tagFirst TimeJulie in College Ch. 03

Julie in College Ch. 03


It was now January and I was an experienced college girl. I was used to college life, the dorms, the school work, lousy food (or so I thought), and having a serious boyfriend.

Robert and I had been dating since right after school started and I gave my virginity to him at the end of October. I was delighted to be back together with him and spent as much time with him as possible. I was sure Robert was the one I would marry although Robert never mentioned it or even said he loved me.

In March came spring break. I thought a trip somewhere with Robert would be perfect. Not only did my parents think differently, Robert told me he had to go home to Ohio. He was pretty vague about what could be so important about going home, but firm about going.

So, on a Friday in the later part of March I was home and seriously missing my boyfriend. I was also feeling jealous and was not at all sure why. I knew Robert had slept with other girls before he met me and I guess I thought he might hook up with one while at home. My girlfriend, Diane, was also home from college and invited me to go with her to a party.

The party was kids from my high school who were now in college, or just living at or near home. To my surprise, Jason was there. Jason was my high school boyfriend who had dumped me when I would not have sex with him. Even though we did not have sex, we got pretty friendly with him being naked and me being down to panties only.

I was pretty shy of Jason at first, but he was nice and even apologized for breaking up with me. After I told him about Robert he told me breaking up was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. That made me feel good. I spent most of the time at the party with Jason.

The next day, Saturday, Jason called and asked if I would like to go see a movie with him on Sunday. With no calls from Robert and not much else to do, I said yes.

Deciding what to wear was pretty hard, but I finally decided on a denim skirt and a nice top. We had pizza for dinner and then saw the movie. I had a good time and enjoyed Jason's company. I was not at all displeased when Jason kissed me a few times during the movie.

After the movie Jason brought me home and we kissed on the porch for a while. Truthfully, I was getting pretty turned on but I finally said goodnight and Jason left. I masturbated in bed and my thoughts kept drifting between Robert and Jason.

Monday I spent at the mall with Diane and Monday evening Robert finally called. He was not able to talk for very long. There were other voices in the background and I as feeling jealous again.

Tuesday morning I went to see my previous employer about the possibility of a summer job. The dress I wore was an off white, short sleeved dress, kind of empire waisted but with a belt loosely around the waist. It came to mid-thigh. I had a nice visit with my old boss and the others there. He told me he was sure he would have work for me.

I was pretty excited about that and went home to call Mom and study up on taxes. About noon Jason called and asked if I would like to join him for lunch. I suggested he come on over and I would fix lunch for him. I was still excited and wanted someone to share the news with.

Jason came over and I fixed french dip sandwiches. I was pretty proud of how well they came out. After lunch we sat on the couch and I was telling Jason about my job and how much I had learned about income tax in college. Jason said he was proud of me and kissed me. I kissed him back.

As we kissed I slid down on the couch and Jason slid down with me. As I slid down my dress slid up but I didn't care. Jason had seen my panties before and I liked how his kisses and attention felt. Soon Jason was on top of me and my legs were spread. Again, we had history together and I did not object when he took off his pants and underwear. His penis felt so good as it rubbed my clitoris through my panties I did not want him to stop. However, when he pulled at the waistband of my panties I told him no. At first he stopped, but soon he was pulling at my panties again and even though I told him no, I also raised my hips so he could slide them off. I was still telling myself that we would only dry hump and I was not being completely unfaithful to Robert.

I can't even describe how good it felt when Jason entered me. I know I cried out. As he moved in and out of me it just kept feeling better and better until I pulled him against me and had as hard a climax as I have ever had. I wasn't even thinking about not having any protection as he came in me soon after.

At first I just lay there, kind of breathless. Then we started talking as he softened inside me. Jason told me he had been with three other girls in the last year and I told him more about Robert. After a while I felt Jason get hard in me again and we made love once more. By then I realized my sister and brother would be home from school before long so we wiped up, put our clothes back in order and wiped the wet spot off the couch. Fortunately, the couch was leather and we didn't leave a stain.

The next day Jason asked me to come to his house to watch a movie. That was what he said he planned, but we ended up naked in his bed for about four hours. I also found out Jason was pretty talented with his tongue.

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same, except Friday we went out for to another party as a couple. Saturday the weather was unusually nice even for late March and we went to a park along Lake Washington. Sex outdoors is wonderful and exciting.

Sunday is was time to head back to school. I headed out fairly early because I had to pick Sarah, my roommate, up at the airport. Robert did not get back until Monday but I was there when he got off the plane. I felt funny reconnecting with him after Jason, but soon it was back to normal.

I can't tell you how relieved I was when my period started eight days later. I was pretty nervous about that after that first time with Jason.

Next, Robert's graduation...

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