tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Just Desserts Ch. 02

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 02


"You can't do this to me! I'm an American!"

Julie was distraught and emotional. She had been ever since the customs officer had found the drugs planted in her bag. Small wonder after the trauma she had gone through in the past couple of days. Her Mexican holiday of cock teasing fun had turned decidedly sour on her.

"You stupid dago bastards, it was a set up! That greasy bitch Salma set me up!"

She was scared now and the very worst side of her explosive nature was to the fore.

"You dumb wetbacks, you fucking morons, you are being played. What is it with this fucking country, is everyone fucking stupid?"

She was wasting her breath on the policemen who had led her to this holding cell and walked away, they were almost out of earshot now. Not out of earshot however were three local prostitutes who had been busted earlier that evening for trying to turn over a client and were just waiting for their pimp to bail them out. They were not in the best of tempers anyway and listening to this beautiful American shout the odds like this was not helping. Julie hadn't even turned around in her cell to know that she was not alone, but when she did she instantly regretted her hasty shouts.

They were the perfect contrasts to Julie. Whereas she was dressed in pristine white, a knee high skirt, blouse and heels to perfectly show off her tan they were dark and swarthy and wearing the cheapest, tackiest clothes imaginable. Julie looked at them sheepishly and brushed her light brown hair back on her head and nervously smiled and stalked over to a bench at the far end of the large holding cell.

The Mexican whores street names were Cat, Nel and Apache and all three were thinking that this prissy, obnoxious American bitch offered an opportunity for a bad day to get considerably better.

"What you think you doing bitch?! That's our bench!" snarled Apache, the oldest and biggest of the three.

Julie jumped at the harsh demand and any confidence she had left after her ordeals in the village the past two days was suddenly gone. She got up fast, stumbled and apologised all at the same time, she would have been as well with a sign round her neck saying "Easy meat". The three prostitutes just chuckled.

"Why you standing over there girl? What's the matter, are we not good enough to sit with? Maybe you got something against us locals?"

Julie stammered and stuttered and figured she'd better do as the big woman instructed though she in no way wanted to go anywhere near these stinking street women. In a few steps she was surrounded by them and getting nervous and claustrophobic as she crowded round her too close for her liking. The big woman felt at the fabric of Julie's shirt and rubbed it between her fingers.

"Mmm nice, I could do with something as classy as that, you know. How about you give it to me?"

Julie tried to pull free but the large woman had a strong hold of her arm and she couldn't create any distance.

"Get off! Or I'll..."

She never finished her threat as Apache's hand quickly moved to her jaw and squeezed it easily.

"or what Yankee? You'll call the police? Don't make me laugh, they don't care about anyone down here, you won't see them again until morning and until then it's just you and us all nice and cosy in this cell. So maybe you'd better try to make friends with us. So do I have to tear that nice shirt off you or are you gonna play nice and give it to me as a present."

Apache spoke softly but there was no mistaking the threat in her words and Julie felt vulnerable and alone and could not find the courage to stand up against her. Instead she feebly nodded and unbuttoned her designer shirt, revealing a lacy white bra as she handed the shirt to Apache. There was no great heat in that stone floored and walled cell so Julie just stood there crossing her arms across her breasts and tried both to cover up and keep from being cold, hoping her shirt would placate them.

"Hey, that's not fair she get's something from you and I don't!" said Nel mischievously.

"You know I do like that skirt. What do you think girls? Would that suit me, go with my look?"

Her look, to be fair, was that of a dirty, street walking whore and maybe even that was sugar coating it. The skirt was expensive and designer but right then that was the least of Julie's worries, she knew she would have no choice but to give it to the girl and leave herself in the cell in nothing more than her bra and panties!

And so it was. Julie demurred to the street girls demand and stepped out of her skirt and handed it to Nel, revealing a pair of lacy, white panties that the third girl, Cat, showed an immediate interest in. There could be little doubt what was going to be requested next. Still they made her wait a moment, standing there in just her bra and panties as three pairs of eyes poured all over her body. The waiting for the inevitable request was excruciating and Julie wished desperately one of the cops would come down to the cell but there was no sign of them.

"I could really use a nice set of lingerie like that, I think that would go down so well with my man. Say Yankee, you gave Apache your shirt and Nel your skirt how about I get your bra and panties, only seems fair, don't it?"

It was no request, it was a demand and Julie knew it. But still she hesitated and stopped herself stripping further. She made to remonstrate with her but immediately all three of the whores adopted fierce, aggressive stances and Julie wilted, the brash confident woman of a few days was a long distant memory.

"Ok, Ok, you can have them."

Holding back tears Julie undid her bra and peeled her panties off and handed then to the girl who casually put them in her pocket. This left the American girl in nothing at all and though she tried, her two hands could not hide her modesty for long. She may have been used to showing off her terrific figure but that was to men not hostile foreign women who were obviously playing with her.

After leaving the American girl to stew in her own embarrassment for a few minutes suddenly the atmosphere changed and Apache got right up in Julie's face.

"You know bitch, what you were saying when you arrived was not very nice. I mean yes, you gave us our presents but you seem to have a pretty nasty mouth, is that right?"

Off balance Julie shook her head, these three women were really beginning to intimidate her, she was used to civilised folks and these three Mexican hookers were anything but civilised.

"What did you call us? Dago's? Wetbacks? That isn't very nice is it?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, I like you all, I mean I just finished a holiday here, I loved it. I did. It was just the cops, you know, they set me up. Planted drugs on me."

The three smiled at Julie's naivety but her story did buy her a few moments grace from their anger. They had all suffered at the hands of bent cops too. Still the American was too tempting a target not to abuse in some way.

"Aww poor little American tourist, eh? She got set up by the nasty locals. Well bitch if you're gonna survive you're gonna need friends and if you do what we want then maybe we'll be your friends. If not the we'll definitely be your enemies and you wouldn't like that."

Within five minutes Julie was on her knees and was eating out Apache's wet, hairy pussy. Whether she had been overtly forced to or not was not the issue she was down there at the behest of the Mexican bruiser and was licking her pussy for all she was worth while Apache's compatriots goaded and laughed at her. Julie was all about cock and had not dabbled with women before and this large Mexican whore was hardly a perfect place to start.

Her pussy stank and was hot and sweaty and Julie had to fight from gagging as she pressed her face between the large prostitute's thighs and began licking her. All the time she tried to convince herself 'what choice did I have?'. The other two laughed and moved behind her and began spanking Julie's ass as she ate out their friend. After a few spanks Nel spat onher fingers and lowered them to Julie's exposed pussy lips from behind and slowly began to play with them. Julie tried to protest but Apache just tightened her thighs around her head, trapping it there.

"Hey, I think she likes that, maybe you should try your whole fist!"

Nel took her friend at her word and with some major wriggling and squeezing she managed to get all her fingers and thumb inside Julie's pussy lips and began to roughly fist her while the American tried to keep licking Apache's hairy pussy. Cat, meantime, seemed content to play with herself while the other two abused the pretty American girl.

Julie was panting like a dog and sweating like a pig for a number of reasons. First, trapped in between the big woman's thighs every breath was a struggle and her head was hot as hell. Second the work out she was being given by the fisting was very physically demanding. And finally, despite herself and her humiliation at her treatment she was aroused by the hard fucking she was receiving and desperate for a touch to her clit to release her frustration. Her arousal was, however, to be swiftly forgotten when Apache climaxed herself and came all over Julie's face.

Seconds before she had clamped her fingers over Julie's nose and forced the American to totally use her mouth, then her pussy just exploded with hot, sour liquid, splattering Julie's face and pouring down her throat. It was just about the worst stuff Julie had ever tasted and all the worse for knowing exactly what it was. But there was literally nothing she could do but gulp the stuff down and pray that the hand that was in her aching cunt would soon come out and play with the front of it. It did as soon as Apache finished cumming. She released Julie's head from her thighs and she slumped to the hard floor and then came her own sweet release as Nel's fingers fount her clit and played with it.

Julie came in a gusher spraying her own hot juices all over the cell floor. Almost at the same time Cat came to, standing over Julie and it was like she was almost pissing on the American with her love juices, Julie's face and hair was glistening with sweat and cum and she just lay on the ground naked, exhausted and unable to get up. She did not even react when, five minutes later, a guard came and ushered the three whores out, their pimp having made their bail.

She was still in that prone position ten minutes later, still covered in female ejaculate when a guard and two plain clothes drugs officers came into the cell and ordered her to get up. They could hardly conceal their enjoyment as the sexy America slowly stood up, completely naked and was led from the cell to a small interview room. No one thought to offer her any clothes.

For Julie this was to be the police interview from hell.....


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