Julie My Fiancee


I start fucking her with long deep strokes, whispering in her ears, 'You were so hot today.......I loved seeing all those guys checking out your hot body......I got so hard when you let those two lecherous old men expose you and play with your pussy.......you should have seen their expression when they saw your hot ass babe.......the nigger used you like a slut sweetheart.......he made you moan like a whore.....you came so hard on his mouth." And she moans lustily and loudly and I know she is cumming again. I am also unable to hold back anymore and started cumming. Then I get off her and lay down next to her.

I kiss her and say "I love you" she smiles and says "I love you too."

I was so tired by that time that I did not even realize when I fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning and Julie was not in the bed. It is Saturday and thankfully neither of us had to be at work. I go to the bathroom clean up, take a shower, put on a pair of shorts and t shirt and go to the kitchen. I can smell the bacon and coffee. Julie is sitting there and sipping on her coffee and checking her work emails.

I say, "Good morning." She also says good morning but her voice has sadness to it. I get my coffee and the breakfast that she has prepared for me and come and sit with her at the dining table. She does not even look at me again and basically is not saying anything. I know now she is upset. I eat my breakfast quietly and leave her alone. I tell her that I have to go make a quick stop at home depot and I leave. I just want to give her some time alone for her to get over her mood slump. I leave and drive around then I decided to go to the mall and bought her a nice pair of earrings as her engagement gift and a bouquet of roses. I come back after two hours to the apartment and she is still sitting at the dining table working. She does not even look up.

I say to her, "A bouquet of roses for the most beautiful woman and a pair of nice earrings." She looks up and sees me holding the flowers and earrings and she burst into tears. I quickly put the flowers and earrings on the table and as her with concern, "What happened sweetheart?"

She says, "You know what happened......what happened last night should have never happened." Her eyes are brimming over with tears."It is so wrong that I let it happen."

Hugging her I tell her, "Do not think you did anything wrong........nothing is your fault...everything that happened yesterday is on me............I pushed you to do it but we did not do anything wrong." I really wanted her to stop feeling so guilty.

"But what if this affects our relationship...........I basically cheated on you and you may in the future feel differently about what happened....you may regret it....you may blame me....think less of me.......leave me." She said apprehensively.

That is never going to happen........you are my life and you did not cheat on me, you did not go behind my back......you did everything because I wanted you to."

"What if you want to have sex with another woman because of what happened, I can never accept that Nick, I love you too much. I can never see you with any other woman."

"Stop thinking that....it is never going to happen. You are all the woman I will ever need, you are the only one I love and only one who turns me on. Ever since I laid my eyes on you the very first time, I have never looked at any other women."

She says, "But.....".

I cut her off, "Let me please finish Julie......whatever happened was just a physical thing, our relationship is much more than that to be impacted by it. We are connected emotionally, spiritually, by love and respect for each other. I can never live without you so just stop blaming yourself and stop thinking all these things. As we long as we love each other nothing will come between us. Now get up and go freshen up, I will cook some nice lunch for us." I told her lovingly.

She looks relieved and gives me a tight hug, "Baby I can never lose you nor can I ever see with any other woman, I just love you too much." Saying that she leaves to freshen up.

She takes a shower while a cook a nice lunch for us. While cooking last night's images keep popping into my mind, the way that black waiter defiled and used Julie and my cock stiffens again. Then I am reminded of the piece of paper he had handed me and I go quickly to find my discarded pants. I found the piece of paper and put the info in my contact list on my iPhone and throw away the piece of paper into trash. We spent the entire weekend with each other at the apartment. We make love five times and it is very intense each time because I am still so aroused. The fifth time we were making love, I was fingering her when I started talking to her about our encounter. "Ohhhh god baby.....you looked so hot taking that black cock in your mouth, your pretty lips wrapped around so obscenely around the black cock..........you were very turned sucking that cock.....right baby?" I ask her.

She shyly says, "Yes."

"I knew it." I said.

"It was more due to because how much aroused you were, I like turning you on......so I tried even harder to make him cum......I just loved the way you were looking at me.........that turned me on." She said breathlessly while I finger fucked her.

"I love you babe," I said, "Get on your hand and knees let me do you doggy style." Then I fucked her hard and fast and making her cum as I once again filled her with my cum. We fell asleep holding each other after that.

The work week started the next morning and we got busy with our work. It was busy time at work with my consulting and trying to keep clients happy and Julie got busy getting a handle on her new position as a middle management manager. A lot of people were envious of Julie because she had been promoted to this position at such a young age of twenty six. But she deserved it and was a very intelligent and hard worker with leadership abilities and knew how to bring people together to accomplish goals. But at the same time a lot of people at her work were also happy for her. She was a very nice and likable person.

The people who were truly jealous of her were the four managers who now reported to her. They were older than her and more experienced than her and all four believed that one them should have been the one to be promoted. But she took it all her stride and tried to create a good working relationship with them as was her nature. The week was pretty busy for both of us that we did not even have enough energy to make love and the incident was almost forgotten. Julie ended up even working on Saturday. That is one drawback of being in management; you end up putting in a lot of hours. Sunday we went to church. Julie is a practicing Catholic but I was not that religious but being with Julie I had started going to church much to the delight of her mother who was very religious.

She had invited us to lunch after church. We were seeing them for the first time after our engagement. They both were very happy with our engagement. But seeing her father reminded me how he was checking her out that day. Julie was wearing a nice summer dress that day and I could see her dad sneaking glances at her legs. I was hard seeing him do that. He saw me looking at him when he was doing that but he just ignored me as if there was an unspoken understanding between us that he is free to check her out in front of me.

We got home after that, I jumped Julie and we had quick love making session. She was surprised by it but welcomed it. Then she had to again do some work and I got myself busy with my work and we went to bed completely tired.

This was the week just before the Labor Day weekend and I was looking forward to the long weekend. The week was hectic again for Julie and me. I had already called my brother and father and arranged to meet with them at Denny's on Sunday morning for brunch. They both loved Denny's.

Sunday morning we went to church but did not stay for the entire service. Then we left for Fort Worth to have my future bride meet my family and friends for the first time.

Julie was wearing a knee length denim skirt, a short sleeved white top that came down to the waist of her denim skirt that would move up a little bit showing her midriff, her navel. Under her skirt she was wearing a g-string and she was wearing a demi bra and you could see the outline through her top. She had tied her hair in a pony tail. She looked so elegantly sexy. Looking at her no one could even guess that this beauty had deep throated a big black cock, thinking about it my cock never failed to stir.

I was more excited about meeting my friends than my father and brother. I was not really close to either of them. My extent of conversation with my father was, hi/hello/how you doing/good. Any conversation my brother had before he got divorced was about how his wife is a bitch and does not treat him right even though he was the one cheating on her and not spending any time with her. But after the divorced, it was about how life is unfair to him how he can never get a fair shake. The only time I actually felt close to him was when we had sex together with a girl that we both knew when I was 18 years old.

As I pulled into Denny's parking lot, I saw that my father and brother were stepping out his truck. Even though my brother was only 35, he now had a paunch just like our father. I parked my BMW and stepped out and then opened the door for Julie while waving at both of them. They came towards us greeted both of us and I introduced Julie to both of them as my fiancée, my future bride.

My father looked at her and said mockingly, "How did Nick convince you to marry him, it looks like he is really marrying up. You definitely are the hottest of all the girls he has ever dated," he added casually.

Julie visibly blushed and thanked my dad as Mr. Miller thank you. He goes, "Please you are going to be my daughter-in-law, and you have to call me Dad or Daddy."

Julie says, "Thanks Dad for the nice compliment."

"That is much better...now I need to hug my hot daughter-in-law.....welcome to family." He says while hugging her.

My brother just stood there just running his eyes over her body, I can see that he is mesmerized by Julie.

"I am also glad to have such a looker as my sister-in-law......where is my hug?"Julie awkwardly steps forward and hugged him also. When he hugged her, he ran his hand over her back and it seemed as if he sniffed her.

Then the first crass joke of the day came from my father, "Since you are now my daughter and Nick is my son, you know what is Nick now......." Julie looks at him confused and he says, "A sister fucker" He and my brother both started laughing. Julie blushed at the crassness and gave an awkward smile; she had no idea how to react.

"Dad please....that is not an appropriate joke." I said to him.

"I liked this joke and Julie is not a little kid....she understand it is just a joke....stop being so touchy. You have become really soft son." Then he looks at Julie and asks her, "Did I offend you?"

Julie put up a brave face and said, "No it is okay." I just shrugged and we go in find a booth and sit down, order our food.

Four of us were hungry and we quickly finished our food and then sat drinking coffee. We made small talk about how everything, but most of the attention was focused on Julie and my brother and father seemed very interested in what she does. She told them about her engineering degree the technical work she does and how she just earned her master's degree and now she is a manager with four other managers reporting to her.

My dad and father very shocked to hear that she the boss of four men and that they were older than her. They told her bluntly that if it was them they would have rather quit than have a lady boss. Julie grimaced hearing them say that. The whole concept of a woman telling them what to do was very shocking to them. But they were still very impressed with her when she was telling them about her achievements and what she does. But it always inadvertently came back to the point that how did she manage to fall for a guy like me and after quite few of the innuendos about me. She just said I was the best of the best she found and she loves me. Then she reached towards me and gave me a peck on the lips.

My father goes, "Come on Julie that was no kiss, if you are trying to show how much you love my boy, give him some open lips, tongue, and some saliva......maybe I should teach you how to kiss a man."

Ricky also chimed in, "Yeah that is right....that is how middle schoolers kiss......if you were my woman....I would have shown you how a woman needs to be kissed, "says my brother egging her on.

Julie is shocked hearing them say all these things. "I am perfectly fine with that kiss...that is how proper ladies kiss in public...of course you guys have not seen a proper lady since mom....so I do not blame you." I said coming to her defense.

"That is not what proper woman does....that is what a prude does.....there is no shame in giving some tongue to your man in public." My father sad mockingly

Julie took the bait and she took my face in her hands and kisses me with open lips, sucking on my tongue, exchanging saliva. It was a really sloppy and pretty intense kiss. I see my father and brother staring at her moving lips.

My father says with a sly grin, "My son had some wrong ideas about you being proper lady......you really showed him how wrong he is......that sure was a true womanly kiss. It seems you have had a lot of practice......must have sucked on plenty of other tongues. I was thinking about teaching you how to kiss but it seems you can definitely teach me a few things.....so how many tongues have you sucked on Julie" he asked crassly.

Julie visibly flushed hearing him say that. "Dad quit now....this is too much." I said with frustration.

"I bet you know how many my daughter-in-law has sucked." He said laughing. The double meaning does not escape us and Ricky starts laughing too. I am a bit unsure and I know Julie is caught completely off guard and she is embarrassed. "You are really pushing it dad......what kind of impression are you making on her?" I said with annoyance.

"Hey relax....I am just kidding with my daughter-in-law. You have really become very sensitive." He said with contempt, "Julie can I have some friendly banter with you?.... or you are too prudish for that.......we were just having a little bit of fun" He said with irritation

She hesitantly says, "Yes...of course Mr. Miller, I do not mind.....I know you were kidding....."She said smiling awkwardly. Julie really wanted to connect with my family and she is kind of person who likes to bring everyone together instead of creating conflicts.

Then my dad corrects her, "I thought I am your dad not Mr. Miller...."

She grins sheepishly and says, "Yes Dad.....still getting used to it."

The tension is diffused and we start making small talk again and Ricky starts off on his stories about his conquests and success with the opposite sex. Then he relates a story about last weekend how he hooked up with a married woman at the bar while waiting for a friend. He started talking to her and then his friend joined them and they basically ended up at her place having a threesome. Then her husband came back from work and how he was cool with the entire thing and in fact joined in having sex with her. Julie looked on incredulously as he related the story but I was rock hard hearing that.

Julie says, "I do not believe it.......that is not possible."

He retorts, "May be not in your prudish world but in a normal world some women have more sexual needs and have understanding husbands. Plus a lot of woman like to get down and dirty for a fact," he adds. Then he winks at her and says "Ask Nick."

Julie looks at me quizzically. I just shrug and say, "Enough chatting guys, we have been sitting here chatting for too long let's get going, I still need to show Julie the neighborhood where I grew up."

Then we all get out, Dad and Ricky get into Ricky's truck and Julie and I get into my BMW and decide to meet up at Dad's house. Rick also has moved in with Dad and lives there.

As soon as we get into the BMW, Julie asks, "What did Rick mean when he said ask Nick."

I said hesitatingly, "Well......he was just trying to shock you........but what he was referring to was about the time we had a threesome with a neighborhood girl when I was eighteen."

Julie looks shocked and says, "Wow...you had a threesome involving your own brother....that is pretty sick."

"You have to understand it just happened, not planned, plus I was still a wild one at that time." I said.

She asks, "So who was this girl?"

"Just a neighborhood girl we knew and she used to hang around quite a few times with Rick and I drinking and it just happened and we all three had fun."

"Did it happen any other time?' She asked.

"No that was the only time....soon after that I moved to college dorm and started and got busy with school...rarely hung around with Ricky after that." I said.

Changing topics I say to her, "That was a hot sizzling kiss in there.......I want seconds, you got me really hard......you hussy." I said playfully, "Kissing me like that in front of your father in law and brother in law."

She blushed and I pulled her towards me and started kissing her hungrily. I put my hand on her inner knee and moved my hand up her denim skirt feeling her smooth well toned inner thighs. I simply can ever have enough of her. I get to the crotch of her g string panties, move aside the gusset and find that she is wet, I insert one finger into her pussy. I break the kiss looking into her eyes as I move my finger in and out of her wet pussy.

Julie is breathing hard and she said hoarsely, "You are turned on thinking about the threesome you had with that girl"

I nod and say, "But I am more turned on about thinking how hot you are, how other guys check out your hot body and how you cum so hard when another guy touched you,"

She groans know that I am referring to the black waiter making her cum. Then we kiss and I know I need to stop, I suddenly pull out my finger and break the kiss and say smilingly, "Let's leave before we get an audience in this parking lot."

She looks at me sheepishly; I can see that she is still turned on. We drive to my father's house, my childhood home. Dad and Ricky are standing outside smoking.

As we step out of the BMW, Ricky says, "Your fancy foreign car cannot keep up with our Chevy....what took you so long? "

"We took the scenic route" I respond.

"Yeah whatever," he says.

As we walk towards the house I can see that my dad's and Rick's eyes are on Julie and they are checking her out. After putting out their cigarettes and my Dad starts off telling Julie how old is the house, how he bought it, how long he has lived and how practically the neighbors are the same ever since he moved her.

Ricky says to me, "Let's go inside I got to show you something, let Julie and Dad talk."

"Yeah you guys go ahead and go in, in the meanwhile let me show Julie around the neighborhood and introduce her to a few neighbors. I cannot wait to see their faces, she the hottest girl ever to visit this place. "He says with pride.

"Okay, just try not to embarrass yourself in front of her and keep her away from the riff raff." I said smilingly. Julie leaves with my dad with an unsure look on her face and I just shrug at her, "You can see my room once you get back after you tour."

Ricky and I go inside the home and Ricky takes me to the room that I used to share with him. He turns on his desktop.

"What the heck you got to show me?" I ask.

Smiling lecherously he tells me that it is the video of the woman Pete and he did together in front of her husband and in fact it was her husband who recorded them as they had sex. I am suddenly very interested in it. He turns on the computer and starts the movie. She is a good looking woman of about thirty five, with nice body and the video starts with her on her knees taking turns sucking on Pete's and Rick's cock. I can hear the Husband saying things to his wife, encouraging her, tell her how hot she looks with these two strange men's cocks in her mouth, what a slut she is. Then she gets on the bed on her hands and knees, Pete gets in front of her and he starts kissing her and then gives her his cock to suck on. In the meantime Ricky lines up behind her ass that is hanging in the air sexily, lines up his cock with her pussy and bottoms out with one hard thrust while she was still kissing Pete. She moans loudly into Pete's mouth. I get hard watching, it is just the way when Rick and I had sex with Tina my girlfriend at that time. I omitted to tell this detail to Julie, I guess I was kind of embarrassed about it and did not want her to think less of me.

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