tagLoving WivesJulie's Fortuitous Stud

Julie's Fortuitous Stud


Julie's sex life was non-existent, unless fantasy and masturbation counted. She had married the only man she had ever had sex with. He was sexually dysfunctional, had a problem with premature ejaculation, amongst other things. This caused him to orgasm before he was completely hard, sometimes before he even got it out of his pants. She was left frustrated most of the time. To say that her first experience with sex was underwhelming was an understatement.

Not long after their first child was born he lost almost all interest in sex with her. He moved to the spare bedroom they were using as a home office. At first it was just to work on the home computer, but he soon began sleeping there, more and more, until he finally made the move permanent. Once or twice a month, when he was drinking, he'd quietly creep into her room to share her bed for a quickie. In retrospect, the only reason she could come up with for this behavior was, that when alcohol stripped away his inhibitions, he gave into his need for human contact. She began to detest those sessions, but felt it was her duty as a wife to comply. One of these, one sided, trysts got her pregnant again. After that he hardly ever came to her bedroom again.

Having grown up with a divorced mother, and an abusive step-father, she wanted better for her children. Wanting them to have as normal a childhood as she could provide, she confronted Dan. After a lot of prodding he finally admitted that he had been living in denial, that he was having, an on again, off again, affair with another man. He asked if she wanted a divorce, but she was still thinking of what was best for the kids. They hammered out an agreement that they would try and maintain a normalcy around the house until the children were grown. She had no qualms about dedicating her life to her children, and he did his best to be a normal dad to them. He'd even lie in bed with her at night until the kids were asleep, then he'd creep back to his room.

She was relieved that the issue had been resolved, even if it did leave her in never land, as far as companionship and her sex life were concerned. Maybe she'd take a lover, the very thought made her chuckle. She didn't exactly have men lined up at her door. She had been with Dan since before she began college, and they never had a wide circle of friends. When she reflected on their relationship she realized that it was dysfunctional from the start. He was a suppressed homosexual and she was less than gregarious, to say the least. As a matter of fact, when her marriage fell apart, she realized that she had no close friends. They ended up together to keep from being alone.

By the time her kids were school age, she was still only 29 years old. A twenty nine year old housewife, home alone for most of the day, who's healthy sex drive, which seemed to be on hold for most of her life, began to demand attention. It started innocently enough, daring herself to masturbate while watching a particularly hot love scene on a daytime soap opera. Getting herself off in her living room, in mid morning, made her feel risqué. She found it extremely arousing, it was the first time in her sheltered sex life that she felt adventurous and naughty. She had masturbated in her bed, and the shower, plenty of times, but this was different. Doing it in broad daylight in her living room, feeling exposed and open to being discovered, thrilled her to no end.

Even she was perplexed by what was happening to her. It was as if she was a twelve year old girl in a twenty nine year old woman's body, making up for what she had missed. She turned it into her own private sex game, masturbating regularly in almost every room in her house, while doing her daily chores.

She owned a small porcelain figurine of a duck with it's neck extended straight out. It wasn't a big stretch for her to recognize it as a sex toy. A sex toy which afforded her some extraordinary orgasms, and then sat benignly on her mantle. It went unnoticed by everyone else, but just the sight of it could give her a pussy throb. It turned her on to think that her dildo was sitting right there on her mantle for all to see. Especially when they had company and one of Dan's friends would notice it, she would think to herself, if only you knew where that little head was this morning. Her pet name for her improbable pleasure toy was her little fuck duck.

Her newly unleashed sex drive took a big step from fantasy, and adolescent masturbation, to the real thing when Brad came into her life. On that day she was following her normal routine. Getting the kids prepared for school, then walking them the two blocks to where the school bus picked them up. As she was walking back home, those familiar, sensual, thoughts pervaded her mind again and morphed her from super mom to closet vamp.

Wearing only high heels, which made her feel extra sexy, she was half reclined on her sofa, slowly, teasingly, fingering her clit when the doorbell rang. She raced to her bedroom and grabbed a robe. While still securing the belt she pushed the button on the front door intercom.

" Yes, who is it?" she asked.

"Hi, my name is Brad, your husband Dan asked me to come by and install his new computer."

Oh yeah, she had forgotten that Dan had told her earlier in the week that he was sending someone over to do something, or other, with his computer.

She opened the front door and came face to face with the bluest, piercing, eyes she had ever seen. She wasn't a good judge of age, but she figured he was, maybe, a couple of years younger than her. In any case she felt a mutual attraction between them almost immediately.

His face lit up, and he smirked like he had won the lottery, when he saw how she was dressed. The way he looked at her sent shivers through her. She crossed her arms over her breasts to hide her aroused nipples which she felt were protruding through her silken robe. She noticed his eyes glance down to notice her high heels. She was sure that he must be wondering why she's wearing heels with a bathrobe.

"Where do you want me to set this up?" he asked, bringing her back to reality.

"Oh, er, follow me" she said, leading him to Dan's bedroom/home office.

His eyes were glued to her bouncing ass, under the clinging fabric of her robe, as he walked behind her. By the time they got to Dan's room he already had a semi hard-on. When he deposited all of the equipment he was carrying unto Dan's desk, he turned and faced her. She had no trouble discerning the awakening cock in his jeans, because he made no attempt to hide it. She sure wasn't accustomed to this kind of blatant behavior from a man she had never met, or from any man for that matter. She tried to ignore it, and pretend she didn't notice, but the bulge only became more prominent. Everything was happening too quickly, she got flustered and didn't know where to focus her eyes, or what to say. Suddenly she developed a severe case of cold feet.

"I'll be in the kitchen if you need me" she said, then quickly left the room. After stewing over it for few moments alone, feelings of shock and excitement began to ebb. When she was calm enough to be able to think rationally once again she felt stupid and immature. There was a very attractive man in her house who, obviously, wanted to have sex with her. OK, it was the first time she had met him, but he wasn't like a stranger in off the street. He did work for her husband, she'd even spoken with him on the phone a couple of times. She knew she was justifying, which made her realize how much she wanted it to happen.

All of her masturbation fantasies were of being bold when having sex with a man. Now that she had her chance she acted like a school girl. For once she would like to know how it felt to be impetuous, to throw caution to the wind, and follow her basic instincts. She was tired of being a miss goody two shoes, and God knows she had no reason to stay faithful to her husband. She always felt the wanton side of her existed, but because of her "good girl" fixation, she refused to go there.

Suddenly her burgeoning confidence took a hit when her negative side asked who she thought she was fooling. That she'd never have the courage to go through with it.

With the wind taken out of her sails, she decided to change into something less provocative. She went to her bedroom and slipped out of the robe. She scrutinized her image in the full length mirror. Naked in her high heels, she felt she cut a pretty sexy figure. She went to her underwear drawer and took out a bra, then put it back. Fuck it, she thought, if this is going to happen, I may as well play my part. The robe and heels had aroused him earlier, so she'd give him what he wanted. With renewed resolve she put her robe back on and headed back. Back to what, she didn't know, but her new determination had her all a flutter once more.

When she returned to the kitchen he was standing there waiting for her.

"I feel like I offended you" he said, "if I did I want to apologize."

"No" she said, "you didn't do anything." She felt herself blush so she changed the subject. She offered him a cup of coffee and they sat, sipped, and chatted for a long time. He was a very nice man, very easy to talk to. After a half hour chat he had her laughing and feeling good about herself, and feeling very comfortable in his company.

"I better get back to work" he said, "you're husband is not paying me to chat up his wife." She smiled at the irony of his statement.

She followed him back to Dan's room and watched him as he went about his work. Now as she considered all that had happened and got to know him a little better the tables had turned. She was the one who wanted him now, longing to see that bulge reappear in his jeans, as proof that he still he wanted her. It didn't seem as though he was going to raise the issue again, so if she wanted to fulfill her own growing desires it was up to her to broach the subject. She felt panic well up in her as she got ready to ask him a question. This was it for her, now or never, do or die, if she wanted sex with him she had to let him know. She swallowed hard and asked "why did you feel you had offended me?"

"Because I did something stupid" he replied.

"What?" she asked, knowing exactly what he meant but wanting to hear him explain it. The anticipation had her shaking.

"You know, making it obvious that I was attracted to you" he said.

"What did you do?" "I must have missed it" she lied.

"Oh, OK then" he replied "if you didn't notice, we can forget it, I don't want to embarrass you."

"Now you have me intrigued" she pressed, "don't be shy, I don't embarrass easily."

The lights finally went on for him and he realized that she was playing him. "OK" he said, "I got sexually aroused when I first saw you, I thought you noticed." The sexual innuendo was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Oh my" she said in her best innocent voice, "you got aroused because of me?" She was surprised that her voice didn't crack because she was so nervous and excited.

She glanced at his crotch, as if asking if he could reproduce it for her. Now that he knew the game was on again he became very interested. As they continued to trade, knowingly, provocative banter, a swelling began to become apparent in his jeans once again. This time there was no question as to her noticing it, her eyes were riveted on it.

"Am I embarrassing you now?" he asked.

"No" she replied in a calm voice while looking straight at his growing excitement, "I'm curious though, can you do that on demand?"

"Only if there's a beautiful woman in the room" he told her.

Good answer, she thought. Hearing a man tell her she was beautiful made her head swim, it had been so long since she felt like a sexual being. Not to talk of a man seeing her that way.

"Now that I've shown you something" he said, running his hand over the bulge in his jeans, "why don't you show me something."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Like what's under that robe." he said, "I've been itching to find out from the moment I saw you."

"OK!" she quickly replied, before she could lose her nerve. To most women, what she was about to do would be considered foreplay teasing. To her it was an act of courage, and a leap of faith, of astounding proportions.

Her hands trembled as she reached for the belt around her waist. As the cleavage of her unfettered breasts became apparent, he began disrobing.

Never, in her wildest dreams, did she conceived of herself doing anything like this. All the reasons why she shouldn't reverberated in her head. She knew there's be guilt and recrimination to deal with later, but the excitement of the moment made that pale in comparison. She was starved for attention, for a boost to her ego, but most of all, for a man's touch to reaffirm her womanhood. If she couldn't get it from a love affair, she'd settle for lust.

She heard him suck air in through pursed lips when she bared her breasts. She was uplifted by his reaction, but self consciousness forced her to speak in an attempt to mitigate her body's perceived imperfections.

"I hope you won't be too disappointed" she said, just before she let the robe drop to the floor.

It immediately became obvious that he saw none of her, perceived, body's flaws.

"I'll let this answer for me" he said, peeling his underwear down over his bulging cock.

Outside of adult movies it was the first time she had observed a man with such a robust hard-on. It was solid and free standing, pointing almost straight up. Looking every inch the alpha male, he posed for her. Maybe knowing where that eager cock would end up had tempered his tool. As for her, that expectancy had set her cunt awash in frothy anticipation.

Her heart was beating out of her chest as he walked slowly towards her. This wasn't going to be the quaint, preplanned sex with fuck duck, this was the genuine article. The kisses and caresses, the aromas and tastes, the fusing of naked bodies, were all hers to savor. She was about to feel a real man inside of her, and she couldn't be more ready for him.

He stopped just inches from touching her, his big cock straining to make contact, but he restrained himself. She liked that, a no hurry, deliberate approach. Surprisingly, she made first contact, her hand impulsively reaching out to gently caress the swollen glans of his beautiful cock. He moaned, which emboldened her. She let her hand slide down the thick shaft. When he kissed her she instinctively closed her hand around it and squeezed. It was wonderful to be fondling an aroused man, his dick as hard as rock, yet smooth as velvet.

They kissed so softly that their lips just barley made contact. He slid his tongue into her mouth, almost causing her knees to buckle. Then he pulled her tight to him, crushing his cock, and her hand between their bodies. The more passionate their kissing became, the more animated her fondling became.

Just the stimulating sensation of having his cock in her hand made her want to share that treat with her mouth. Not that it was a choice at that point, sucking his cock was, by now, something she couldn't refuse herself, even if she wanted to. She was quickly finding out that everything about sex with a normal man was lustily addictive,from enticing him with her words to handling his hard, horny cock, had her hooked. She didn't know if her total concession to her desires was love or lust, because she didn't know if she had ever experienced either. She slowly crouched in front of him, he stepped back to accommodate her. As her face neared his standing cock she was greeted with the faint smell of pee, masked by the sweet perfume of his soap.

She kissed and licked the area of the shaft just where it meets the head. She pulled his cock down to mouth level and wrapped her lips around the purple tip. When she got the head into her mouth she realized just how big his tool was. When his hips began to sway to and fro she relaxed her mouth and let him fuck her face.

"I want to fuck you so bad," she heard him groan. She was reluctant to give up the prize, she had waited so long for, just yet. But the thought of getting fucked was just too big of an allure. She stood and they locked mouths again, for the first time he touched her pussy and almost made her cum.

He licked her ear, getting it all wet and steamy. Then he whispered into it, in a voice thick with lust. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes" she heard herself say, almost crying the words.

"Tell me then," he groaned "say it" .

"Fuck me, please fuck me now" she begged impatiently.

Her words seemed to bring him to a higher level of arousal, if that were possible. Kissing her hungrily, he guided her to Dan's bed and got her to lie on her back. Through half closed eyes she looked up at him, and watched him stroke his dick while ogling her form head to toe. "You're soooo sexy" he said, in a long, drawn out manner while pleasuring himself. His words were like manna from heaven to her. Not only did they make her feel desirable, but they inflated her deprived ego. She envied his hand for providing him with such pleasure.

As he moved towards her she anticipated being pierced by his brawny cock, but instead he dropped down between her open legs. To her ecstasy he ate her pussy like an expert. He knew just where to lick and when to back off, bringing her to the heights of bliss but never bringing her to orgasm. By the time he was ready to fuck her she couldn't have been more ready for it. Still in no hurry, he slid the head of his dick up and down between her lips and over her swollen clit. He finally slipped it in and covered her mouth with his. The taste of her own juices from his lips drove her over the edge, it didn't take much more than four or five thrusts before she started coming so hard she thought she would pass out. He soon followed her into orgasm, groaning so loudly she feared the neighbors would hear.

"Oh shit, look at the time" he exclaimed as he rolled off of her. "I better get going or your husband will fire me." Those were words she never thought she'd hear.

As she lay there, with his seed oozing from her, she was aware that what they had just shared was not the same for both of them. While to her it was a wonderfully pleasurable physical experience, it also was an intimate emotional experience. Watching him hurriedly get dressed, she knew, to him, it was just another piece of tail. As the old saying goes, a woman needs a reason to have sex, a man needs a place. Her reason was loneliness and neglect. His place, ironically, was her husband's bed. Still she hoped she'd see him again. Even if he was in it only for the sex, he was very good at it.

He asked where the nearest bathroom was. Besides the en suite bathroom off of her bedroom, there was another down the hall from Dan's room. He disappeared out the door, she didn't move. When he returned several minutes later he looked at her and said. "You still look scrumptious."

"I bet you tell all the girls that" she joked.

"No, I mean it" he said, bending down to squeeze her breast and steal a kiss.

"Does that mean you'll call me?" she asked.

"I'll let this answer for me" he said, taking her hand and placing it on his crotch. She could hardly believe it, it was on the rise again.

"You're incorrigible" she said with a giggle, as she squeezed it.

With that he turned and left. She was about to roll out of Dan's bed when he reappeared in the doorway of the bedroom.

"Do you want to do it one more time?" he asked.

Aren't you afraid of getting fired?" she asked.

"It would be worth it" he answered, sincerely.

She smiled and held out her arms to him.

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