tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 02

Julie's Mistake Ch. 02


The next day Julie reported to Mr. Halstrom and told him that her meeting with Hall had gone about as well as it could have under the circumstances. Obviously, she didn’t mention anything that had gone on between them. Nor did she tell her boss that Hall had called her that morning and told her that he didn’t want her wearing a bra or panties whenever they met. Mr. Halstrom mentioned to Julie that he and Hall would be meeting this very morning to discuss the submission. He wanted Julie to be available in case Hall wanted to meet with her.

Julie went back to her office in a bit of a frazzle. She didn’t expect that Hall would be in the office that day, but she was too afraid of Hall’s reputation as a cut throat to not abide by his wishes. On the way back to her office she stopped off at the ladies room and took off her bra and panties. She looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that the sheer blouse was not made to be worn without a bra. Her big melons swayed and jiggled with her every move and the nipples stuck right through the thin material. Carrying the two pieces of underwear in her hand, Julie made her way quickly back to the safety of her office avoiding any hall or aisle that had any employees of Halstrom and Gray. Once safely within the confines of her office, she put on her suit coat to cover her nearly naked breasts.

Julie tried to work as the morning progressed, but she found herself unable to concentrate. She found that the meeting between Halstrom and Hall had already started and she wondered what Hall had told Halstrom about their meeting the day before. After what seemed an eternity, Halstrom called Julie on the intercom and told her that Hall wanted to meet with her in her office. Of course, Julie told him to come right over.

Julie sat nervously behind her oversized desk, trying to look as calm as possible. Soon enough there was a knock at the door and Julie’s secretary showed Hall into the office. To Julie’s relief, there was another man who followed Hall into Julie’s office. Hall told the man to shut the door to Julie’s office and then introduced the man as George Meyers, a friend of his that worked with the regulating body that had found the problems with the submission. Now Julie wished that she had kept her bra on, but nevertheless, she smiled nicely at the man and extended her hand to shake his.

He looked to be the typical government nerd, poorly dressed and poorly groomed, but holding a great deal of sway because of his position. His greasy hair was a bit too long and his glasses were about a decade out of style. Julie also noticed that his pants were probably purchased when his waist was a 34 instead of the 40 that he now required. As a result, his belly hung over his belt in a gross manner. He was probably in his mid fifties and looking forward to a government pension after his retirement.

Hall politely told Julie that he wanted to take a bit of her time.

Julie buzzed her secretary. “Hold my calls until after my meeting with Mr. Hall and Mr. Meyers.”

Hall began the meeting.

“George here suggested that we meet completely off the record and informally to gauge just what our position is and where we stand with the submission.”

The bureaucrat nodded seriously.

“I told him that since the submission was entirely your work that we should include you in the meeting.”

Julie recognized Hall’s subtle placement of responsibility. She wondered whether she should even be talking to Meyers if they were considering criminal charges, but she decided that not talking to him would be viewed as an admission of concern on her part about her work. She decided that the best course of action was to go ahead and meet as if nothing was wrong.

The three people discussed the situation for about half an hour. At that point, Julie was nearly sick to her stomach. Hall’s companies could lose millions of dollars if the submission was delayed and the result would be catastrophic if it was denied. And if there were criminal charges made, the financial problems would look like a minor problem in comparison.

George was so mealy mouthed about the prospects of remedying the submission that Julie’s heart dropped. According to the fat bureaucrat, it wasn’t up to only him. Even if he agreed to try and fix the problem, he’d have to get others to agree as well. And his merely approaching the others involved might raise a red flag that he was trying to circumvent the rules. It could mean a loss of his job, even if he agreed to try. Julie’s heart beat rapidly as her hopes sank with his every word.

During the meeting, Julie was aware that Hall shifted in his chair constantly and that he appeared to grow more and more agitated with the meeting. Clearly this was not what he wanted to hear from Meyers. Finally, as if he could stand it no longer, Hall appeared to abruptly end the meeting.

“George, Julie here knows how bad our situation is. She knows it’s her fault. She knows that Halstrom and Gray could fold if this serious breach of her obligations as a lawyer is exposed. What I’ve got to find out is how the fuck we get your folks to allow us to resubmit or reapply or whatever the fuck we need to do. How do we get to your folks? As far as Julie goes, she’s on board to do whatever we need done to remedy this, aren’t you, Julie?”

Julie was stunned by his anger, and afraid of the blanket statements that he had made, but she nodded her head affirming what he had said anyway.

Hall was now moved to action. He stood up and walked around Julie’s desk. “George,” he said, “we’re going to get this thing fixed because we’re willing to go the extra mile to get it fixed.”

Then he looked at Julie.

“Julie, stand up.”

With trembling knees, Julie obeyed the big man.

Hall walked behind her while George stared uncomprehendingly. The billionaire removed Julie’s suit coat revealing her sumptuous breasts beneath the silky blouse. “George, I told this snooty bitch not to wear a bra today.” The nipples stood out at attention. Hall reached up behind Julie’s hair and unzipped the blouse as she stood stock still, clearly terrified. Her clear blue eyes stared at the bureaucrat across the desk. He, too, seemed to be in shock.

Hall pulled the blouse down and off of Julie’s arms and it dangled from her skirt. She was now nude from the waist up. Her full, tanned breasts swayed. Either from fear or from cold, her nipples stood erect.

"We are going to get this fixed because we are willing to do whatever it takes to get this done," Hall said. He took her big breasts in his hands and kneaded the nipples harshly. Julie bent slightly at the waist and put her hands flat on her desk in an effort to steady herself, but she made no effort to stop the man behind her. "Aren't we going to get this fixed, Julie?"

"Ye ... yes, we are, Mr. Hall," the beautiful young woman responded. "George," Hall continued, "we're going to get this done because we are willing to get down and dirty to get it done." As he said that, Hall's right hand left Julie's tit and he reached for the hem of her skirt. He inched it up her thighs, over the top of her hose and over her butt cheeks to reveal the young woman's naked ass.

Julie looked at George and noticed that he stared at the large engagement ring on her left hand. She closed her eyes in shame. He was clearly uncomfortable with the situation, but when she opened her eyes she saw his eyes had turned to her naked breasts with a clear look of lust.

Her face was flushed, but cool air bathed her naked buttocks. She felt his big hand reach between her smooth thighs and cup her sex from the middle of her trimmed pussy hair to the deep split of her buttocks. He rubbed her vagina from behind.

"George, Jill was a cheerleader in college. She's used to having a man's hand on her ass." Hall laughed. "Of course, there usually was a little bitty cloth between your ass and your partner's hand, wasn't there, Julie?"

Julie's breathing was becoming shallow. "Uh-huh," was her only response. "And after grabbing your ass, they didn't always get to bend you over and fuck you, did they? Not always, anyway." He laughed again.

Hall's middle finger inched back and then entered the young woman's vagina. He worked the opening harshly.

As dazed as Julie was, she kept glancing at the door to her office, knowing that it could open at any moment. Please, she thought, please don't let it open. She could hear familiar voices talking outside her office.

Julie felt Hall shift his weight and his hands temporarily left her body. His hands brushed her tight buttocks as she felt him undo his belt and slide his pants down his legs. His big stiff rod swung into the open and Jill felt it land on the small of her back.

"Oh, no, please don't," she whispered in vain.

"George, we'll get this done because there isn't anything that people who work for me won't do to fix it. Watch this."His hands spread the woman's buttocks apart. Julie remained motionless as Hall revealed the most secret of her passages. He pressed the large tip of his penis against her tender pussy and she whimpered in discomfort. The tip of his rod entered the young blonde and she whimpered again. Hall laughed out loud. Then the whimper turned to a moan as he pushed his member deeper into her unlubricated hole. He pulled himself out slightly and pushed harder into her.

"Dammit, spread your legs you little bitch," he said angrily. "I'm not going to be able to get deeper into you unless you open up." Julie was half way empaled on his rock hard cock and found it very difficult to move her legs, but she spread her thighs as best she could.

With that, Hall leaned over her from behind and grabbed her shoulders. As he pumped his big penis into her, Julie's large titties jiggled uncontrollably from her chest. After only a matter of several seconds of hard pounding, Hall snorted with pleasure and he began to pour his hot sperm into her tight pussy. After he spent himself inside her, he pulled himself out with an audible plop and lowered his flaccid cock onto her back.

Julie was relieved that he had climaxed as quickly as he had and she tried to straighten up so she could get dressed. The enormity of what she had done flooded over her. What was she becoming, she wondered.

"What are you doing," Hall asked her.

"Getting dressed," but her voice tapered off.

"That's not very hospitable to George, now is it?" For the first time she looked at George and realized with a shock that he had undone his pants and was stroking his cock as he looked at her body.

"Stay where you are," Hall said with a huff to Julie.

Julie did as she was told, remaining bent over the desk with her ass up in the air. She could only whisper pitifully, “no, please don’t.”

George scampered around the desk with his pants around his white thighs. The thought of her exposing herself to these two men made her sex convulse and a bit of Hall's spunk dribbled out of her pussy onto her inner thigh. She reached for a tissue from her desk top and wiped the sperm away from her leg.

George wasted no time. He bent at the waist and kissed the young woman's buttocks. "Sweet cake, open up for ol' George," he said. Then he positioned his cock against her vagina and with a single thrust entered her completely.

Julie realized that he wasn't nearly as big as Hall was and that his little penis was slender and nearly harmless. But he drilled the young lady from behind for all he was worth anyway. As slutty as it made her feel, Julie knew that she need the man to reach his climax quickly. She flexed her muscular buttocks and her upper thighs knowing that he would not be able to withstand such an aggressive sexual move by her. Her wet pussy squeezed his cock gently, but as effectively as if she had used her hand. She released the pressure and then reapplied it, milking the man's cock.

George moaned. The paunchy man reached around Julie and held onto her full breasts as he fucked her hard.

Julie couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She was a conservative woman, quiet and reserved. And yet, here she was, in the middle of the day at her office, bent over her desk taking the second cock within her in as many minutes, while the other man watched her get banged. And worse from her view, she was thinking of ways to speed up their climaxes. She wondered if she was becoming a whore. She was mortified at what she was being forced to do, but a bit of pleasure worked it's way into her anguished mind. This bothered her immensely, but she knew that it was there, however slight.

The bureaucrat came quickly. His little cock spit forward it's milky emission. Julie's love hole accepted the deposit unwillingly, but accepted it nonetheless. As George pulled his cock out of Julie, he dripped his semen everywhere.

The former cheerleader was red faced and exhausted. Her breathing was heavy, but she forced herself to turn and begin to get dressed. She pulled up her skirt and had just finished zipping her blouse when there was a knock on the door. Julie breathlessly said to come in.

Julie's secretary opened the door and asked if they wanted her to order lunch for them. Her secretary looked quizzically at Julie. The young lawyer realized that the smell of sex hung heavily in the air. Too, Julie's hair was slightly messed. Julie told the secretary that they were just breaking up the meeting and wouldn't need lunch. With that the secretary quickly shut the door. Hall and George laughed and Julie found herself wondering what her secretary suspected.

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