tagMind ControlJulie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 03

Julie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 03


Julie returned to her villa at about one in the afternoon. She and Alex had spent the better part of four hours making love to one another in just about ever conceivable position possible. Julie loved how creative Alex was in his love making. She had never before been with a guy who had been able to fuck her in a standing position as he faced her, or one who fucked her as he stood behind her and embraced her with one hand while he slid his thick, black, and rock hard member in an out of her dripping vagina, which he was fingering with his other hand.

Probably the position she liked the most was the one where she lay on her back and Alex lifted her left leg while scissoring her right leg between his and fucked her with his body at a right angle to hers. This position allowed Julie to watch and touch Alex, and it allowed Alex's cock its most complete penetration. He also had more freedom to gyrate his onyx pleasure club around the walls of Julie's vagina, providing her with incredible sensations she had not before experienced in love making. As he fucked her like this, he was able to fondle her breasts, and he could feel his cock repeatedly hitting her cervix as it pumped deeply into his eager white lover.

Julie always considered Mike to be a great lover, and she loved the feel of him as they had sex together. But Mike was content with using the same two or three positions all of the time. Further, once Mike had climaxed, he was pretty much done. Alex, on the other hand, did not even get soft after he reached his orgasm. Instead, he continued to caress and kiss Julie gently, and he would begin fucking her again with very little time between orgasms. And the feel of his very thick black cock was unbelievable for Julie. Its size was much larger than she was used to, both in terms of thickness and length. But what Julie also noticed was how incredibly hard Alex's cock was. Whether he was fucking her mouth, or her vagina, or her ass, Julie could not get over how hard and stiff it was.

As they made love that morning, Alex seemed to have an incredible amount of energy, all of which he was devoting to satisfying Julie. Several times as she reached an orgasm, Julie wondered to herself if she was providing Alex with the same level of pleasure that he was giving her. She had tried very hard to keep up with him, but he seemed never to tire, and she hoped that her own love making skills would continue to keep him interested in her.

She loved it when he kissed her gently, and then forcefully. She also loved the feel of his remarkably toned body, and of course his incredibly large and stiff cock. She also loved running her hands through his soft "mini dread" hairdo as he buried his face in her crotch while he tongued and sucked her labia, and tongue fucked her vagina. Julie's vagina was absolutely drenched due to her multiple orgasms with her black lover. Alex inserted his fingers into her and used the mixture of her cum and his to lube her anus, which he had fucked several more times that morning. Julie realized that Alex's appetite for sex and variety was a strong one, and she had done things with him that she had done with no man, until now.

Now, as she inserted the plastic key into her villa door, her emotions were running deep and strong. On the one hand, her body was still basking in the afterglow of incredibly satisfying sex. Every part of her body was still recalling the intense pleasure that it had just been treated to by her ebony lover. She was tired, yet she felt satisfied and content that she had just had sex with a remarkably handsome black stud who apparently found her every bit as desirable as she found him. On the other hand, Julie's feeling of guilt was incredible. She knew she had been unfaithful to Mike for the second time in less than twenty-four hours. He did not deserve this from her, and yet she knew now, if Alex wanted her again, she would give herself to him.

Then, almost frantically she recalled that she had to visit the resort's pharmacy to purchase a pregnancy test, and she hoped some intermediate form of birth control. She prayed that she was not yet pregnant, and if she wasn't, she planned to keep things that way.

As Julie entered the room, Mike was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel fastened around his waist. He had obviously just showered and his medium length black hair was tousled around his head. Mike's upper body was nicely defined and toned, with a slight indication of just a little more weight than he sported years earlier when they got married. But Julie knew that Mike's remarkably handsome face and well crafted body still turned lots of women's heads. What surprised her when she first caught sight of him was that she actually felt her body, particularly her vagina, react to the handsome, half naked stud in front of her. Even after fucking with Alex the night before and all morning long, Julie looked at Mike and felt a wave of lust wash over her being.

His face was probably his best feature, but his body was also perfectly proportioned and cut. In fact, as Julie watched her husband exit the bathroom in the light of their villa room, she thought that he had actually trimmed down a little, and was very close to his weight of earlier days. Julie also noticed the protuberance of his cock under the fabric of the towel. His cock was certainly not the size of Alex's, but here again, Julie thought that Mike's cock's was really the biggest she had seen in any of her sexual encounters in her high school or college days. Mike looked up at his wife and spoke first.

"Babe, I am so sorry. I have no clue what happened to me, but I hope I didn't embarrass you last night. Up until about an hour ago, I felt like I wanted to die, but finally I am starting to feel better now. I am sorry. How was your conference this morning? From the looks of you, it must have been a short one." He smiled as he scanned her mini top and thong bottom.

"It's okay hon, you were not a huge problem. Alex carried you back here last night after you passed out. I went for a swim after we deposited you here, and this morning our conference was cancelled because the presenter was ill. So I went for a walk along the beach with Alex and enjoyed the sights on the nude beach, which is about a mile up from here."

Mike moved in the direction of Julie, embraced her and delivered a long and passionate kiss to her. She panicked slightly, thinking he would smell Alex's scent on her, but he did not seem to. Mike's hands wandered down to Julie's ass, and pulled it toward him, causing her to feel his now hardening cock, pressing through the towel and into her drenched labia.

As she felt her husband's excitement, Julie was surprised to find that she too was excited as he held her body to his. Somehow, she thought it would be a taboo pleasure to have her husband's seed mixed in her vagina with that of her black lover's. Julie's hands wandered up her husband's torso, feeling from his abs to his chest. Then, she let her hands drop to his towel, and they tugged at it gently, causing it to fall away and allowing his now hardened cock to wedge itself between her very wet labia..

Mike and Julie continued to kiss as he navigated her to their bed. He pushed Julie back onto the bed gently, and then he knelt on the floor in front of her and spread her legs. Julie spread her thighs apart and felt a thrill wash through her as she knew her handsome white husband was about to suck her juices along with those of her ebony lover's from her drenched vagina.

As Mike knelt at the edge of the bed with Julie lying on her back with thighs spread, he extended both hands so that he could hold and massage her wonderfully full and round breasts while he ate his wife's pussy. As he did this, Julie ran her hands through his thick tousled hair. When his face pressed into her drenched pussy, he felt its wetness immediately. He was surprised right away with how incredibly wet she was, especially since they had not had sex for nearly two days. Not only was she drenched, but she tasted somewhat different to him as his tongue and lips began their eager massage of his wife's pleasure chute. Julie moaned, and her body twitched in pleasure as her husband's lips, and tongue, and face came into contact with her vagina that had been so hotly and repeatedly ravaged by her new black lover over the previous twelve hours.

Having Mike sucking on the mixed vestiges of Alex's and her own love juices provided Julie with a twisted pleasure. She thought to herself, "If he's going to get drunk on me, then he deserves to suck another man's cum from my pussy. If he had behaved himself, none of this would ever have happened. Now, he can taste what he caused." And, he felt so good as he sucked her, her abdomen and stomach were tingling once again with sexual arousal and excitement.

Because she could feel how wet she was, Julie commented to Mike at the outset of his sucking, "I have been thinking of doing this with you naked on the beach for the past twelve hours. You feel so good, honey."

"Sorry again. If I had known you were this horny, I would definitely have held off last night. But, we can take care of that right now." Then Mike pulled back from his wife, just to examine visually Julie's pink lips that he had so many times massaged with his tongue and lips and fingers. His own thick eight inch rod with its beautifully shaped mushroom head was now at full mast, and ready to fuck the love of his life.

But, what Mike saw when he spread her labia was not what he expected. He was puzzled as he gazed at and fingered Julie's hungry pussy. What he saw was what looked like a very, very moist and puffy pair of labia that appeared almost red, not their usual pre sex pink. What's more, Mike was further surprised to see what clearly looked like the residual mixture of vaginal fluids with semen, a very milky fluid that was more than just his wife's usual horny response to his advances. Mike could not believe it, it made no sense to him at all, but Julie's red and puffy lips, the abundance of post sexual female/male love juices both seemed to be screaming at him that Julie had just had sex, and not with him. Red flags went up everywhere in his mind, even as his mind was telling him that "Not a chance. It must be the lingering effects of your drinking that's making you have these irrational thoughts."

Mike put two fingers deep into Julie's vagina, and manipulated them around its walls. Julie moaned her approval, and her body pushed itself into his fingers. When Mike removed his fingers, he saw only more evidence in support of his irrational thoughts – his fingers were covered with Julie's fluids, but they had the unmistakable milky residue of someone's cum on them as well, a lot of it.

Mike felt himself getting sick, but his mind fought it back. He reasoned that this could not possibly, not ever be the case. He was imagining, or overplaying the evidence before him. As if to prove himself wrong, Mike stood, and lay on his beautiful wife who embraced him passionately, kissing him. His throbbing cock entered her, and at once he knew. Julie had fucked someone else. And, it had happened fairly recently. Her pussy had the unmistakable feel it has after they had had sex multiple times. It was drenched, seemed stretched. In fact, Mike realized that as he fucked her, that her pussy felt just like it did when they had had a prolonged session of love making, fucking many times.

For her part, Julie had no idea what was going through Mike's mind. He was performing better than usual, seemed to be fucking her with abandon. She loved the feel of him inside of her, but also had the thought that the feel of Mike was very much different, less erotic for her than the feel of Alex. Alex was bigger, stronger, and his cock filled her in a way that she had never felt before.

Yet, Julie reveled in being fucked by Mike because he did feel very satisfying to her, and she thought that any time she wanted to be satisfied by her new lover, she could do that as well. She was surprised to feel her own building climax as Mike pounded her repeatedly, and they seemed to cum simultaneously, collapsing into one another. Mike kissed her passionately, and she returned the passion. He was hoping against hope that his observations were not founded in anything more than too much alcohol. But, as his mind raced, it began to focus on what Julie had told him about last night and this morning, that Alex had carried him back to the villa, and that she and Alex has taken a swim last night, and a walk this morning. Mike was going to do some snooping.

While Julie and her co-workers were in an afternoon conference, Mike used the time to sidle up to the bar and nurse a beer and get friendly with the bartender who had served him up so many wonderfully deadly island specialty drinks yesterday afternoon and evening. "No hard stuff for me today, just a couple of beers, til my head shrinks back to its normal size." Mike joked with the barkeep, whose name he quickly learned was Drew.

"Sorry dude, I should have warned you, but I had no idea who was drinking what. Those fruit cups with rum will do it every time. Anyway, those two woman you were with arranged for their jacked black friend to get you back to your villa. You didn't every blink an eye when he scooped you up and carried you outta here. You were down for the count.

"Yeah, and I didn't awaken til late morning. I was out cold the whole time. So, did the women make it back here after I was carried off?" Mike asked, probing to get information, and hoping that Drew might have seen something.

"Actually, no. But I did see the pretty one, the one with the thong, walk out to the water with the black guy. And, after their swim, I think he got lucky with her, because I saw the two of them go into that villa that faces the water over there. In fact, I saw them together again this morning as I was camped out on the nude beach. Great sights there if you have not walked down there yet. They went by me, and then I saw them duck between a couple of dunes further down the beach. I'd say they liked what they did last night so much, that they decided to continue it this morning." Drew added with a smile and a wink of his eye. He had no idea that he had just provided Mike with information that confirmed his deepest fear. Mike's stomach was in knots, he felt like he was going to throw up right there.

"Are you sure it was the one with the thong that he was with? I thought he was interested in the other babe." Mike was hoping against hope that Drew would say he was not sure. But that was not to be.

"Dude, I am certain. There's no mistaking one for the other. The black dude obviously has good taste. And, when I saw the two of them come out from between the dunes, there's no doubt what they had been doing. They were both carrying their bathing suits, and were touching and kissing. Christ, I thought she was hot in her thong, but when I saw her walking totally naked, man she was fucking beautiful. And, I'll tell you what, I am sure she had just had the time of her life riding the huge black club he had between his legs. He was only partially hard when they came back out, but his thing was fucking enormous. Having a jacked body like his makes him a chick magnet to begin with, but once the babes see his equipment, I am certain they want to keep going back for more."

Mike felt sick at the thought of Julie and Alex fucking together. He also felt incredible anger building within him at the thought of being betrayed by his wife. He had no idea how long Julie had been fucking Alex, but it was now Mike's intention to make them both pay for their sins. He finished his beer and went directly to the resort's media center.

Mike gained access to Alex's room while the maids were cleaning, and Alex and Julie were still at their afternoon conference. The maids thought that it was Mike's villa they were cleaning, so they said nothing when he stayed as they finished up and left. He set up the wireless cameras and microphones in such a way that one would have no idea that they were even there. Then, Mike checked the laptop in his room to make sure that images of Alex's villa were being transmitted live to his computer. Indeed the pictures were very clear from all angles. Mike's impromptu stage now needed only the unwitting players to act out a scene or two for the enjoyment of their unwitting audience.

From his villa, Mike placed a call to the airline and moved his flight from the end of the week to the first one out the next morning. No, his wife would not be traveling with him, he told the airline representative on the other end of the phone.

Mike did not have to wait long for the players act out their first scene.

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