline gave me a look and said‭ "‬you know,‭ ‬lately it's been all about sex with you-‭ ‬what's up with that‭? ‬I mean look at you-‭ ‬you're all dolled up,‭ ‬showing off those tits.‭ ‬Are you trying to attract the attention of everyone here‭? ‬Did I just not know you that well before,‭ ‬or have you changed that much‭?"

I swallowed and considered the question hard before answering.‭ ‬I gathered my thoughts and blurted out the truth-‭ ‬I had changed,‭ ‬in fact to the point that the person I was just a year ago wouldn't recognize me now.‭ ‬A year ago I was bored,‭ ‬and I barely realized it.‭ ‬The change wasn't a bad thing-‭ ‬I felt more alive and invigorated than ever.‭ ‬Caroline laughed and said we get on the dance floor and use some of that invigoration.‭

Let's rewind for a moment-‭ ‬as I'd mentioned,‭ ‬I've never been much of a bar person,‭ ‬let alone a nightclub person.‭ ‬When I was‭ ‬16‭ ‬I went to a weekend ski trip up to Canada that was sponsored by my school and we stayed overnight in Montreal.‭ ‬We went out to a bar‭ (‬Montreal lets you do that at‭ ‬16,‭ ‬or at least it used to‭) ‬and it was the definition of a‭ "‬meat market‭" ‬with scores of young men looking for one thing-‭ ‬to get laid easily,‭ ‬and they were aggressive about it.‭ ‬I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

The upstairs part of this establishment was an even crazier meat market-‭ ‬and it was a gay meat market.‭ ‬It was probably‭ ‬70%‭ ‬men,‭ ‬but many of the minority of women were greeting Caroline and I with brazen smiles and unashamedly checking us out.‭ ‬I asked Caroline exactly what we were doing there,‭ ‬and she said it was to have fun.‭ ‬She and I headed out to the dance floor and she said that at a place like this she and I could dance,‭ ‬drink,‭ ‬and have fun without a line of guys hitting on us.

You know what‭? ‬That made sense.‭ ‬So Caroline and I alternated between talking on the dance floor and having drinks while standing at the bar.‭ ‬I was in a weird universe,‭ ‬as girls casually chatted us up while guys completely ignored us-‭ ‬and there were some hot guys in that place.‭ ‬I had an odd thought,‭ ‬that a few of them could have potentially persuaded me to do a little something behind both Nate and John's backs.‭

For the second time that night I both wondered what the fuck was wrong with me,‭ ‬and calmed myself down by saying that the alcohol was talking.‭

We'd been there for close to two hours.‭ ‬Caroline and I had used the ladies‭' ‬room a couple of times,‭ ‬going in together as women tend to do.‭ ‬But the bar was getting more and more crowded,‭ ‬so Caroline said she wanted to go by herself while I held on to our little spot by the bar.‭

Caroline had been gone for maybe five minutes when I heard a voice behind me say‭ "hey, ‬can I ask you a question‭"? ‬I turned around and saw a girl who looked young enough to not be allowed in a bar.‭ ‬She was short,‭ ‬barely five feet tall,‭ ‬with dark hair and dark eyes,‭ ‬a bit chubby-‭ ‬but she had incredibly large breasts.‭ You couldn't help but notice. ‬I mean,‭ ‬this girl was someday going to need back surgery someday for sure.‭

Anyway,‭ ‬I gave the green light for her to ask me her question,‭ ‬and she asked if I thought there was anything wrong with her.

I took the question the wrong way and I panicked a bit-‭ ‬why was this girl,‭ ‬presumably gay,‭ ‬coming over to the straight woman and confronting her‭? "‬Why,‭ ‬no,‭ ‬NO,‭ ‬of course there's nothing wrong with you‭!" ‬I blurted out, meaning there was nothing wrong with her presumably liking women.

I'm so dumb.‭ ‬She then said that she'd already asked two people to dance with her and they both said no,‭ ‬and she'd probably end her night and go home over a third rejection.‭ ‬So...would I dance with her‭?

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