tagInterracial LoveJulie Submits to Dark Temptation

Julie Submits to Dark Temptation


When Julie returned to her room, Mike was still passed out on their bed and she knew that he would probably stay that way until mid day. Even though her husband was totally oblivious to what Julie had been doing with Alex for the past three hours, she was extremely nervous and anxious, fearful that somehow, Mike would find out. She immediately went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth twice and showered, hoping to cleanse away any of Alex's manly scent. Her mind was in a state of total conflict and confusion.

First, she could not quite believe that she had just been unfaithful to her husband of five years, her first and only infidelity during her marriage. On top of that, she felt that Alex must absolutely consider her to be an incredible whore to have come onto him the way she did. She felt totally embarrassed and mortified by her behavior. She wondered how she could ever face him, after what she had done with him. Surely, he must think her to be nothing more than a cheap slut.

But, perhaps the most horrifying thought that occurred to Julie, now that she was back in her villa with her sleeping husband, was that she had just had unprotected sex with a viral black stud who may very well have impregnated her as the result of his multiple climaxes that happened as his thick black shaft was pressed hard against her cervix. Julie was terrified at the thought.

And at the very time Julie was having these terrible thoughts about her behavior, and how embarrassed she was, she was also realizing that her sexual encounter with Alex was so fulfilling for her, so exciting, so incredibly hot that she would probably repeat it in a heartbeat if she had the chance. And this realization scared the hell out of her. So, at the same moment she was trying to shower Alex's scent from her body, she was reliving in her mind how incredibly fine it felt kissing him, touching his perfectly carved body, sucking his huge onyx shaft, and the thrill she experienced when his pulsing pleasure wand first entered her drenched vagina. He felt completely incredible in every way. And, while she was experiencing deep pangs of guilt for having been unfaithful to Mike, she was also remembering how Alex's huge cock had filled her in a way that no other man's had ever done.

Sex with Alex had been the best Julie had ever experienced. Not only was his tightly sculpted body perfect, but his love making technique was at once gentle and attentive, and then aggressive and forceful. As she showered, Julie's vagina was still throbbing with residual pleasure from having entertained her black lover's granite hard shaft. She recalled how it had repeatedly hit her cervix as Alex thrust it into her tight pussy, stretching her love chute while the two of them writhed in pleasure.

Fear gripped her stomach as she thought that surely Mike would know she had had sex with someone else because her vagina was now stretched well beyond its usual tight self. Alex's cock was so much larger than Mike's that she thought her husband would be sure to know something was going on.

What's more, her ass lost its virginity to her black Adonis. Alex was obviously a skilled love maker whose appetite for sex and variety seemed enormous. He had fucked her in multiple positions, as contrasted with the two or three that she was used to with her husband. What's more, Julie was terrified when Alex lubed her rectum with his saliva and then pushed his massive black shaft into her never before taken anus. Perhaps her deepest climax occurred while Alex's throbbing black club was buried deep in her ass and he simultaneously fingered her g spot to an incredible orgasm which caused her entire body to shudder and twitch in pleasure. His cock deep in her ass created for her a remarkable blend of searing pain mingled with the deepest sexual pleasure she had ever felt.

After she left the bathroom, Julie lay on the bed next to Mike, but she did not sleep. She spent the next three hours agonizing over how cheap she must seem to Alex; how terrible she was to have been unfaithful to Mike; and how awkward it would be to see Alex again. And, while she relived the sex over and over again in her mind, Julie ultimately resolved that this one time experience with Alex would be just that. She recognized how thrilling it had been, but she loved her husband and she made up her mind that she would not repeat this huge infidelity again.

And, as she made up her mind not to repeat this indiscretion, she felt sorry, not for what she had done, but because she knew intellectually that she would never again feel the level of sexual fulfillment and physical pleasure that she had experienced only hours before with her black lover.

And she quietly prayed that she did not have Alex's baby in her womb.


Alex had slept contentedly after Julie left his villa. He drifted off to sleep thinking about how wonderfully tight, warm, and drenched Julie's pussy had felt. He remembered how her body quivered when he finally slid his thick black member into her. He had deliberately prolonged foreplay with Julie so that she was almost begging to be fucked by the time he entered her. He knew that the lack of a condom would make no difference to his beautiful white lover after he was done touching, kissing, fingering, and nuzzling her. He had brought her to such a level of excitement and yearning that she would have gone insane if he had not fucked her.

And, she felt extraordinary. Her body was absolutely perfect in every way, from the beautiful face and hair, to the magnificent breasts and her wonderfully firm ass. She was athletic, yet soft and feminine. When he first slid his massive black cock into her, Julie responded with groans of deep pleasure. Once he had buried his hard shaft into her pulsing vagina, Alex held himself there, and relished the tightness, the wet warmth, the feel of her pussy tensing, holding onto his manhood.

He could feel her cervix pressed hard against the thick mushroom of his cock. Before he began pistoning in and out of his white lover, Alex kissed her deeply on the lips, and felt her beautiful body with his strong black hands. Then he fucked her for the first time, starting slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. Alex felt Julie's orgasm well before he had his own. Her screams of pleasure, the twitching of her body as it spasmed in satisfaction, and the drenching fluids of her climax signaled to Alex the depth of Julie's orgasm. She dug her fingers into his back as he continued to shake her beautiful body as he now slammed repeated into her incredibly tight pussy. When he shot his love juices into Julie, she felt his cock thicken even more, and he held it rigidly against her cervix as it pumped his warm spunk into her pulsing vagina.

Realizing that Alex had reached his orgasm, Julie held him tightly as she felt his muscled arms holding her tightly as well. As the next hours elapsed, Alex's thick black shaft stretched Julie's vagina and pumped its semen into her no fewer than eight times.

Fucking Julie was a dream come true for Alex. He was amazed at how she was totally taken with his body. She kissed, and licked, and touched him everywhere. As she sucked him, her hands wandered over his chest, shoulders, torso, legs. It seemed as though she could not get enough of him. When they finally separated for the night, Alex told her that when they met the next day, he would act as if nothing had happened. He would not make any advance toward her or put any pressure on her, unless she indicated that she wanted him to do so. But, in reality, Alex knew when Julie had left his villa that she would let him do whatever he wanted to do to her, whenever he wanted.

After his short, but very pleasant sleep, Alex freshened up and planned to get a light breakfast at the beachside café, before heading to the morning conference for the firm. However, his phone beeped as he was about to leave, and the conference was cancelled for the day, due to the presenter coming doing with some illness. This meant a bonus vacation day, and Alex was ready to take a long walk along the beautiful beach following coffee. He thought he would then join his foursome for afternoon golf as planned.

But now that the morning conference was called off, he figured he would change his attire for the day. He decided he would try out a thought he had had earlier with regard to enticing Julie. On the chance that he might run into Julie at the café, Alex decided that he would dress in a way that would showcase his body for her. Thus, he dressed in a madras shirt with cut off sleeves that revealed his incredibly sculpted arms and shoulders. Then, he buttoned only the very bottom button, allowing his beautifully muscled abdomen, torso, and finely chiseled pecs to be easily visible. He complemented this with a loose, but relatively short pair of swim trunks, revealing his magnificently muscled thighs and calves.

A very tired Julie was remarkably beautiful this morning, despite her lack of sleep. When Alex saw her sitting with Courtney at a table for four, he also concluded that neither of the women had gotten the call about the conference, and so they were dressed to go to that. When he joined his two co workers, he let them know the good news and acted as though nothing had ever happened between Julie and him only hours before.

"Hey guys, by the looks of you I can see that you must have left your villas before the call came in about today's conference. Presenter is sick……….we luck out! He smiled his handsome smile and both women were immediately delighted with the change in the schedule. Both women were also drinking in the sights offered by Alex's loose fitting shirt and short trunks.

"Alex, do you think you should walk around here dressed like that?" Courtney asked. You are taking a chance of being attacked by any woman who sees you." She smiled at him as she continued to drink in his body.

Julie smiled at Courtney's joke, but she felt her heart beat rapidly, and she felt her vagina gush as she looked at the incredible body before her that only a few hours before was fucking her. Julie knew she had resolved to have nothing more to do sexually with Alex, and now she felt that resolve melt quickly at the sight of his magnificent body. His muscled arms, his shoulders, the tightly muscled abs, the legs were all taken in by Julie as she felt butterflies in her stomach.

She was secretly thankful that Courtney was at the table with them, because she did not know if she could have resisted touching Alex if she were not there.

"So what are you going to do with the day, Alex?" Julie asked, trying to appear casual.

"Think I am going to take a walk down the beach, swim a little, check out the sights. I heard there's a nude beach about a mile down from here, I might wander in that direction." He said with a smile and a wink toward both women. "You guys are welcome to come, if you want." He said with a broad grin.

"Hmmm, I don't think Mike would want me on that walk without him, but who knows, if he is still passed out, I just might do it." Julie responded with her own beautiful smile. Courtney thought she might as well, but was tempted to go back to bed, after the night of drinking she had had.

"What time are you going, Alex?" Courtney asked.

"I'll probably swim first then go for a walk. So, I guess in about forty minutes. I'll look for you guys if you want. By the way, Julie, how is Mike doing today?

"He's still out cold. Thanks for your help again. He almost never gets that way, but when he does, he lives to regret it the next day. So, I think I will be on my own til late today. He won't want to stray too far from the bathroom and the Tylenol." Julie commented with a smile.

"On second thought, I'm not sure I am up for a long walk just yet." Courtney reconsidered. "I was pretty close behind Mike last night, and no conference this morning is really a perfect time for me to recuperate. I think I'll go back to my villa and relax for a while."

As Courtney said this, Julie and Alex's eyes met. Electricity passed between them, and Alex knew that Julie would accompany him on his walk and swim.

For her part, the moment she heard Courtney say that she would not be going on the walk, Julie looked at her black lover's beautifully defined body through his open shirt, taking in his beautifully smooth mocha skin, and she felt her loins fill with anticipation and desire. She felt her heart race, and her cheeks redden.

Julie's resolution not to repeat her infidelity melted as her eyes scanned the beautifully hot body of her lover, and her vagina tingled as it recalled for her the feel of Alex's rock hard shaft. But, as much as she lusted after Alex, she simultaneously felt the now familiar feelings of guilt that had plagued her after she left his villa.

"Courtney, are you sure?" Julie coaxed, secretly hoping that Courtney would not change her mind.

"Yeah, I would like to, but I know I can't. You two ought to explore together. I think you were the only sober ones last night. So you should have a little reward for your sobriety today." Courtney responded. "And Julie, from what I read, the nude beach holds lots of sights for women as well as men. So don't think that Alex will have all the eye candy for himself. " Courtney smiled at them both as she sipped her coffee.

"I don't know if we can do the nude beach without getting nude, Julie. Are you up for that? What would Mike think?" Alex chided his white lover.

Julie looked at Alex, and she couldn't wait to get to the beach. She felt like her lust for his beautiful body was more than she could control. "If you can do the nude beach, I can do the nude beach. As far as Mike goes, he can come along if he wants. But he made his own bed last night."

"Ooooh, I wish I were coming along Alex. I didn't realize you were going to join in the festivities." Courtney kidded.

Following breakfast, all three headed back to their respective villas. Alex had told Julie that he would meet her in ten minutes, if she still wanted to go. For her part, Julie really wanted to go with Alex, but when she got back to her villa and saw Mike lying on their bed, pangs of guilt overcame her. Although she changed into another thong which she thought Alex would like, she was torn about going with him. Her body wanted to feel her black lover, just one last time she told herself. But watching her handsome husband sleeping in front of her made the choice a difficult one.

Julie's thoughts were interrupted by a slight tap on the villa door. It was Alex, who was now shirtless and wearing his own very skimpy speedo, and holding a towel. His arms were bent at the elbows, causing his highly defined biceps to be flexed even more. Everything about the perfect mocha Adonis in front of her caused her loins to flush yet again with desire for him. His pecs and his tightly muscled upper body tapered into an incredibly thin mid section that was barely covered by his tiny bathing suit. The suit itself served to showcase his incredible package. Julie's pussy was on fire.

"Whoa, Julie. What a suit! Look at you. Does Mike know about this one? Hot, really HOT!. Look, I just wanted to check to see if you had changed your mind. It's ok if you did, but did not want to leave without you."

It was decision time for Julie. She looked away from Alex toward her sleeping husband, and then back at Alex. The physical differences between the two men were apparent immediately. Alex was still young looking and in incredible shape. Mike was showing the results of five years of comfortable marriage. As Julie turned and took in the beautifully smooth, light brown skinned stud at her door, she made up her mind. "Have not changed my mind, you did." She stepped out of the villa and walked up the beach with her new found lover.

"You wore that suit on purpose, didn't you?" She asked Alex.

"Yep. And, I'm glad I did."

Julie poked at his hard mid section playfully. "You think you have me right where you want me, don't you? You think all you have to do is show me a little of your buffed out body, and I can't resist, is that it?"

"I hope so, because if that doesn't work, I will have to go to plan B."

"What's 'plan B'"? Julie asked, curiously.

"Plan B is exposing myself to you."

"And why do you think 'plan B' will work? She asked.

"Plan B will work because the way I read you last night was that you absolutely love my black cock, and cannot resist it." Alex said with a broad grin, placing his arm around her shoulder as he said it. They were now far from the resort and about to enter the nude bathing area. Julie noted that Alex's cock was beginning to swell. She felt her own vagina tingling with anticipation.

"Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" She asked.

"Yep. And I hope after our walk all doubts of your own will be gone as well. I hope you will find me as totally and completely irresistible as I find you. And speaking of bathing suits……..who was the first one here to flaunt his or her beautiful body? Not me. It was you. What I'm wondering is who you were trying to impress, or are you just a tease?" Alex was now the one on the offensive.

"No one. I just thought if I got some attention, and Mike noticed it, he'd be jealous. But now I am loving the attention it brought me. Can we sneak into one of those dunes? I don't think I can walk any longer without having you in me." Julie grabbed the edge of Alex's suit and pulled it and him toward a sand dune.

"Did you bring sun screen? I think we might be here for a while." Alex asked.

"I already put it on…….and don't worry about your cock getting burned, I guarantee that it won't see much sunlight."

Julie took Alex's towel and spread it on the white sand. She then faced her black lover and wrapped her arms around his hard mid section. She stepped closer and the two embraced in a long and sensual kiss, Alex's cock growing rock hard and pressed into Julie's abdomen. As they kissed, Alex's hands deftly removed Julie's top and thong bottom. He moved back slightly as he let her slip his speedo down his legs. The two lovers, then lay on the towel naked and continued their passionate kissing, touching, licking, caressing.

"I still don't have any condoms, babe. Are you sure you want to?"


Alex slid into his white beauty. She was as wet and tight as she had been hours earlier. But now her kissing was more aggressive, and the way she ground on his black love shaft with her vagina was almost frenetic. Alex loved her responsiveness as a lover. As he slowly fucked her, he lay atop of her gorgeous white body taking in her beautiful breasts. He positioned himself on his elbows so he could watch her facial reactions as he pushed in and pulled out of her. Julie loved watching her hot black lover's beautifully shaped torso moving up and down as he pumped in and out of her. Slowly their mutual orgasms built, and now alone on the beach, Julie's screams of pleasure were loud and expressive of the intensity and depth of her satisfaction. Alex pumped huge amounts of sperm into his lover, now that his body had had time to produce more of his love juices.

Julie loved the feel of him, both how his cock pulsed and throbbed in her pussy and how his hard and tight body felt on top of her. The thought of pregnancy passed across her mind. But she dismissed it easily against the backdrop of the pleasure he was providing her with. After an hour of love making, the two lovers walked back to Alex's villa. It was now mid morning. They greedily stole the time they had left before Mike awakened to his very changed world.

Alex had been right, after the love making of the morning, Julie was hopelessly addicted to her new lover. She knew she would do anything he wanted her to, anytime he wanted. And, she hoped he wanted her often.

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Mike is DEFINITELY an ass-hole! He's got a very attractive wife and gets himself passed-out drunk and leaves her to be a fucking slut! .....And that's all she is, is a fucking slut! Mike and Juliemore...

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Black cock is so enticing, love it xoxoxoxoxo Annette

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Ild story


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