tagErotic CouplingsJulie Gets Sucked Ch. 02

Julie Gets Sucked Ch. 02


Chapter 02 – Feeding client and coworker appetites

While there are probably similar stories, written by others, this original work of fiction has not been copied from anyone else. Don't get obsessed with any possible errors in grammar, just go with the idea of the story and enjoy. A lot of the inspiration for a story comes from a rough idea from someone else. If you have an idea you'd like to see fleshed out, write me. It can either be for the Literotica readers or customized just for you.

To really understand the underlying story of where things are at you should read Chapter 01. For the incurably impatient, the following is a brief summary of what happened in Chapter 01.

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At age 19, Julie Smith was broke, and about to be homeless. Replying to a newspaper ad, she took a job at a company she'd never heard of before. It dealt with products of an intimate nature. As part of her job, she was required to try out some of the products in the catalog. One of those sucked on a woman's nipples, trying to get milk out of them. With the help of a drink supplied by the company for her to drink, her breasts began to product milk in increasing quantities. Another product stimulated her pussy to the point of needing to be fucked on a regular basis to keep her arousal in check. With her breasts full of milk and her clit stimulation in overdrive she was required to be at an evening party with clients.

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The continuation . . .

When it was time for her afternoon sucking and fucking by her boss, Mr. Davis informed her there was a party for clients that evening and he didn't have time to service her. Her attendance was required and she was to dress in one of the breast exposing tops and to have only her split crotch panties on, no skirt. She would be serving the clients drinks and attending to their needs.

Upon arrival, she was informed that like two other girls she didn't need to carry a drinks tray, her heavily laden breasts would be the source of the client's drink. To satisfy the client's needs, her pussy would be the source. There were two other girls who would be doing the same as Julie. Three other girls would be doing normal drink server services.

Julie was almost beside herself. It was bad enough to stoop to having her boss fulfill the need to have her breasts emptied and the cravings of her pussy, it was even worse to be offering those same services to a whole group. What had she become in such a short time?

Her thought train was rudely interrupted when an older woman gathered all 6 girls instructions on what they would be doing. After briefly going over what they were to do, the regular drink servers were sent out to start serving the guests. The older woman gave the three remaining girls a tall drink to consume before starting their duties. Once all three had finished their drinks, they were told there uniform for the party consisted of a fancier looking version of the split crotch panties Julie was required to wear at work, a pair of 2 inch high heels, and nothing else. To identify them as serving girls, they would be wearing a chrome bracelet on each wrist and ankle, and a narrow chrome collar. All five things had an additional ring attached to it.

All three girls were now ready to send out to the party guests. From the look in their eyes, all three girls were reluctant to start their duties, but they knew the continuation of their job depended on it, plus all three girl's breasts were swollen with milk to the point of being extremely painful. As much as the three of them disliked being used as a milk supplier to strangers, the need to have their milk emptied was too great to ignore.

As Julie followed the other two girls out into the guest area, she was immediately pulled aside by a middle-aged man seated at a table. Without any formalities, his mouth latched onto her long, fat left nipple and began to suck greedily. The brief moment of surprise was replaced by a feeling of being thankful for how wonderful it felt to have her nipples sucked, plus the fact he was helping to reduce the volume of milk in her swollen breast. After about 2 minutes on her left one, she pushed his face to her right one to give it some relief. She knew she was allowed only 4 minutes time with each guest and she couldn't afford to have one of her breasts more swollen than the rest.

When she finished with this guest, Julie noticed the clit stimulator in her panties had come to life. It had come on at such a low level, she wasn't sure if it had started up when she was with her first guest or whether it had just come on. Whenever it came on, it was just now that Julie noticed it. As Julie moved from guest to guest, each one had a turn at sucking her fat nipples and draining more milk from them. After the 4th or 5th guest, she surmised she would have gained appreciable relief from the swelling in her breasts but they were not diminished. In fact they were swelling even more. Her milk supply was not being sucked out of her as fast as her body was replacing it, thanks in part to the cocktail of drugs and hyped up hormones mixed into what she drank prior to starting her serving duties.

As she made her way through the crowd of guests, she found herself in the center of the room, standing next to some kind of contraption she did not recognize. The only thing she did recognize were the tubes with suction cups on them and a much bigger collection bottle than the device she had strapped on in the first few days at work, and now a necessity during the weekends when Mr. Davis was not available to personally drain them for her.

After a minute of standing there studying the whole thing, a familiar face appeared. It was John, her boss. He could see the question in her eyes about what it was for and how it worked. Leading her to it, he had her kneel in front of the framework of padded bars. Spreading her legs so her knees were resting on padded cushions, a short hasp was hooked to the ring in the ankle bracelets of each leg. There was a padded bar, at waist height, that John bent her over so that her shoulders were resting on some small pads. John straightened out her arms along a padded rail that extended out away from her shoulders. Her wrist bracelets were hooked to a hasp at the end of this bar. Her head was supported by a padded band at her forehead that had her head pulled back to the point of having her face straight ahead. With the position her head was in, the effect was to make it impossible to keep her mouth closes

After Julie was firmly secured in the framework, John picked up each suction cup, spread a small amount of gel on them, and attached one to each breast. Taking a step back, John admired how great his new employee looked.

Turning to the rest of the guests and getting their attention, John thanked them for coming to his party. Also, he wanted to show his guests two new company products, a drink that accelerated breast milk production and a newly redesigned breast suction device that suck the milk from those swollen breasts. Pointing out how swollen Julie's breasts were and how much they needed to have the milk drained from them, he threw a switch and the suction apparatus came to life. Soon milk was flowing from Julie's nipples in a steady stream. The relief was slow to come, as her breasts were producing milk almost as fast as it was being sucked from them. Although the suction cups did not have the same wonderful feeling as a man's lips on her nipples. After a few minutes, she just closed her eyes and let the feeling of having her nipples sucked.

While she was savoring the feeling of having the milk drained from her breasts. She barely noticed the clit stimulator, in her split crotch panties, was gradually being ramped up. Julie was feeling good from the sucking her breasts were getting and she was increasingly coming into a frenzied state of arousal. She was getting so lost in the feelings, she didn't notice that John was pointing out how wet her pussy was getting. Also, that John was offering his guests the opportunity to check it out for themselves.

She barely noticed when a small cock parted her pussy lips and began to slowly slide in. She was so wet by then, and the cock was small enough, it barely caused her to take notice. With how she was locked in place and her head thrown back, there wasn't much she could do about it anyhow and she resolved to enjoy it and let it happen.

The suction cups steadily sucked the milk from her breasts and the small cock in her pussy slid in and out of her pussy. She felt the small cock inside her jerk, followed by a feeling of having her insides sprayed with a hot liquid. When it withdrew, it left her with a feeling of emptiness. That was soon replaced with being filled again with a larger cock. This one sawed into her needy pussy, and like the first, soon sprayed her insides with hot, sticky cum. One after another, the guests deposited load after load of cum into her quivering pussy until it overflowed and began running down her inner thighs.

For on guest, filling her pussy wasn't enough. He used his fingers to scoop some of the cum that was dripping down her thighs and deposited it at her anal opening. While his cock sawed in and out of her pussy, his fingers began probing her anal cavity, first one finger, then two, then three. Soon her anal opening was wide enough for something other than his fingers. Without hardly a change in rhythm he pulled his cock out of Julie's pussy and jammed it into her ass. It took a couple of thrusts, but the head of his cock finally made it past the restriction of her anal ring and impaled her rectum fully. His balls were now slapping hard against her pussy, as his cock pounded her ass.

As lost as she had become in having her tits sucked and her pussy fucked, the initial deep thrust into her ass got her attention, and for a moment, took her breath away. She soon gave in to the anal assault, as it heightened the experience for her. Guests were now alternating between her pussy and her ass, filling her ass to overflowing. Soon, her ass was so full of cum, successive cocks would force some out as they rammed home.

After filling her pussy then taking a few minutes to recharge, each guest came around to her face and began to fuck her mouth. Some guests only filled her mouth while others, with longer cocks, pushed their cock down her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. His hot cum shot directly into her stomach. For the ones that shot their load into her mouth, she tried to swallow as much as possible but soon found large amounts were dripping out of her mouth and down her chin.

Julie's first orgasm hit her with the second guest that came in her pussy. From then on it was no distinction between when one orgasm ended and another began. He body was in a constant orgasmic state.

When the last cock had finished wit all three of her holes, John whispered in her ear that she'd done well. That was the last thing she heard before passing out from exhaustion. With her breasts finally emptied, John turned off the suction machine and detached it from Julie's overworked nipples. He unhooked her from the framework that kept her immobilized, and carried her to a back room with a bed. Before leaving her, John leaned over her and took some parting licks of her fat nipples.

The party was breaking up and guests were starting to leave as John was unhooked the large collection bottle from the suction machine. Smiling, John noted that Julie had done well. The 1 gallon collection bottle was almost full. Taking it to the kitchen area, he poured some into a small glass and put the rest into the frig. Toasting himself at how well the party went and how much breast milk had been collected, he sipped Julie's sweet tasting milk. A worker would later take the collection bottle and make up numerous formula bottles for the mother of a set of newborn septuplets. The mother was the wife of one of the top executives of the corporation. The newborns could not keep formula down, mom was flat-chested, and she couldn't produce even half the amount to feed just one baby, let alone septuplets.

The night before had been exhausting for Julie and she was allowed to come in at noon. When she did show up, John had a surprise for her. Where had been an open area near her desk, there was now and enclosed area about 3 times the size of a normal office cube. Leading her into the new cube, John began to show her what was housed within.

The central item in the room was a custom made bench with a lot of padding. The general shape of it was like a massage table. The part for the upper body was definitely shaped for a woman, and specifically matched for Julie's breasts. It had depressions for each breast to gently hold them. At the bottom of each depression was a suction cup with a tube leading from each directly into a refrigerator. Julie's head would be supported like a high quality massage table with a large opening for her face, including her mouth. One main difference was that she would be bent at the waist, in a kneeling position, with her knees supported with soft padding. Where her crotch made contact with the table, there was a small probe that extended into her pussy when she laid down on the table. The probe would stimulate her clit as she lay there, to pleasure her all day. There was some side-to-side movement where her legs were, to allow them to spread wider. Up by her head, there was a wide slanted surface just below her face and extending forward about 5 feet.

After giving Julie her morning drink, John had her lay down on the new table. It was a perfect fit for Julie's body. Her milk swelled breasts were not cramped in the depressions and it felt wonderful to have her breasts so firmly supported. With her knees bent down to the supports, John positioned the probe so it made contact with hr clit. There was a cut-away section of the support the table rested on between Julie's legs that allowed someone to stand up close to where she was bent over. John flipped the switch to the suction machine and her fat nipples were pulled snuggly into the suction cups. Another switch was flipped and Julie felt each breast being gently massaged. Another switch was flipped and the clit stimulator activated. Julie found that having her clit stimulated enhanced the feeling of having the milk sucked from her breasts.

Within a short time she had closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. The one thing that would increase her pleasure would be to have her pussy stuffed with a large cock. She had grown so use to it over the past few weeks, she longed to be fucked on a daily basis. John was fully aware of her condition and had his cock hard and ready to fill her now wet pussy. With little effort at all, his cock head disappeared into her pussy and slid all the way in until Julie was completely stuffed. Standing there at her ass, he rocked back and forth, in and out of her pussy. This was what she craved.

After about 10 minutes, and unable to hold out any longer, John drove his cock deep into Julie, as her womb was filled with John's cum. Pulling out, he walked over to the slanted board below Julie's face and climbed on. With his cock positioned directly below Julie's face, he pushed a control to elevate his hips so that his cock pressed up to Julie's lips. Julie instinctively opened her mouth as John's hips continued to rise and his cock entered more of her mouth. Almost all of his cock had now disappeared past her lips before Julie began bobbing her head up and down on his cock, sucking both his and her cum from it. With John having just cum, it took a while to recharge but once he did, Julie was getting a mouthful of cum she had grown to love the taste of.

When he was totally spent, he used the control switch to lower his hips down, disengaging Julie's lips from his cock. As the table continued to work Julie's breasts and clit, John got dressed and went back to his office to do his 'other' daily work. Word of Julie's performance at the party had gotten around rapidly. Checking the scheduling calendar for Julie's room, John found that 'meeting' time slots for the coming week were rapidly filling up. Most of the people booking the room were male but there were a few women that had thoughts of bringing their 'strap-on', to work to try out on Julie, or just pull their panties down, climb on the board that would elevate their pussy up to Julie's lips, and let Julie lick the recipient to orgasm.

When her workday was done and she had left, someone would come by to clean the table for the next day. The refrigerated breast milk was taken away, to be prepped for feeding the babies. Since Julie usually produced more milk than was needed for the babies, John took a share of it before it was taken away and poured some in a container for himself so he would be able to taste Julie every day, even if it was not straight out of her warm nipple.

To be continued? (possibly)

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