Julie Ch. 05


Again Julie found herself grateful to be back at work on Monday. The weekend wasn't as bad as the one before. The sex Friday night seemed to be enough for Gary, so Julie didn't need to choose between making excuses or faking another orgasm. But being around Gary was difficult now. Lies, after all, take a toll on a person who isn't accustomed to telling them.

Julie found herself putting a lot of energy into mundane tasks around the house just to avoid having time to sit and think about how rotten lying to Gary made her feel.

At the same time, she continued to send flirtatious emails to Greg. The two had continued sending brief notes back and forth to each other, heavily laced with sexual innuendo. Julie didn't feel particularly guilty about that, even though she realized that she should.

As expected, her boss called her in to his office early in the day. In less than ten minutes, they shook hands and she was a newly promoted account manager. There was an open office she could move into as soon as she was ready.

Julie was excited about getting an office, as silly as that was. It was, after all, a symbol of a person who had arrived. Leaving the "cube farm" behind was the surest indication that she was on an upward track in her career.

But that was only the beginning. Early that afternoon, as she was still moving things into her new office and getting settled, her boss poked his head in.

"Next week," he said without preamble, "you and Tony have to go out to Medicorp. Fly Monday and be there Tuesday and Wednesday. You can probably get a flight out Wednesday night. If not, Thursday morning. Call Carol for the travel agent's name and have them make all the arrangements, including a rental car and hotel." He looked around at her half-moved-in office. "Looking good. You earned it," he added. Without waiting for a reply, he departed.

Julie scrambled for a pen and paper to write down all the relevant information. Once she had it all written down, she sat at her new desk and picked up the phone. Before she could dial, a thought occurred to her.

Greg. She was going to see Greg on this trip. Almost certainly. And she was going to be staying in a hotel room. For at least two nights, maybe three. Her heart quickened as the possibilities played out in her head. She put the phone down.

She wouldn't have to worry about getting home. It could be an entire night of... of... what should she call it? Dirty, nasty, slutty fucking sex? Her heart rate increased still further as she imagined an entire night in a hotel room together. She could suck and fuck him until they passed out and then wake up and do it all again!

What might it have been like the first time if Julie didn't go home? If she could have stayed in that bed with him, let him fuck her again and again? What if she could have greeted his morning hard on with her mouth? Awakened him by sucking his cock? And then climbed on top him and gotten her day started with an incredible cowgirl style fuck?

Would it happen that way on this trip? Julie admitted to herself that it was pretty much up to Greg. If he wanted her, he could have her.

Julie had to catch her breath before picking up the phone.

* * * * *

The week went quickly by. Again, she was inundated with work as she prepared for her trip and got situated in her new job simultaneously. So again there was a reason--excuse, really--to keep Gary at bay during the week.

On Wednesday, Julie finally got up the nerve to send Greg an email to let him know she would be there next week. Of course, Greg already knew. But this was his personal email account, therefore, in Julie's mind, she was telling him on a personal level that she would be in town. The implication was obvious enough. Two hours later, her replied.

"Get two room keys."

That was it. Not "Would you like to have a drink?" or "I'd like to take you out to dinner." Just get two room keys.

So he could let himself into her room when he was ready to fuck her? Julie couldn't imagine what else he could have meant.

Did she really want him to invite her out for a drink? Did she want him to behave like a suitor? On one level, she supposed she did. But was that just because that's it was the only way she had ever been approached by men? Did she want Greg to show respect for her? Was this a power struggle with his ego?

Or maybe she was afraid to be a hotel room slut for him.

There was something disconcerting about him taking her for granted like that. His assumption that she would want to see him. No, not see him--fuck him. This wasn't a date they were talking about. This was all about Greg coming to her hotel room and fucking her.

It was definitely the assumption that bothered her: that it was a foregone conclusion. But why would he think otherwise? Think about it, Julie told herself. How long did it take from the time she walked into his hotel room until he had her on her knees eagerly sucking his cock?

He knew. There was something he saw in her with his predator's eye. Julie wanted to be had. More than wanted it... she couldn't say no to it. She would get the two room keys. And when he held out his hand expectantly, she would give him one.

Of course that was scary, to have someone have such influence, control. And to have achieved it so quickly. A few weeks ago Greg was an arrogant jerk at a bar and Julie was a happily married woman. Now? Julie's pulse picked up at the thought of him walking into her hotel room and telling her to do whatever he wanted her to do.

* * * * *

The week passed quickly in a flurry of activity for Julie. Friday night was dinner with Gary as usual. And, like the week before, Gary was feeling amorous when they got to bed that night. This time Julie didn't have to fake it, but it wasn't Gary she was thinking about when she moaned in orgasm.

The rest of the weekend was easier than the previous two had been, but not because Julie felt less guilty. It was only because she was distracted by the thought that she would be seeing Greg soon. And when he saw her, it would be to fuck her.

Why did that make it easier to be around Gary? It didn't make sense. Shouldn't she be feeling guilty? Especially considering the degree of premeditation that was going into this act of infidelity? Or, even if she didn't, shouldn't she at least be worried about getting caught?

But all Julie felt was anticipation.

Julie flew out Monday morning with one of her co-workers, Tony. Tony was older, probably in his late 50's early 60's. He was a nice enough guy the few times Julie had had occasion to talk to him. But she didn't know him well at all, so she was relieved when he pulled out a magazine and read for most of the flight.

Not that she minded making small talk, but she had her head full of so many things at the moment. There was a lot of mental preparation she needed for a trip like this. Most of it she had done last week, but it didn't hurt to cram a little at the last minute.

And there was also Greg. Greg, who wanted a key to her hotel room. No, not wanted. Expected. The same way he had expected her to get on her knees when he had told her to suck his cock. The thought gave her a little shiver of anticipation.

Greg would surely remember the effect that had, telling her to suck it. He would just as surely tell her to do it again. The thought of it, the thought of being told to do it... Julie felt her stomach flutter. A few weeks ago, it was a gift she infrequently bestowed on her lover. Now? Now she got hot thinking that Greg could tell her to do it as often as he wanted and she would gladly comply every time. Like a slut. His cocksucking, fuck toy slut.

Was that really what she had become? Already? It didn't seem possible. But the thought of him standing over her, holding his cock out and telling her to suck it... it did something for her, didn't it? It did more than 'something'... It got her hot. Very. It was totally irrational. She knew she shouldn't feel that way. Nevertheless...

When Julie and Tony arrived at the hotel, Julie intentionally let Tony check in first. She didn't want him around to see her getting two room keys. After he checked in, he seemed like he was going to wait for her, so Julie made a show of checking her voice mails.

"I'll meet you down here in, say a half hour?" she said to Tony. It was getting close to dinner time and, as they were sharing a rental car, they would be going to get dinner together. Tony agreed and headed off to find his room.

When Julie told the clerk she wanted two keys, she felt like her intentions were written all over her face.

"Two?" the woman behind the counter asked, echoing Julie's request and looking around the empty lobby.

"Yes," Julie answered quickly. "I'm always locking myself out," she added with a laugh that sounded only slightly forced. It was an absurd thing to say. And why did Julie care what the woman at the desk thought or suspected anyway? She took the two room keys and hurried off to the elevator.

It did feel a bit incriminating, having that second key in her hand. It was a solid, physical object. Something she could hold in her hand and look at. It was a tangible manifestation of her intentions.

And what were those intentions? To have sex with another man? Cheat on her husband? No, it was beyond that. What she was doing wasn't cheating as much as it was offering herself up to a man. The fact that he wasn't her husband was incidental. What that key said was everything Julie had always known about how she wanted to be treated by a man in the bedroom was wrong. Or at least inaccurate.

She wasn't looking for a man to make love to her, no. She wanted to get down on all fours and get fucked. Get fucked hard and nasty. Have him slap her ass, pull her hair, pinch her nipples, all while pounding her pussy mercilessly. He could flip her over, bend her around like a pretzel or stick her on top of him to ride like a slut-cowgirl. Whatever he wanted to do. Whatever pleased him.

* * * * *

The next morning, Julie found herself in a conference room with Tony and a couple people from Greg's company. Greg entered as introductions were still being made and business cards were being exchanged. He shook hands with Tony and with Julie.

It felt weird to shake his hand, Julie thought. At least after all of the musings and fantasies that had been running through her head, it did. None of them had started with a handshake!

Everyone took their seats and the meeting began. Julie found that she and one of Greg's coworkers, Johnny, were the two central players. Most of what needed to be addressed in the meeting was between the two of them. Tony, for his part, took notes and provided some of the detailed product information where Julie was not as knowledgeable.

As such, Julie found herself doing about half of the speaking in the meeting. Good speaker that she was, Julie made eye contact with her audience. Her eye contact with Greg was tricky. Every time her eyes locked on his, she ran the risk of stumbling on what she was saying. His blue-gray eyes electrified her each time they connected with hers. Julie only hoped it wasn't as evident to the rest of the participants as it was to her.

After a couple hours, someone mercifully called a break and everyone quickly scattered. Julie took a few moments conferring with Tony, then excused herself to use the rest room. Greg was waiting for her in the hall.

"Got something for me?" he asked. Julie was not surprised to see the now-familiar smirk.

"Uh, I, um, left it..." she gestured over her shoulder, back toward the conference room.

"Go get it," Greg replied. Julie looked up at him, saw what she needed to see in his eyes. Without a word, she turned around. A moment later she came out of the conference room again and handed him her hotel room key. She couldn't meet his eyes as he took it from her. Instead, she hurried off to the ladies room as the tingle of anticipation surged through her body.

She had just given Greg her hotel room key! Just like that! She had put it in his hand without question. He never said when he was going to come see her or anything. He just held out his hand and she gave him the room key!

The fact that he hadn't said anything made it particularly hot for Julie. It was like handing him a blank check... and a man like Greg didn't need a blank check. But he knew what to do with it when he got one. Julie thought about what it would be like to see him walk through her hotel room doorway. Involuntarily, she licked her lips in anticipation.

When the meeting reconvened, Julie was grateful for her prominent role in it. It kept her from dwelling on what she had just done. She did find herself making eye contact with everyone except Greg as she spoke. It would have been distracting to look into his eyes right now, see that smirk. See that he knew she was his for the taking.

Fortunately, Greg's role was, like Tony's, a more supportive one, so he spoke infrequently and Julie didn't have occasion to address him directly. No one except Greg himself would have noticed her deliberate lack of eye contact with him.

When they broke for lunch, Greg and one of his colleagues took Julie and Tony to a local restaurant for lunch. The lunch was uneventful except for one moment when Julie looked across the table at Greg and realized his eyes were on her cleavage. He looked up at her and realized that she had caught him staring and smiled slightly before returning his gaze to her breasts. Again, she felt an anticipatory tingle, this time between her legs.

On the way out of the restaurant, Greg held the door for Julie, putting his hand lightly on her lower back as he escorted her out. An innocent contact like that shouldn't have had the effect that it did on her, but it did. Maybe because she was already thinking about his hands touching her when there was not clothing to come between her and his fingers?

He had a key to her hotel room... he could come in and fuck her whenever he wanted. The thought both excited and scared her.

Had it been a rash move? Giving Greg the key like that? It had certainly given Julie a thrill to put it in his waiting hand. It was virtually the same thing as telling him that she wanted him to fuck her. On his terms, no less.

It was one thing to have it happen in the heat of the moment. But this was different. This was a premeditated, calculated move. She had a lot of time to think about it before anything actually happened. Was this crazy? Inviting this man she hardly knew into her hotel room? To fuck her?

What would her friends think? The infidelity aside, would they tell her she was nuts to hand her room key to a man she didn't know very well? Almost certainly. Especially a man like Greg—a player. They would ask why she would let herself get mixed up with a guy like that in the first place, let alone give him control of the situation. No matter how big his dick or how well he used it, there was no way Julie should get involved. And she absolutely shouldn't be letting him call the shots!

And then there was the whole infidelity thing... It would kill Gary to find out. It would almost certainly be the end of her marriage. How could Julie take that so lightly? Hundreds of miles from home it was unlikely that she would get caught. But what if, somehow, some way, she did? The consequences would be devastating. And still she had put that key in Greg's hand!

And if anyone at her company found out about her sleeping with Greg, that would almost certainly spell the end of her brief tenure as account manager, too. Would they ever give her another opportunity like this again? Not likely. She would be destined to return to an anonymous life in the cubicles. If they didn't fire her outright.

Was Julie really that much of a slave to her libido? Was a great fuck all it took to unravel everything? Yes, she had had the most incredible orgasms of her existence at Greg's hands. But was that worth more than everything else in her life? How could she rationalize such a decision?

It was truly scary. With all the arguments that could be made against it, Julie was still going to go through with it. She had leaned over too far and had tumbled off the cliff. All the reasons in the world wouldn't keep her from falling now.

She supposed she could go tell the hotel desk that she had lost one of her room keys. They could reprogram the lock and give her a new key so the one Greg had wouldn't work. But she wasn't going to, was she? No. For all the reasons she could give not to go through with this tryst, Julie had absolutely no intention of backing out.

She wondered if that was like what an alcoholic felt like when they looked at a drink, or a junkie when they looked at a fix. It should have scared her to death to want something so badly that she would put everything else in jeopardy to get it. It did scare her. Just not enough to keep her from doing it.

The second half of the day at Greg's company went by much like the first half. Fortunately for Julie, Greg did not attend the meeting for much of the afternoon. That allowed her to concentrate on work and keep her internal stress levels lower. The possibility of stumbling with Greg in the room was definitely higher, and that set her on edge. With Greg absent, she could focus and do the first rate job that she was capable of.

The meeting broke up around four. Greg reappeared and asked Julie how things had gone. She gave him an honest appraisal of the progress that had been made. Greg's colleague Johnny told Greg that he was quite satisfied with what they had gone over and that by the end of the day tomorrow, things should be wrapped up.

"Okay, then," Greg said with smile. "Then let's figure out the important issue... where are we going for dinner?"

"Anything is fine with me," Julie said with a slight shrug.

"I heard there was a great steak place near here," offered Tony.

"Yeah, Tank's Steaks," Johnny replied. "They're about as good a steak house as you'll find anywhere."

"Tank's it is," Greg said. "You want us to pick you up at the hotel? Or just meet us there?"

Julie and Tony decided to meet them at the restaurant, then left to return to the hotel for a bit before dinner.

Once back in her room, Julie looked at the safety latch on the door. Should she latch it? It seemed unlikely that Greg would show up now. She would be leaving in less than an hour to meet for dinner. And Tony was part of those plans. Julie hoped that Greg wouldn't do anything so indiscrete.

At the same time, the knowledge that he could enter at any time was very distracting. She couldn't concentrate on the work she was trying to get done before dinner. He could walk in that door, smirk and all, right now.

And what would happen when he did? He would kiss her... his firm lips would press against hers. His tongue would explore her mouth and hers would slip into his. They would run their fingers through each others' hair as they exchanged those heated kisses.

Then what? With only a short time until dinner, would they have time to do much? If they had sex, Julie would need time to get cleaned up, fix her hair and her make up... Maybe he would just want a blow job? Yes, he could have her suck his cock. Then she would spend the entire dinner thinking about how good his cock felt in her mouth and how desperately she wanted it in her pussy again.

Julie sat in her room staring at her laptop, unable to concentrate on work. She found herself fantasizing about giving him that blow job. She still couldn't believe that she got so aroused thinking about giving him head.

What was more surprising was that when Greg did not appear before it was time to leave, Julie was actually disappointed. Disappointed that a man hadn't walked into her hotel room and told her to give him a blow job. Disappointed that she hadn't knelt in front of him and taken that long, hard tool in her mouth. Disappointed that she hadn't tasted his cum; gone to dinner with his aftertaste in her mouth, his sperm in her belly.

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