tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 10

Julie's Mistake Ch. 10


Several days had passed since Roger and Jackson had relentlessly fucked Julie on the couch in her own home. The soreness that Julie had felt in her neatly trimmed pussy that was a result of Roger’s massive penis was now gone, but she was not able to shake the feeling that her life was spinning entirely out of control. As she had found before, the physical part of her sexual trials were easier to get over than the mental part. The beautiful woman chastised herself over and over, not for submitting to the sexual encounter - she had convinced herself that she had no other choice – but for being overcome with a hot, searing sexual desire during the encounter. That was horrible enough for the young lawyer, but to actually meet the men’s thrusts as they fucked her was something she could not accept about herself. She really couldn’t be that deprived, could she, she wondered?

Her grief was further magnified because Jackson had not only witnessed her absolute sexual abandon with Roger – she had seen him masturbating while Roger fucked her relentlessly - but he had experienced her tanned, supple body, again, after Roger. And, if that wasn’t enough, she had shamefully been worked hard by Gene Jackson and climaxed with him, too!

The tanned blonde blanched at the thought of her sexual wantonness. The mental image that she had of her muscular, tanned thighs being wrapped around Jackson’s legs as he took her only seconds after Roger was too much for her. The thought of his pasty white beer-belly lying on her firm stomach between her naked thighs was nauseating to her. The recollection of the feeling of his long, stiff penis penetrating her wet vagina was also too much to bear. And the humiliation of him shooting his hot seed into her tight pussy while grunting loudly was equally shattering. The young lawyer recalled that it seemed to take forever for the man to empty the contents of his large testicles into the wet slit of Julie’s vagina. She cringed at the thought of her lying there on the couch, legs spread, knees bent and bare feet on the couch, with this disgusting man between them, but her tight ass pumping up against him, draining his cock's thick fluid from his bouncing testicles.

She tried to reconcile her behavior by blaming her response on the alcohol, but she knew better. It seemed to her that she was changing ever so slightly. It concerned her that she now thought more about sexual intercourse than she ever had before. She cringed knowing that she sometimes shamefully thought back to the fucking that Roger had given her and realized that her thoughts caused her vagina had moistened to the point of her silk panties getting wet. She found herself wondering whether it was the sheer size of Roger’s erect penis that gave her so much pleasure or whether it was simply the craven, animalistic nature of the act of them coupling. And there were times where she would awaken from a dream of her being fucked by one of the strangers at the madam’s Manhattan apartment where she would be so sexually excited that she would be unable to go back to sleep. That was not like her at all.

Julie did know that she could not continue behaving the way that she was being led to behave. She had to stop it immediately. The only question was whether she could stop. After very serious deliberations, she finally came to the conclusion that she had to confront Hall about her concerns. She did this with great trepidation because she knew that he was not a man to be trifled with and because she knew that he had the one physical piece of evidence that could ruin her life. Still she felt a need to talk to him. Her heart fluttered nervously as she dialed his phone number.

***** The high heels clicked loudly on the marble floors leading to the CEO’s office. The tall brunette did not know why she had been summoned to the office, but she knew that the business was one of her husband’s law firm’s largest accounts. She knew of some of the problems that he complained of about his work. He had told her that his position was tenuous at best at the firm. Since he was the sole bread winner in the family and they had two children about to start college, this was the source of some high stress for him. Consequently, some of the difficulties that they were experiencing in their marriage she attributed to his work.

Still, she had no idea why she was asked to meet at this office nor why the meeting was one with such an air of confidentiality. But, she knew that she would find out soon enough. She checked with the executive secretary and was told to have a seat. She walked over to a stiff backed leather chair and sat down at its edge, crossing her long shapely legs demurely. She smoothed her short skirt and fluffed the dark brown hair that cascaded around her pretty face and lay on her shoulders.

After several minutes, the secretary spoke.

“Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Hall will see you now.”

Pamela Jackson rose and entered the large, paneled office through the open door. As she passed the threshold, the thick wooden door shut behind her. She walked toward the tall, middle-aged man who was standing behind the desk. His office was extremely luxurious. Behind him, through the large windows, was the city skyline.

He smiled at her and seemed to take her measure as she approached. He admired what he saw. She was a statuesque brunette, tall and shapely, quite the catch for any top law student, he thought. Hall knew that Gene and Pamela Jackson had been married since he was in law school, but he had never met the wife before. He was very pleased with what his eyes beheld.

Pamela Jackson exuded a ripely sensuous sexuality that was heightened by her maturity. She was probably in her mid-thirties, he thought, and kept herself in very, very good shape. “Hours at the gym” was the phrase that went through Hall’s mind as he watched her walk in. What a shame, he thought, to be relegated to fucking a fat, disgusting bastard like Gene Jackson.

Pamela wore a high collared white blouse that was stiffly starched. Its long sleeves made it that much more businesslike. It was tucked into the dark brown skirt in an effort to appear perfectly professional and covered by a jacket that matched the skirt. However, the blouse was tight enough that it revealed her full jutting breasts that were set closely together beneath the cloth. The outfit was very conservative but also underscored the fact that the woman had a very narrow waist that flared to shapely hips and loins that had borne children years ago for the man to whom she was married. The skirt was the only part of the outfit that was less than perfectly conservative. The skirt itself was fairly tight and the hem was several inches above her knees. When she sat she revealed a broad expanse of thigh.

“Mrs. Jackson,” Hall said with a nod of his head.

“Hello, Mr. Hall,” Pamela replied. “Please call me Pamela.”

“Pamela," Hall repeated. "Let’s get right to the point. I received a call from you husband’s firm. They’ve about had it with him.”

Pamela Jackson felt her stomach begin to churn. This couldn’t be happening, she thought. Not now. What would happen to all of them?

“I know that he’s told me that the firm is having problems,” Pamela interjected.

“No, Pamela, the firm isn’t having problems. Gene Jackson’s tenure as a lawyer there is coming to an abrupt end. That is the problem. They called me to see if I would object to them firing him.”

“Oh, my, no!” was all that escaped the soft lips of the striking brunette.

“So, you see what sort of position that puts me in,” Hall said with a scowl. “Frankly, if it affected only him, I’d say they should have fired him months ago. He’s become a dead weight there.”

Pamela’s dark brown eyes widened and she looked at Hall, fearful of saying or doing anything. Why would he be talking to her that way?

“But I’ve become aware that he is not only dead weight, but he’s also subject to being fired for just cause.”

Pamela couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could that be, she wondered?

“What basis would the firm have to fire him for just cause?” Pamela asked.

“Well, right now they don’t know they have ‘just cause,’” Hall said. “I have the evidence that they’d need to do it, though. The evidence I have gives me a legal claim against the firm for employing him. All I'd have to do is tell them what I've got and I'm sure they'd be willing to fire him to escape their own liability. Do you know what that means?”

“Of course, I do,” the beautiful wife responded. “At least I think I do.”

“In case you don’t, I’ll fill you in.” Hall stared hard at the face of the woman before him. He paused for effect. The woman’s polished fingers were nervously playing with the top of her skirt as she sat before him. He knew she was mortified. He paused for several seconds. Then he continued.

“Mrs. Jackson, it would mean that he loses his equity in the partnership. He forfeits his ownership interest in the firm if he is fired for bringing the firm into disrepute.”

“What would he have done to bring the firm into disrepute? She asked.

Hall ignored the question. “If he loses his ownership interest, then when he’s fired, he leaves with nothing. If he’s fired for cause, he doesn’t even get severance pay. He loses his retirement. That means that you lose everything too, doesn’t it?”

Pamela nodded slightly. Even a divorce from him would do her no good, she thought. He would have ruined them both. Still, she wasn’t convinced that he would ever have done anything to harm their family.

“What … what could he have possibly done to warrant a firing?” she asked again.

“When he became difficult for me to reach during the day,” Hall began, “I wondered why. Why was my business being neglected? When I was being billed for trips, what was he doing? I decided to have a private investigator try and determine that.” Hall was lying, but he knew that Pamela had no way of knowing that.

“I was outraged to find out that when he went to Manhattan several weeks ago that he billed me for time that he spent with two young women at a whore house. He was cheating me on his bills while fucking two women at a whore house!”

Pamela gasped aloud. That bastard, she thought. They hadn’t had sex in months and here he was cheating on her. She tried to act unconvinced, but she was shocked when Hall tossed some photographs into her lap of her husband fucking Julie in the presence of the red head.

The beautiful brunette immediately realized that the faces of the two women were obscured, but Gene’s fat face was front and center. The first photo showed him getting his penis sucked, the second showed him fucking the blonde. She stopped looking at the photos and gasped out loud. Her hand went to her mouth. Then, she exploded in anger.

“That bastard,” she cried. She tossed the photos back at Hall who quietly put them in his desk drawer as she rose to her feet before him shaking uncontrollably. “That bastard!”

“Sit down,” he commanded. “Sit down, now. I don’t care about your feelings! He’s been screwing me and my company! I’m going to have him fired and put you both out on the street!”

Pamela dissolved. “Why would you do that?” she asked. “Why? I’ll lose everything.”

Hall rose and walked around his desk. “Stand up,” he said.

Pamela complied. She turned to face him and stood at the edge of his large desk petrified of what he might decide to do to her family and her future.

“How do you think I like it when I find out he’s been fucking someone while he’s billing my company thousands of dollars? Tell me!”

“I … I don’t . . . I don’t know what to say,” was Pamela’s only response.

Hall stood only inches away from Pamela. His fury was feigned but palpable to the shocked woman.

Pamela felt herself frozen before him, fearful of the power he waged over her and her future. She was used to being around powerful men and knew that they could be extremely vindictive. Her heart beat furiously and her ripe lips were slightly parted. Her breathing was shallow. Then she felt his hand on the hem of her skirt. Pamela stood stock still as she felt it being raised over her fleshy, milky white thighs. She shivered when she felt his fingers reach the top of her thigh-high stockings and touch her garter belt. She found herself ashamed of the fact that she had worn such an item, but how was she to know?

Still she didn’t resist. How could she? She was powerless.

As she felt her skirt being pushed up around her waist, she felt his hands began to undo the garter fasteners.

She looked him straight in the face. Her hands went to the side of his desk for support as she felt the backs of her thighs touching the cold marble of the desk top. She was afraid to look down but forced her brown eyes down. She was appalled to see her womanly thighs exposed. Her eyes followed his hands as they pulled the clips away from the garter belt. As they dangled helplessly off of her stockings, his hands moved to her peach colored silken undies.

Pamela uttered, “Oh, no, please,” as she watched Hall’s hands begin to tug at her panties. Despite her plea, the full bush that formed a triangle around her pussy came into view as her panties were forced down her creamy thighs and to her knees. Pamela watched in disbelief as the soft curls of her dark pubic hair was revealed. The thigh high stockings only accentuated the nakedness of her upper thighs and hips and showcased the triangle that formed their juncture. The sheer panties fell from her knees to the tops of her feet.

Hall began to undo his belt and trousers.

Pamela knew what was going to happen. She was going to get fucked!

Her beautiful brown eyes closed in resignation, her long eyelashes resting on the clear skin of her perfect face. In an instant, she felt his stiff penis against the naked skin of her belly. As she opened her eyes to see his manhood, she was struck by its length and girth. Yet she wasn’t fearful of the size of it; but, the realization that she was about to break her wedding vows sent a shiver of fear through her shapely body. She had been expected to honor the vows and had always done so, but now she was put in a different position. She was fighting for her own existence.

As her mind swirled with these thoughts, Hall worked the buttons on her flimsy summer blouse, opening it quickly to her waist. He liked what he saw. Certainly she didn’t have a young woman’s hard abs, but her tits were very large and her stomach was flat and firm.

The woman’s cleavage was very evident within the confines of her large bra. The soft flesh was succulent. Hall saw that the bra was fastened in the front between her large breasts. He immediately unhooked the bra and it fell open, spilling her womanly flesh from their confines. Goosebumps covered her large titties. His fingers found her nipples and worked them to a rubbery erection. Hall pushed the jacket and blouse off of Pamela’s shoulders and her bra fell along side the garments. Now she was nude from the waist up.

Without realizing it, Pamela moaned aloud. “Ohhh.” As he tugged and manipulated her nipples, her love hole began to moisten. Then it began to get very wet. It was uncomfortable for the woman to remain in her high heels, but as she moved her long legs in response to the tugging on her nipples she knew that she was very aroused. Her thighs were clamped together, but that just seemed to increase the heat she felt between them. Her large, fleshy melons were lifted up to his mouth. Both his hands were beneath the tits and her nipples were offered up to his mouth. He hungrily sucked on the tips of the tits and kneaded the sensitive flesh between his hands. The beautiful mature woman shuddered as an electric wave of pleasure was sent throughout her body.

Pamela moaned aloud, but tried to stay as hushed as possible. “Ohhhh. Ohhhh.” Her hands tightly clenched Hall’s upper arms.

Pamela felt her naked bottom being lifted and sat on the edge of the desk. She spread her luscious thighs revealing her full bush. Her large jugs jiggled erotically as she moved. The housewife bit her lower lip as she felt the head of his stiff cock push against the opening of her pussy. The muscles in her full firm thighs began to relax and she spread her legs as the man moved between them to gain access to the tight pussy awaiting him. She wanted to fight this man with all of her power, but her will crumbled before the sensuality of his touch.

“Will you help me?” she asked piteously as she felt him enter her pussy with the head of his dong. She looked into his eyes for any sign of an answer, but could find none. He pushed with more determination at the opening to her love hole. His cock began to enter her further pushing the warm pussy flesh further and further open.

“Will you help me, please,” she asked again as she felt the full length of his rock hard cock slide into her warm, wet pussy, meeting only slight resistance. As she felt the thick tool enter her sheath, she knew no answer was forthcoming. It was futile. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she realized the abject submission to which she was now subjected.

She found herself pushed onto her back on the desk, only her long legs being held by Hall as he fucked the beautiful brunette’s tight pussy in silence. Her sexy titties lay on her chest, nipples still erect, the flesh bobbling and jiggling with each thrust of his cock. The ceiling swirled above Pamela’s head until she focused her eyes on the man at the edge of the desk having his way with her. What she saw were the leering eyes of a man mocking her with his grinning face. Why had she given in, she wondered? She looked at Hall’s hairy abdomen as it rhythmically began to ram his male flesh into her tight little cunt.

The upraised columns of her upper thighs framed the picture of the man whose bestial, blood engorged member was sluicing in and out of her slit. He plunged into her deep and deeper in controlled, but forceful movements. She groaned as he plunged into her pussy each time. The length and thickness of Hall’s sperm inflated penis was even greater than what Pamela had thought when she first saw it and it seemed to fill her little pussy and force her love opening wider with each thrust.

Hall’s fucking did have an effect on the prone woman. The warm glow of fucking seemed to go from her clitoris to her cuntal lips to the deep inner passage of her vagina. As he systematically pounded her pussy, the pleasure mounted in electric spasms and spread throughout the woman’s body.

Instead of simply being a receptacle of his lust, Hall began to sense her body betraying her. First, her round, womanly buttocks began to feel less tense to his touch. Then he noticed her ass cheeks beginning to circle very slightly in response to his fucking, starting a slow rhythm that matched his own thrusts.

As he fucked her deeper and deeper, his balls began to slap against her upturned ass cheeks. There was now the squishy sound coming from her pussy as he drove is cock into her. He was astounded when he looked into her eyes.

“Ohhh. Ohhh.” Pamela now seemed to be totally out of control. Her beautiful face was flushed and she breathed hard as she began to fuck back. Her thighs were wide spread and tense and she received his cock thrust for thrust with a push back of her hips. The years of upper middle class respectability began to crumble before his eyes.

Pamela wrapped her legs around the back of Halls knees and he grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her ass with both hands, grinding relentlessly into the woman. He held her pussy immobilized momentarily while he pumped in and out of her pussy with a wild abandon. Then he released her ass and began to pull on the nipples which lay erect on her big tits.

Pamela exploded in orgasm. “Yesssss!” she cried. “Do it to me…, don’t . . . stop! Urggggghhhh.”

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