tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 07

Julie's Mistake Ch. 07


Several weeks had passed since Julie's wedding. As bad as it had seemed, the rest of the day went beautifully and Julie, after cleaning herself immediately after the ceremony was able to hide what had occurred to her from her new husband. As the days and weeks began to pass, the memory of her ordeal began to fade. When she did think about it, she realized that she was lucky to still have her job. First, she had mishandled an extremely large claim on one of the firm's primary clients. This, she knew, could have, and in fact, should have, resulted in her dismissal. If that was not bad enough, she knew that she was still subject to problems with her job if this came to light. If the mistake came to light, she might also lose her license to practice law, something that would devastate her future. Second, however, she was lucky to still have her job because her work load and long hours allowed her the mental luxury of having her mind occupied by other matters and not dwelling on what she had been through constantly.

Still, she dreaded the day that she would hear from Hall. The truth be known, as the days passed she began to harbor that unrealistic hope that he was out of her life. That all ended one morning with her being paged at the office.

"Julie, Mr. Hall is on line 7 for you," the voice over the intercom said.

Julie was in one of the partner's offices talking about the negotiation process on another client's large acquisition. When she heard the page, the coffee cup that she was holding began to shake somewhat, and the file which had been balanced on her lap slipped to the floor.

"Julie, are you okay?" the partner inquired.

Julie's blue eyes widened and she shook her head as if to clear her mind. With that she muttered, "Mr. Jackson, I think I need to take that call. I'll be right back."

With no further explanation, Julie got up from her chair, nervously placed the coffee on the partner's desk and began to quickly go to her office. Robert Jackson, the partner, was a middle aged man. He looked at her quizzically as she nearly ran out of the office. As she rushed through the office trying to get back to her office, Jackson got up and closed his door, making sure that he latched the lock. Then he returned to his desk and opened the doors to his credenza. He quickly turned on the tape recorder to record. Then he waited until he saw line 7 engage and put the line on the speaker so that he could listen in on the conversation between Julie and Hall.

He was concerned that this young associate might be in over her head with this important client and his interest had been peeked by her strange response to the page. However, nothing that he knew about Julie would prepare him for what transpired next.

"Hello, this is Julie."

"Julie, Steve Hall. How is my favorite lawyer?"

"I'm fine," Julie responded trying to steer the conversation away from anything personal. "Did you need to talk about your file?"

"Well, I have to say that I do, but I'm sorry that you don't seem to remember who I am."

Julie laughed nervously. "Of course I do," she said in a cheerful voice. "I've been meaning to talk to you about your business venture that I've been working on."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, I need you to do something for me." Julie's heart sank.

"What do you need?" she asked with trepidation.

"I've got a friend in New York City who needs some help with her business," he said. "I'll need you to arrange it so that you go to Manhattan for a meeting at my office on Thursday and make plans to stay through Sunday afternoon." He said this with the air of a man who wouldn't permit questioning.

Julie didn't know what to say. "Will any other lawyers need to go with me from here?"

"No, I just need you to come."

"Can I bring my husband?"

"Sure you can," Hall said. Then he laughed. "I'm sure that you'd want him to share the experience of you being fucked. I'll even bring him the video of you and me fucking and tell him about how you fucked all the guys from BFD Radio just to bring him up to date on your activities."

There was stunned silence on the line.

Then Hall continued. "Should I tell him about how you fucked the room service kid, too?"

More silence. Then Julie replied. "No, no, please leave him out of this."

Hall answered sarcastically. "What a surprise. Just get your tight ass to Manhattan on Thursday. Expect to stay through Sunday." Then Hall gave Julie the phone number of the woman that he wanted her to call. "Tell her that you're the gift I told her about." He laughed again. "Got it?"

"Yes, I understand," Julie said as she hung up the phone.

Jackson hung up the phone and turned off the recorder. He had jotted down the phone number that Hall had given Julie. He went to the door of his office and unlocked it and then returned to his leather chair. He had been stunned by what he heard and he knew that his first duty was to inform his partners at the firm that something was terribly amiss with their beautiful associate. But Jackson wasn't that type of guy. His mind ran through a hundred scenarios but none of them explained what he had just heard. Of all people, he thought. Julie fucking clients! That prim and proper woman would have been the last person he would suspect of doing something like this.

Jackson picked up his phone and dialed the number Hall had left. A woman answered.

"Hello, may I help you?" It was a sultry, sexy voice.

Jackson didn't know exactly what to say. He cleared his throat. "Yes, I was given this number."

"Are you in Manhattan, honey?"

"No, but I will be this weekend," he replied.

"Will you need a young lady?"

Now he thought he knew what he was dealing with. Had he reached a prostitution service of some type? "Well, I was thinking about it," he answered.

"We have many beautiful young women available. When you get into town simply call this number and tell me what you'd like, okay?"

"Sure," he replied. Julie opened his door and stuck her head in. Her pouty lips mouthed the words, "Can I come in?" He motioned her in and watched as her shapely form walked across the deep carpet. She wore a silky blouse that was open at the neck and despite being conservative, could do nothing to hide her large, well formed melons. Jackson took in the rest of her, too: her tanned legs which were covered by a tight skirt that went to just above her knees and high heeled shoes that enclosed her small, well pedicured feet. Julie sat on the chair at the corner of his desk. This gave him a good view as her skirt scooted up her thighs. He felt his cock stiffen.

"I'll just give you a call when I get into town," he said, and then hung up the phone. He felt his throat feel dry almost immediately after he put the phone down. What did he have here, he wondered? Julie was giving her ass away, he wondered? Fifteen minutes ago he would have laughed at the suggestion.

Jackson felt a bit of anger welling up inside him. His mind raced back several years to when Julie was a law clerk for the firm and he had noticed her great body back then. Events that were hosted for the purpose of recruiting the finest law students to the firm always had included picnics and other gatherings where the dress was very casual or athletic and he remembered how fine Julie looked in shorts and t-shirts. Jackson remembered how one evening after a day of planned events, he had drunkenly made a pass at the young law student by grabbing her firm buttocks with both hands and trying to kiss her as they waited alone for a ride back to town from a firm picnic. She had acted enraged and threatened to reveal his impropriety to both his partners and his wife! She had done neither after he apologized profusely, but for the next several months he had lived a life of fear of this being exposed. Now things were completely smoothed over between them, but he had never forgiven her for rebuffing his advances or threatening his career like she did. Now it seemed the shoe was on the other foot.

As Jackson conversed with Julie about their project, his mind wandered. As out of character as it would otherwise be, he could see Julie fucking Hall. Hall was handsome, extraordinarily wealthy and powerful. But wasn't the BFD organization a black organization, he wondered? It seemed odd that she would give it up to any group of men, certainly one like the BFD group. And a room service kid? That was inexplicable.

Julie thought that she could detect a subtle change in Jackson's demeanor towards her. He eyed her openly, it seemed, taking in her full breasts and leering at her thighs. She had not felt so uncomfortable around him in months. She hoped that she must be imagining this change in Jackson simply because of the way that Hall's phone call had made her feel, but her face and neck turned a glowing red anyway.

*** Julie had nervously packed her bag for the trip to Manhattan. She felt a horrible pang of guilt lying to her new husband, but she felt that this part of her life was simply spinning out of control.

*** It was Friday morning and Julie lay nude beneath the luxurious sheets of the five star hotel that she was staying in. The bedspread and blanket had been pushed to the foot of the bed. The sheets were bunched up and snaked between her exposed tanned legs, brushing the soft flesh of her inner thighs as they covered only her neatly trimmed pussy and flat belly. Her large breasts lay naked and exposed on her chest. The nipples which capped her lovely breasts still tingled with the sensation of her last orgasm. Her beautiful blue eyes stared out from her model's face, her blonde hair lying uncombed on the pillow.

She watched as Hall looked in the mirror and put the finishing touches on getting dressed by straightening his tie. Julie could feel the large load of sperm within her ravaged orifice that had been deposited by Hall, and her juices which he had caused to overflow during his intense fucking of her were drying into a flaky mixture between her thighs.

As she expected, Hall had spent the previous evening, night and now morning satisfying his enormous sexual appetite with Julie. He had just finished throwing her the second of two morning fucks minutes ago. Despite the fact that she regretted being forced to endure his carnal cravings, Julie recognized that he awakened an animalistic side of her that she previously did not know existed. Once awakened, she knew that she had met the thrust of his long, thick cock over and over again with a willing and wet thrust back. And many times during the past eight hours she had climaxed in response to his to his hard driving cock.

Hall came to her and touched her hand. "Get some rest," he advised. "Then, remember to do what I told you to do." Julie nodded silently, knowing better than to question or protest.

Minutes after Hall left, Julie's nervous fingers pushed the telephone keypad numbers from the paper Hall had given her. She wondered what was in store for her next.

A woman answered the phone and Julie identified herself.

"Oh yes, he assured me that you'd be calling. Welcome to Manhattan!"

Julie was relieved that the woman sounded nice and friendly. Julie hesitated before stammering her long rehearsed line: "I really don't know why I'm calling you," she said.

"Well, you need to come over to my office and we'll talk," the woman replied. She then gave Julie an address and asked her to be there in two hours. "Remember," the woman closed, "no later than 10:30 this morning."

"Okay," Julie answered and hung up the phone.

The young blonde quickly got out of bed and went to bathe. As she ran the bath water, she surveyed her nude body in the hotel room mirror. She knew that at first glance most men who saw her naked would probably notice her magnificent melons. A full D cup, they still stood proud and high on her chest, her pink nipples pointing slightly upward on the breasts. These were genetic gifts from her mother who still turned heads even in her mid-40's. What the beautiful young lawyer was most proud of, though, was her very flat tummy, slim waist and the round, muscular tush that capped off her lean, well defined legs. That was the product of hours at the gym. That was the product of hard work.

She stepped into the hot shower and began to lather her body with a soapy wash cloth. Despite her dread, she noticed a tingling in her nipples, thighs and pussy each time she touched those areas with the cloth. The young woman realized that she was trapped, but she tried to reassure herself that she was not tantalized by her knowledge that she was to be used by people for their sexual gratification within the next few hours.

*** Julie rang the doorbell to the apartment. She nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot. Finally the door opened and Julie was let in. Just inside were several couches and a few leather chairs. A television played in the corner. No one was in the room but the middle aged woman who had opened the door. The woman motioned her into an office just off of the living room area.

"We open in 20 minutes," the woman said. "Did you bring anything to change into?" she inquired.

"No," Julie replied, "I didn't realize I needed to."

"Actually, you probably don't need to," the woman said as she laughed. "You're so beautiful, how you're dressed won't be important."

"What am I doing here," Julie asked nervously.

"Well, we offer a full service. Gentlemen come in and make a selection from a line-up of my ladies. Then you service them."

"Service them?" Julie asked.

"My, Hall said you were naïve. He wasn't lying, was he. You take them to a room and have sex with them, sweetheart."

Julie's heart sank. Her mind swirled. Could she do this, she wondered? Did she have a choice? "Are you suggesting that I become a prostitute?" she asked the woman.

"So, you really haven't done this before, have you?"

Julie's blue eyes looked deeply into the woman's face. The young blonde shook her head "no."

"Look," the woman continued, "what man could resist you? Your body and face are unbelievable assets to you, baby. Add that to what I understand is a very strong sexual drive, and you'll make the perfect whore."

"But a prostitute," Julie said uncomprehendingly. "What would people say?"

"No one has to know, darling."

The woman was experienced enough to know that she didn't want to ask the young woman if she wanted to do it. Instead, she simply told her that she would handle all of the money and that Julie only had to make the men happy.

"Now, since you didn't bring anything to change into, go in this room and just change down to your bra and panties. And, oh, leave your high heels on, too."

Julie slowly walked into the room to strip. As she did, she heard the phone ring and the woman answer.

"Hello?" The woman's voice had a lilt in it. "Yes, Bernard, we will open shortly. Oh, yes. We have someone new for you to meet. She's beautiful. Young, blonde, innocent, and oh so gorgeous. You'll love her. I heard she's a former college cheerleader. Oh, yes. Yes, dear. Come be the first to taste. Okay, try and make it. Yes, it's her first day!"

Julie felt knots in her stomach. Still, her trembling fingers worked her blouse undone and then moved to remove her skirt and pantyhose. Finally down to her bra and panties, she opened the door just slightly and peeked out.

The woman smiled and motioned her out. Julie felt thoroughly humiliated. Here she was a professional, conservative lawyer, being forced into allowing her body to be sold for use by whoever paid a fee.

The madam stared at her tanned body. It was remarkable, especially against the peach bra and panty set.

The madam whistled low. "Wow! I like what I see! Turn around for me, baby!"

Julie blushed. The bra revealed an acre of full, firm young breasts, but what really embarrassed her was turning to show that she wore a thong. Her tight, high ass cheeks were completely bare!

The madam shook her head approvingly and motioned Julie into the other room.

Julie slowly walked into the living room, where she found three other young women. She was surprised that their appearance ranged from very attractive to nearly beautiful. They were all in lingerie of a more seductive type than that of Julie.

As the woman introduced the girls to Julie, Julie found her eyes staring sheepishly at the floor. The air in the room was cool on her naked body and she was all too aware that she was virtually naked. She really regretted wearing a thong panty this morning.

As the girls welcomed Julie, the front door buzzer rang. The woman hurried to the door.

When she returned, all of the girls stood. Julie did so too, trying to not have eye contact with the man who accompanied the madam. Julie folded her hands at the juncture of her thighs.

"Bernard, you must have literally run over from your office," the madam teased. The man was probably in his late 40's and was balding and obscenely fleshy. He dabbed his forehead with a handkerchief. His slightly bulging eyes surveyed the young women before him.

One girl introduced herself. The other two said, "Hi, Bernard." When it came to Julie she hesitated. "I'm Ju..."

One of the more experienced of the girls interrupted. "She's Heidi," the girl said. Julie looked at her and saw the girl smile. She had saved Julie from using her real name. Julie smiled back thankfully.

Julie, however, wasn't prepared for what happened next.

The man pulled his wallet out and looked at the madam and said, "I'll see Heidi. Just for half an hour." Julie watched in horror as the man fumbled for the cash in his wallet. She wondered how much cash was necessary to have her spread her legs for a man's penis.

The phrase "bought and paid for" ran through Julie's mind.

As the madam motioned the two to a very short hallway, Julie walked nervously in front of both people. She felt her face and neck redden as she thought of the man staring at the two naked globes of her ass. They turned abruptly and Julie realized that the room was adjacent to the living room. The older woman placed a packaged condom on the bed in front of Julie. The madam then smiled, said, "have fun," and closed the door. Julie faced the man who was about to fuck her.

"You're new here, huh?" the man asked as he pulled his shoes off, dropped his pants and took his shirt off. He obviously had done this before. Julie watched as he began to pull his white briefs down his legs. He was quickly nude. The man's chest, back and shoulders were covered in short thick hair. His semi-erect tool was short but very thick and descended from his body at an odd angle to the floor. A heavy looking ball sac nestled closely to his penis. "You probably ought to get outta that bra and panties, baby. I'm feelin' like the lone ranger" he said.

Julie shuddered, but unhooked the bra and released her big tits. For no apparent reason, Julie's nipples were bullet hard even now.

The man stared at her full mounds lustfully as she pulled her panties down her thighs and kicked them away with her feet. Now he had his first unobstructed view of this young whore who he would soon have his pleasure with. Julie noticed that he stared down to her neatly trimmed slit.

The man opened his arms and beckoned her near. Julie slowly walked into his arms. As he hugged her she felt her naked body pressed tightly against his hairy chest, torso and legs. Her sensitive belly felt his prick push against her soft skin. As his hands descended from her back to her tight ass cheeks, Julie moved her hands upward around his hairy shoulders. She was repulsed by the hairy man, but the contact sent an odd thrill down her spine. Her young body was trembling almost uncontrollably.

The man's hand moved between her thighs and pushed her legs apart and probed for the opening to her vagina. Julie spread her legs for him slightly, accepting the inevitable. His finger dug deeply into her tight pussy. The finger fucking was a bit uncomfortable because the young woman had not been prepared for this sexual encounter and was not yet very moist. The palm of the man's hand pushed against her closely trimmed mons venus. His other hand went to her naked breast and began to jostle and manhandle the big mounds of soft flesh, pulling on her nipple and drawing it to a rubbery stiffness between his fingers. The penetration of her love tunnel also began to have an immediate effect on Julie. It was only a matter of seconds before the slow steady rhythm of his fingers pushing in and out of her pussy began to moisten the passage very well.

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