tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 04

Julie's Mistake Ch. 04


Julie stared in disbelief as the two big men nursed greedily at her nipples. While appalled at the slurping noises made by them she couldn't deny that her nipples were both erect and generating a huge sexual desire in her pussy. The situation seemed so surreal to Julie: here were two well muscled black men feeding at her breasts. Her uncomprehending eyes noticed the other black men all quickly shedding their clothing.

Her little hands soon were on the men's shoulders. She couldn't believe how white her hands looked when contrasted with the dark skin of the men at her breasts. Her hands pushed at the two men, but they didn't even feel the pushing.

Julie tried asking them to stop sucking her tits. "Stop. Please. Stop it." But it was to no avail, as the strong men had her pinned against the couch and held her down as they licked and sucked her nipples.

One of the older black men walked over to Julie, his thick stiff cock jutting from his paunchy mid section like an ebony sword, the bulbous head purple and fleshy. Julie's blue eyes widened in fear of this man and his huge, dark tool. She hadn't agreed to become a common whore, she told herself. This was asking too much! The sexy blonde began to try and break away from the grip of these men. No matter what she tried, however, it was not working.

As the two men pinned Julie against the couch while they sucked on her nipples, the older man's dark hands reached between the men and began to tug on Julie's panties. Despite her squirming efforts to keep it from happening, Julie felt the flimsy panties being pulled down her tanned legs and quickly were half way down her shapely thighs. She bent her knees and began to try to fend off the man's efforts to get her panties down. The men in the room laughed at her futile exertions. Several black hands grabbed her legs and the older man tugged the skimpy panties until they were off of her feet.

Julie's ears rang with the cheers of the other men when the old man held her panties up in the air like a prize. Now the black hands clamped down on her muscular thighs and tried to hold them still.

She heard the men's comments. "Hey, bro, I like a bitch with some fight in her."

"She's a real blonde," another voice said, referring to her blonde pussy hair.

"Yeah, and she trims it real good."

Julie tried to squirm out of their grip. "Leave me alone," she said. But, instead, as her legs tired from resisting, she felt the men spreading her thighs and finally felt a hand cup her slit. In went a finger. As it rotated within her, she heard the old man's voice.

"This ho's wet as hell."

Now Hall approached her. "Julie, listen to me. You need to accommodate these gentlemen. Failure to obey me will be disastrous to you. Not to me. To you. Do you understand?"

Julie looked into the heartless eyes of Hall for anything resembling sympathy. Nothing was found. Julie knew that she had no choice. Her mind told her not to continue fighting. Just try and get through the night, she told herself. She knew that her pussy would be fucked like never before and that her beautiful body would suffer indignities that she never imagined, but she told herself that she had to get through the night.

Even though they didn't need her assent, Julie nodded at Hall. One of the men who was playing with her tit moved her hand down to his rigid cock. She knew what was expected. She gently gripped the tool and began to tug at the large member.

Hall saw her begin to milk the cock with her hand. "Thatta, girl," he said, and patted her naked thigh.

One of the men was now between her spread thighs. She saw his thick black rod nearing her moistened cunt. The man reached around her legs and gripped her muscular buttocks with both hands. He was amazed by the softness of the skin and the firmness of the muscles beneath the skin. Then he touched the head of his massive cock to her pussy lips and began to push the length of his monster cock into the young woman.

At this she cried out. "Aaaaaaargh."

"Hold her," she heard the man say. He continued to push into the tight slit. He watched as his stiff ebony tool spread her labia lips just below her blonde pubic hair. He knew that the young lawyer had never had a penis the size of his in her, but he also could tell that she was athletic enough to accommodate him if he forced the issue. He continued to push into her moistened love hole. Gradually, to her amazement, her sheath stretched to allow his stiff black weapon between her legs.

As the two men continued to suck her stiff nipples and knead the soft flesh of her breasts, Julie now had this older man humping her pussy with his cock. The men moved her from a sitting position to a laying position on the couch. Now the cock began an unrelenting assault on her pussy, ramming and retreating in a rapid humping motion.

Another black man, this one well overweight, approached her face with his stiffened rod erect. Julie didn't want to open her mouth, but knew that she had no choice. The man bounced the fleshly end of his cock against her nose and lips and she opened her mouth to accept the black man's cock. It smelled strongly of his genital area, but she tried not to think of what she was doing. She bobbed her head on his stiff dong as well as she could given her position. Julie could not withstand the overwhelming sexual arousal which she was faced with. Without warning, an orgasm overtook her.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned deeply. The men sucking on her full tits felt her soft hands grip their cocks tightly. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh." The former cheerleader's tanned body bucked in orgasm for several seconds as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her young, vulnerable body.

The older man watched the young white woman's intense climax and felt his own erupting through his body. He had always dreamed of fucking a blonde college cheerleader and he looked down at his dark penis sliding in and out of the pussy of the beautiful woman. His dark cock glistened with her love hole's juices. The sight of his big, dark rod fucking this blonde woman was nearly too much for him. But when he looked at the trimmed pussy and her flat stomach muscles flexing in orgasm, he finally lost it. Despite his efforts to hold back, his thick semen began shooting into her gaping vagina, filling her with his sticky, black seed.

As her body shook in orgasm, Julie felt the penis in her mouth explode. The thick spunk splashed in her mouth and as her own orgasm began to subside, Julie disgustedly decided that she had to swallow the black man's spunk or risk Hall's wrath. She immobilized her face as the man's cock emptied into her mouth as he used her for his filthy needs. Julie swallowed the salty spunk as quickly as she could, trying to keep it from staying on her tongue for too long.

The older black man pulled his long, semi-erect penis out of Julie's vagina with an audible plop. As he pulled away from her, she felt a long string of sperm land on the inside of her tanned thigh. She looked at the horse-like cock dangling spent from his body and wondered how she had ever fit that into her little pussy.

A thin sheen of perspiration now covered her body and her mouth dangled open breathlessly from the fucking she had received. The men picked her up and carried her to the bed where she was unceremoniously put face down. Quickly, Julie felt her buttocks being lifted into the air and a cock entering her from behind, doggie-style. She buried her face in the bedspread and the men watched with fascination as her little hands gripped the spread tightly. As her ass came up in the air, her knees spread to accommodate the stranger's hard tool now fucking her relentlessly. She felt the man's powerful hands holding her hips tightly and the front of his thighs banging against the back of her naked legs as they fucked.

Julie was so ashamed of her body having betrayed her that she tried to keep her head buried in the bedspread. But soon enough, she felt the rhythm of the fucking slow and the man reached from behind her and urged her up.

"Baby," she heard the man say, "get up on your elbows."

When Julie did so, she felt his hands reach under her and begin to play with her full, swaying breasts. She hated herself for it, but her nipples had always been so sensitive that the quickest way to get her to spread her legs was to get to her tits first. Now the man had her stuffed with his dick and kneading her titties. He began to fuck her with an energy that bordered on savage, his hips smacking audibly against her naked buns. She felt her pussy bathe the intruding cock with her juices.

The black man looked at the blonde's ass that his cock was going in and out of. He slowed the pace of his fucking, knowing from the moisture covering his stiff tool that the proud beauty was getting turned on again. Then he pulled his long, juice-covered organ about half way out of her slit and stopped pumping. He looked at the other men.

They all smiled when they realized that Julie was almost imperceptibly pumping her pussy back onto his ebony rod, a signal of just how close she was to losing control of her sexual desires. The dark man was perfectly still on his knees behind this young woman, and yet her pussy continued to push slowly back onto the tool.

The man then began fucking her in earnest again.

Julie heard the other men begin arguing with the man fucking her, upset that he was taking so long to cum. Not wanting to be in a room where these men got into a fight, Julie flexed her buttock muscles and began to milk the man's big cock with her pussy. Immediately, the man groaned and began to shoot his stream of spunk.

No sooner had the man finished his orgasm when Julie was turned onto her back and a skinny black man climbed between her spread legs and positioned the fleshy head of his cock for entry into her hot, wet slit. Julie realized that she was losing count of the number of men who had taken her that night.

"I don't want you just layin' here, bitch," he said in a threatening manner. He bent her knees back and pushed his rod into her love hole. He held tightly onto her thighs as he began to take the young blonde's wet vagina. Julie cried out in arousal and then closed her eyes in shame for having done so. She almost preferred to have been taken from behind instead of the blatant manner in which she was giving herself to this monster now; her tanned legs up in the air, straddling the man fucking her, while her ass and pussy thrust up and clear of the bed, very nearly inviting the man to penetrate her.

Julie moaned each time his cock slid deep into her. Her cries became more urgent as the man's pace quickened, his balls slapping against her anus. Despite her foggy mind, she became aware that the door to the room had opened and that a young, blonde room service attendant was carrying in more beer and wine for the room.

Julie wanted to look away but she glanced long enough to know that the young man stared at her being fucked on the bed. She knew that he was probably from the local college. What a sight she must be, she thought. A beautiful professional woman with her long, tapered legs splayed erotically while this dark demon's glistening cock pushed in and out of her love hole. Her firm titties, nipples erect and pointed towards the ceiling, bobbed and jiggled each time the black man's hips slapped her own quivering thighs. The naked white woman turned her head in shame.

Over the music, she heard Hall direct the young man to a table to set the drinks on.

"Do you like what you see?" Hall asked.

"Well, sir, she's beautiful. What escort agency does she work for? I've not seen her around before."

Julie realized that the young man thought that she was a common whore. The bed creaked as Julie continued to be fucked by the black man as the room service attendant and Hall talked.

"Hell, son, she's not a hooker. She's a lawyer here in town."

Julie could feel the eyes of Hall and the young man on her as they paused their conversation and watched as she was banged by the skinny, dark man, obscene mewls of gurgling pleasure escaping from her lips no matter how hard she tried to be silent.

"Do you have a few minutes?" Hall asked the uniformed young man.


Julie stood in the hotel room bathroom in front of the mirror. She was bent slightly at the waist, big titties swaying, her firm buttocks being offered up to the tall, slender blonde room service attendant as a tip for his work. The young man was probably only nineteen or twenty but he was hung like a horse. When he told Julie to put his cock in her, she reached between her legs to grasp the boy's cock and was shocked to feel it's length and girth.

She moaned in discomfort when the inexperienced boy tried to enter the entire length of his manhood into her in one stroke. She heard hoots from the other men in the room. The young man pulled back and tried to push it in again. Julie moaned again, but felt her little love hole adjusting to the entry. When he was fully within her, he began to ride the young woman as if he was an expert horseman. A tawdry rhythm was established. Julie's hands held on to the sink and she hung her head and gritted her teeth.

He tugged at her blonde hair to tell her that he wanted to see her face in the mirror looking at him as he banged her. Julie could see him, and beyond him, Hall and others watching her get fucked through the open bathroom door.

The young man gripped Julie's hips tightly with both hands. She could feel his soft pubic hair against her buttocks when he was inside her to the hilt.

Julie felt that the presence of the other men made the young boy more abusive than he otherwise might have been. He ground the full length of his stupendous cock into the young woman, drew back at the hips to admire the large, veined tool administering this punishing fuck to the blonde and then plunged back into her tight pussy. Julie was moaning helplessly with each deep intrusion. This seem to spur the young man on.

He withdrew until only the bulbous head of his cock was within her. He released his grip on her hip with his right hand and spanked her fleshy ass cheek with the open hand.


The sound resounded in the bathroom. Julie cried out.




"Ooowwwwwww! Ooowwwwww!

"Don't go to sleep on me, honey," the young man shouted at Julie.

Fear and trepidation filled Julie's mind.

She felt him continue to fuck her harshly, his heavy balls slapping against her thighs, his thick cock making wet sucking sounds as it plunged deep into her vagina. The bathroom echoed with the sounds of her cries and of his belly smacking against her tight ass each time he drove his huge tool home.

The men laughed with satisfaction at the thought of how it must feel to the innocent, young woman before them to be impaled by this colossal cock. He continued to jam the stiff tool in and out of her abused pussy, stopping occasionally to rotate the cock inside her and draw another moan of discomfort from the beautiful blonde.

Soon he felt his balls begin to boil and the hot sperm begin to shoot into Julie's tight slit. The eruption continued as he pumped into her pussy with a vengeance, the sperm filling her hole until the excess began to drip down the backs of her thighs and the front of his.

Julie collapsed - her naked legs giving way beneath her - and she fell to the bathroom floor. She felt faint, and her hands braced her fall by holding on to the young man's thighs. His monster cock hung semi limply near her face, strings of sperm still dripping from it's tip.

Hall's voice came from nowhere into her foggy brain.

"Julie, be the proper hostess and clean this young man up."

Julie opened her mouth in surrender and began to lick up the spunk dangling from his dong. The men watched in fascination as she held his tool with her small hand, the large engagement ring shining on her finger. She tasted herself mixed with the sperm as she licked his cock clean with her rosy lips and tongue.

Without being told, Julie moved her lips from his now cleaned cock and began to lick the sperm off of his thighs. The young man had his hands in her hair as she did so.

Julie felt herself being lifted from the floor by several black hands and being taken back to the large bed. There her tender, white pussy was filled with black cock until morning.

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