Julie Says


Julie says: “This is Julie. Cindy has just cum. Your story was too much for her. She’s made an awful mess of the computer chair it’ll take hours for it to dry! Don’t stop! This is soooo nasty! I haven’t cum yet, but I am really wet too!”

Robert says: “Ok. While, we cleaned her hands on my shirt. Nikki asked me: “Would like to go down on me again? It really turned me seeing you cum like that!” I told her that I’d love to and that I could see she was getting hot by the state of her nipples. She even let me put my hand between her legs to feel how wet she was! I lifted my sticky fingers to her mouth and offered them to her to lick. She hesitated at first, but then she did it. All she said was that it tasted “quite nice”. But she left me with the idea that she would be sucking her own fingers after she masturbated from then on.

“Nikki made to lie down on the rug again, but I told her, “No, not like that this time. Have you seen how dogs smell each other’s privates and lick each other? I’d like to do it to you something like that. Get up on your knees with your rear end in the air so that I can reach you.” With a little shiver of fear, Nikki did what I asked. She knew she was making herself very vulnerable to me getting in behind and taking her, which was in fact my whole intention! I figured that I would be hard again by the time she was ready to cum and that she would be so “out of it” she wouldn’t object. In fact she would get an extra buzz from feeling my hard cock enter her in the middle of her cum spasms.

“In fact, it didn’t happen like that. Nikki came really violently and gave my face a warm little bath with her juices when she did so. Then she collapsed onto the rug with her legs closed tight and her hand covering her pussy. Smart girl! She guessed what I meant to do!”

Julie says: “Did you ever have sex with her?”

Robert says: “Never. But she thought that me making her cum in that position was very sexy, so we did it often. We did it in other positions, but that one was her favourite. She often played with her clit while I licked her fingers and the rest of her pussy, but she always got well away from me when she came. And every time she made me cum, she kissed my cock at the same time, so that my sperm spurted out on her lips. She never opened her mouth and took me inside though. I did ask her to once, but she said “No.”

Julie says: “I’d luv to tease you like that! When did it end? When you moved away?”

Robert says: “No, Nikki’s family moved first. They went away on a big vacation to Europe, which turned into a job for her father at the Airbus factory in Toulouse, in France – he was an aeronautical engineer. I got one letter from Nikki, thanking me for teaching her all those things about sex. She also told me that she’d met a beautiful African boy from a country called Niger, and that he was screwing her silly with his lovely big black cock until her parents caught them out. That’s not exactly how she put it, but it’s what she meant! Anyway, she was writing to me from the all-girls convent school where they had put her, masturbating herself to sleep every night in her bunk and starting to eye up some of the other girls as prospects for A Bit Of Fun. That was the last word I got from her.

Robert says: “Have you cum yet?”

Julie says: “Not yet, but I was very close once. Oh shit! It’s my brother!”

This has to be our secret…

Ricco came into my room without me hearing him. As soon as he saw Robert’s pictures on the screen and Cindy and I naked, he started taking his clothes off as well, starting with his shorts and underpants. His dick was sticking out so hard by the time he got his tee shirt off Cindy couldn’t take her eyes off it!

I told Robert what was happening and he asked me what Ricco’s dick looked like. When I said, he asked me to touch it and tell him what it felt like. Then he asked Cindy if she had ever touched Ricco’s dick and when she said “No”, he told her to go ahead and do it. She wouldn’t at first, but I took hold of her hand and put it on him.

Wow! Then she started to like it!

I was feeling horny as hell from Robert’s story and left out of the action, so I told him what I was going to do, and then got to my knees in front of Ricco and took his nob in my mouth. So I sucked and licked while Cindy rubbed him. It was reeeally cool! When I started to taste lots of the salty stuff, I took my mouth away and let Ricco shoot all over my tits. It wasn’t nearly as much as came out of Dad, or Robert, but it was nice. I really wished I had a Web Cam so that Robert could watch us. I just knew he would have his dick out of his pants and imagining what we were doing, but actually seeing it happen would have been so hot for him!

Mom was due home from work soon and we had to get dressed quickly. So Cindy missed out on Ricco rubbing her pussy, which was a bit disappointing for her, because I knew she wanted him to do it. More so after she had finally touched his dick. I had to wait to get myself off until I got to bed that night, several times!

I couldn’t get the images of my Dad’s big cock out of my mind, especially when I was in bed. So a few nights later, when we were playing one of our tickling games, I made a grab for him through his boxers. I just couldn’t help myself. It was an ideal time. Mom was away visiting her sick sister and Ricco was staying at a buddy’s house. Besides, Dad was such an easy target the way he was knelt astride my hips where I lay on my bed. And I was feeling reeeally worked up, because he had been touching the bare skin at my waist and tummy where my ‘jamas tops and bottoms had parted company.

He felt soooo big, and hot and hard in my hand!

Dad went very still and told me, “Stop doing that, Julie! Let go of me, right now!”

But I didn’t. I looked up into his eyes and kept on holding him. Then I started to run the circle of my fingers up and down like I saw Mom do in the forest. And he let me! All he said was a quiet, “Oh God, Julie! You mustn’t…it’s not right!” But he didn’t try to stop me.

Very soon he was muttering softly under his breath, things like, “Aaaah Julie, that is so very beautiful!” and, “That’s right, honey…just there!” and “Goddd…that’s incredible!” And then I felt his dick go very stiff in my hand and then start a kind of pulsating jerking. I had made him cum, just like Mom did, and Nikki did with Robert! I looked down to watch the wet stain spread in the front of his boxers and felt soooo proud of what I had done!

I gave him some of my face tissues to clean up his stuff. While he was doing it, Dad made me promise not to tell anybody about what had happened, “Not even your friend Cindy! This has to be our secret…just between you and me!”

When I told him, “Of course, Daddy…it’ll be our special secret,” he leaned down and kissed me on the lips and then he left me to put on a clean pair of shorts. I had to make myself cum twice before I could get to sleep.

I could hardly wait until the next afternoon after school until I could get on the Net to tell Robert! I didn’t say anything to Cindy though. Robert was rapt with my story and he said such lovely nasty things to me about it I had to make myself cum again with my hand inside my jeans while I was chatting to him. Luckily, I didn’t leave a wet stain on the computer chair for anyone else to see! We also talked about what I would do next. It didn’t take long to happen. It was that very same evening in fact!

Dad was already hard when he came into my room. His boxers stuck out in front of him like he had a tent pole inside! There was no tickling game tonight! He tried to tell me, “Julie, we mustn’t ever do that again!” But I knew he didn’t really mean it, because he was telling me whilst he was kneeling astride my hips just like he had been the night before. To show him that I didn’t believe what he was saying, I reached out and started to undo the buttons on his shorts. He just groaned and let me carry on.

It was sooo cool having the hot, smooth bare flesh of Dad’s dick in my fingers at last. I couldn’t help but wonder if Robert’s would feel the same. I just held him loosely and ran my hand gently up and down while I looked at it. Very soon he was saying those nice things to me again. It was amazing that I could give him so much pleasure! And then, when he started to cum, I quickly pushed my ‘jamas right down at the front so that his sticky warm stuff fell onto my bare tummy. That was awesome!

When he was finished, I handed Dad some tissues to clean me up. And while he was doing that, I pushed my ‘jamas bottoms right down over my hips. I wasn’t wearing any panties and I spread my legs apart so that he could look and see how swollen and wet my pussy was. He looked for a very long time, but he didn’t try to touch me, even though I clenched my bottom muscles several times to make my pussy lift up as an invitation.

Before Dad left he made me promise again to keep our secret, which I was happy to do of course.

The next day, Robert told me that I should probably play hard to get next time. He was right, and it was sooo exciting!

When Dad came into my room I was lying on my side and refused to roll over onto my back when he knelt astride me on my bed. He fully expected that I would be hot to make him cum again. I was really, but I wasn’t going to let him know that! After a couple of attempts to tickle me, which I didn’t react to, he lay down behind me spoons fashion and started asking me what was wrong. Of course, I played the typical female teenager and told him, “Nothing!” I let myself down though. His dick felt so hot and hard against my butt I couldn’t help a small, involuntary press back against it.

“Aaaah!” he murmured with delight, “So my little Julie is feeling horny after all!”

I shook my head, but he murmured again, “Oh yes you are…I can tell…your nipples are sticking out under your pyjamas.” With that, he reached over me and pinched my right nipple gently, sending hot shock right through me. Cindy had felt my tits before, and some of the guys at school, as well as Ricco. But none of them had made me feel like that. At the same time, Dad pressed his dick hard against my butt crack. “And my little girl has such a gorgeous curvy butt!” he murmured. “I look at it all the time and think how sexy it is…especially when she bends over wearing that thong of hers…and it feels so good too.”

I couldn’t help but push back against him, his dick felt so wonderful! We lay like spoons, rubbing against each other like that for a little while. Dad reached over my front and undid the top buttons on my ‘jamas. Ooooo, his fingers felt so warm and strong playing with my nipples and I got really wet down there!

I noticed that Dad’s breathing was getting all shaky, mine was too, then, before I knew what was happening, Dad had me rolled onto my front and was lying on top of me. He supported himself on his elbows so that he wouldn’t crush the life out of me, but he pumped his lower part fast and hard into me, thrusting his dick against my butt and pressing me into my mattress. It felt so awesome I never wanted him to stop. But he did in the end, going rigid with harsh panting gasps, and then I felt the wet heat of his stuff coming through the fabric of my ‘jamas.

Robert was waiting for me on line next afternoon and he told me how jealous he was that it was my Dad was doing all these things to me and not him. He also sent me short digital movie he had taken of his hand rubbing his dick while he was cumming, and told me that he thought all the time about stripping me naked and licking me all over. I told him I thought that was really cool and I’d really like him to do it, especially to lick my pussy, because nobody had ever done that before, not even Cindy, but we had talked about it.

The next night, the last one Dad and I would be in the house alone together. I let him know that what we did the previous evening was really cool by being laid face down on my bed with legs apart and my eyes closed when he came into my room. I was glad that I did, because what happened next was sooo neat!

He came and stood beside my bed looking down at me. I knew I looked sexy, because I had pulled my ‘jamas top up high over my back and pushed the bottoms down almost to the start of my butt crack. “Oooo, my little Julie,” he said in a husky voice, “you look so lovely lying there like that. Did you enjoy what you did with your Daddy did last night? Do you want to do it some more?”

I nodded.

“Tell me…!”

“I loved feeling you on top of me Daddy…and the way you rubbed your dick against my butt last night...and the way you shot your stuff… Please do it to me again…”

“Good girl! I’m glad you loved it, because tonight it’s going to be even better…!”

I heard the rustle of clothing and opened my eyes to find out what Dad was doing just in time to see him kicking his boxers away from his feet. It was the first time I had looked at him completely naked. He looked just like Robert did in his pictures, with big, hairy, dangling balls and a great bush of dark hair at bottom of his belly. His swollen, angry-looking dick, fully exposed, looked enormous that close up! I felt a tremble of fear and goose pimples rose up all over me. I wondered “what if he hurts me with that thing?” But at the same time I didn’t really care. I was feeling so hot and wet between my legs he could do anything he wanted - so long as he made me cum as well this time!

Dad got onto the bed beside me with his dick looming over my back. I felt him pulling my ‘jamas bottoms down and lifted myself off the bed to help him take them down to my ankles. The cool night air on my overheated body felt sooo nice.

“Wee Julie’s beautiful, beautiful little butt!” he murmured softly and then bent over and kissed me on each rounded, trembling cheek. Then he gently pulled my buttocks apart and looked closely at my little brown eye. Then he touched it, rubbing his fingertip against it gently. I didn’t mind. Cindy touched me there one day when I was very wet and even put her finger a little way inside, but it felt quite strange that Dad was looking at it now.

He left my butt-hole alone, but caressed my cheeks and into my butt-crack with his big strong hands for several minutes. It was sooo dreamy that I closed my eyes and almost went to sleep! Then I felt him start to smear some cool, slippery, jelly-like stuff into my crack. When he seemed to be finished with me, I opened my eyes to watch him spreading some of the same stuff all over his dick so that it shone in the light from the bedside lamp.

Then he got on top of me and did it the same as he did the night before. Only this time it was awesome for me as well, because his dick was sliding backwards and forwards so easily, deep in my crack. He also pushed his hands under my chest and played with my tits. His dick felt soooo big and smooth and sexy, I was nearly bursting with the need to cum I ground my tits into his palms and pushed my butt up hard against him trying to make my cum happen, but I only got hotter and hotter, hornier and hornier!

Just the once we got our timing a little bit wrong as I pushed my butt up at the same time as Dad pulled back. For a few seconds I felt the hot head of his dick pressing hard into the opening of my butt hole. He held it there for so long I wondered if he was going to put it right inside. I wanted him to, desperately, but I thought it would hurt, even though I was relaxing as much as I could to make it easy for him. But in the end, I heard him mutter, “No, not this time” and he moved his dick away from there.

He came hard, growling like a wild animal and crushing me into my mattress while he spurted his stuff all the way up my spine. I was so frustrated thinking it was all over that I almost burst into tears. But it wasn’t all over, yet. Dad cleaned my back with some tissues, then, on the pretext of making sure that, “None of my stuff went between your legs”, with me still laid on my front, he pushed my legs apart and bent down to look at me. I could feel his breath on the cheeks of my bum.

And then he touched my pussy’s lips. “Look how wet my little girl is!” he murmured. “What a nice juicy little snatch she has!” I nearly hit the roof!

He found my hot spot with his fingertips and rubbed me gently there, just like Cindy always did to make me cum. I was in heaven! My whole insides melted. My cum started at my toes and rippled all the way through my body. It was wonderful! And when he sensed my first big spasm was about to hit me, Dad slid his long, thick middle finger right up inside my pussy-hole so that the wild clamping of my inner muscles seemed much more intense than ever before. No matter how hard I struggled, he kept his finger jammed up inside me like that until my body finally stopped going crazy. It seemed to take a very long time.

Dad stayed in bed with me all night. After that cum I was totally exhausted, but several times I half woke up to find him stroking and kissing my tits and my tummy. Somehow, sometime, he must have taken my ‘jamas top off so that I was as naked as he was.

I woke fully just after dawn. Dad was fast asleep beside me. He looked so much younger asleep that he did when he was awake! And he had eyelashes to die for! His dick lolled lazily at the base of his belly, seemingly half hard and half soft. I couldn’t resist taking hold of it in my fingers. It soon got harder in my grasp, and hotter. Before long it was fully erect, but Dad was still fast asleep. A little drop of wet seeped from his nob while I stroked him. I wondered if Dad’s dick would taste the same as Ricco’s did. I had to find out. I lowered my head and took him into my mouth.

“You horny little bitch!” I heard him murmur sleepily. “You’re as bad as your mother!” Then I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down so that I took more of his dick into my mouth. “That’s it, little Julie! Suck your Daddy’s cock real good! Mmmmmm, that’s nice…really nice, little girl! C’mon, take it right in…swallow it…that’s my sweetheart!”

I felt Dad run his hand down my back, over my butt and between my legs. As soon as his fingers touched my pussy, my wetness rushed out and the familiar, itchy, nagging sex-heat took over in my belly.

With a feverish growl, Dad dragged my head away from his dick and he threw me onto my back on the mattress, knocking my breath from me in a great “whoosh!” In an instant he pushed my legs wide apart and got on top of me. With one push he buried his dick far up inside me, spreading me, stretching me, almost splitting me. And then he fucked me, grunting and heaving, smashing me with his body and pounding my tiny frame into the mattress. It was hot and wild, and I loved every second of it!

All too soon I felt him give one last almighty shove and then go all stiff. And then I felt wet warmth flooding my insides. I had no protection, but I didn’t care. My Daddy was making me his with his sperm and I was the happiest girl in the world!

Afterwards, he was sheepishly apologetic and tried to say he was sorry. But I told him not to worry, because I loved him. And then I made him promise not to tell anyone about what was now our big secret!

Robert was pretty pissed when I chatted to him next. Although he lived right across the other side of the world and didn’t even know what town I lived in, let alone where my house was, he had always dreamed he could be the one to have me first.

“Well, you’ll have to come over here and take Cindy’s cherry,” I told him a bit crossly.

“Just tell me how to find you and I will!” he answered.

“Ha! You don’t mean it…!”

“Try me…”

“Would you really…?”


“That’d be sooo cool! So long as I can watch…?”

“You bet! I want you there ‘cos I want to do you both! (What about your Mom too? LOL!)”

Which made me feel a lot better, because I would have been very jealous if Robert had wanted to leave me out. After all, I found him, didn’t I? Then Robert asked me how much I bled when Dad put his dick in me. He was surprised when I told him, “Not at all” then we had a good laugh, via smileys, when I told him that I’d broken myself in while experimenting with a carrot some months before.

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