tagIncest/TabooJulie Learns her Place: The Sequel

Julie Learns her Place: The Sequel


This is a sequel to my story "Julie Learns Her Place", events in this story should make more sense if you read that one first.


I hadn't seen or spoken with my big sister Julie for nearly a month. That wasn't so unusual really, we were both busy, professional people and not the kind of siblings that were always in contact. Still a month was a while and something had given me a sense of unease over the past week and I had made a couple of calls that had gone unanswered. So when I had a business meeting in the area of London near where she lived break up early one Thursday afternoon I had a light tea then headed over to her apartment building to catch up with her.

She, like myself was recently divorced and increasingly I was finding my evenings more and more empty. Our friends had apparently become my wife's friends now, so I was happy enough to have something to do that evening rather than stay at home and dabble in dating websites and surf the net for porn.

I took the lift up to the top floor she shared with another single woman (who Julie had told me she despised) and strode to her door and rang the bell. There was no answer so I waited a few moments then pulled out one of my business cards to write a quick message on for her to call me when she got back when I heard movement from the flat next door and seconds later a large, dark haired, busty woman emerged.

I was taken aback. She was a big woman. Huge breasts, large stomach and ass. In fact the only thing small about her was the short cropped dark hair on her head. This was all very visible to me because Julie's neighbour was clad in a very revealing black negligee that genuinely struggled to cover the vast expanses of flesh. For all that though she exuded sexuality and there was something very alluring about how she looked at me and then addressed me.

"You looking for Julie? You must be her little brother, I can see the resemblance."

I stammered bit not quite sure how to answer. Last I heard Julie hated this woman and yet here she was acting overly friendly towards me. Perhaps it was a different woman or just a misunderstanding.

"Tell you what sugar, Julie's just popped out for some shopping, she'll not be long, why don't you come into my flat and wait in here. Come on, I don't bite!"

It seemed churlish to refuse this offer so I moved across the landing and squeezed past her impressive breasts as she stood in the door frame and despite myself I couldn't help but get a little aroused. She didn't let on though and showed me into her living room where a huge TV was muted as a sexy music video (Rihanna writhing like a slut in heat, or some such cunt) played on screen. Almost before I was sat down Allison (for that was her name) had a glass of rum and coke in my hand I was settling back and relaxing in her huge leather sofa. Once Allison had poured herself a drink, rather to my surprise she sat right down beside me.

We drank and sat and watched the TV and I realised it was one of those sexiest music video's shows as the next on the countdown was Britney Spears sexing it up dressed as a schoolgirl and suddenly I saw that Allison was leaning into me and staring at my crotch which was sporting an all too obvious erection.

"You like that Paul? You like skinny, teenage blonde sluts acting like nympho whores, do you?"

I could hardly deny it and taking a slug of alcohol I dared to up the ante with my answer.

"Yeah, but they don't have to be teenage, skinny or blonde though!"

She held my gaze for a moment and then her hand reached down and stroked my cock through my trousers and hissed throatily.

"Well I'm a nympho and a whore so you're bang in luck."

Before I knew it she had my straining dick loose from my trousers zipper and was on her knees between my legs and licking enthusiastically on its bright, purple bell end. Ok, I thought, she may be chubby and a few years older than me but a blow job is still a blow job and put my hands either side of her head and eased her forward.

It was apparent that Allison was pretty skilled at this as she took my full length in her mouth repeatedly and brought me nearer and nearer climax but she pulled her red lips away just before I reached the point of no return. I was gagging for release now and nearly cried in frustration but that just seemed to amuse Allison who stood and lifted me up by the hand and led me towards her bedroom. Clearly she fancied a good rattling and I wasn't adverse by then which hole I got to fuck as long as I got my release.

"Get naked then on the bed lover, I like things a little kinky."

I was bare in seconds and lay on the bed, not a problem for me if she wanted to go on top and do all the work. But I soon found out that wasn't quite it. She got on the bed and straddled me with her fat thighs then reached to the headboard sides and produced two white ropes from either side and very neatly looped them over my wrists and tightened the so my arms were securely tied and spread wide to the head board. I smiled as she ran her hands down my body, massaging it all the way until her fingers reached my surging cock but she ignored it and her right hand took a firm hold of my scrotum and gave it a squeeze. She had the power here and clearly enjoyed that, I didn't mind I just wanted my end away.

Then her front door slammed shut and I became tense and aware of how exposed I was. Things quickly got even more bizarre as I heard my sister's voice call out timidly.

"Mistress, I'm back. I've got the things you wanted me to get."

A look of pure triumphant smugness passed over Allison's face as she squeezed my balls a little bit harder as she called sharply back.

"You're late bitch! I even had to greet a visitor for you. Get your ungrateful fat ass in here and see what I've got."

The situation was rapidly getting out of control and I tensed up as the bedroom door opened and in came Julie. Only it was nothing like the sister I had known for most of my thirty five years on earth. Her long dark hair was in a ponytail, something I had never seen my sister do with her hair. Worse still her make up was caked on trashily looking really whorish. She was wearing a very thin, strappy pink mini dress that left no doubt that she had no bra on under as the fabric was so thin her dark nipples were visible beneath the material. The skirt of the dress came just below her ass but as she moved her ass cheeks were clearly visible. She had high heeled bright pink shoes on and tottered on them pathetically. What had happened to her, this was a strong, independent businesswoman I had known all my life and she looked like a prostitute version of Barbie.

"Julie, what..."

I got no further as Allison's hand tightened markedly around my balls and she spat her words at me.

"Shut up prick. You say another word and you'll lose these, understand?"

Her look and words were enough for me to believe her. For her part Julie's eyes never left her 'Mistress'.

"As you can see bitch, I've had to entertain your fucking worm of a brother because you were fucking late back. Not fucking good enough slave, and you know we have a busy night tonight, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress."

"You're sorry? You will be fucking sorry. And this asshole here doesn't believe what he's seeing does he?"

Julie looked at me and barely registered me.

"No, Mistress."

"Well you fat cow perhaps you'd better explain to your little brother exactly what you are and where your place is."

The comments and remarks about Julie being fat were a little unfair, she was certainly slimmer, sexier and younger than Allison but the other woman relished putting her down it seemed. Julie slowly dropped to her knees submissively and lowered her eyes as she began to recite from memory.

"I am a fat, worthless, ugly, piece of shit whore. I am your slave Mistress, your slave to do with as you see fit. I will obey you completely and without question. My place in life is lower than a piece of dog shit on your shoe Mistress. I exist totally to serve you."

Allison smirked as she saw the disgust and shock register in my eyes, I let out a faint 'no' of disbelief.

"I think this little fucker still doesn't quite believe this slut. Perhaps this is a situation where actions speak louder than words."

Allison broke off to turn her back to me and Julie and she reached back to lift up the back of her skimpy negligee. Her fat ass was visually quite disgusting but her words were even more so.

"Kiss my ass bitch."

It was quite pathetic watching my sister shuffle across the carpet to press her red lips against Allison's grotesque ass and smother it in kisses. Worse was still to come though.

"Now lick it clean. You weren't here earlier when I had a dump."

Without pause Julie used her hands to prise Allison's fat ass cheeks apart and greedily plunged her face between them and I nearly wretched as I heard the lapping sounds of her tongue on her Mistress's asshole just feet from where I lay. As a demonstration of her submission it was near perfect.

"Now slave, I was in the midst of giving this worm the blow job of his life, finish it for me!"

"No.No.No! Julie don't!"

I implored but I could see from her eyes that there was no doubt in her mind that she was going to obey her Mistress. Briefly I wondered how such a confident woman could be turned into such a submissive one, but seconds later I had other things to think about.

Julie's right hand found the base of my still semi hard cock and squeezed. I noticed the lurid pink nail varnish Julie was wearing, something most unlike her normally. I gulped as I felt my member react. I told myself it was just a physical reaction, there was nothing I could do to prevent it. But deep down I knew there was more to it than that. Allison seemed to recognise that too.

"Don't act so offended you dickhead. You've probably dreamed about this all your miserable life. Ha! See I told you! I can see it in your eyes! You have fantasised about this haven't you?"

I shook my head but with little conviction. As my big sister began to run her hand up and down the growing length of my cock and it sprang higher and higher I did think back to some of my wilder, kinkier fantasies from my earlier years where I dreamed of being sucked off or fucking my sexy, older sister. I blushed with humiliation at the memories and suddenly lost all the fight from my arms as they had struggled against my bonds. And then Julie's head bobbed down and her tarty, red lips engulfed my now throbbing cock into her mouth.

I moaned with pleasure at the sensation of her soft tongue lapping at my sensitive penis, then moaned with horror as the full implications of what we were doing hit me again. Then a loud click sounded to the right and I turned my head to see Allison standing there with a camera taking pictures of this incestuous fellatio.

"Oh God! No! Please! Don't"

She ignored my pleas (as did Julie who was sucking the life out of my dick right then and seemingly uncaring that this was being captured for eternity by her hated neighbour) and soon after picked up a handy video camera in her bedroom and began to film the action as Julie's mouth pumped up and down harder on my dick. I gave in to my arousal then. There seemed little point fighting it, I was bound to the bed and both women seemed intent of their paths. It's an amazing sight to look down past your navel and see a beautiful woman's lips wrapped around your cock but the sensation when that woman is your sister is even greater. Realising this and staring into her big, dark eyes I could hold back no longer and by shaft exploded in Julie's mouth, firing a hard first jet of cum right to the back of her throat. Five more blasted out, she caught three in her mouth the last two came with her lips closed and sprayed onto her lips and nose before dripping back onto my belly. There was a moment where we locked eyes after what we had done and I could see in her eyes nothing of my old sister, it broke my heart as she dipped her head and began sucking my splilt semen from my belly as my dick rapidly deflated.

"Took your fucking time bitch, didn't you? Must have been enjoying it too much, eh? Well no matter, go and get ready with the shopping you bought, we've got less than an hour to be ready before Pete comes round to get us."

And with that Julie crawled pathetically from the bedroom with my cum still coated around her mouth while Allison also left, in the midst of dialling a number on her mobile phone.


I lay for fifty minutes as they had left me, naked and spread out on the bed until the door opened and a large, heavy set man entered. He smirked at me and exuded menace as he barked at me.

"I'm going to untie you and handcuff your wrists behind your back. If you struggle at all I will hurt you. Mistress Allison also says to tell you that if you don't do what I say she will send that recording out to the internet and a link to every contact in your mobile phone, understand?"

I understood. The guy was a skinhead and looked like he had done time in the army. In short not the sort that an office boy like me could even dream of taking on. Despite that he was careful as he released then recuffed me then pushed me to my knees hard as Mistress Allison entered the room. She had dressed in a leather jacket and trousers and high boots and looked every bit the tough bitch she undoubtedly was. I felt a real sense of fear as her pointed toe on her boot prodded none too gently at my cock and balls as she stood over me.

"I hope my demonstration earlier has proved to you that your fat sister is doing just fine and doesn't need any further unannounced visits from you. She is quite happily existing as my slave, and believe me it is of her own free will. She just realised how weak and pathetic she really was and made the decision to serve her better, me. I don't have to force or coerce her to do my bidding, she wants to. You can come with us tonight and I will show you truly how obedient she is and the depth of depravity your sister is prepared to sink to to please her Mistress. You can come as an observer and see for yourself, but believe me, if you interrupt tonight's proceedings Pete will very swiftly silence you. Understand?"

I nodded. I was confused and disturbed by events but resolved to observe and see what else was going on here.

"Good. Here, stick that on him and lets get these two pathetic siblings down to the van"

She handed Pete a beige trenchcoat which he draped around my shoulders and fastened at the front so that it wasn't immediately obvious I was naked and handcuffed beneath it. Then he shoved me forward into the hall where Allison and Julie awaited us. Julie was wearing an expensive looking black fur coat, it came down to her knees and on her feet she wore expensive high heels. She had sparkly earings and necklace available and her dark curly hair piled beautifully on her head -- she looked a million dollars!

"We are going down in the elevator to the garage floor, when we get there Pete you are driving and this fat bitch will be up front with you. You (see pointed at me) will get in the back with me. Understand?"


Five minutes later we were in our positions and being driven through the dark of night in a large van with blacked out windows. I was sat on a bench in the back across from Allison and she was enjoying toying with me. She had looped a lace from my shoes into a slipknot and slipped it around my balls and was busy pulling and jerking on it as we travelled through the city. It was a sore and painful but also succeeding in bringing me back to an erection.

"You see men like pain, it arouses them for a strong, dominant woman to be playing with them as if they were helpless mice."

Explained Allison and I tried not to let on so I stared at the other apparatus in the back of the van. There was a large video camera, a professional looking one with all the trappings and gadgets. Once again I could only wonder at what the night had in store for me and my big sister.


Our destination turned out to be a dimly lit alley in a pretty horrible area of the city. The van drew up and Allison propped me up at the back window so I had a perfect view of the alley. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the gloom under the street lights but when it did I found that I was looking at a scene where there were four tramps lounging around a large oil barrel that had a fire going inside it. It was a pretty rotten scene no doubt reflecting the underbelly of many large cities but for the life of me I could not figure out what we doing here. I wish I had stayed in that blissful ignorance.

Through the tinted windows I watched Pete set up and shoulder the camera and begin to film the vagrants in situ, the pictures beamed back to a monitor in the back of the van so I was able to get a real good view of things. The tramps really were revolting specimens, in tattered, dirty coats, trousers held up with string, grubby beards and hats and none looked like they had had a wash for many a year. Without exception they were swigging from bottles in brown paper bags and they looked half out of it. Outside the van Allison was earnestly addressing Julie, obviously telling her what to do. My heart sunk as Julie obediently nodded and then stepped forward, away from the van.

For a moment I admired my sisters glorious visage. She really did look amazing that night. Elegant, classy and sexy all in one go. The trashy make up of earlier all gone, replaced with a woman who looked like she had just arrived at a swanky ballroom for a VIP party. She strutted forward on her heels, her fur coat moved in a slight breeze and she held her perfectly coiffured head up high as she moved towards where the tramps lay. After five steps she stopped and called out to them. I couldn't hear what she said (there was just a picture feed back to the van at that point) and once she had something approaching their attention Julie pulled her coat open and let it drop to her feet. She was stark naked underneath. The camera zoomed in on her and I had a perfect view of my sister's figure.

Her breasts were tremendous, mountainous even, firm and sexy and they jiggled with each step. The camera revealed that her pussy was completely shaven and she was sporting an all over tan. Then just as I was watching her she dropped to her knees and crawled the last few yards past the barrel to kneel before the tramps like a stray dog.

It was like watching a car crash. I suddenly knew that my sister was going to allow herself to be gang fucked by these dirty, filthy sub human specimens and allow it all to be professionally filmed. I was nearly sick, I dry wretched in the back of the van just as Allison pulled the door open and got in beside me.

"Don't. Please!"

I gasped but Allison just smirked and gave the lace around my balls a tag and told me.

"Shut up, there's a good little boy and watch just what a nasty little slut your big sister is."

Julie remained there on hands and knees for a minute or so. Pete, the cameraman, zoomed in and took in every inch of her bare flesh, which, in turn, I was watching intently in the back of the van. I knew I shouldn't watch but I couldn't help myself and with Allison not massaging my balls I was unable to prevent my erection growing stronger.

Finally, one of the tramps struggled up to his feet and stood over her. I could hardly credit it when she reached up and grabbed the piece of rope that held up his grubby trousers and nimbly undid it so that they fell to his ankles and Julie was faced (literally) with a straining cock inches from her mouth. The camera zoomed in on it and I could see how disgusting it was. It was filthy, dirty, his pubic hair was unkempt and matted and clearly it had not been washed in quite some time. I physically recoiled from the screen as I watched my sister eager move forward and capture the indecent member between her lips then begin to suck it in and out of her mouth.

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