Julie Ch. 08


Julie arrived at work late, but, much to her relief, no one seemed to have noticed. She jumped into the mountain waiting in her in bin, glad to have something to keep her mind off of Greg. God! This morning had been fabulous! She had to keep tonight out of her head or she'd never get anything done today!

A little before lunch time, she called Gary.

"Hey, hon," she said. "Ashlee just called me. She wants to meet for a drink after work, so I'll be a little late tonight."

"Okay," Gary was always so damned agreeable. "Can I join you?"

"Um... I think she's having man troubles again so..."

Julie had met Ashlee at her first job out of college. Ashlee was the same age and had started at the company just a couple weeks earlier. Their friendship formed quite naturally and had somehow sustained as they traveled down divergent paths.

Julie had been dating Gary at the time and married him not long after. Ashlee, on the other hand, seemed to go from one train-wreck relationship to another. Julie had met her on numerous occasions for drinks after work. And many were because Ashlee was having yet another boyfriend crisis. It was a very easy lie. Gary never questioned it.

Once the preparations had been made, it was much harder for Julie to keep Greg out of her thoughts. The afternoon went by quite slowly and she had difficulty concentrating on what she had to do.

That in itself was something that should have irked her. That a man might have an effect on her that could compromise the quality of her work. It was something that had never happened before. How many times had she looked down, rather smugly, on other women who let men affect their performance in the workplace? Julie had always assumed that she was above that. Superior.

And now? She was squirming in her chair thinking about Greg's long thick cock ramming mercilessly in and out of her pussy. Orgasm after gut-wrenching orgasm as he fucked her senseless. What the hell was wrong with her? How could she be such a different person than the one she always believed that she was?

Julie stayed late to make up for the time she had been late in the morning. And to compensate for her distracted level of productivity. But she still left too early to go straight to the hotel bar.

So she stopped to look at shoes. The ones she had on were comfortable, but not particularly sexy. In the time she had to kill, Julie thought it might be nice to find a pair that Greg would want her to leave on, after all her other garments were on the floor. A pair of heels that would look so sexy as she knelt on the floor in front of him, or as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Something hot and sexy. Slutty, even.

She found what she was looking for, sleek black three inch heels that made her ass look incredible. Would Greg notice? Almost certainly. He had an eye for things like that, subtleties that women used to attract men. And this wasn't the most subtle of signs.

The price was quite a bit more than she really wanted to spend, but Julie rationalized it, telling herself that tonight she was going to pull out all the stops. If Greg didn't get rock hard at the mere thought of Julie after tonight, well, then she hadn't accomplished her goal.

And Julie was not a woman who was accustomed to failure.

She glanced at her watch as she got back in her car. She still had a little bit of time left. Another last minute idea occurred to her. She made another stop on the way to dinner, a last minute purchase that she hoped would help put things over the top tonight. She put it in her purse as she returned to her car.

When she reached the hotel parking lot, Julie chose a parking spot hidden by a van. There, shielded from passers-by, she quickly removed her panties. She had been thinking about this all day. Greg had definitely reacted to it this morning when she had shown up with nothing under her skirt. This time she wanted it to drive him crazy. Have him sit at the bar with her, knowing she wasn't wearing panties, getting impatient to get her up to his room and sample her again. She undid the next button down on her blouse, too, just for good measure. With a quick check of her make up in the rear view, she slipped out of the car and strutted across the parking lot in her new heels.

Julie entered the bar and ordered a drink. When it came, she took it over to a table along the far wall. From there she could watch the door for Greg. She also chose it because, as Greg approached, he would be the only person who would be able to see her. That was an important part of her plan.

She looked around. The bar was sparsely populated, not uncommon for this hour on a Tuesday night. She sipped her drink and waited, trying hard not to get too aroused before she even saw him.

Was he feeling the same anticipation? Julie wasn't sure. This morning, there was a look in his eyes that told her he was. But that was several hours ago. Did he spend the day thinking about her? Or had his desire cooled?

When Greg arrived, she gave him a wave to get his attention. He crossed to the bar and ordered a drink. He showed no signs of being impatient or in a hurry. His face wore its customary smirk. He was still too far away for her to see what would really tip her off—his eyes.

Julie, for her part, waited with an outward façade of calm. She had a little surprise for him, one that had her heart beating fast. She hoped she had the nerve to go through with it. It took all her willpower not to show any outward signs of nervousness.

Finally, Greg got his drink and walked toward her. As he approached, his body, combined with the wall beside her, hid Julie from all the other people in the bar. Forcing herself to move deliberately, unhurriedly, Julie drew her skirt up her thighs. She kept her eyes on Greg's as she slowly revealed herself to him.

She paused just as she reached the point where she would expose herself completely. She lifted the fabric and gave him enough of a peek for him to have no doubt about what she was wearing. And, more importantly, what she wasn't. Then she slipped her hem back down her legs, smiling at him.

Greg slowed his pace as he saw what Julie was doing. His eyes darted back and forth between her eyes and her rising hem line. His smirk widened when she revealed herself fully to him. He liked what he saw and Julie liked that he did. She also liked the look that was in his eyes. That look that said he didn't want to wait. He wanted her now.

That was the look Julie needed to see. As long as he was looking at her with that insatiable hunger in his eyes, was there anything she wouldn't do?

"Hi," she greeted him, her voice syrupy sweet, a sly grin pushing up the corners of her mouth. Her heart was racing. She had just flashed her pussy in a bar. But outwardly, she was maintaining a cool composure.

"Hi yourself," Greg replied. He wasn't letting himself be out-cooled by Julie. He tapped his glass against hers. "Here's, uh... looking at you," he joked. Julie felt a little heat rise in her cheeks. She raised her glass and took a sip to cover her blushing.

Greg slipped into the seat beside Julie. She liked his choice. She had wondered if he would sit beside her or across from her. She was quite pleased he chose to sit beside her... where he could easily and discretely put his hands on her legs. Perhaps even slide a finger or two up under her skirt...

Julie had to be careful. She was already feeling aroused. She didn't want to get too turned on sitting here in the bar. She wasn't wearing any panties!

"Yes, you were looking at me, weren't you?" Julie replied, keeping her voice low and sexy, her smile reserved, yet sultry. He drew in a breath through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare, like he was inhaling the scent of her. Her willingness.

While Julie held no illusions about having any power over him, she was feeling quite confident that Greg wasn't going to go to bed without fucking her. At least twice.

"You make it hard not to notice you," he replied, smirk and smile ensconced on his visage.

"Oh, I'll make it hard alright," she parried, with a suggestive raise of her eyebrows.

"And then?" Greg asked. His eyes had taken note of her unbuttoned blouse and he was casting a glance down at her buxom breasts.

"And then," Julie paused to take a sip of her drink, "I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"Just like that?" His voice showed no surprise. But then, why would he? How many women had probably told him something similar?

Julie cast her eyes down in a deliberate show of submissiveness. "Yes. I can't explain it. But when you tell me to... to do things... I've never wanted to like that before." She looked up at him, her sultry smile unwavering.

With her free hand, Julie reached up and ran her fingers lightly up his arm and along his shoulder.

"You make me want to get on my knees," she confessed in a hoarse whisper. "You make me want to spread my legs as wide as I can. How do I make you feel?" He gave a slight snort and smiled.

"Hard. Rock hard."

Julie's eyes involuntarily dipped down below Greg's belt. He wasn't lying. There was a sizeable swelling visible through his dress slacks. She looked up into his eyes and ever so slowly ran her tongue around her lips.

Once again, Greg's smirk failed to hide the unbridled lust that radiated from him. And Julie loved it. That he was just as eager for their union as she was. She didn't care if that still didn't put them on equal footing. As long as, at this moment, he couldn't walk away any sooner than she could.

And she could not have walked away.

"You know," Greg said, his eyes still traveling over Julie's body, lustfully drinking it in. "We could skip dinner and just order something from room service later."

His impatience to get up to his room was too much for Julie and she felt the wetness surge between her legs. God, it could be mere minutes! Before seven o'clock she could have him in her mouth. In her pussy. The heat and wetness pulsed again as her heart rate, just settling down after her flashing him, started to increase again.

"I like how you think." Julie raised her glass with one hand and rubbed his cock through his pants with the other. "Why don't you get some champagne sent up while I make a phone call, okay?"

Greg put his hand on her thigh, slipping her skirt back a little to do so. Looking Julie in the eye, he started moving his hand up her leg. It was all Julie could do to keep the cool look on her face. Her heart was hammering in her chest. She had never wanted anything as badly as she wanted him right now!

God! Had she ever been so friggin' horny before?

That's what it was, plain and simple. She was horny. As his hand moved farther up her thigh, Julie opened her legs wider to give him easy access. She gasped involuntarily as his finger grazed the neatly trimmed hairs of her pussy. Her hand came down on his, her skirt sandwiched between them.

"Greg, dear," she purred, surprised she was able to keep her voice so steady and so silky. "If you get me any more worked up, you'll have to fuck me in the elevator."

"Maybe I plan to," he replied easily, as his fingers continued to reach out for her under her skirt. She almost believed he was serious. The lust in his eyes looked to be about equal to what she was feeling. God! They were going to tear each other apart!

"That's assuming, of course," Julie smiled, sneaking a hand into his lap and squeezing his erection briefly, "that you recover from the blow job by then." She formed an "O" with her full, ruby lips and ever so slightly moved her head as if she were performing fellatio.

This game was getting to her. Her pussy was so wet she was afraid to stand up. The tingling in her belly, the anticipation they were building between them, was almost enough to make her whole body quiver. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. Thank God she had a jacket on to cover them. And her quick groping of Greg's cock confirmed what she already knew: that he was every bit as charged up for her as she was for him.

Why were they still sitting here? They should be in the elevator on their way to his room already! But Greg seemed to be enjoying this, even if the anticipation was killing him too. His eyes were glued to her lips as she mimicked giving head, loving every minute of it.

"Yeah, get used to making that face," Greg replied, smirking. "I expect to see it a lot." Her pussy pulsed and throbbed, the arousal almost dripping out of her. Yes, he could see that as much as he wanted. "In fact," he added, giving her bush a last tickle before sliding his hand out from under her skirt, "I think I want to see you on your knees in the next five minutes."

Julie's pussy was throbbing, almost on fire at his words. For a brief moment she wondered what would happen if she went down on him right there in the bar. Or what would happen if he took it out and told her to suck it. That momentary fantasy knotted her gut with pangs of want. Desire. Need.

Finally, Greg stood up, quickly adjusting his jacket to hide his huge erection. Julie let out a long, deep sigh. Oh, she just couldn't wait any longer.

"I'll go order champagne," he said, his eyes looking down at the hem of her skirt expectantly. "You make your phone call." He stood and waited a moment, and Julie knew why. Once again, she pulled her skirt up her legs, this time all the way up to her belly, giving him a full view her glistening pussy. Then she quickly lowered it, crossing her legs in a most lady-like fashion.

Greg's eyes were locked on hers. Oh, what she saw in those eyes! God only knew what he would do to her tonight, how far he would push her, how high he would take her. She was so excited that it was almost scary.

Then he turned and sauntered over to the bar, leaving Julie breathless. She took a couple deep breaths and got herself under control before reaching for her cell phone.

"Hi, hon," she said casually when Gary answered. "I'm here with Ashlee and she's had a bit too much to drink, so I'm going to take her home."

"Good idea," Gary replied. If he was at all bothered that she wasn't coming home soon, his voice didn't reveal it. "You're okay to drive?"

"Yeah, I'm still on my first drink," Julie answered honestly. "I'll give you a call when I get her home. Okay?"

"Okay, babe. Love you."

"Love you too," she replied and hung up.

She had just lied to her husband so she could sneak off to a hotel room to fuck and suck another man in hedonistic fashion. And she had concluded the call by saying she loved him? Well, that was still true, wasn't it?

Greg turned from the bar and beckoned Julie. She drank the rest of her drink and quickly joined him, concerns about her feelings for Gary washed away in a tidal wave of lust.

Greg watched her cross the floor to him, obviously noticing her choice in footwear and how it made her ass wiggle in a most erotic way. With a hand on the small of her back, he steered her in front of him.

"I like the way those heels make your ass look," he whispered in her ear as she passed. Just outside the entrance to the bar, Julie looked back at him with a sweet smile.

"I plan to keep them on," she told him. "And only them." She let her ass sway as she walked to the elevator, knowing his eyes were on her. She could almost feel the heat of his gaze through her skirt.

The elevator ride was intense. The two of them were alone together, aching to feel and taste each other. The temptation to do something now, not wait until they reached the safety of Greg's hotel room was almost unbearable. If Julie wasn't worried about security cameras, she might have, ever so briefly, pulled out his cock and put it in her mouth. If only to make sure he was as charged up as he could be.

As it was, the door to the room was still swinging shut as they both removed their jackets. Then he unbuttoned his shirt, while Julie undid his belt. Her fingers were almost trembling as she un-did it and pulled it free from his pants.

Greg shed his shirt as Julie's nervous fingers attacked the button on his pants, then the zipper. As his zipper slid down, Julie's pussy throbbed, swollen and dripping. She forced herself to hesitate, look up into his eyes, before letting his pants fall to the floor. Greg unhurriedly stepped out of them and toed them aside.

Julie reached for the elastic of his underwear, but Greg stopped her. He shook his head slowly, an evil grin on his lips. She remembered his words just minutes ago in the bar and knew what he wanted. And she knew what she wanted too.

"Tell me," she purred, her hands running over his broad chest. "Tell me what you want me to do."

Greg leaned down and kissed her, grabbing the back of her head and pressing her lips forcefully against his. His mouth opened and his tongue slipped down into her mouth, where she sucked on it like it was his cock. God, she got so hot sucking on his tongue! She broke away from his kiss, gasping, so aroused she could hardly breathe.

She laid her head against his chest and, though his underwear, took hold of his cock. She squeezed it, closing her eyes, delighting in the muscular feel of his chest and the hardness of his member. She didn't know how mush more she could take without her head turning inside out.

Greg pinched her erect nipples through her blouse and bra, sending fireworks coursing through her belly and a fresh burst of wetness through her pussy. A small squeal slipped from her as she stood there burning with desire, her senses near the point of overload.

Still squeezing his huge erection, Julie looked up and opened her eyes. Greg kissed her, ran his tongue along her lips and kissed her again.

"You know what to do," he told her. And she did. But she wasn't going to rush it. The anticipation was simply too delicious to part with just yet.

"You want me to get down on my knees?" she asked softly, kissing his chest.

"Uh huh."

"And then?" she prompted. Greg's eyes locked on hers as he put his hands on her shoulders. Slowly, he started to push down on them. Julie had no idea why, but the idea of being forced to her knees was making her pussy pulse wildly.

Impulsively, she resisted. Greg applied more pressure. Then more.

With a gasp, Julie succumbed. Her legs bent and she lowered herself to her knees before him. His powerful frame towered over her, his big cock in front of her face. She pulled down his underwear, letting it spring free.

Oh, God! Julie thought. He looked even larger than he had that morning! Was it because he was even more aroused now? Possibly. She definitely was.

It was a cock worthy of kneeling before. So long, so thick. Its veins swollen, throbbing. Julie might be a proud woman, an independent woman, but a cock like this could own her. She batted her eyes sweetly at Greg.

"And then?" she asked again. Greg looked down at her, eyes blazing with the intensity of his lust. God, Julie loved seeing that reaction! Their eyes stayed locked on each others' for a long moment, Greg offering no answer.

"I bet you want me to put it in my mouth, don't you?" Julie cooed. She opened her mouth and came agonizingly close to the bulging red head of his shaft. Then she pulled back and looked up again.

Greg showed no surprise. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying Julie's teasing. Of course he was, Julie told herself. In her mind she might be toying with him. But there was surely no doubt in his mind that, at his word, she would obediently take him into her mouth and suck his cock. And the more she played like she was the one in control, the more he would savor it when she humbly complied.

Her pussy was dripping at the thought. Everything came down to his power over her. The way he made her so willing, so eager, so desperate to please him. Oh, he could do whatever he wanted to her, tell her to do almost anything and she would!

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