Julie Ch. 12


Julie's blissful existence, her picture perfect home life and career, complimented by her dark, secret life of extramarital sex, did not last. The three months that Greg was in town were incredible. She had never been so sexually satisfied. Or so sexually adventurous, for that matter. Greg brought out her wild side and Julie found herself loving it. And that was balanced with the stability of her job and her stable, caring husband. Only a fool would think that these two separate lives could continue to coexist.

Julie had gotten lax in her precautions and took greater and greater risks to meet with Greg at less-than-opportune times. And yet, her undoing had less to do with that, than an old cliché... a husband that came home early.

Gary was scheduled to be out of town from Monday morning until Thursday night, which was not unusual these days. As he had told Julie, he was spending a lot more time on the road, working on-site with a customer.

Julie, once she had coaxed Greg into her bed that first time, regularly took advantage of Gary's absence by having Greg spend the night. She was fucking him in her own bed, falling asleep wrapped in his arms and waking up with him. Almost like Greg was her husband.

That Wednesday night, after Julie had cooked a nice dinner for Greg and given him just enough head to make him rock hard, they quickly took matters into the bedroom. Their clothes came off quickly as they hungrily groped each others' bodies, devoured each others' lips with passionate kisses.

This was something that Julie was worried would drop from their routine... the impassioned kissing and caressing, the pressing together of their naked bodies. But Greg seemed to want it as much as she did. Even when they were so wound up they could barely contain themselves, they always found time to kiss, touch, tease each other. Even if only for a few minutes.

Then they were in bed, Julie straddling Greg, lowering herself onto his cock and riding him with wild abandon. She got as close to cumming on top of him as she could, then he rolled her on to her back and pounded her missionary style until she climaxed.

Then she signaled Greg to let her up—it was just a tap, but somehow they both knew what all the subtleties meant now. He lifted his tall frame off of her, allowing Julie to roll to her hands and knees. Greg needed no further taps to tell him what to do. He quickly knelt behind her and slipped his shiny cock back into her, this time from behind.

He thrust into her, over and over, eliciting scream after scream of ecstasy from Julie. It was all she could do not to pass out, it felt so incredibly good. She came a second time, bucking and writhing as Greg continued his relentless savaging of her pussy. Tears were streaming down her face, the muscles of her abdomen were on fire from the wrenching power of her climax. And still Greg drove her on.

His finger prodded at her ass, slipping into her, sending another stream of excitement and arousal coursing through her. The cumulative effect, the sledge hammer-like fucking and the erotic thrill and tingle of his finger in her ass, quickly took Julie to a third orgasm. Her hair was covering her face, her body glistening with sweat. Every inch of her was surging with the heat and electricity of her orgasm. She felt the familiar tightness all over, like her wave of passion was stretching her skin to its very limits.

Then came Greg's tap.

Even lost in euphoria as she was, Julie recognized the tap and her body responded to it automatically. His cock slipped out of her and she turned around on the bed. Through the haze of passion and the hair over her eyes, Julie noticed something out of place. But then Greg's cock was in her face and nothing else mattered.

Julie's lips slid down his shaft, feeling his thick vein on her tongue. Then she felt the familiar swelling and spasming of his cock. A moment later, her mouth was filling with his cum and she was sucking and swallowing him, moaning as she did. Oh, it was a moment she never seemed to grow weary of! The feel and taste of him, coupled with Greg's throaty groan as he unloaded... Julie could do this over and over and over again.

This was the first time they had had sex in several days, so Greg's load was a little bigger than usual. That should have made it less appealing to have him cum in her mouth, but it didn't. Surprisingly enough, Julie found herself getting more turned on when the amount of cum was greater. A taste on her tongue was good, but when he hit the back of her throat, filled her whole mouth, left her tingling from the potency of his sperm... well, that was enough to drive her out of her mind.

This was such a load. She swallowed it down in multiple gulps, wishing all the while there was more. She kept sucking, slow and gentle, coaxing out every last drop. At the same time, her finger slipped between her legs and, as she held his cock in her mouth, she flicked and rubbed her clit. In almost no time, an explosive orgasm welled up in her and she had to take Greg's cock out of her mouth to let out a scream.

She was still shaking and twitching as she took the fading erection back into her mouth for a moment longer. Then she sat back on her heels to look up at Greg in a state of blissful satisfaction. Instead, she saw what it was she had noticed out of the corner of her eye a minute earlier.


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