tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 08

Julie's Mistake Ch. 08


Julie spent the next several hours alternating between sitting in the front room of the apartment with other young ladies and spreading her tanned legs in one of the bedrooms for men to deposit their semen into her pussy. She realized now that her body was not her own anymore. To the extent that it was possible, she seemed to belong to Hall, or this madam, or even to anyone with a couple of hundred dollars in their pockets. As she sat in the room wearing nothing but her bra, thong panties and high heeled shoes, dreading the ring of the doorbell, she resolved to do whatever was necessary to endure the hardships that she had been put through and to regain her independence even at the cost of enduring sexual humiliation. The blonde beauty knew that getting through this ordeal was just another hurdle towards regaining her life.

The young lawyer was astonished at how busy the apartment was. Men of all ages and sizes, mostly well dressed, would quietly slip through the door and after their eyes had adjusted to the low light, scan the line-up of scantily clad beauties before them and make a choice of which young woman to bed.

Much to her dismay, Julie was selected each time she was in a line-up. The other girls were very nice about it, but began to kid Julie that the only time they had a chance to be picked in a line-up was when she was already in a room with a man. It finally began to seem ridiculous to her when two friends entered the apartment together. Julie was among four ladies that were available as the men entered. Julie stood with the other three women as the men feasted their eyes. After introductions, the first man indicated that he wished to see Julie. He offered Julie his left hand and she placed her right in his hand. They turned to follow the madam to the assigned room. As Julie walked away, she heard the other man speak.

"I'll just wait for Jim to finish and then see her, too, if you don't mind," he said. Julie turned in disbelief and looked at the madam.

"Can he do that," she questioned naively.

The man holding her hand laughed aloud as did the madam.

"Honey," she replied, "the customer is king here!" And then she laughed again.

So the young beauty walked down the hall to the small room knowing that a second hard cock awaited her pussy immediately after the first had softened within her.


Gene Jackson left his Manhattan hotel in a bit of a hurry. The burly man fumbled nervously with small bag he carried. Perspiration beaded on his forehead even though the weather was quite cool outside and he had just gotten out of the shower. He felt a bit light headed. The palms of his hands were moist. He understood the risk he was taking. Being exposed would ruin his legal career, but he was driven to try his risky plan.

Jackson was driven more by the large stiffness in his pants than anything else. He had spent the days since Julie's strange phone call from Hall on the phone with the New York madam, convincing her that he was an extremely wealthy investor. Money was no object. He detailed his need for absolute discretion which the woman assured him was never compromised. He wondered whether she would be able to satisfy his tastes. She assured him that she would try. What were his preferences, she queried him. He responded that he enjoyed blonde All-American type ladies who had not been jaded by long periods in the business. The madam laughed. So you like fresh meat, she responded.

Still he was elusive. After several lengthy conversations, he finally very subtly mentioned Hall. The madam's demeanor changed completely and not only did Jackson find that her guard came down, but she almost assured Jackson that she could accommodate him in any way. Jackson was concerned about mentioning Hall, but believed correctly that the madam would respond as she did.

Now Jackson was putting his plan into action. As the taxicab wound its way toward the apartment, the lawyer wondered if he had gone too far. He looked at his watch and knew that he would find the answer to that worry in about twenty minutes.


Julie was on her knees and elbows on the bed facing the headboard of the plush bed. Her knees were spread, her ass was in the air, and an Asian man held on to her hips as he drove his hard cock in and out of her wet slit. The slender man was on his knees as well, but upright behind the young woman.

Julie's head was lying on a pillow and she gazed, open mouthed, at the large mirror on the dresser facing the bed. It was almost an out-of-body experience for Julie. The reflection in the mirror plainly showed the beautiful blonde's pussy being fucked by a skinny, strange man with black plastic glasses and straight black hair. His thin arms and legs were tensed and his face was twisted in perverse sexual pleasure as he pumped his stiff little tool into the tanned American blonde's lush love hole.

Her mind and body was overcome with shame and arousal. Julie's loving husband had fucked her in this position many times during their marriage. After he would explode in orgasm and collapse by her side in bed, he would tell her how erotic he found the position. She thought of how he said it was hard to keep from climaxing too quickly while he watched himself fucking her from behind. Consequently, she also found it an arousing position. But instead of her husband, she was being taken by a man whose words she didn't understand and who's short, pencil-thin tool left her shamefully wishing for a larger, thicker cock. Why did her body betray her she wondered?


Jackson made a last minute call to the Manhattan madam to assure that all was set. The gravelly voice of the madam let him know that it was.


The Asian man had stiffened, grunted loudly, climaxed, dressed and left quickly. Julie, however unsatisfied sexually, had finished with her shower, applied her make-up and put her bra and thong back on. Just as she was bending over to put on her high heels, there was a knock on the bathroom door and the madam entered.

"Is everything okay?" Julie asked the woman.

"Of course it is, baby," the woman replied. "You are doing so good, baby. I'm proud of you."

Julie thought that it was odd for the woman to have this conversation with her, but didn't say anything. Instead, she tried to force a smile. "Thank you," she replied softly, realizing that she was being complimented on being a good whore.

"I'm going to tell Mr. Hall that you were wonderful."

"I appreciate that," the young blonde said.

"You know that he is a very powerful man, don't you?"

Julie nodded.

"So are his friends," the madam continued. "They have a big need for secrecy and insist on it. One of these men is coming in to see you in a few minutes. We will have to take a few precautions for him and set some rules for you. These will be very, very strict rules. Your very future will depend on this."


Julie sat on the freshly made bed, her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms around her legs. She had been instructed to wait in the room silently. Her senses strained to hear what was going on outside the door. Several times she heard people approaching the door only to find that they walked past it to another room. Finally, she heard the muffled sound of people walking towards her room and the door beginning to open.

The door opened. The madam entered first. Next entered a tall redheaded young woman in lingerie. She looked at Julie sympathetically. She wondered what the innocent new girl was thinking.

Then Jackson walked in!

He looked at the young blonde lawyer who worked in his office. Up to now, she had been prim and proper, hiding her big, succulent breasts behind high-necked blouses and her sexy legs and ass within suit skirts.

He was nearly bowled over by the fact that she was there. She sat quietly, perfectly still, on the bed. Her naked legs looked muscular and tanned, just as he had often fantasized while masturbating. Her skin was silky smooth. Because of the way that she was sitting on the bed, she appeared to be nude, although her pussy and tits were hidden by her arms and legs. Her ripe, cherry red lips were neither smiling nor frowning. Her beautiful face was framed, as always, by her thick blonde mane. The silk blindfold across her eyes was secure, he saw.

"Monique will stay to help you if you need it," the madam said to Jackson. Then she motioned to Julie. "Your beautiful young lady will, I assure you, please you in any way."

Jackson felt his manhood throb with that statement. Please me in any way, he thought. He smiled.

Julie heard the door close. Then she heard the shuffling of clothes. She thought that the man was undressing but she couldn't be sure.

After what seemed to be an interminable amount of time, Julie felt a man's hand reach behind her head and cradle her neck gently. Then the hand slid to her shoulder, down her arm to her hand. She was gently tugged off of the bed and into a standing position. Her tiny feet walked a couple of steps into the middle of the room. She could sense the presence of the man, but was not certain exactly where he was.

Jackson, in fact, had moved away from Julie and was sitting naked in a large overstuffed chair watching his young associate. His cock was not quite entirely stiff, but still jutted out from his body. He motioned Monique to remove Julie's bra.

Monique undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor. Julie felt the silky material fall on her feet and felt the gush of cold air on her heavy breasts and her nipples. Jackson motioned to Monique to tug on Julie's nipples. The tall redhead went to Julie's big tits and weighed them in her hands. Then she took the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. They stood proudly at attention almost instantly. Monique knew that Jackson wanted her to continue to stimulate Julie's nipples and she did. Julie swayed slightly each time her nipples were tugged by the redhead and she placed her hands on Monique's arms to steady herself. She felt her pussy begin to moisten with arousal.

The corpulent man sat transfixed, his large belly hanging heavily between his naked legs, taking in every inch of the slim woman's amazing body. His manhood pulsed involuntarily. He leered at Julie's breasts. The nipples were stiff and pointed slightly up from her fleshy twin orbs.

Monique looked at Jackson and nodded at Julie's panties. Jackson nodded back affirmatively.

The redhead bent her knees and hooked her fingers into Julie's thong. Jackson watched wide-eyed as the girl began to pull Julie's panties down her thighs. His long, thick cock now pulsed so strongly that he stretched out his legs and took the tool into his hand to stoke it. He knew that he was beginning to sweat from a mixture of nerves and arousal. He was afraid he would climax before he even touched the young lawyer.

Julie now stood blindfolded and nude in the cool room, her nipples still erect and her small slit beginning to moisten against her will. Jackson looked at her neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. Clearly she had shaved the edges of it recently and cut the length to no more than a few centimeters. It looked fresh and ready to be taken.

Monique cupped her fingers under Julie's cunt and began to rub the soft flesh of the woman's pussy. Julie gasped when she felt Monique's finger and thumb come into contact with her clitoris. Monique took the love bud into her fingers and rotated it gently between them. Julie stifled a cry of pleasure, but a low moan came from her throat and her hips involuntarily began to thrust towards Monique's exploring fingers. Monique inserted one slender middle finger into the young woman's love hole and then when she noticed how remarkably wet Julie was, inserted her index finger as well and started to frig the blonde hard. Julie's pussy was so wet that the movements of Monique's fingers produced a squishy sound that served to heighten the sexual tension of all present.

By now Julie had lost herself in the intensity of the red head's finger fucking and was beyond caring what she looked like in her abandonment. So it nearly drove her mad when Monique stopped delving her soaked fingers within Julie's pussy and pulled them from the silky smoothness of her pink hole.

Julie's mouth hung open and her breathing was labored as she was led away several feet. Monique guided Julie slowly towards Jackson who remained seated on the wide thick cushioned chair with low padded arms. It was at that point that Julie's lower legs bumped into Jackson's legs and she realized that the man was immediately in front of her.

She stood before him mortified. Her breathing had not slowed yet but she had composed herself enough to close her mouth. She felt a thick finger begin to push into her pussy. It slid in easily and was immediately soaked with her juices.

As quickly as it went in, it came out. Julie was surprised, but thoroughly disgusted when the finger pushed at her slightly parted lips and entered her mouth. Her mind swirled as she tasted herself on the man's finger. Monique leaned in and whispered to Julie.

"Suck it clean, baby."

As repugnant as she found this, Julie's cheeks soon hollowed as she sucked the finger as instructed.

Jackson began to sense his power over the beautiful blonde. He pulled his finger from her mouth and took her arms into his hands and pulled her slowly towards him. As her upper body bent, her large melons swayed on her chest.

Julie bent her knees thinking that he wanted her to kneel for a blowjob. But instead, she felt herself maneuvered so that she was certain she was perpendicular to the man. Then she was pulled further down and felt her flat abdomen lying across the man's naked legs. She could feel a large, stiff penis pushing against her tummy.

Julie's round buttocks were over the man's legs. The big man held Julie's left arm at the wrist and Monique held her right wrist between her hands. Even though she was fairly comfortable in the prone position across this man, she was afraid of what he had in store for her. She trembled slightly.

She felt his right hand begin to rub against her ass cheeks. His beefy hand rubbed over both buttocks and then began to delve between the two. Julie spread her legs to give the man access, but didn't really know what he wanted. His fingers soon made contact with her wet pussy and began to rub against it, then plunge into it and then come out again to rub the outside of her genitalia. Julie could feel her love juices spreading over the back of her thighs and ass as the man continued doing this. Then she began to feel him spreading the moisture between her ass cheeks and onto her anus.

Using the moisture, Jackson began to try and push his finger into Julie's tight anus. Julie's mind exploded!

"No," she cried. "No! Please. No!"

The young beauty began to try and squeeze her legs shut but it was to no avail. She thought of what to do but could only try and resist by tugging her arms futilely and kicking her legs up and down equally futilely. As much as Julie resisted, trying to kick and tug away from the two holding her down, she could only really resist by tensing her muscular ass and legs.

Jackson was surprised at how strong the muscles were of the former college cheerleader, but as he twisted his finger between her buttocks it was only a matter of moments before Julie felt the awful pain of her anus being expanded by his finger. He managed to get the tip of his middle finger into her asshole up to the first knuckle but became angry at Julie's continued resistance.

Jackson's anger boiled over. He popped his finger from the young woman's anus.

Julie's momentary relief was just that - momentary.

Whack! Whack!

Julie felt and heard the loud slap on her ass. She squelched a cry. Her big breasts swayed beneath her and she felt the sting of the slap run over her buttocks. The pain was extraordinary. Julie couldn't remember the last time she had been struck by anyone. She felt the firm, tanned flesh of her ass cheeks shake.

She continued to resist without results.

Whack! Whack!

"Owww! Owww!" Julie cried out at the loud spanking.

Monique screamed, "Stop it!" but neither Julie nor Jackson knew who she was speaking to.

"Ohhh," the beautiful blonde cried out. "Please," she begged.

"Spread your legs," was all that she heard from the man.

Julie knew that further resistance was useless. And, to her horror, she found that the sexual arousal that she had experienced before the spanking was not diminished by the ass slaps.

She did as he ordered, only too aware of the sight that she presented to him, her sex and anus open to his gaze.

Julie's head hung in abject humiliation at the thought of the man staring at her nakedness across him. She cried out again as she felt his big, cold fingers run over the outside of the lips of her vagina. She felt his fingers searching for her hole. It was found soon enough and his thick finger slid in effortlessly into her pussy, sending an erotic spasm through her body. Julie tried to be still, but it took all of the resolve that the young lawyer could muster to force herself to let her legs remain spread as the man's fingers slid in and out of her.

Julie felt a second finger slide into her pussy. Her body betrayed her as her pussy soaked his fingers and his penetration began to be audible from her wetness.

This time, when his wet finger went to her tight rectum, the blonde didn't resist other than with a moan.


Julie felt the man's finger probe deeply into her anus.

After a few seconds, the man removed his finger from Julie's ass and motioned for Monique to hold both of Julie's arms as he stood and positioned himself behind the young woman. His big, thick tool was rock hard now.

Julie's knees were on the chair now and her upper body was across the arm. Monique held her arms, but not tightly. Julie felt the man positioning himself behind her, his thick, heavy dong striking her tight ass and the backs of her thighs.

Jackson looked at Julie as she cowered before him. Her pink pussy peeked out from between the backs of her thighs. He couldn't resist fucking her pussy. He guided his erection to the little pussy and pushed the head of his cock into the woman. He was in no hurry. After several moments, he began to push the thick manhood into the slender woman watching it with relish as it disappeared into her soaked cunt. He fucked his young associate for several minutes.

Then he withdrew.

He moved the fleshy head of his cock to the tight, slightly wrinkled hole immediately above Julie's pussy. Julie felt his hands stretch the soft flesh of her buttocks apart.

"No, please," she begged. "Not there."

Unbeknownst to Jackson, Monique had relaxed her grip on Julie's wrists entirely. She did not want to be a part of this. But to her amazement, Julie did nothing but protest verbally.

Julie gasped when the cock began to press against her sphincter. Despite her fear, she felt a strange thrill run up her spine as the contemplated the man taking her in her most forbidden place. Even though none of the men who had taken her thus far had demanded that from her, several of them had told her that they preferred the backside because of its tightness and the forbidden nature of the act. She had been told of the importance of relaxing instead of tensing her buttocks and sphincter muscles. Now, Julie was faced with the dark act herself and her heart pounded with a mixture of fear, revulsion and excitement.

But despite her efforts, her strong buttocks tightened into a fist-like muscle and her naked legs scissored up and down slightly on the chair.

"No, please," she heard herself say.

The man, however, was relentless. He pushed his cock against her anal opening to no avail.

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