tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 11

Julie's Mistake Ch. 11


Julie wasn't certain what her next move should be. She had still not gone back to work and was even more afraid to do so after the relentless fucking she had taken from Roger and Gene the day before. Somehow she needed to be assured that she would neither be harassed by Jackson at work and that Jackson would not extort sex from her again. She knew that this would be very nearly impossible because she had already spread her lovely legs twice for Jackson. Having sampled the tight moistness of her young pussy, Julie doubted that Jackson would willingly not use her lush body again.

Her phone call to Hall had reassured her that he was not behind Jackson's actions, but didn't clear up much else. It was clear to the young woman that Hall was very agitated to hear that Jackson had invoked his name in threatening Julie. She got the definite impression that Hall would be taking care of Jackson himself, although he did not let on as to how he would do that. In fact, Julie realized after their conversation that Hall had not really said anything that would lead her to believe he would retaliate. Instead, her impression was derived more from the tone of his voice.

But, there was no missing the message in the tone of his voice.

Still, Julie felt that he wasn't so agitated that she had been used for sex by Jackson as that he considered that Julie was one of Hall's toys. When she hung up the phone with him, she was more confused about herself than ever. Having always been very self-reliant, Julie was nervous but confident that she could regain control over her life. She merely needed time to think about how to do so. Julie was completely unaware that her phone call to Hall, right after Jackson and Roger had fucked her in her house, had already started the ball in motion and would have immediate and punishing consequences on that very day for Pamela Jackson.

Nothing in Julie's knowledge of the universe would have indicated to her that because of her phone call, within hours, Hall would have photos of Jackson from the Manhattan madam, and that Pamela Jackson would be spreading her shapely thighs and having her pussy filled with Hall's hot spunk. Had Julie known of the consequences of her phone call to Hall, she might have even felt a pang of guilt for her role in the shame and humiliation that Pamela would feel for letting Hall use her and empty his big balls into her tight, womanly cunt. ***** The next morning, the young blonde had just stepped out of the shower and finished patting her soft, tanned skin dry when her phone rang. It was still only a few minutes after eight. Though she had put lotion on over her tanned body and fluffed her hair with the towel, her thick, blonde hair still was very moist. She was puttering around the bath just trying to relax.

"Hello?" Julie said.

There was a man's voice at the other end. "Julie?"

"Yes," she acknowledged.

"This is Roger."

"Y. . . yes?" The blonde's heart dropped to her stomach. She wasn't surprised to hear from him, but the call still caused tremendous anxiety to the lawyer. At this hour, what could it be? "I want to talk to you," he said.

"What about?" Julie asked.

"Well, about Gene, . . . Gene Jackson, and your situation. I think we need to talk."

He was very insistent.

"There's nothing to talk about," Julie replied, trying to sound brave.

"Dammit, I said, 'I want us to talk.' Don't be such a stupid bitch."

Julie was shocked at his harshness. Her brain raced. Maybe she should talk to him. What could it hurt to have a phone conversation? She did know that she needed to carefully guard what she said.

"Okay," she said softly. "Let's talk."

Roger replied. "I just pulled into your driveway. Open the front door." With that the line went dead.

The nearly naked woman wanted to scream! What did he mean coming back to her home? Unfortunately, she knew what this meant. How could she not know? But what could she do to stop it? The beautiful, young lawyer had no time to react. She wrapped the fluffy towel beneath her arms and around her body. She didn't want her nosy neighbors to see a man coming to her home two days in a row. Despite the towel only covering her from the firm swell of her young breasts to just below her rounded ass cheeks, she bounced girlishly to the front door. Just as she got to the door she could see the large outline of Roger through the opaque glass. She shamefully realized that her nipples were already hard and protruding beneath the towel. As if her body was more aware of what was to occur to her than her mind, Julie detected a slight wetness in her crotch. She didn't want to be used sexually again, but already her athletic, young body was betraying her.

The young blonde placed her body securely behind the door and opened it so that just her face was visible. It was Roger. Almost without thinking, she let him in.

The huge man was dressed much more casually on this morning. His oversized frame was covered with a loose print shirt, khaki shorts and sandals.

Julie wished that she was dressed, but was just relieved that the man was in the house and out of sight of any neighbors. She felt awkward standing there in front of this man, wearing only a towel, her big breasts swaying slightly beneath the towel. "Let me get dressed," she said.

Without missing a beat, Roger replied. "Don't be fuckin' ridiculous."

His huge hand reached to her towel and with a single tug pulled it off the beautiful blonde. Julie's body shook as the towel was wretched away. She felt goose bumps immediately on her tanned, muscular legs and big breasts as her skin adjusted to the cool room temperature. Her hands immediately went to her trimmed pussy and large tits, but they only covered her slit and hardened nipples. Her womanly hips and flat stomach couldn't begin to be covered by her left hand and even as she curled her fingers between her legs to protect her trimmed pussy from view, she knew she presented a very vulnerable picture. And, her right hand and arm trying to cover the large melons essentially only pushed the succulent flesh against her athletic body, making her tits appear even fuller.

The young blonde was horrified!

"I thought we needed to talk," the young woman said pitifully, tears welling in her big, blue eyes.

Roger snorted dismissively and shook his head as if the intelligent woman was stupid. "We'll talk enough after I fuck you."

Julie watched in horror as the man began to undo his belt and shorts. In seconds, the garment fell to the marble floor and was joined by his boxers which he stepped out of. His cock was as she remembered it, massive, thick, veined and jutting out of his body larger than any erection she had ever seen. It stood out from his waist in a very menacing manner, even with the shirt that he wore going down to his midsection. Julie's eyes widened in fear of the large manhood.

He unbuttoned the shirt as they stood facing each other. It joined the other clothing on the floor and he was completely nude, his huge, erect penis jutting from his narrow torso like a horse's cock.

Roger pulled Julie's arms to her sides and openly eyed the young woman's lush body. Then he reached over to Julie's arms and forcefully turned the nude young wife so that she faced away from him in the foyer of her home.

"Bend over," he told her. "Spread your legs. Hold your ankles with your hands." Julie was too scared to do anything but comply. As humiliating as it was, she felt her body bend in two, offering up her buttocks to the man's aggressive hands and feeling her pussy peek out from below her ass cheeks. She spread her legs as ordered and gently grasped her ankles with her hands. Julie was filled with shame at her embarassing position and inability to fight back.

The man gripped her hips harshly and she immediately felt the rubbery tip of his massive tool touch the opening of her pussy. Waiting no longer, the man began to try to press the thick head into the opening. The tight, narrow opening of the passage of her pussy resisted the invasion.

"Ohhhhhhhh." The young wife cried out. "Arrgggg. Please, no, not yet! Ohhhhh." Julie cried out in anguish.

Roger's eyes feasted on the sight he beheld. The soft, moist skin of this beautiful blonde bent at the waist, just as he had instructed her filled the huge man with a feeling of power. He stared at the tiny, pink star of Julie's anus as he tried to enter her vagina. The idea of fucking her rectum crossed his mind, but he was intent on punishing her pussy right now.

His dark eyes flashed with a mixture of anger and lust, and took on a distinctly uncontrollable look. His large, stiff staff pushed at the opening of her love hole, but was unable to enter. He tried pushing his manhood into the woman again.

Julie felt him slow his assault and release her hips. She glanced towards a full length mirror that decorated the foyer to see what he was doing. She bit her lip in shame as she saw their spectacle being played out as the morning sun shined through the living room windows. The sunlight revealed that which she had become: a wanton slut accommodating a stranger's every desire shamelessly. As she viewed herself in the mirror, doubled over holding her ankles, the warm sunlight on her nude skin, she knew that she made a delectable sight to this man, the soft curves of her ass poised in the air as the muscles in her thighs strained to hold her upright as her hair fell to the floor and her breasts dangled delicately from her chest.

Here, she knew, was her chance to stand and fight. But Julie needed time to think about how this would affect her if she fought Roger off, and the few seconds that this afforded didn't give her enough time. Her mind raced. If she fought him off and called the police, she'd have to explain yesterday! She'd be found out by her office! What could she do?

She tried to will her eyes shut but instead watched in anguish and fascination as the man stooped to the khaki shorts on the floor and pulled out a small plastic bottle of KY jelly. She wished that she had at least had time to close the blinds to the front windows of her house. "Stand up, Julie," she heard him say. As if she lacked all self-determination, she complied. "Here, put this on my prick."

Julie opened her hands and Roger squeezed the lubricant onto her palms. As strange as it seemed to Julie, she was really thankful that the man granted her this concession. She gently took the turgid tool in her hands and stroked the massive organ with the lubricant. The length and girth of his sperm-inflated cock was even greater than she had recalled. She wondered how she had taken it inside her little pussy the day before, but as she stroked the stiff, hot flesh with her soft hands, she felt her pussy start to come alive and moisten a bit on its own. It was a man's organ unlike any she had ever seen before.

She watched her own manicured hands work the lubrication completely over, around and under the long, hard dong, paying close attention to the thick, rubbery head which she knew would be the driving force within her shortly. The former cheerleader felt a wave of humiliation when she realized that she almost enjoyed holding his manhood in her hands and that she had the urge to bend over and take the massive organ in her mouth. But, that was not to be.

"That's enough," she heard him say.

And as if she was a sex slave, the beautiful woman turned and bent at the waist with her muscular legs held straight to accommodate him as he had initially ordered, without him having to instruct her again, offering up her pussy through her perfectly shaped buttocks. She didn't have to wait long for what she knew was coming.

"Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh." The attempt to penetrate her tight vagina was still very awkward, but the cock did begin to stretch her tight vaginal passage.

She tried to raise her ass even further in an effort to give him a slightly different angle to enter her pussy. That didn't help much. The problem was his massive size, lubricated or not.

Julie glanced at the mirror and saw herself, red-faced, her muscular thighs stretched taut, with Roger towering over her from behind. Then she realized! He hadn't even gotten his cock a third of the way in her vagina!

But this time the slippery cock slid further into the young beauty stretching her love hole and filling her tighter and deeper than she had ever experienced.

"Ohhhh," Julie cried out loud with no regard to her loss of dignity. She couldn't take this, her brain screamed.

"Pleeeeeeze! Nooooo!" Her little hands squeezed her ankles hard, trying to transfer some of the discomfort, but it was to no avail.

"I can't. . . I can't take it in me!" Julie pled.



The sound of the spanking filled the air of the foyer.

Roger slapped her fleshy ass cheek with an open hand as he held her in place with the other.

"Stop it. Shut up!" he said angrily.



Julie clenched her teeth in an attempt to keep as quiet as she could, but a whimper escaped her lips at the end of each of his deep thrusts. The young lawyer was furious! Her mind raced as she cursed the demon fucking her for not realizing that she was doing the best she could!

Despite the pitiful groaning from the panting body of the young wife, the man began pile-driving thrusts which made wet, smacking sounds from Julie's increasingly soaked and sucking young pussy. Gradually, each thrust of his cock got the organ deeper within the young woman.

Roger's cruel streak surfaced further and as he dug his fingers into her smoothly formed hips, he watched as his thickly veined turgid tool slipped further into the moist sheath of her stretched and warmly throbbing vagina. The insurance executive wanted to hear the beautiful woman squeal for mercy. He wanted to bend her, not only physically, but mentally and completely to his will. He tore at Julie's buttocks, stretching the twin moons as wide apart as he could and watched his own plunging shaft disappearing into the drenched pussy of another man's wife.

The wet smacking sound of the fuck he was throwing Julie resounded through the room and made the pitiful moans and cries coming from the lips of the uncomprehending blonde nearly inaudible.

When, finally, Roger felt his thick pubic hair slap up against the soft trimmed down of Julie's blonde pussy, he knew that he was close to getting his hard cock completely in the former cheerleader.

He drew his long, thick organ out of the widely split, wet cunt of the young lawyer and pounded it in again and again and again. He knew that without him holding her fleshy buttocks still and upright, she would be, by this point, little more than a limp rag doll.

Roger had come over this morning to work the young wife hard, and he was intent on doing so still. The huge man stood behind the doubled over the barefoot, nude beauty and relentlessly pounded and pounded and pounded his cock into her pussy. *****

Roger spent the better part of the morning working the young, unsuspecting blonde, never moving her from the foyer. He used her pussy and mouth to bring him to climax over and over again, stopping only after he had been completely sated and could fuck her no more. The young bride, however, had been brought to orgasm repeatedly after the first punishing fuck was over. And, truth is told, by the time the huge chiseled man was completely spent and lay on his back on the edge of the living room carpet exhausted and sweaty, the soft, tanned body of the blonde lay on top of him with her head and full tits on his hairy chest and her arms around his shoulders.

And, more telling, her glistening legs were spread and wrapped around his waist, her pussy gently grinding on his mid-section, as if she were hoping to awaken the flaccid cock for more fucking.

Roger smiled to himself as he realized that he had awakened the unbounded sexuality of this beautiful, innocent blonde lawyer. Now, having tapped this vein, the difficult thing to do would be to bend her to his needs.


The very old man across the street laughed at his remarkable luck. An old bachelor, he had spent a lifetime acquiring sophisticated camera and video equipment and honing the methods of a voyeur. Now, in his mid-seventies, he thought he had hit the mother lode.

Just months before, the newlywed couple had moved into the house across the street. They acted like they were a very happy newlywed couple. He watched, photographed and masturbated as the beautiful buxom blonde wife gardened in her tiny, revealing shorts and halter tops. He took stills and video of the succulent, tanned woman washing her car in the driveway.

He knew nothing about her, but given his age and background, he felt that he knew that if she wore outfits like that, that she was a slut, no matter how perfect her smile or the seemingly perfect marriage she was enjoying.

Now as he watched the replay of the morning fuck she had just endured with someone he knew was not her husband, he knew that he had struck pay dirt. This slut was his!

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