Julie Ch. 10


The following week Julie got an email from Greg's personal account. He was going to be in town Thursday to visit one of the other companies in the area. He hinted he might have a few minutes at his hotel after the visit and before the obligatory business dinner.

The way he phrased it made it pretty clear to Julie what he was getting at. She thought about Anne Marie, the woman she had seen blowing Greg in his car. That was essentially what he was offering her. In his hotel room, not a parking lot, it was true. But he made it sound like he would only have time for her if she was going to give him a blow job.

Was it another test of his power over her? Her willingness to please him? How much control he could exert over her? Julie couldn't help thinking that the next step would indeed be to get her to go down on him in a parked car somewhere. She also couldn't shake the thought that if he wanted it, she would probably do it.

While that day might come, Julie wasn't going to offer. And, as willing as she was to go down on him, she felt like she had to put up some resistance or he would only be encouraged to push her further.

And besides, Julie wanted his cock in more than just her mouth.

So she agreed to meet him, but she didn't want it to be entirely on his terms. As she had done before, she arrived at his hotel in a short skirt and removed everything under it before going up and knocking on his door.

When he let her in and, as she had hoped, ordered her to her knees and then to suck his cock, Julie was compliant. How could she resist when he said those words that evoked such a response in her?

But she didn't go at it with the intention of making him cum. Not then anyway. When he was straining, erect and dripping with her saliva, Julie pulled away and gave him a sly smile. Then, as he watched her with an eyebrow raised in modest surprise, Julie stood up, turned around and bent over the small table. Looking over her shoulder at him, Julie pulled up her skirt, exposing her ass and her glistening pussy.

"Don't worry, lover," she cooed. "You're still going to get to cum in my mouth. Just give me a little tickle first." She batted her eyelids in an almost comical manner. Greg drew a deep breath, his nostrils flaring as he stepped up behind her.

There was definitely a sense that she was bucking his power. When he put his cock in her, he was rougher than usual. He didn't take his time working his large member into her gradually, but rather thrust it in hard, causing Julie to gasp in a mixture of surprise and pain. He took hold of her hips and shoved himself violently into her a dozen or more times, causing her to scream out. It was an intertwining of pleasure and pain and it was a delicious combination.

He drove her to orgasm deftly, rapidly almost turning her inside out as the passion erupted in her. When it passed, Julie turned around and resumed her position on her knees. She took his cock, sticky and pungent in her hand and made an erotic show of licking her juices from it. Then she took him back in her mouth and did as she had promised.

The groans and the spasms as he came once again caused her body to flush with heat and satisfaction. She swallowed down the fruits of her labor, again thinking that she had discovered something that seemed to be the best of both worlds... for both of them.

As she drove home, Julie thought about how sex with Greg had evolved. And was still evolving. Had Julie ever gone down on a man like that? Right after he had withdrawn from her still throbbing pussy? That she was willing to do it was surprising enough. But it was more than that.

Julie actually found herself preferring it that way. Sure, part of that might be because Greg made it the only way they could have sex in situations like tonight. Still, that wasn't the whole story. There was something about having him cum in her mouth. About swallowing for him. Those acts were things strongly associated with submissiveness, weren't they? And that was the key to her sex with Greg, wasn't it?

Given all that, it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise that she found their encounters gravitating toward that. Greg's seemed to prefer it that way himself. Sure, it was one way to avoid using a condom. But Greg also understood the submissive nature of a woman accepting his cum in her mouth and down her throat. And he clearly loved to see Julie submissive, kneeling and swallowing.

Two weeks later, Greg emailed to let Julie know he was going to be staying at the new apartment that week. Tentatively, he would be the only one there over the weekend. Weeknights were another matter though. If he was able to get the place to himself for a night, he'd let Julie know, but at least if she wanted to stop by Saturday afternoon, that would probably be their best opportunity.

Julie responded immediately, conjuring an excuse to give Gary even as she emailed Greg to tell him she would be there.

Gary, as usual, was quite understanding when Julie told him Friday at their routine restaurant dinner that she'd have to go into work the next day for a few hours. That night she lay in bed with Gary on top of her, between her legs, but Greg in her mind. It was her first real orgasm with Gary in many weeks.

Saturday finally arrived and Julie apprehensively checked her email. Greg assumed that everyone would be headed home Friday night or Saturday morning. But, on projects like this, it wasn't inconceivable that people would have to stay and work the weekend. Fortunately, there was no email from Greg, which presumably meant everything was on.

Julie arrived at the apartment in mid-afternoon. It was a nice looking place in a complex of similarly rented units, all geared toward business travelers on extended trips. Julie walked up to the front door, then hesitated before ringing the bell.

What if one of Greg's colleagues was still here? It could be someone who could recognize her. That would be disastrous.

But, Julie asked herself, she wasn't going to go home unsatisfied, was she? No, of course not. Greg would certainly have let her know if there was any reason not to come today. After all, he had at least as much at stake.

She rang the bell.

Greg answered the door and, much to her relief, smiled and invited her inside. Julie took a look around as she walked in. It was tastefully but unremarkably appointed. Everything looked nice but bland, like the decorator's objective was to provide the furnishing equivalent of beige. Not that she really cared, of course. She was here to get her brains fucked out. And, a perversely excited part of her brain added, suck all the cum out of his balls that she could.

It was an incredible couple of hours, including several gut wrenching, heart stopping orgasms for Julie. And two ball draining climaxes for Greg, both of which Julie accepted in her mouth on her knees before him.

The kneeling, the sucking, the swallowing were somehow conspiring to make the pleasure she got during sex even more intense. Greg's huge member pounding in and out of her was obviously more than enough to give her orgasms that threatened to turn her whole body inside out. But the added factor, knowing that she was going to go down on him afterwards... well, it was something kinky, something slutty. It was hot and erotic. And submissive. Just thinking about it was enough to make Julie's belly tingle with anticipation.

The second time they had been doing it doggie style. Greg was ramming his cock in and out of her like a steam locomotive. Julie came once and Greg kept going, no indication of relenting. Then she came again, almost biting the pillow in half as she buried her head in it to muffle her frantic screams of ecstasy.

Then Greg had tapped her ass with his hand and, almost like it was telepathy, Julie understood. As he withdrew his throbbing hard cock, she whirled around on her hands and knees to face him. She only had to wrap her lips around him and bob a few times before he exploded.

She sucked him carefully for a minute or two after he came, slipping a finger into her pussy as she did. Rubbing the hot juices energetically on her clit quickly brought her to another orgasm. Cumming with his cock in her mouth was indescribable. His load was sliding down her throat even as her hips bucked and shook. It was an elusive crossroads of pleasure for her, two things she loved coming together at exactly the right moment. It was enough to make a girl lose her mind.

Another benefit of taking him in her mouth was revealed a few minutes later when Greg rolled her onto her back and put his head between her legs. His tongue was experienced, deft and relentless. Julie came hard again and again as he licked her clit and lips expertly.

The following Saturday, they did it all again. This time they decided that there was no reason to confine themselves to the bedroom. So Greg fucked her bent over the dining room table, on her back on the dining room table, on her hands and knees on the living room floor, her straddling him on the sofa...

There was an energy to their sex, a ferociousness. Like they were both trying to somehow push it to an even higher level. When they changed positions, Julie would suck his cock for a moment, or Greg would lick her pussy. He would rub his cock on her tits, leaving a trail of her juices on them, then lick it off.

The first time they finished with him tit-fucking her while reaching back and fingering her. Just as Julie started to cum, Greg leaned forward and put his cock in her face. With her orgasm just about to explode, Julie just barely managed to close her lips around him. Then she was cumming, her body thrashing, her pelvis thrusting up into his finger even as she was nearly gagging on the cum that was simultaneously shooting into her mouth. It was that fabulous nexus of pleasures once again and as her orgasm passed, Julie sucked him so hard and so greedily, that he had to pull away.

The second time they finished doggie style, like the week before. Again, Julie understood and responded to Greg's tap instinctively. The smell of herself on him, right under her nose like that was so powerful that she almost came without touching herself. As she sucked him to completion, she again fingered herself to another explosive climax.

As she lay exhausted on the floor beside him, Julie kissed her way up and down his chest. His softening cock evoked a feeling of loss in her. It indicated that it was time to go back to being the Julie that everyone else knew. The insatiable slut that Greg had unlocked in her had to be put back in her cage until next time.

After she left, Julie wondered what it would be like to be with Greg whenever she wanted. To go to bed every night with him and wake up every morning with him. Have him fuck her like that whenever they wanted, no sneaking around, no hurrying. Just totally indulge in him.

What would it be like to come home from a busy, frazzling day at work, complaining about her day? And instead of Gary's soothing words of sympathy, she had Greg there, ignoring her grumblings, telling her to get on her knees as he pulled his cock out of his pants?

Not that Julie thought there was any chance of having Greg to herself. Greg was never going to be a one-woman man and, whatever this arrangement was for her, Julie was still not enough of a fool to think it was a real relationship. As long as it suited them both, they would keep hooking up when they could. But that's still all it was.

And she had to keep reminding herself that she was a married woman, too.

It did seem that Greg had feelings for her. He made time for her whenever possible. He was still having sex with other women, Julie was sure. But that didn't particularly bother her. Julie's plan to make herself his first choice seemed to have worked. She was giving him everything she could to satisfy him the best that she knew how. And he kept coming back.

The next weekend, Greg wasn't there. He had flown back a couple days before, leaving Julie with an aching that she couldn't fix. How had she gotten into a routine so quickly? How had that routine gotten to be ingrained in her head and her loins as deeply as it had? After just two weekends?

There was no point in questioning it, Julie realized. She just couldn't get herself thinking about Greg in terms of being available on a regular schedule. And, truth be told, if she kept going out every Saturday for three or four hours, Gary would have to be a complete moron not to eventually get suspicious.

When Greg came back to town the following week, Julie managed to convince him to see her Tuesday night. There was only one other guy staying at the apartment that week and, Greg believed, he probably wouldn't be home before six. So Julie arranged to meet Greg there a little after five.

Greg barely had time to pull her slacks down, fuck her over the dining table and cum in her mouth before they had to worry about his roommate coming home. It wasn't as much as she wanted, but Julie knew there were no givens. It might be the last time they had a chance for weeks, so she had to take what she could when and while she could.

Weeknights were risky because of Greg's roommates. Weekends were great when Greg was there and no one else was. But occasionally one of the roommates would have to stay and work on the weekend. Greg still had the place to himself while they were working, but it was again risky, since the roommate could come back any time.

It was during a stretch of two weeks that they were unable to arrange any meetings that something happened that brought out the fool in Julie. Gary came home one night and told her that he was going to have to spend a lot of time away over the coming weeks, working on site at a client's facility. And even when he wasn't traveling, it was likely he'd have to put in long hours at the office.

Julie did her best not to seem to happy about the news. She kissed him and told him that he supported her with all of the extra work she had to do. Certainly, he could count on her to be as understanding.

Even as she was reassuring Gary, a violent argument was erupting in Julie's mind. No, she told herself. She could not bring Greg to her house and fuck him! That was insane! That was begging to get caught!

But the other side of her brain was thinking it was an incredible break. Greg no longer had a place that they could count on having to themselves. But if Gary was going to be away or working late....

Even as the battle raged between her head and her hormones, Julie knew what she was going to do. She would find some way to rationalize it later, but the bottom line was that she wanted what she wanted. And she was going to take chances if necessary to get it.

That Sunday night, Gary would be flying out of town and wouldn't be back until Thursday. Something in Julie knew that she couldn't have Greg come over Sunday night. It was... too soon or something. It would be wrong no matter when, but to have Greg in her bed just hours after Gary was in it... She couldn't cross that line.

At least, she couldn't yet. She realized that her standards had a way of evolving, morphing into something that suited her desires. How long before she would cross that line? And where was the next line? How long would it take before that one was crossed as well?

Monday morning, Julie called Gary and told him that she was going out to dinner with one of her girlfriends. She made it sound like the friend had offered to go out to help keep Julie's mind off of the fact that Gary wasn't home. It was an awful lie, she knew. But Gary was touched by the sweetness of it. Wasn't that better than letting him think she didn't miss him?

Well, she wasn't really missing him if she was only doing it to bring another man into their house to fuck him. In her marital bed, no less. She was going to have sex with Greg in her bed, wasn't she?

They had the guest room, but the bed in there was a woefully inadequate twin size. If she was going to do this, it was going to be as bad as cheating gets. Was she prepared for that?

Julie didn't have an answer. She was going to do it and just try not to think about all those things. What else could she do? Here was a way to have Greg, possibly for a few days in a row. How could she not go for it?

There were other factors that weighed in Julie's decision. Her driveway looped around behind the house and her yard was surrounded by a six foot privacy fence. Greg could pull around and park in the garage with minimal risk of anyone seeing him. He could come into the house through the garage, so there was almost no risk of getting caught once he was in. Then, assuming he left at night or very early in the morning, it was unlikely anyone would take note of his departure.

The houses in Julie's neighborhood weren't close together and there were lots of mature trees between and around most of them. And Julie, of course, would have the shades drawn too.

There was no sense in trying to convince herself, Julie realized. She was going to do it. She emailed Greg at lunch time to see if he was available. He didn't come right out and say that he was, which wasn't totally unexpected. Julie hadn't mentioned Gary being away yet. But he didn't say he had plans either.

Which either meant that he didn't have firm plans yet, or he had plans that he would break if Julie was suddenly available. Julie chose to believe it was the latter.

When Julie emailed him that Gary was out of town for the next couple nights, Greg replied with skepticism. He didn't seem particularly eager to venture into Julie's house while her husband was away. She had to convince him. This was, the more Julie thought about it, a golden opportunity. She just had to.

"Lover, don't worry. You know I'll make it worth your while."

Greg replied rather quickly.

"The parking lot at Cavanaugh's would be less risky."

Julie mulled his response over, uncertain what he meant. Was he saying that she should meet him at a bar? And give him a blow job in his car? Or that he had a date with Anne Marie, or some other "uncomplicated" woman who would be all too willing to do just that. Julie thought of a way to find out.

"I'll meet you at Cavanaugh's. 5:30?"

If he said no, then he probably had plans with someone else. If he said yes, well... There was at least a reasonable chance that Julie could persuade him to come home with her.

Just after she sent the email, it occurred to Julie that there was a flaw in her plan. Greg could easily use a meeting at a bar as a way to test her, see how far he could push her. She had absolutely no intention of doing something as crazy as giving him a blow job in the parking lot.

And Greg knew it.

It was a chance for him to make Julie chose between who she had been her whole life and who she found herself turning into. Julie had never even considered anything like that before she had met Greg; seen it happening right before her eyes.

It was one thing to be Greg's slut in a locked room with the curtains drawn. She could walk out afterward and act like nothing happened. And for all anybody knew, nothing did.

But in public... That was quite another matter. Words like 'slut' and 'cocksucker' were one thing when Greg was using them in the bedroom to get her hot. It would be quite another thing if they were associated with her reputation. And if someone were to see her, those were exactly the words she would be branded with.

"5:30 it is."

Julie read Greg's response, brief and to the point. She was almost positive that he only wanted to go there to complete her humiliation, her taming. To prove to her that he had the upper hand. That she would do whatever he wanted, no matter how much it ran contrary to what she thought she knew about herself.

Even as much as she wanted to fight back and resist, Julie felt the unmistakable tingle of anticipation. That same feeling she got whenever she was going to meet Greg. It made her pussy moist and her nipples strain. It was the feeling that soon she was going to be getting that drug she craved: Greg's nine inch cock.

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