Julie Ch. 21


When Julie and Ashlee arrived back at the house after dropping off Greg and picking up Julie's car at the mall, Ashlee appeared ready to burst.

"Well?" she asked expectantly.

It was obvious what she wanted, but Julie had no intention of divulging details.

"Well, what?" she replied.

"C'mon!" Ashlee laughed. "I never saw a more obvious JBF smile." Julie blinked, clueless.


"Just been fucked," Ashlee answered with an accusing smile. Julie felt the color rising in her cheeks. Was there really something in her face that gave her away? Of course, Ashlee had helped orchestrate the whole rendezvous and she already knew damn right well that Julie and Greg hadn't sat around playing backgammon! But the idea that someone could look at her and tell, well... it didn't seem out of the question.

"I'm not talking about it," she told Ashlee, trying to give her friend a stern look that said there was no compromise. But Ashlee's expression of mirth undid Julie's efforts and she was forced to look away.

"Did you go down on him?"

"ASH!" Julie squealed, incredulous at her friend's brazen question. In spite of herself, she almost waggled her jaw involuntarily. The muscles were still sore from accommodating Greg's significant girth. She caught herself just in time, mortified that she had almost given herself away in such obvious fashion.

"I'll take that as a yes," Ashlee replied with a smug, satisfied look on her face. "Did he tell you to do it?"

"Jesus, Ash!"

"'Cause if he told me to, well..." she pantomimed giving a blow job, moving her curled hand back and forth in front of her mouth, timing it with poking her tongue against the inside of her cheek. In spite of herself, Julie laughed.

"My God, Ash! Get a grip!" Julie laughed, immediately realizing that her choice of words was playing into Ashlee's hands. So to speak.

"That's exactly what I was talking about!" She sat on the couch and looked at Julie in a way that made Julie feel like she was in an interrogation room, a bright light shining down on her. "So what are you going to tell me?"

"Nothing!" Julie said with indignation that was only partially feigned.

"Oh, come on! At least tell me how many times!"

"Jesus, Ash!" Julie protested. "I can't talk about things like that!"

"Okay, don't tell me," responded Ashlee. She turned her body three-quarters away from Julie and crossed her arms in a playful mimic of a pouting child. "I'll just make it up in my head however I want to." She shot Julie a sly glance out of the corner of her eye before continuing. "'Oh, Greggie, I'm so glad you're here!'" she squeaked, mockingly. Then in a deeper, manly voice, "'Suck my damn dick, woman!' 'Oh, yes, Greggie!'"

Ashlee burst out laughing as Julie sat silent with a bemused grin on her face. Julie didn't want to give Ashlee any reaction, but it took some effort. Again, Julie was surprised how accurate, if absurdly exaggerated, Ashlee's assessment was. Not that it should have surprised her. But it did.

"I think I'm going to bed now," Julie said when Ashlee's laughter abated. Ashlee looked at her and raised an eyebrow speculatively.

"I know it's not, you know... the way you are. To talk about this stuff," Ashlee said, her smile fading and real compassion surfacing in her eyes. "But if you need me..." She let the words hang in the air between them for a moment. Then Ashlee gave Julie a quick but firm hug. "I'm here for you. Okay?"

Julie found herself absurdly moved by her friend's words. Suddenly, tears were threatening to well in her eyes. She blinked hard, refusing to shed one. Especially a tear so maudlin. She gave Ashlee a nod and a quick smile and hurried off to bed.

Once in the safety of her room, comfortable between the sheets, Julie let herself think about Greg again. And Ashlee.

Everything about Greg, the way he had awakened her sexually, the way she lost herself in him was so new to her. But Ashlee seemed to know all about it in the blink of an eye. It was a reminder that what Julie was experiencing might be new to her, but it was well known territory to others. It made it easy for Ashlee to read Julie. It made Julie feel almost naked.

But there was something else, not as scary. Yes, Ashlee already knew what Julie was just discovering. There was a little bit of reassurance in that what Julie was going through wasn't so unusual. There was nothing wrong with her for enjoying things now that had at one time seemed incomprehensible, if not downright offensive, to her.

If anything, Julie was finding herself being more natural in her sex with Greg than she ever was with Gary. She still didn't understand it completely, but clearly the intellectual, reasoning side of her that had dominated all aspects of her life before only interfered with her ability to let go and fully enjoy sex. Like she could do now with Greg. Because when she was with him, she didn't think about it. She just did what he wanted and it worked. Like nothing had ever worked so well for her before.

Julie snuggled into the bed, smiling as she remembered how she had laid here in Greg's arms. Remembering how she felt his touch, the way he communicated how he felt. He might never be a man for a committed relationship. He might never be capable of telling her that he loved her. Not in words anyway.

But Julie couldn't convince herself that in those moments he hadn't expressed love for her in his own fashion.

She fell asleep with the smile still on her face.

The next few weeks were a sore trial for Julie. She had to hire a lawyer, open a new bank account, get new credit cards, do all the things necessary to separate herself from Gary. At the same time, she found herself spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about Greg.

She exchanged emails with him almost daily. Personal emails, but not too personal. Julie was always careful not to sound too needy. She really did feel a void in her life without Greg, but she was afraid to tell him that. She didn't want to drive him away by asking for more than he could give. She was also afraid to find out that she might need him significantly more than he needed her.

Julie was smart enough to know that a man like Greg wasn't sitting around his house on weekends wishing he had something to do. He was out with other women, almost certainly. Julie found herself thinking about that more and more. That Greg was fucking other women, telling other women to get on their knees and suck his cock. Getting his pleasure from someone other than Julie.

Every passing day served to heighten Julie's anxiety. She could feel him slipping away from her. She had to see him again or she would just fade into another notch on his bedpost.

And at the same time, he was growing in her mind. They're relative values to each other were getting more and more out of balance. Greg was becoming all that Julie could really focus on. But to him, she might already be nothing more than a fond memory. Of course, she didn't think she had slid that far that fast. But that was the direction she was headed in.

In one of Julie's emails a couple weeks after she had last seen him, she mentioned having the next weekend free. He lived several hours away, but she would gladly drive out to see him.

But first she had to get invited.

And it had to be for the weekend. Julie wasn't going to drive out on a Friday afternoon, fuck him and head home Saturday morning. If she was going out there, she wanted to make a full weekend of it. Nothing would be harder to cope with than wondering if he was going to be with someone else after she left, when she could have stayed and been with him herself.

When Greg replied, he asked Julie in a rather vague way if she was interested in visiting him. Her heart rate quickened as she read his email. It looked like he was offering exactly what she wanted: a weekend with her lover.

And a weekend far away from Gary, at that.

It took a couple more emails and then a phone call, but within two hours, Julie had everything arranged with Greg. From that moment until she stepped out of her car in front of her house, Julie's whole body ached with anticipation.

Julie and Greg had never had so much freedom to be together. They had, of course, had several nights in a row when Gary was out of town. They had had liaisons during business trips. But this was going to be a Friday night to Sunday afternoon together uninterrupted by work or any other distractions. It was conceivable that they could spend the entire weekend naked in bed, pausing only to sleep, eat and shower.

After everything Julie had been through since her affair had been discovered, she began to feel like this is what she needed. This was what was going to set her right and get her back on track. She couldn't explain it. It was just a vague notion. But it slowly gained traction in her mind, gathering momentum as the weekend drew nearer.

On Friday Julie left work early to make the six or seven hour drive to Greg's. Leaving just after lunch would get her in early enough for dinner followed, presumably, by some great sex. She stopped at Ashlee's and grabbed the things she had packed the night before.

There was a bag inside her bag that she took out and considered for a moment. In that bag was some lubricant she had purchased a couple days ago. Was she really going to take it?

Julie remembered the way her body had involuntarily twisted and spun out of Greg's grasp the last time he had put his cock to her ass. She remembered the other times he had mentioned it and the clammy tingling sensation that she had experienced. Could she really go through with it, if she wanted to?

Did she really want to?

Julie had already given so much more to Greg than she had ever given to any man, her husband included. He had turned her into his willing slut in ways she never would have believed possible. Julie still occasionally found the idea that a man could tell her to get on her knees and suck his cock unbelievable. The idea that her pussy got wet just anticipating those words, the opportunity, still seemed foreign and incomprehensible at times.

Whether he had changed her or released something inside her was irrelevant. The fact was that Julie was a different woman with him. At times she barely recognized herself. Now the question of whether or not to let him fuck her ass was one she was considering in very real terms. She had lube in her hand was prepared to put it in her bag to take with her. True, she had several hours to think it over on the way. And if she decided against it, it could stay in the car. Greg would never know.

But the presence of the lube, in her hand now, in her overnight bag, if she took it, was a testimony to how seriously Julie was considering taking this step. Doing yet something more for Greg; giving him that last piece of herself. It was such a premeditated thing, to bring the lube with her. Whether she handed it to Greg or not, Julie was changing her boundaries.

To please him.

To offer him something that he didn't already have from her.

She had changed. Whether to release something buried inside or truly become someone she wasn't before, she still didn't know.

But there was no denying that the resulting changes were huge and ongoing.

Julie tossed the lube into her bag and zipped it up. She did have a long drive to think about it, after all.

And it was a long drive. A few hours into the trip, Julie had to pull over just to get out of the car and stretch her legs. She knew she was getting closer with each passing mile and her excitement was likewise starting to build. But as much as she wanted to hurry up and get there, she had to stop and get out of the car.

As she drew within an hour of her destination, Julie saw a shopping mall. She was getting achy again from sitting behind the wheel so long, so she decided to pull in. There was an upscale department store and Julie had a sudden inspiration. She waked out of the store twenty minutes later with a new silk scarf in her hand.

When she was almost to Greg's house, Julie stopped one last time. This time at a fast food restaurant, so she could take a quick look at herself in the mirror before she got there. For having spent so long in the car, she didn't look too bad. She pulled out the ponytail that had held back her silky black hair for the drive and gave her head a shake. Her hair, now released, cascaded to her shoulder with a sexy disheveled look.

Her clothes were a little wrinkled, but that was unavoidable. She smoothed her black skirt with her hand and tucked in her white blouse, trying to pull it tight enough to get the wrinkles out. Julie had purposely not changed into more comfortable clothes before getting behind the wheel. She knew that Greg liked to see her in her work attire. He relished taking Julie at her most professional, powerful point and reducing her to his slut. And, God help her, it made her wet too. Just thinking about it.

Julie gave herself one more long look in the mirror. But instead of giving herself the once-over she intended, she wound up staring into her own eyes. She couldn't help thinking that she was staring into the eyes of a woman she hardly knew anymore. She was about to give herself to a man in every way a woman could. And not a man who was committed to her in any way. A man who could completely take her for granted.

Julie wanted to believe there was something special between them, but was that really just wishful thinking? Did she really think that Greg wasn't getting laid when she wasn't around? Absurd!

So how could this woman staring back at her in the mirror explain what she was willing to do for him? How deep was her desire to please him? In ten minutes she'd be at his house, in fifteen, she'd probably be on her knees for him, sucking his cock with a desperate, lusty passion. How long after that before she told him about the lube in her bag? Before she was bracing herself on her elbows, gritting her teeth as he forced his massive cock into her virgin ass?

On the long drive she had tried to decide if she would really go through with it, really let Greg fuck her in the ass. Now that she was here, it seemed impossible to do it and, at the same time, impossible not to. And did it matter if she wanted to do it or not? Didn't it really come down to what Greg wanted? If he told her that was going to take her ass, then Julie was going to give it to him. Willingly.

It scared Julie to look into that dirty mirror and see a woman who could be so beholden to a man. But that fear paled in comparison to the pure sexual thrill she derived from Greg's dominating presence.

The bathroom door opened and another woman entered, breaking up Julie's introspection. With a last glance in the mirror, she departed. A few minutes later, she was on Greg's street, approaching his house. Her body was practically humming with anticipation. Just seeing him for the first time in weeks was enough to throw her libido into overdrive, never mind the implications of the lube in her bag.

By the time she was standing on the porch ringing the doorbell, she could hardly stand still. Her body was physically restless after sitting so long. That, combined with her swelling arousal must have made her look pretty obvious. How many times had Greg's neighbors seen a woman standing on his porch this way? Almost unable to hide her body's urges?

When the door opened and Julie's eyes met Greg's, she felt the awkward discontinuity of their relationship. That feeling of not knowing how familiar to be. They had been lovers so many times over, but still Julie felt like she had no claim on him, that she couldn't take for granted that they would pick up where they left off.

Greg didn't seem to have an issue with it. His eyes bored into hers with his usual predatory gleam. If he felt anything had changed since she had knelt before him in her bedroom at Ashlee's, it didn't show. His gaze made her feel so exposed and so excited.

He could see just how firm a hold he had on her, couldn't he? He had broken her a long time ago.

He greeted her with a smile and waved her inside. There, he took hold of her and gave her a passionate kiss, one that left her gasping.

"It's good to see you again," he said as Julie dropped her bag inside the door. She leaned forward and he brought his lips down to hers again, pressing his mouth firmly over hers. Their arms quickly wrapped around each other. Julie's hands sought out Greg's muscular shoulders as his fingers plunged into her soft, silky hair. Tongues intertwined and lips and teeth sucked and nibbled on each other. Julie could feel her pussy suddenly flood with warmth, her belly tighten and tingle and her nipples swell and harden.

Then Greg broke the kiss and stepped back. For a moment Julie expected him to unzip his pants and order her to her knees.

"Come on," he said, picking up her bag. "Let's get you something to eat. Or at least something to drink." He gave her a grin. "How was the trip out?"

Was that a twinge of disappointment she felt? That he was being an ordinary guy welcoming a lady friend to his house?

Julie smiled. "Not too bad," she replied as she followed him in to the living room. "Not much traffic, which was nice."

Greg gestured for her to sit on the sofa then disappeared with her bag. He returned a few minutes later holding a couple glasses of wine. He handed one to her and sat beside her on the sofa.

"To a good weekend," he toasted, flashing her a smirk.

"To a good weekend," Julie echoed as they touched glasses. When Julie looked into his eyes, saw that smirk, she knew. She knew that she would give him the lube. Probably without saying a word. Just hand it to him. He would understand. She felt a simultaneous thrill and clammy fear ripple through her.

But that was probably not going to happen tonight. Tonight would be more of what they always did together. Fucking and sucking and licking each others brains out. Some time tomorrow, maybe, when Julie was riding that wave of euphoria, she would offer Greg the final piece of her.

They sipped their wine, gazing into one another's eyes for a moment. It was a long, deep moment and it stirred Julie's insides. The way he looked at her on the surface was predatory and sexual. But she sensed something under that. Something more substantial. Was it really there? Was he having genuine feeling for her? Was it love?

Or was it all wishful thinking on her part? Looking into his eyes, Julie had to believe she was more to him than a fuck. She just couldn't tell how much more.

Greg got up and led Julie on a brief tour of the house. It was a nice place, surprisingly well decorated for a bachelor. The bedroom in particular was tasteful and elegant. Not that she was expecting it to look like a bedroom in a frat house, but it was so much more traditional than she would have suspected.

As they left it to tour the rest of the house, Julie couldn't help wonder how many women had been bedded in there. Or in the rest of the house, for that matter. She thought of her trysts with him in various rooms of his apartment and her house and smiled.

Greg chatted easily with Julie as they made their brief tour. If he felt any discontinuity in their relationship, it didn't show. Of course, things were markedly different for him. He was accustomed to juggling women, never getting too involved with any of them. But the talking helped. Julie began to feel things reconnecting and the uncertainty ebb.

Julie was in front of Greg as they returned to the living room. Just as they stepped into it, Greg put his arms around her and pulled her back against his muscular chest. He bent down and placed a few warm kisses on the side of her neck. Then his lips moved up beside her ear.

"You drove a long way, didn't you?" he breathed. "And now you want what you came for, don't you?" Tremors shot through her body. Oh, God! Did she ever! The wetness she had felt when she first arrived returned with a vengeance.

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