tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Just Desserts Ch. 04

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 04



On a sun, sand and sex holiday in Mexico American prick teaser Julie angers the wrong people and ends up being set up and arrested for trafficking drugs. She is then further set up into pleading guilty in the belief she will be only fined, however, instead the judge sentences her to 18 months in one of Mexico's most notorious women's prisons....


Julie had been processed with the utmost speed and now stood, still handcuffed and in her orange jumpsuit, outside a cell as the guards prepared to uncuff her. The two men with moustaches took their time releasing the cuffs and smirked nastily as they told her to take off the jumpsuit.

"What? But I'm naked under here" complained the blonde.

"So? Do you think we care you drug dealing bitch? Just take it off now or we will beat you with out batons and then strip it off your unconscious body."

The guard seemed earnest in his threat so Julie wasted no time in complying. Seconds later she stepped out of the overalls and stood in all her nakedness between the guards. They openly admired the American woman's fine figure. Her large firm breasts, her washboard slim stomach and her hard ass.

"Nice. You see Puta it would be waste to hide that from us, would it not? Besides you have an appointment with the Warden tomorrow morning and he will speak to you regarding clothing then."

The door was slid open as the guard spoke and he unceremoniously shoved Julie into the cell. They swiftly locked the cell and walked away, with one guard turning to the other and saying.

"If she survives the night that is."

The cell was mostly in shade as it was late afternoon and the electric lighting had not yet come on in the prison wings. The light was all at the front of the cell by the bars, in less than an hour when the lights did come on it would be much more harshly illuminated.

Julie stood, naked, and strained her eyes into the shadows created by a bunk bed on the left of the cell that dominated it. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice snarled from the bottom bunk.

"Turn around bitch, let's see what you ass looks like, no doubt I'll be seeing plenty of it in the near future!"

The voice was female, just, and deep and full of menace. Julie had been learning quickly during her stay in Mexico criminal justice and rather than question the command she slowly turned around to face the bars. The guards were long gone and Julie realised she was stuck in here with god knows who.

"Lean back and pull them open Yankee, I wanna see your hole!"

Julie jumped, this was a different voice, higher pitched, almost like a little girl but there was an edge of insanity to it that instantly worried her. Still she did as instructed and bent forward a little and reached her hands back to pull her tight buns apart and expose herself completely to the owners of the voices.

"Stay like that bimbo and do not turn round if you know what's good for you."

Julie fought back the tears and did as they said. She had seen where bucking the system got her and had made her mind up she was going to do whatever it took to get out of this place in one piece as quickly as possible. They left her standing there for five minutes without making another sound or move. Then Julie, by now almost quaking, heard the very definite sound of feet being swung and dropped onto the hard, concrete floor of the cell.

Julie nearly screamed as a hand came to rest on her right arse cheek and a head loomed behind her shoulder hissing.

"Reach forward and grab the bars bitch and don't turn around until I tell you to!"

Julie was not about to argue with the voice's owner who sounded like the meanest woman she had ever heard. Judging by the size of the hand on her arse she must have been a good foot taller than the petite American blonde. Julie gulped as the hand traced it's way over her ass and then gave it a harsh spank. Before Julie could react the hand had delved between her ass cheeks to poke at her asshole then push further through her thighs and prod at her shaven pussy.

"Hmmm hairless, just how I like my bitches."

Julie bit on her lower lip and tried to control her trembling as the harsh reality of her situation hit home. There was nothing she could do to prevent this, she was in prison, a convicted criminal in a foreign country and clearly seen as an easy target. The finger rubbing at her clit was rough, the breath behind her foul and the manic muffled giggles continued from deeper in the cell. Julie gave a shiver as fingers nipped her bud and began to roll it between them then the woman's second hand came up and cupped Julie's left breast and fondled it, seeking out her nipple then tweaking it.

"You are starting to get wet bitch, are you enjoying this?"


Instantly the fingers released her clit only for then the thumb to be jammed at her asshole while a pointing index finger was inserted in Julie's pussy. The face was at her shoulder again, the breath disgusting.

"Wrong answer Puta! You are enjoying this! Tell me! Aren't you? You can't wait for me to fuck you, can you"

"Y-Yes, I am enjoying this. P-Please fuck me."

The thumb came away from her asshole and another finger joined the index one in her cunt and began to pump in and out of her pussy.

"Grip those bars bitch and do not let go!"

The big woman used a third finger then a fourth and finally her thumb slipped in as Julie's got wetter and wetter. She gripped the bars and looked out at the bare, deserted corridor as she was furiously fisted from behind and she felt violated but also extremely aroused. The wet sloppy noises from below were both mortifying and exciting and the mixture of humiliation and pleasure was too much for her senses and with a loud groan her knees buckled and she was only held upright by the fist inserted in her cunt and she climaxed all over it. The fist pumped some more, making sure to get all her cum then pulled out and Julie dropped feebly to her knees, still gripping the bars, her knuckles white.

The high pitched mad voice asked.

"How does she taste?"

A deliberate licking noise followed, Julie was barely aware of anything she was s till held in the afterwash of her orgasm, one of the most powerful she had ever experienced, the stress of the past few weeks all seeming to have leaked out.

"Tastes good, here you try."

"Mmm, not bad for a Yankee."

It dawned on Julie then that they were tasting her juices back there and she could not help herself and turned around. She was horrified by what she saw. Standing up was the large woman but she could hardly be identified as a woman, her face was more that of a deformed freak. She saw Julie looking and cackled, her mouth missing nearly all her teeth, she had messy dark hair and looked for all the world like some bizarre six foot witch. She was naked and her boobs looked weird, but that was in keeping with the rest of the freak. And her pussy was the worst thing, a black, hairy mess that seemed to take up most of her mid-section. Julie felt physically sick.

Then she noticed the other woman. She was about three feet tall, a midget and as she lapped at the large woman's fist she turned and grinned maniacally at their new cell mate. Julie swooned and fainted, blissfully entering unconsciousness...


When she came round Julie's policy of doing whatever was required to stay out of trouble was sorely tested. The big woman (introduced as Big Mama) was sat astride Julie and the blonde's face was inches from the hairy jungle that was her pussy.

"It's only fair, I made you cum now you get me off!"

The view, the smell and subsequent prospect was repellent and Julie had to fight from gagging as she lay there.

"Yeah! Fair's fair!" chimed in the gleeful midget, "then it's my turn!"

The midget was called Little Mama and both prisoners were notorious in the Mexican penal system.

As Julie contemplated that prospect Big Mama slid forward on Julie's tits and pushed her hairy sex right into Julie's face so that Julie's lips, her nose and her chin were all being bristled by thick, wiry, black pubic hair. Julie squirmed and tried to move but the big woman had her pinned down against the stone floor and it was becoming increasingly obvious that the only way to get her off was, well, to get her off!

On her Mexican misadventures the American slut had already been forced to dabble in lesbian antics but this was by far the worst she had experienced. With Big Mama's sweaty thighs either side of Julie's head it was claustrophobic down there and the stale smell of her sex invaded Julie's nose and mouth before she even opened her lips and extended her tongue. In truth there was little that Julie could do but lie there and stick her tongue out and swirl it. It was the big woman that did most of the work, rubbing her pussy all over Julie's perfect features, smearing her juices and hairs all over the blondes face. Once Julie's tongue had entered between the big, swollen lips of her cunt the taste was even fouler but she had no time to react as Big Mama then started grinding herself up and down on Julie's tongue, fucking herself with it. But just as she was getting to grips with this Julie felt her own pussy being touched, this time by the right foot of the midget.

It made for an uncomfortable twenty minutes as the large freak fucked Julie's face with her cunt while the midget used her foot to fuck Julie's own cunt. The cell hummed with sexual energy and resounded with the wet noises of flesh on flesh.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Uuuuuuuuuuuugh!"

That was all Julie heard as Big Mama finally came, ejaculating hot liquid all over Julie's trapped face, coating her in slick juices, some going in her eyes, her nose and her open mouth. It was vile tasting stuff and she coughed and spluttered but still could not move as the large woman was draped over her still. When she finally did move Julie barely got time to gulp in some much needed air when Little Mama appeared standing over her and presented her foot to Julie, coated in her own sex.

"Kiss it! Lick it clean, it's your mess anyway."

Julie opened her mouth and took the whole of her foot into her mouth, gagging when the little bitch wriggled all her toes in her mouth all the time frigging herself until she came too, shooting her cum all over Julie as she gave her a foot job.

The two freaks climbed into their bunks, telling Julie that she hadn't earned a bed yet so she curled up on the cold, hard floor.


Somehow Julie found sleep eventually but just as she had slipped into it she was awoken. It was still dark, the other prisoners were not due up for an hour but three guards came into the cell grabbed Julie and dragged her out without very much resistance.

"What's going on? Where are you taking me?"

Slurred Julie as she fought to regain her senses from sleep.

"Do not worry Yankee slut! You are going to spend a day in the hole then you will see the warden."

And that was it as far as information went as the burly male guards carried her through the prison and out into the yard with day not quite broken yet. A searchlight focussed on the centre of the yard and they led Julie to it. There was a small hump in the ground and at the middle was a manhole cover. That was kicked aside and Julie found her body being dropped into it. Her legs were sheathed in what could only be compared to a metal coffin, they were pushed together and she could barely move them. Then a casing was wrapped around her arms and torso and locked with a padlock so that she was pinned in place, her head the only visible part of her about two feet up from the ground level of the yard.

"What is this?! Let me out!"

She got a slap across the cheek as she became hysterical and it worked, the blonde bit down on her lip and got a hold of herself as the slimy guard explained.

"This, bitch, is the hole. It is for the fun of all the many guards who work in this prison. We are forced to see all these women moving around in this prison and you know it is too much for some of us, so to keep from the guards attacking any of them we have this. One lucky girl gets placed in here each day and the guards have somewhere to relieve their tension and stress. You see? Anyway, even if you do not you soon will! Goodbye Seniorita, I will see you soon I think."

With the sun up the hole was a real uncomfortable place to be stuck. At about nine a shadow passed over Julie's face and while she was initially glad of the shade afforded to her she quickly realised that things were about to go up a notch.

The male guard that stood over her was smoking a cigarette and while he held it with one hand his other nimbly undid his flies and released his long, slimy dick. It was mere inches from Julie's face.

"So we have a Yankee in the hole today, always a pleasure to cover an American bitch!"

The guard then began to hurriedly wank himself off and Julie suddenly fully understood what she was going to be doing there. For a while she could not help but watch him manoeuvre his dick so close to her face but as it came close to the point of climax she screwed her eyes shut, determined not to get any cum in her eyes.

She felt it though as a spurt of thick, creamy cum splattered against her forehead and then a second and then a third, diagonally lashing the blondes pretty face. The guard grunted and took a drag on his cigarette as he squeezed out the remnants of his load into her hair. When he had done that he stubbed the cigarette out on the metal casing that Julie was trapped in and cleared his throat to spit in her now open eyes.

"Fucking bitch."

He muttered as he left her there and Julie began to realise the fact that having cum slime its way down your face is not pleasant, especially when there is nothing you can do to wipe it off. Worse still even as she blinked his spit from her eyes she could see another uniformed prison guard making his way purposefully towards 'the hole'.

A day in 'the hole' amounted to 12 long, hard hours. Julie was amazed at the number of males that worked in this female prison. It seemed as soon as one greasy spic had finished wanking off and covering the American blonde with his cum he was replaced by another. Before 10 am Julie's eyes were pretty much gummed shut being a popular target for the men. It was a day she would never forget and her previous cock teasing days seemed so far off as she stood unmoving in the hole and was continuously used as a cum depository.

Even once her face was pretty much completely covered the men still kept coming (and cumming!) her hair became more of a target and her neck and by mid afternoon her whole head just felt like a giant cum ball. When she was finally release from the hole she had her hands cuffed behind her back so she could not wipe any of the mess away and she was led the long way through the jail so that all the other inmates could see her and pass comment on her state - they were not kind. She was taken to the shower room by herself by a couple of guards and then pushed under a hot shower that slowly washed away much of the cum from her and she was finally able to just about open her eyes again.

But it is not a good position in a any jail to be naked, handcuffed and alone. Some of the guards had waited until the sexy American was brought in and were determined to do more than just blow their load over her pretty face. She felt hands on her hips, pulling her thighs apart then a hard dick pressed between her ass cheeks searching her pussy out. She gave a cry of surprise but realised she could do little to stop this so settled for biting her lip and enduring this.

Rough hands reached around her torso and pinched her nipples and she felt bristle on her chin from the unshaven bastard. Then a grunt and a shove and he was in her, fucking her under the water. Julie was shoved forward, her face against the tiles and taken like that fucked while helpless in the shower. It came to an end as whoever it was came deep inside her.

She heard steps leaving the shower and just lay there until guards came and pulled her to her feet before leading her through the prison to the Warden's office.

The Warden was a greasy man with a large moustache. Julie had a sneaking suspicion that it had been him that had just fucked her in the shower room but had no way of knowing. He was the type of guy that even a cock hound like Julie would not have touched with a barge pole before this. He waved the two guards away and that left Julie standing naked and handcuffed on one side of his desk while he leaned back in a large leather chair and lit a cigar and spoke to her.

"So you are the Yankee drug dealer that has all my guards and prisoners so excited? Maybe it is not so good to have such a beautiful slut in my prison."

Julie stood and listened not sure what he meant by this.

"You saw today how hard life can be here in my prison, did you not? If you are assigned to the wrong cell it could make your sentence feel even longer, could it not? And I hear you were a great favourite in the hole so I might feel duty bound to send you there some more. Yes life could certainly he hard here, could it not?

However, life could also be easier for you my dear. In fact I could arrange for an early release for you if you are agreeable?"

It was just what Julie wanted to hear, she would have agreed to pretty much anything by that point. She smiled encouragingly and nodded for the warden to go on. He smirked in return and did so.

"I have my own little business in the country. What you American's might call a Bordello."

Julie looked blankly at him.

"A brothel, my dear, a whorehouse."

That, the blonde understood. She was shocked but still listened. She was open to anything if it meant not enduring a day like that day again.

"If you agree to work there for three months then I will ensure you are given parole at the end of it, having made me a nice pile of money."

Julie wasn't the brightest and blinked a little.

"You want me to be a whore, a prostitute?"

The Warden nodded.

"And you'll free me? I can go back home?"

Again a nod.

"Then I guess I have to say yes."


A week later the Mexican papers reported the escape and death of an American prisoner from one of their infamous women's prisons. Julie Duncan was an American citizen convicted of drug smuggling and her family was shocked to learn of her crime and subsequent demise in a fire at a local house where she had apparently been hiding out. In common with many funerals in Mexico the body was buried almost immediately to prevent any risk of disease.

Of course Julie herself knew nothing of this story as she was settling into life at the Whorehouse and counting down the days until (she thought) she would be free again....


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