tagLoving WivesJulie Saves The Day

Julie Saves The Day


"What a glorious day!"

My wife, Julie, was definitely right. A very warm, sunny day in late September in a part of the country—the southern Adirondacks of New York State—that easily could be quite cold this time of year.

"Yes, yes it is," I responded. "I told you to have faith in the weatherman; this warm spell was going to last through the weekend."

Julie smiled, "Yes, David, you're right again."

We don't often go camping as Julie is more of a "let's go to a club or nice restaurant" kind of girl but she agreed that once a year was not too much for me to ask. We'd been so busy this summer that I didn't get my annual camping fix and the unusually warm weather allowed me one last chance. It was now late on a Sunday afternoon and we had seen no one for the past few hours. We had a fairly remote spot and the weekenders, except for us, had already headed home.

Julie is a high school teacher, 32, a tall blonde with a trim, athletic figure and an absolutely beautiful rear end. I own a small insurance agency. We've been married two years and still haven't tried to have kids—we're having too much fun as we are.

Our solitude was interrupted by snapping of twigs and rustling of leaves—someone, probably more than one, was approaching. A moment later, three guys in their twenties cam into our clearing.

"Well, well, what do we have here?"

The closest guy—very muscular, dark hair, wife-beater t-shirt, looked at Julie and smiled. I was already uneasy and out of the corner of my eye I could see Julie was concerned.

"Hey," I said, having nothing better to offer. The other two men came forward. They weren't as muscular as the first but clearly they spent more time in the gym than I did. I exercised two or three times a week but it was more of a keep fit effort than an attempt to build serious muscles.

"What are you guys doing here?" Mr. wife-beater said.

I tried to look serious and unafraid. "Just finishing up a little camping trip. What about you?"

He looked around at his buddies. "Just out for a hike. It's pretty lonely here now. The tourists have all left."

"Yup, we're packing up, too," I said uneasily. Julie had not spoken and while I knew she was worried the menacing air of these characters was not reflected on her face as I would have expected. She seemed determined; to do what I wasn't sure.

"I'm David," I said. "This is Julie."

"Oh," said the pack leader. "My name's Jeff. This is Bill and Anthony." He nodded at his friends. "It can be dangerous out here, you know. Of course, it can be fun, too. I like to say it's Vegas Rules here—what happens in the Adirondacks, stays in the Adirondacks."

I knew we were in trouble. If we were lucky, they just wanted to rob us. But the way they looked at Julie, they had something else in mind. I couldn't handle the three of them or even one of them, truth be known. I had no weapon and they didn't need any.

"Well," I said still hoping for the best. "We're gonna pack up and leave now. Nice meeting you."

Jeff laughed in a cruel way. "You're not going anywhere."

Julie breathed in sharply. I looked at her, then turned back to Jeff.

"What do you want?"

Another grin from Jeff. "To have some fun." He nodded at Julie, then looked back at me. "Don't try to stop us—you'll only get hurt."

I swallowed hard. I was about to get the shit kicked out of me. But I couldn't just give up. Julie had to know that I at least tried to defend her.

Julie spoke for the first time and the rest of us all turned her way.

"I have a deal for you," she said, her voice a little shaky.

"You're in no position to make deals, sweetheart," Bill said, also speaking for the first time.

"Yes, I am," she responded. "Listen to me, it's a good deal for you."

Jeff gave a big grin and looked around at the rest of us. "Okay, go ahead."

Julie paused for a moment, seeming to collect herself before speaking. "Okay, if you promise not to hurt us and you promise to try and help me have a little fun, too . . . well, then I'll promise to do everything I

can to make sure all three of you have a very good time. And then, when it's all over and everyone has kept their promises, we won't call the police."

Oh my God! What was happening? Was this really my wife? I could barely speak.

"Julie? . . ."

"Shut up," said Jeff. He turned back to Julie who wouldn't look at me. "You've got a deal, sweetie." He turned to his friends—all three of them grinning.

Now, Julie enjoyed sex. But it's mostly plain vanilla and I'm sure she hasn't had any other man since we got married. Yes, she sucked on my dick occasionally but she wasn't exactly thrilled about it. She let me come in her mouth twice and once she actually swallowed. And while she enjoyed me eating her out, she couldn't really let go. Guilty, I think, about enjoying it. What about anal sex, you ask? Yeah, a couple of times and again, I think she enjoyed it but also felt somewhat guilty. And this was the girl now proposing a gangbang with three strangers? ( Is three enough to call it a gangbang? I'm not sure.)

Okay, I get it. Her proposal was really very practical—avoid me getting beaten to a pulp and her getting violently raped and do it by having wild sex with three strangers and maybe, just maybe, she'd get a little enjoyment out of the whole thing. This sounded more like something that would come out of my mouth—I'm the logical, practical one, she's the emotional one. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And could Julie emotionally handle what was about to happen? Have passionate, willing sex with three guys she was afraid of? Or could she fake the whole thing? Was she that good an actress? If so, I never knew it.

"You got your rope?" Jeff asked Anthony who nodded. "Tie him to the tree."

Bill and Anthony grabbed me. "Hey wait," I cried.

"Don't hurt him," said Julie, sharply.

Jeff reassured Julie as the two others sat me down with my back to the tree. "Don't worry, he'll be fine. He'll have a good time, too." Bill and Anthony tied my hands behind the tree, ignoring my protests. The knots were not tight enough to really hurt but it would take a long time for me to work my way out of them if I could do it all.

Julie looked a bit scared as Jeff approached her but she wasn't crying—she's a really strong person and when she decides on a course of action there's no stopping her. But up until now I had only seen her demonstrate her strength in non-sexual situations. I was filled with admiration but at the same time I was very worried. Who knew what these guys would do?

Jeff gave Julie a gentle hug and kiss, along with his best smile and a whisper that I supposed was something like, "don't worry, everything will be fine." He rubbed her back and eventually got around to copping a feel, giving her boobs a good massage along with her butt. But he made no attempt to undress her or get his hands under her shorts or t-shirt. He went in for another kiss, this time opening his mouth. Julie responded without hesitation and the two of them explored each other's mouths for a minute or two.

Jeff was really enjoying himself and somewhat reluctantly handed Julie off to Bill. Looking eager, Bill followed Jeff's game plan—tongue kissing, copping a good feel, no undressing. Bill then delivered Julie to the third man and now it was Anthony's turn to show the same level of restraint. I started to feel a bit better—these guys seemed to be trying to keep their promise. No doubt Julie was going to be stripped and fucked but if she kept her cool maybe we could get out of this unhurt.

Julie got passed back to Jeff. I knew the action was going to pick up. Sure enough, Jeff grabbed Julie's t-shirt, yanked it over her head and tossed it aside. Julie remained calm, even gave a giggle and little smile as she stood there is her bra and shorts. Real or fake smle? I couldn't tell. Jeff gave her another hug and boob massage, this time sticking his fingers under the bra to get some bare tit. Still holding himself in check, he sent Julie over to Bill.

At this point, I was a bit surprised to feel my own cock hardening. My level of concern for Julie had definitely lessened and now my cock was thinking for itself. Yes, my masturbatory fantasies sometimes include scenes of my wife getting fucked by other men while I watch or participate but here's the funny thing: my wife in these scenes is never Julie, it's always some generic, no-name wife. I would have taken this to mean I wanted the wife sharing to remain a fantasy. I thought I didn't really want it to happen and I never told Julie about this fantasy or hinted that I wanted to make it real. So why was my cock jumping to attention when this scene did turn real (and there was still a chance it was going to become really bad)?

Bill, still following Jeff's lead, hooked his thumbs in Julie's shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. Julie kicked off her flip-flops and the shorts and stood there in bra and thong. Bill turned her around to get a rear view, felt her bare butt and then unhooked the bra. He turned her around again and now Julie showed her first sign of resistance. She put one hand on her loose bra so it still covered her boobs. Bill grinned (these guys were staying happy), stuck both hands under her bra for another long feel and pushed her toward Anthony giving her butt a little slap as she went.

Anthony, of course, continued the undressing. He put his fingers through her bra, yanked her arms up and paused with his hands on her wrists while holding the bra. Off went the bra and now her perky tits were fully exposed. She made no attempt to cover herself as Anthony pulled the thong down to her ankles. She kicked off what remained of her clothing and stood there totally nude.

What a sight! Julie completely exposed, three strange men circling her, enjoying her nudity, planning to take full advantage. Her very nice boobs, her closely trimmed pussy, her glorious ass—all available to these men and I was going to watch. The sheer thrill of seeing Julie being put through her paces had triumphed over my misgivings—I didn't like admitting this but I couldn't wait for the real action to start.

Jeff stripped off his own clothes. He apparently didn't think Anthony was passing Julie along quick enough so he walked over and grabbed her. He pulled her a few feet away as Bill and Anthony peeled off their clothes. All three guys had serious hard-ons and average-sized cocks; maybe Jeff's was a bit thicker than the others. Jeff and Anthony were circumcised, Bill was not.

It seemed like Julie was avoiding looking at me. I didn't blame her but I wished she would look—I'd try to give her a nod that showed my support and approval of what she was doing.

Anthony went into our tent and dragged the air mattress out into the clearing as Jeff once more gave Julie a thorough groping, this time running his hand up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. He picked her up (more easily than I ever could) and placed her on the air mattress, facing up. He climbed aboard, kissing her mouth with more pressure than he'd shown previously. Then he started moving down her body, sucking on each nipple in turn, kissing her belly button and finally arriving at her crotch.

No question he was living up to his promise—he was taking care of her needs first. He licked her eagerly, working his tongue among her folds and up to her clit. She was definitely enjoying this with her hands running through his hair and pulling him up tighter to her. They kept going for several minutes.

Bill and Anthony watched them and occasionally looked at me, trying to gauge my reaction. I kept a blank face, not wanting to show anger or fear but also not willing to show just how much I was enjoying this. And really, I was thrilled. I've always loved seeing Julie naked and even better was seeing her naked in public the one time we went to a nude beach. Now, the thrill was kicked up to a whole new level.

She was completely exposed, spread wide open. Her boobs were swaying and her mouth was groaning. Totally uninhibited, completely in the moment, she didn't care who was watching. She was like a beautiful rutting animal and I absolutely loved it! My dick was so hard I thought it would burst out of my shorts.

A few moments later, Julie moaned loudly and grabbed tight to Jeff's head. Had she just cum? I think so but sometimes it's hard to tell. Or could she be faking? It didn't seem like it. Jeff clearly felt he had successfully done his duty. He rose up on his knees and announced, "Let's introduce her to some cocks."

He pulled her up, brought her over to Bill and then pushed down on her shoulders. Julie knew what to do. She dropped to her knees and let Bill slip his dick in her mouth. She hesitated but finally got going and gave him a nice licking and sucking. I watched, fascinated and almost as thrilled as Bill.

Bill faced my way and produced a big, shit-eating grin. The words didn't need to be spoken. "Look what I'm doing to your wife and she loves it!" Did she love it? I don't know but she wasn't objecting and I loved watching her.

Julie was passed to Anthony and then to Jeff for the same cocksucking routine. These boys like to keep everything the same among themselves.

"She's ready now. Let the fucking begin," said Jeff.

He stepped away, graciously allowing one of his friends to have the honor of going first. Anthony jumped in ahead of Bill, put Julie down on the air mattress and started kissing and caressing her. He rubbed her pussy, stuck a finger in and moved it around. No doubt she was wet. A moment later, he flipped her over onto her stomach, pushed her onto her knees and easily entered her from behind. Once again, she moaned softly.

Jeff had moved over next to me. "We like to tag team," he said.

I looked at him blankly.

"When you feel you're going to cum you pull out and let another man take over. That way she gets a good long fucking, not just three wham-bam-thank you m'ams."

Oh, that's nice, I guess.

Jeff, Bill (and I) all enjoyed watching as Anthony gave Julie an enthusiastic fucking. She seemed okay too as she was grunting ("unh...unh..unh") in unison with his thrusts. I've always loved hearing her grunt when I was the one doing the thrusting and I loved it just as much now.

Anthony had a good, strong rhythm going but suddenly pulled out and stepped away. He didn't actually slap hands with Bill like they do in tag team wrestling but Bill got the idea. He was on Julie in a second.

The tag teaming went on for, oh Lord, it must have been 30 minutes or close to it. The guys used a variety of positions, avoiding missionary—I take it because that's the one that makes it easiest for a man to cum. Doggy style was a favorite, they all had her that way. Bill was fond of woman on top. He had her do cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and one where they were both kneeling with her on top. I don't what you call that.

Jeff had her stretched out, lying on her side with him holding her upper leg up so he could get in between her legs. That was a good one for the viewer (me) because I could see her entire body and at the same time see his dick sliding in and out.

At one point, Jeff was doing doggy style and Bill came up and slipped his cock in her mouth so I had the thrill of seeing her spit roasted—wonderful.

Eventually, Jeff decided enough was enough with the tag teaming. He stood Julie up, grabbed her by the thighs, hoisted her up on him and slammed her back into a tree. She cried out but immediately began helping him get his cock inside her. Some heavy thrusting (and grunting from her) and she was having a strong orgasm—mouth open, eyes closed, shouting, "Yes, yes!" He finished a moment later, giving her the first cum load of what was sure to be many.

By now, I was half crazy—with desire, excitement and the pain of my aching dick. Julie gave me a look of what?—fear, pleading, I'm not sure. I nodded at her approvingly and tried to mouth some words—just keep doing what you're doing, baby. I was ashamed to say that out loud.

She only had a moment to rest before Bill grabbed her, stuck his cock in her mouth and started seriously banging away. He held onto her head and he was definitely in control, pulling back and then thrusting as deep as possible, trying to get down her throat. Not used to deep throating, Julie was gasping and choking but valiantly kept her hands on his butt and didn't try to get away. After all his fucking, Bill was not long from his climax. He thrust deep into her mouth, let out a grunt and unleashed what I imagine was a good-sized load of cum. Somehow Julie managed to get it headed down the right pipe and swallowed everything he had given her. She let his cock out for a moment and then regrouped, taking it back in and milking it for any remaining liquid. When done, she pulled his foreskin back and gave the tip a lick, trying to get one last drop. Needless to say, she'd never done that for me. I wasn't really jealous just glad to be able to watch and hopeful that now she'd be more adventuresome with her husband.

Anthony's turn now. No more foreplay for him. He threw Julie down on the air mattress, spread her legs and charged in, thrusting his dick up her pussy as far as it would go. He banged away for a couple of minutes, then let loose. She moaned and groaned and they were done.

Jeff looked at me, grinning once more and spoke to his buddies, "Let's see if Davey-boy is enjoying himself like we are. Yank his pants off."

Bill and Anthony came over to me and roughly yanked my shorts and underwear completely off making my rock-hard dick pop into view. I protested feebly but really I was glad to have all restrictions taken off my aching cock.

"Yes!" says Jeff. He turned to Julie, still lying on the mattress. "I told you he'd enjoy this." Julie gave me a questioning look. I returned a sheepish smile, not sure how I was supposed to act.

"Got any beer, Dave?" Jeff asked.

"In the cooler by the fire pit," I replied. Anthony went to the cooler, pulled out three beers and tossed them to his friends. Julie was all huddled up, head on her knees, seemingly trying to hide her face. Was she wondering, as I was, if there was going to be a round two?

Jeff didn't think everything was all done. "Hang on, Julie, we'll be right with you." He was pulling on his dick, followed with a laugh and then a grab at Julie. He pulled her around on her knees and bent her over so her butt was high in the air.

Pulling her butt cheeks apart, he said to the other guys (and to me, I guess), "Look at this asshole. Isn't it pretty?"

Anthony and Bill came over for a look, up close and very personal. I could see also although I wasn't that close.

"I like it when you don't see dark skin around her hole," Jeff explained. He was right. The skin around her hole was as pink as the rest of her body, unlike for a lot of people. It did make for a very attractive asshole. And her ass, as I mentioned, was gorgeous.

"Hey, Dave, do you have any oil or lube here? I don't like to use spit—it's not good for the girl."

"Um, yeah," I said. "There's some cooking oil in the bag by the fire pit." I know what you're thinking—should I really have been encouraging ass fucking? Well, I don't think lack of lube would have stopped them and yes, you do know me by now, I was definitely looking forward to Julie's ass being fucked and there was no point in her getting more sore than necessary.

Anthony got the oil and Jeff poured some down Julie's crack. The he worked his index finger partway into her hole.

"Ahhhh..." said Jeff.

"Ohh..." said Julie.

Jeff worked his finger all the way in, took it out, caressed her ass and gave her a good slap. He alternated for several minutes—fingering, caressing, slapping. He added a second finger to his work, moved the fingers around inside her as she groaned loudly. He scissored his fingers, trying to expand her hole a bit and eventually tried to get a third finger in but that only went partway.

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