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Julie's Been Naughty


"Where the hell have you been," I said as Julie came in the door.

"Oh, oops. I didn't think you'd still be up," Julie said.

Julie had gone out to a party with some of her friends. I hadn't felt like going, so I'd hung around at home reading, watching TV, surfing the net and finally just waiting for her to get back. She was late, very late. She had opened the door as quietly as she could, shoes in her hands, obviously intending to sneak upstairs to bed without waking me. The trouble was, I wasn't asleep.

Already pissed off, I leaped up off the couch and stalked over to her. Julie was standing in the doorway, her head down, looking very sorry. She was also looking damn hot. She had worn one of her wildest outfits to the party. The little black top was barely more that a bra with fringe, shiny and thin enough that you could see her areolas through it if you looked even a little closely. The matching skirt was so short it barely covered her ass. She usually wore a thong with it. Had I known that was what she'd be wearing, I wouldn't have let her go out alone.

"The party ran late," Julie said apologetically. "I'm sorry I didn't call. It was a little crazy."

As I got closer to her, my eyes were fixed on her breasts. Pissed off or not, I loved looking at her, especially at the swell of her full breasts. Then I noticed something odd. The inner slopes of her breasts, pressed together by that sexy little top, were oddly shiny.

"Wait," I said, looking more closely at her breasts. It was as if they had something wet and sticky on them. "Julie, what is that?"

"What?" she asked, looking away, trying to look innocent.

I reached out roughly and grabbed hold of her top, pulling it toward me. As I did, I could see her whole bare breast. I could see her nipple. It looked swollen and hard and there little red marks all around it. The inner slope of her breast and her cleavage was covered in thick, sticky fluid.

"What the hell is this, Julie?!" I barked.

Julie lowered her head, her face flushing red.

"It's..." she said in a whisper.

"It's what?" I snarled.

"It's cum," she answered.

I was staggered. Julie and I had been married for a couple of years. We had a non-traditional relationship. Neither of us was really big on monogamy and we'd had some wild times together. We weren't really swingers mostly because, at the time, we hadn't know what it meant. We hadn't clearly defined that aspect of our relationship, and now the result of that vagueness was oozing between my wife's tits.

"I'm sorry," Julie said, seeing the look on my face, "Things got a little out of hand."

"A little out of hand," I shouted, "You come home with cum on your tits and you say things got a little out of hand?! Get your ass upstairs!"

Head down, looking meek, she started upstairs and I followed. From below, I could see the bottom of her firm, sexy ass peeking out under her little back mini-skirt. However angry I was, I couldn't help but admire the view. I fell back a step to get a better look. What I got was another gut-wrenching shock.

"What the fuck?!" I shouted, "Julie, where the hell are your panties?"

She stopped and looked back over her shoulder at me. There was no doubt about it, from where I was standing I could plainly see her bare ass and, worse, her naked pussy peeking out between her gorgeous thighs.

"Well, I kinda lost them," she said softly.

"You lost them?" I shouted, incredulous. "You lost them? Get your bare ass into the bedroom, right now!"

We walked the rest of the way up the stairs in silence. I couldn't take my eyes off Julie's firm ass or look away from the glimpses of her pussy between her legs. I wondered where and how she had "lost" her panties and what had happened afterward. I wondered if it was my imagination or was her ass a little red, as if it had been spanked? Did her pussy really look wet and puffy, as if she had been...

I followed her into the bedroom without a word. She sat down on the edge of our bed. I stood over her, staring down. She wouldn't look up, wouldn't look at my face. It didn't matter, I wasn't looking at hers. My eyes were locked on the slowly drying cum between her breasts.

"I'm really sorry," Julie said quietly, "I was drinking and dancing with some guys and... things just got out of hand."

"Yeah," I said, my voice feeling thick and harsh in my throat, "Yeah, they really did."

I reached down and turned her face to look at me. Suddenly, something swelled inside me, rushing outward from my groin to fill my entire body. It was hot red rage and blazing fiery passion like I had barely known. I surged forward, grabbing Julie's shoulders and throwing her back onto the bed. She landed with a frightened shriek. She looked up at me, her eyes wide. Her breath was coming in quick gasps that made her cum-covered tits swell in her little black top. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

"Now things are going to get out of hand here," I growled savagely. "For starters, you won't need this."

I leaned forward and with a quick, rough twist pulled apart the front clasp of Julie's little black top. Her full breasts popped free, released from the tight fabric. There was no doubt now that Julie's breasts were dotted with little red hickeys. Even her nipples looked swollen and red.

"Looks like they loved your tits at the party," I growled, "and I know you liked showing them off... getting everyone hard. I know how much you like hard cock."

I stepped back to look at her. Julie's eyes were closed, her face red. Her abused breasts were heaving with every breath. She had fallen with her legs slightly spread. Her little skirt had ridden up and I could see her puffy, wet pussy.

"You like hard cock so much," I growled again as I undid my belt, "now you're going to get some more."

Roughly, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my dick. I was so hard it hurt. My dick seemed to pulse with every savage beat of my heart, surging at Julie as if it had its own, separate rage that needed to be satiated. Reaching down, I grabbed Julie by the back of her neck and pulled her into a sitting position in front of me.

"You like hard cock?" I demanded.

"I love hard cock," Julie whispered, her eyes downcast.

"Well here's another one for you," I snarled, "Suck it!"

Still holding the back of her neck, I pulled Julie's head toward my dick. Off balance, she reached out and braced her hands against my thighs. Her lips bumped against the tip of my dick and I rubbed it against her mouth. Julie's tongue darted out and started to lick around my tip. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started to lick down the length of my dick. I groaned, enjoying the sensation. Suddenly, I grabbed her head.

"No," I growled, " I didn't say lick. No more teasing..."

I pushed her head down on my dick, forcing it between her lips. She struggled to keep her balance and adjust the sudden intrusion in her mouth. Julie gave great blowjobs, but she had never been able to take me very far into her mouth. My shaft was too thick for her and she couldn't suppress her gag reflex enough to take it comfortably. This night, I didn't care. Holding the back of her head, I pushed harder, driving my shaft deeper into her mouth.

"Yeah," I groaned, "that's it. Deeper, take it deeper."

Julie struggled, doing her best to accommodate me. Her mouth was warm and wet. Her head bobbed as she tried to take me in. I thrust with my hips, holding her head steady and literally fucking her face. I could feel my balls starting to tingle with that old familiar feeling. Suddenly, I pulled out of her mouth and shoved her back onto the bed.

"Enough," I groaned, "You're not getting out of this that easily. I'm just getting started with you. Roll over."

Julie meekly turned over to lay on her belly. I pushed her mini-skirt up around her waist.

"Yeah, let's see that lovely ass," I said, "I bet they loved it at the party."

I pulled my belt from around my waist and looped one end around my hand.

"You're a bad girl, Julie," I growled, "and now your going to pay for it."

With a sharp slap, I brought my belt down across Julie's bare ass. She yelped and jumped. The leather strap left a line of red against her already pink backside. My arm rose and fell - smack. Rose and fell again - smack - and again - smack! Julie moaned.

"Oh," I muttered, "you like that do you?"

I brought my arm down as hard as I could across the top of her thighs. Julie shrieked.

"You like that?!" I demanded, the belt cracking against her ass and thighs again.

"AHHH!" Julie yelled.

"Yeah," I said, cracking the belt down one more time. Julie's ass and thighs were striped with red lines. "Now, you're ready," I smiled.

I threw my belt aside. I rolled Julie over and climbed between her legs. I didn't even bother to pull my pants down. Looking down at her, I rubbed my dick against her pussy. She was wet and she moaned as I pressed against her. With a groan, I pushed forward between her swollen labia into her warm, soft pussy. I slid in easily. She felt sloppy and loose. I started to plunge fiercely into her, thrusting as hard and as deep as I could. Julie moaned and thrashed under me.

I reached down with a hand, my thumb searching and finding the place where our bodies met. Julie cried out as I rubbed my thumb roughly against her hard little clit. All the while, I continued to thrust savagely into her well used pussy. Her cries climbed upward as her hips started to thrust in time with mine. Gasping, Julie quivered and shook as she came, her hips arched against me. I buried myself deep inside and waited.

When her orgasm had subsided, I pulled my still hard dick out of her pussy. She looked up at me, startled.

"That's right," I said, "I'm not done with you yet."

I pushed my pants off and climbed up to straddle her chest. Julie smiled for the first time and squeezed her tits together around my hard shaft. Slowly and steadily, I started to slide my dick through the wet passage between her breasts. Julie moaned.

"You like that," I groaned, "The feel of hard cock between your tits."

"Yes," Julie answered passionately, "I love it."

After everything else, that was too much. I howled, pumping a heavy load of thick white cum between her tits, to mingle with the sticky cum that already covered them. I rolled off her.

"You," Julie said lovingly, "are the best. The very best."

I lay next to her, sated. After a while I said, "So, you want to tell me what did happen?"

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