Julie Says


It was a kind of crazy thing for a girl my age to say to a complete stranger. But I read this cool story on the Net and I couldn’t resist mailing the author…

Julie says…

“I love your stories. I live in Arizona and love to tease older guys. Your story is kind of like I did to our neighbor sometimes. I love it when you talk about us girls being real young. You make me horney and wet. Luv Julie.”

OMG, it was amazing! He replied!

“Hi Julie, Yes, for me, there is an aura about 'real young' girls. I guess the magic starts from when you are 9-10 years onwards, all the way through your late teenage years and young womanhood. Partly because of your innocence and the softness and freshness of your skin. Another part is the unconsciously easy way you move. But the most exciting part is your awakening to your sexuality. I love thinking and writing about that. What is Frightening, however, is how early you start to recognise how much power you have to make slaves out of most of us men!

“Of course, I had to be very careful in the way I described the two girls in my story. What you read is a very cutback version, especially the part where the two of them are playing with their swimming togs on.

“Your next door neighbour is a lucky guy, as are all the other older guys you love to tease. And the news that I make you 'horny and wet' really moves my imagination, if you get what I mean. Best wishes, Aqualung.”

I wrote back to him straight away…

“Wow! I didn't think you would answer me. It is so neat that you did. Do you like to write to girls like me? If you do, please write again and tell me more. I’d love to chat with someone like you. Do you have MSN Messenger? I hope so. And I bet I know what "moves my imagination" means. (smile) thanks again, Julie.”

He answered the next day…

“Hi again, I don't normally reply beyond a "Thank you for your comments", but sometimes I hear from somebody who may be more Interesting to talk to than most. Yes I'd like to chat with you. You will have already guessed that I am An Older Guy. I have to be to write my stories! If me being older doesn't bother you, that's great.”

I mailed back right away, “No it doesn’t bother me, it’s really cool! You write under a very funny name though. Aqualung. What does it mean?”

“It’s the name of a song by Jethro Tull.”

“Who is Jethro Tull?”

“An English folk-rock band from the 1960’s and 70’s. The song is about a old tramp (bum/hobo in your part of the world), ‘Sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent’…lol”

“He doesn’t sound very nice. Do you eye little girls with bad intent?”

“Only sexy young teenagers who like to tease older men! (smiles)”

“Ha ha!”

“So, tell me a little bit more about Julie. If you're worried about safety, I am several thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean from Arizona, in New Zealand, and won't be turning up on your doorstep tomorrow morning or anything like that. By the way, my real name is Robert.”

I had to stop at that moment because my younger brother Ricco came into the room wanting to use the computer for a school assignment. So I told Robert that I would speak to him again on Monday. To be truthful, the computer arrangement is a pain in the ass! Although Ricco and I have to share the computer, it is in my room and I tend to look on it as mine. On the following Monday I got a Messenger message telling me “Robert has added you to his list of contacts”. He was on-line so I sent a note to him right away…

Julie says: “This is Julie. It’s so neat being able to talk to you. You sound so cool! Here's a picture of me. I'm still real small for my age, just barely 5 feet tall. I hope you like it. I have to blur my face as Mom forces me to be very careful on the Internet. Do you have a pic of you? It excites me to think I "move your imagination". And how old are you? I think older guys are amazing. If that's Ok, Julie.”

Robert says: “Thank you. Even with your face blurred I can see you are very lovely. I'll bet you have wonderful eyes.”

Robert says: “I am a Real Old Guy around 50 years old, even though I don't look it. I am 5ft 11 inches tall and weigh 84 kilos (about 180lbs). Women friends tell me I have a nice body. I still have my all own hair and teeth. Not married, was divorced several years ago, no children, and happy being free to get involved with whomever I want whenever I want. And I do!”

Robert says: “Is it still cool to be talking to somebody this old? You said you teased your next door neighbour. What did you do?”

Julie says: “Wow, you're older than my Dad, but not as old as my Grampa! That’s soooo neat! We have a pool in our back yard and I let the old guy next door see me in my bikini. Mom let me buy a thong this year and I love to let him see me in it. Especially when my girlfriend Cindy comes around and she rubs suntan oil into my butt and on the backs and the insides of my thighs. I know he is really creaming himself behind the window shades.

Julie says: “I don't have very big tits yet but my butt is great, lol. It makes me so hot to have older guys see me near naked. Cindy and me took some pictures in our underwear. It was so neat. If you'd like to see one let me know. I wish I could talk to you for real.”

Robert says: “I’d like to be able to talk to you for real as well. Julie, your breasts look just perfect as they are, even under your teeshirt, so don't go overboard wishing for more. You can probably tell from my story that, that I am not a fan of big boobs anyway. A nice rounded, tight butt is much more interesting. Especially when I am walking along behind one watching it move! And yes, I would love to see one of those pictures, it’s more than my imagination that's stirring.”

Julie says: “Thanks for the compliment. My name is really Julie and I hope its Ok me being a teen. My Mom knows I go on the Internet and chat so its Ok. I just think it’s so cool to talk to an older guy in New Zealand I hope you'll answer back. Luv, Julie.”

Robert says: “Ah Sweet Julie, now I know why you like the stories to talk about really young girls. It's really very cool that you really are you. There is a Literotica member (a self-professed bi-sexual woman in her mid-thirties who lives in Boston) with an email address amazingly close to yours. I wondered if she was you, if you get what I mean.”

Robert says: “Isn't it funny that I'm concerned about being too old to talk to you and you feel almost the same about being too young to talk to me? And thank you for telling me that your name is really Julie. I guess that if we are going to talk we have to be honest with each other. And not afraid to say what we mean either, even if it involves using explicit words. How do you feel about that?”

Julie says: “Well I am me!”

Julie says: “Oh yes, I love "very explicit" words!!! I'm so glad you will talk to me even tho I’m a teen. It makes me hot thinking about it. Please keep talking to me. I'm going to be on most of tomorrow morning Arizona time. And another hour now. I hope to keep hearing from you. Tell me some nasty stories. I love them.”

Robert says: “How about one where this beautiful young teen chick is sunning by the pool in her back yard. She knows the old guy next door watches her, so she makes sure she is lying in a way that he can see up her legs to where her pussy is only just hidden by her tiny thong. Suddenly she sees that the old guy’s window blinds being pushed to one side and he is there in the shadows, naked as the day he was born. She can’t see his cock, but she can tell he is jacking off by the rapid movements of his arm. The devil suddenly gets in her and she decides to give him a real show. So, she spreads them wide then reaches down between her legs and pulls her thong to one side, giving he old guy a full on view of her lovely little snatch. Then she uses the fingers of her other hand to bring herself off to a bone-shaking orgasm. When it’s all over, she sees that the old guy has cum as well, because his jism is splashed all over the window glass.”

Julie says: “Wow, that is so nasty! I’ll have to try it next time, lol. Do you get hard when you write like that?”

Robert says: “Hardly ever when I am actually writing, but when I am dreaming up a story line I do! Anyway, don’t try that on your neighbour ‘cos it would probably end with him being found lying on the carpet by his wife, dead from a heart attack. But with a big happy smile on his face! lol”

Julie says: “That’s not so cool. (frown) Will you write a proper story about me one day?”

Robert says: “If you want me to. Look, I have to go to a meeting. It will take the next couple of hours, so I'll have to say good night. Actually, I’ve just noticed you sent another picture. My, you are so hot! I just love the way your nipple is hard underneath your shirt. I'd love to kiss it.”

Julie says: “I'm glad you like my nipples. Talking to you makes them hard. So I guess
I should show you a little more of them. (smile)“

Robert says: “Oh wow, another pic! You look so delicious! Your bare breasts and your nipples are very beautiful. I love the way your nipples are so swollen - it really must turn you on posing like that!”

Robert says: “You have a really cute navel as well.”

Robert says: “Now, how on earth am I going to concentrate on what I am supposing to be thinking about at that meeting? I am trying not to imagine how amazing it would be to kiss and lick your nipples, to suck them gently and nibble at them with my lips until they swell up really hard sending nice tingling feelings through into your pussy. And then kissing my way down...licking your navel. Mmmmmmmmm the skin on your tummy is so soft and smooth! I can feel you moving under my lips. And when I go down further and reach the edge of your panties, what happens next?”

Julie says: “You are making me soooo wet talking like that! Do you really have to go to that meeting? I’d love for you to stay longer. I could tell you all about what I’m doing with my fingers right now. Can you guess how wet I am? What is the meeting about?”

Robert says: “I lecture at the medical school at the University here in Dunedin, it’s about that sort of stuff. And yes, I can imagine where your fingers are right at this moment, the lucky things! I’d love to lick the taste of your pussy off them. Look, I’ve gotta go. Talk to you again soon. xxx”

The next day, Robert was back on line…

Robert says: “I just can’t stop looking at your pictures. I have to be very careful because so many people just walk into my office. And I don’t want to share you with them! (smiles) I am imagining how it would feel if you took hold of my cock and rubbed it softly across your lovely nipples. Then I could cum all over your breasts.”

Julie says: “Oh Robert, this last message was soooo hot. It makes me so horney to think of you looking at my picture like that and saying all those things about what you would do to me. I can't remember which one I sent you but here's another one that Cindy took of me. I’m naked, I hope you like it.”

Julie says: “I haven’t done real sex yet, but have necked a lot with boys. I have touched some of them through their jeans. But nothing like what you say. It would be so neat to have an older man do it to me. That is not so gross as the guys at school. Do you really like my breasts? I think they as sooo small. But when I feel them like now, they are nice to touch. I wish I had a pic of you. Please send one soon.”

Robert says: “Ooooh yes, do I really like your breasts, Julie. They are just perfect. I really do mean that. And your latest pic shows me that you really do have a lovely butt. Pity your arm is hiding your pussy hair though.”

Robert says: “Not talking dirty - this is very sincere - I wish I was near enough to you so that I could teach you how wonderful sex can be. Not just fucking, but all the amazing things that lead up to that. Young guys can be very rough. They don't really know what they're doing. And they generally only think of themselves and how many times they can cum.”

Robert says: “Looking at you reminds me of my very first real girlfriend. You actually look quite a lot like her. She was 14 (and I was 15) when I first saw her totally naked. Her naked body, especially her pussy, was very beautiful, as I am sure yours is too.”

Julie says: “It’s great to hear from you and that you like my body. I just took off my clothes so I could write this naked. It’s soooo hot to do this! Do you really like my body? I think I'm too skinny and small. And does it really make you hard?”

Julie says: “I felt one of my boy friends through his jeans but that’s all. Not counting seeing my Dad of course. I see him naked all the time. His dick is nice to look at, but he is my Dad.”

Julie says: “Write back real soon. I’m waiting here for you. NAKED!!!!!”

Robert says: “Oh my, Julie, you are absolutely, definitely, not skinny! Right now, I wish you had a web cam so that I could look at you NAKED!!!!!. Better still, I wish I were in your room there with you. If I were, what would you like me to do?

Julie says: “How about a pic of you, one with you looking at my pic. I love to see men’s cocks.”

Robert says: “I promise I will send you one soon. I was thinking about that in bed last night and wondering what kind of pic I should send.”

Robert says: “You didn't answer my question. If I were with you right now - with you with no clothes on at all - what would you like me to do to you? I know what I would like to do!”

Julie says: “I'd like you to look at me and tell me how I look. Then let me look at you naked and maybe touch you a bit.”

Julie says: “I have to go soon. My Mom is home and I have to be kind of careful. I had to put my clothes back on real quick! We're going away camping for 5 days and won’t be back till Monday. But I have another hour or so, so please write some more. I'll watch out for when Mom comes into the room”

Robert says: “I would love you to touch me, not just on my cock, all over my body. I would like to carry on from where I stopped when I first started talking to you today, kissing further down your tummy (like your breasts, your tummy is very beautiful by the way) down, down, down until I reach the start of your hair. Then I’d tease you a little bit by just kissing around that area. Then, I would ask you to open your legs and, and, and…!

Julie says: “So hot!!! But Mom came in and read it over my shoulder. lol she wants to know who you are. Don’t worry, she's cool. She says, will you do both of us? (smile)”

Robert says: “Ooooops! But your Mom must be more understanding than most. What did you tell her about me?”

Julie says: “I kept copies of everything you’ve said. She’s read them all. Thinks you are sexy. She also says I have to tell you how old I really am.”

Robert says: “All of them?!? Tell her, if she’s nearly as sexy as you are I’d love to do you both, lol. And you don’t have to worry about telling me your real age if you don’t want to. I have been meaning to ask - do you chat a lot on-line like this with older guys?”

Julie says: “Yeah, I like to chat. And yes she read allllll of them. (smile) Ok, I’ll just say I am old enough to know all about it and want to have sex. And I want to have it soooon with the right person. Not with one of the smelly dweebs at school. Ok? Mom says I have to go now. See you next week?”

Robert says: “Ok! Have a good time. I’m going to miss you.”

Julie says: “Me too. Cya”

When we got back from the camping trip, I looked to see if Robert was on line as soon as I could. It was over three days until I could talk to him. At last he was there…

Julie says: “Hi. I thought you’d forgotten me.”

“Robert says: “Never! How could I? I can’t stop looking at your pictures. I have been away. How was your holiday?”

Julie says: “Good. You haven’t seen all my pics yet. Have you got any for me?”

Robert says: “Yep. Are your ready to receive?”

Julie says: “Yes. Send them please. I can’t wait!!!!”

Robert says: “On their way.”

Julie says: “Oooooo. You are sooooo cute! I love the way you are holding your dick like that. Is it hard because you were thinking about me? Do you have any of you holding one of my pics?”

Robert says: “Got it in one! That hard-on is all about you! I have one pic that has you in it. A really NASTY one. Do you want to see it?”

Julie says: “Yes please!!! I’d love to see a NASTY pic of you, especially if I am in it too. Here’s some more of me. You can see everything in these. My pussy is red like that because Cindy and me were rubbing ourselves a lot when we were taking them. And rubbing each other.”

Robert says: “Your pussy is so gorgeous! I wish I could lick it and make you cum. Has Cindy ever kissed you down there?”

Julie says: “No. We just touch each other. Oh Robert, that pic of your cock and me is sooooo amazing! Did you really cum all over my tits?”

Robert says: “Yes I did. Do you mind?”

Julie says: “Of course not. I wish it was for real. Soooo hot!!!”

Robert says: “One day maybe. You told me once that you knew what your Dad’s cock looks like. Have you ever seen it hard like mine is in the pics?”

Julie says: “Not up until this last trip. I did then. I’ve seen my younger brother Ricco with a boner though. His dick isn’t all that big.”

Robert says: “Excuse the pun, how did that arise? And did he?”

Julie says: “He pulls his pants right down and I rub it. I like doing it to him. It feels nice. I sucked it once too.”

Robert says: “Sheeeitt, Julie! Did he cum? Did he cum in your mouth?”

Julie says: “Just in my hand. But I might let him cum on my tits next time. That looks sooooo cool!”

Robert says: “So you were naked when you were jacking him off? What does he do to you?”

Julie says: “He touches me sometimes. But he’s not as good at it as Cindy.”

Robert says: “Do you cum?”

Julie says: “No.”

Robert says: “Will you tell me about seeing your Dad with a hard-on?”

I’ve always known what my Dad’s dick looks like…

Yes, I’ve always known what my Dad’s dick looks like. When we were out camping, when I was little, I used to go into the bushes with Dad and Ricco and squat alongside them to pee at the same time as they did. I loved looking at Dad’s, especially when he held it in his fingers and squeezed it while he looked down to watch me peeing. More recently, now I’ve got grown-up hair on my pussy, my Mom says it’s not right for Dad and Ricco to look at me down there any more. So I’ve taken to noticing when Dad has to go and then I follow him and sneak up near by to watch.

He usually does it against a tree-trunk and the water comes out of his long fat dick in a gushing stream and splashes against the tree. When he is finished, especially if Ricco is there, he shakes the last droplets of pee off the end of his nob and puts it away. Is that “a man thing”? But three times this last time we were camping, when he was alone, he stood there with his eyes closed and rubbed himself until his dick stood out all stiff and hard. Then he kind of shook his head, as if telling himself not to be so stupid, and pushed it back inside his pants. I crouched in my hiding place and wondered if he was thinking about me while he did that. I got all hot and wet between my legs at the thought that it might be true. You see, I know Dad’s dick gets like that when he and I and my brother Ricco are playing our tickling games before going to sleep at home; I can see it standing up inside his boxer shorts. Ricco’s thing gets hard as well, but I already know that his is much smaller than our Dad’s is, lol.

One afternoon, the fourth time I watched Dad rubbing himself, he was doing it very fast too, and he was pushing it into his hand and pulling back, my Mom came looking for him and caught him out. I thought she would go bananas when she saw what he was doing, but she didn’t. Instead, she kind of snuggled up beside him, making him put his arm around her shoulders, and took over stroking his dick. After a while Mom’s hand started moving faster and faster and Dad starting making soft moaning noises. Then his whole body started shaking and the white stuff began shooting out of his nob. I could hear it making loud plopping noises as it spattered on the leaves of a bush.

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