tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 06

Julie's Mistake Ch. 06


Julie’s big day had finally arrived. It was the third Saturday in June and her wedding was the big event of the day. The young bride-to-be had worked hard on her body over the past several months, toning and tanning, so as to make the perfect bride. Her handsome fiancé had never suspected the ordeal that she had been through and Julie felt that this day would be the vindication of all that she had endured.

As the hour approached, Julie filled her time with her family and friends pampering her and making sure that everything was perfect. She had manicured her hands, pedicured her feet, and had a professional make over. Her hair was perfect and her face and smile dazzling. She waited in a room adjacent to the chapel, her attendants and mother and grandmother all with her. With about 45 minutes to go, Julie began to change into her wedding gown. It was a flowing white gown which contrasted wonderfully with her tanned skin. As she was helped into the dress, she laughed and smiled at all of the compliments that her girlfriends and family cast upon her.

The finishing touches were just being applied to her attire when there was a knock on the door. One of the attendants opened the door to see who was knocking. It was Mr. Hall! Julie had invited him, entirely at his insistence, and had felt alright with the decision to invite, believing that it might actually make him a bit more discreet in his dealings with her since he would now know her husband, but she was surprised to see him at the door to her chambers. He was dressed in an extremely expensive suit and looked very sophisticated. On his arm was a beautiful tall brunette at least a generation younger than he. In his hand he carried a small box.

“Hi, Julie,” he called to her. “I wanted to say hello to you before the big moment.”

Julie forced a smile and called back a “hello.”

However, instead of backing out of the room, Hall moved further in. He introduced himself to the group of women in the room and told them about how crucial Julie had been to the success of his company. Then he surprised everyone by saying that he needed to talk business to Julie for just a few minutes.

Julie tried not to let this appear as a shock, but she tried to resist. “Mr. Hall, surely, you’re kidding,” she laughed. “This is my wedding day!”

“I know it is, Julie, but it will only take ten minutes. And, with you being gone on your honeymoon, I’ll not have a chance to discuss this problem with you for another three weeks. It just can’t wait.”

Julie thought about continuing to resist, but she was uncertain what Hall was capable of doing.

Her mother however was not worried about Hall’s problems.

“Mr. Hall,” Julie’s mother said, “I have to say that this is very inappropriate. I must insist that you let Julie have this day without discussing any legal matters with you.”

Hall looked at Julie. “As you would have it, then. Julie, I’d simply like to leave this video tape with your mother. It is a very interesting compilation of your work with my company.”

Julie froze momentarily, but quickly recovered.

“Mother, you don’t understand the nature of my business. Even though it’s my wedding day, my work has to come first.” Julie laughed nervously. “Let me talk to Mr. Hall for just a minute.”

Julie waved Hall over towards her and began to walk to a spot away from the others.

Hall stood still. “Julie, I’m afraid that we need to speak in private.”

Julie looked at him dumbfounded. What should she do, she wondered? She looked at the video in his hand and then at the other people in the room.

“Alr... Alright, then,” she stuttered. “Everyone outside for a minute.”

Julie made a big show of shooing the attendants and her family outside the room. “Go on, now... work comes first,” she said laughingly. “Go on, shoo, shoo.” The young blonde ushered everyone out of the room except Hall and the brunette with him, and locked the door.

Hall smiled as he watched her turn the latch. She knew what he had in mind.

Julie looked at the tall man in the room. Although he had taken her many times, she was still stunned that he would expect to be serviced minutes before her wedding. Was that what he was wanting, she wondered? Still, she thought of her make up and her demeanor and was intent on not crying or otherwise ruining her day.

“Mr. Hall, thank you for coming to my wedding,” Julie said. She was wanting to keep this non-threatening and polite.

“Julie, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I was just bragging to Erica here what a lucky man your new husband is. Isn’t she a beautiful bride, Erica?”

The tall brunette smiled. “She’s gorgeous!”

“It’s just too bad that we don’t have all night,” he said.

Julie’s countenance sagged. My god, she thought, he really does want me to do this.

“Mr. Hall, please. This is my wedding day. Please don’t do this to me.”

“Julie, it’s because it’s your wedding day that I want to do it,” he replied. “I’m sorry that I feel this way, but I want to be the first to fuck you on your wedding day. I want your pussy to be dripping by cum as you walk down the aisle. Now if you don’t want your wedding guests to see this video played during the reception, I’d suggest that you lift that dress and get ready for my cock.”

“Step out of your heels, baby,” Erica said.

Julie looked at her in disbelief. Still she didn’t object when the tall brunette stooped to help get the heels off of Julie’s feet. Julie was obviously in shock, but she knew better than to try and cross Hall. As Erica raised the wedding gown’s train, Julie stepped out of her heels.

Erica hope that the hose Julie was wearing weren’t pantyhose. “Are these thigh length,” she asked Julie.

Julie nodded yes.

“Good, then turn around and hold on to this table. I’ll get your gown up around your waist so that it doesn’t get messed up.”

Erica said everything in such a matter of fact manner that Julie was amazed. What could she do but obey? She turned and placed both hands on the edge of a table. She felt Erica’s hand on her back applying gentle pressure.

“Bend down, baby.” Erica pushed on Julie’s back until she was bent at a 90 degree angle. Then Julie felt the train and the rest of her dress being slowly lifted from the floor and draped over her back. Julie shifted her hands and leaned on the table with her elbows and forearms flat against the table top. She knew that her flared hips would offer a delectable sight to any man. A rush of cool air kissed the skin on her legs and ass. She was apprehensive about what was to come, but feared even more the fact that the time of her wedding was drawing nearer and that her family and friends outside the room would wonder what was taking so long.

Her perfect legs were encased in white, silk, thigh high stockings, held up by a garter belt that fit around her slim waist. Her firm buttocks were barely covered by a pair of sexy white panties which were stretched to the limit by the position that Julie was bent over in.

Hall felt his thick cock begin to bulge against his trousers. The bride’s tanned skin contrasted wonderfully against the silky white underwear and dress. His tool stiffened even further when he thought of how humiliating it must be for the young woman to be forced to allow her pussy to be invaded by another man’s cock on her wedding day.

While Hall stood behind Julie and watched the young bride bent at the waist, Erica moved to the beautiful blonde and began to unfasten the garter hooks. Leaving them dangling from Julie’s thighs, Erica’s fingers found the waistband on Julie’s panties and began to work them down the soft skin of Julie’s hips and thighs. When they became bunched around Julie’s ankles, Erica lifted each foot up and took the panties completely off. Turning to Hall, she handed the silky underwear to him. He put them in his pocket.

Hall nodded to Erica and the tall brunette’s hands went to the bride’s tight ass. As her left hand kept pressure on the small of Julie’s back, her right hand moved to between Julie’s legs.

“Spread your legs a little more, baby,” Erica said to Julie. There was a barely audible whimper from Julie, but her feet moved a bit further apart.

Erica then reached between Julie’s legs and felt the freshly waxed pubic area of the young blonde. Julie was humiliated knowing what she must look like bent over as she was. The cleft of her tanned bubble butt led directly to the exposed tight slit of her pussy. She knew that she must look like an animal being prepared to be bred.

Sure enough it wasn’t long before she felt the larger hands of a man on her hips. Julie turned back to see what was happening behind her. Hall was directly behind her with his pants straddling his knees and his thick thighs akimbo. His stiff manhood stood out from the thick patch of pubic hair and Julie saw that Erica was guiding the blood engorged head toward her little pussy.

Erica rubbed the fleshy tip of his cock up and down the slit apparently looking for the opening. Unable to resist or unwilling to wait, Hall began to press his stiffness against her. The young woman squirmed uncomfortably as the man tried to force his large dong into her. When the pressure was too great and his rock hard cock entered her, Julie let out a little yelp of discomfort. She quickly caught herself and her eyes closed in anguish as she was empaled by Hall’s stiff manhood. Her mind swirled in disbelief: she was being fucked by another man right before she walked down the aisle!

Hall watched the young woman squirm as he entered her from behind. The dryness of her pussy was uncomfortable to him at first, but he knew that she wasn’t ready to be banged. He was really making a point to her. He wanted her to know that he could take her wherever and whenever he wanted. Hall wanted to give Julie the ultimate reminder that she would be forced to service him at his convenience and that her marriage would not change that.

The man held her hips tightly as he forced his rod into her little pussy. In an effort to get Julie wet, he pushed his cock into her until his pubic hair was pushed up against the soft skin of her buttocks. He held his cock completely within her for several seconds as he observed the young woman. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were shut. He pulled out a mere couple of inches of his thickness and pushed it slowly back in, repeating this several times. The only indication of her being turned on was the fact that her mouth was completely open and her brow was slightly furrowed. She’s feeling it now, Hall thought to himself as he pistoned slowly in and out of the beautiful blonde’s love hole.

Very quickly Julie began to lube up well and Hall’s discomfort was gone. His long cock now glistened with her juices but Hall realized that Julie was making every effort to stand absolutely still so as to not display any enjoyment of the fucking she was receiving. Still, he rocked her back and forth with his pounding of her tight pussy and the wetness of her vagina spoke volumes of how turned on Julie actually was. The large, heavy balls of his were hanging low in his sac beneath the shiny stiffness that was his manhood. He had purposefully refrained from having sex for several days so that he would be able to empty a big load of spunk into the new bride.

The thought of taking this beautiful young blonde on her wedding day filled Hall’s mind as he fucked her slowly from behind. She was his, he thought, to have whenever and wherever he pleased, and he was going to fill her little pussy with his thick, sticky goo any second.

Julie, meanwhile, was filled with anguish. Bent at the waist, her lovely ass up in the air being served to a man she loathed, she tried to think of nothing other than bringing the animal pounding his cock into her sex to a climax. Just get it over with her mind cried! But as Hall continued to bang into her hot, quivering cunt, Julie began to feel the early signs of ecstacy coming over her. Without thinking, Julie pushed her open legs back against Hall’s thrusting thighs and felt his hairy quads up against her smooth backside. Then, just as she realized that her own climax was only seconds away, the young blonde reached between her tanned legs and felt for Hall’s hairy balls and squeezed them gently. Hall’s cock immediately erupted, shooting his thick sperm deep into Julie’s cunt. As Julie’s pussy milked his seed from him, Julie bit her lower lip to keep from crying out when her own climax washed over her.

For what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds, Hall’s tool discharged it’s semen deep into the young bride. Only after his balls had completely emptied their content into Julie’s neatly manicured pussy did she let go of the sac and feel Hall pull his deflating organ out of her. As she gathered her breath and wits, Julie saw Erica kneel before Hall and take his glistening cock into her mouth and wash it clean.

After several seconds, Erica let his cock out of her mouth and gently replaced it in his pants, carefully zipping them up. Then Erica got up and assisted Julie in standing upright and fixing her garters and white wedding dress while Hall went to open the door. It all happened so quickly that Julie did not have time to ask for her panties back.

As the friends and family came back into the room, Hall spoke to them politely and then seemed to vanish, leaving Julie uncomfortably standing in a room which she hoped didn’t smell too much like sex. With the ceremony literally only minutes away, Julie was ushered into the church foyer to await the procession.


Julie walked down the aisle looking spectacular on her father’s arm. The church was filled with guests all smiling at the beaming bride. Mr. Hall and Erica were at standing in a row near the aisle as Julie walked by. She tried not to look at him, but smiled at the guests standing past him. Shockingly, however, she felt his warm, thick cum beginning to seep out of her naked pussy and down between her soft, tanned thighs as she walked down the aisle towards her smiling groom.

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