tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 12

Julie's Mistake Ch. 12


Horace watched as the huge man left Julie's home and drove away. He waited awhile, wanting to give the young, blonde slut long enough to catch her breath and his medication long enough to work. He laughed to himself about having watched Julie get so well fucked. Having seen Julie spread her well formed legs and get banged all over the living room until her tanned, nude body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration, he wondered whether he would be better off approaching her the next day for her to service him. He didn't want her to be too tired to fuck. Horace was nothing if not patient.

Then, he decided that he ought to fuck her today. He immediately took his blue pill. After what he considered to be a sufficient time, he took some photos, taken this very morning, from his printer and placed them in an envelope along with a note he had scribbled to the sexy young blonde. Marking it "Personal" he stepped outside his home and slowly walked across the street to Julie's door.

Horace made an odd looking figure. Extremely skinny with a shock of white hair that stood uncombed atop his head, he resembled nothing so much as a weather-beaten scarecrow. He was a recluse in the neighborhood who was considered a harmless oddball by his neighbors. Most of them, however, knew nothing about him other than he held very strong opinions and was prone to verbal outbursts if he felt his opinions were challenged.

Women in the neighborhood had a slightly more uneasy feeling about Horace. They picked up on his chauvinistic attitudes towards women very quickly while their husbands were oblivious to this part of him. While most of them could not articulate their feelings, the women were uncomfortable with his occasionally awkward leers at their legs or breasts and the vague comments that he sometimes sneeringly made regarding their sexual subservience to men that merely drew a laugh from their spouses.

Horace looked every bit the disheveled bachelor, with his stained khaki pants and wrinkled short sleeved shirt, as he shuffled across the street to Julie's house. Once there, he taped the envelope to the door and rang the doorbell. It would not have been out of character for him to wait for the beautiful lawyer to answer the door. He certainly did not believe that he was doing anything wrong. A man had a right to expect a woman to submit to him sexually, he thought. If she was too snobbish, like most of the other beautiful women he knew, and needed to be prodded into it, nonetheless, the result was correct. Instead of waiting at the door, however, he turned and slowly made his way back to his own house.

Julie heard the front doorbell ring from the backyard where she was working on her lap top computer. This was one of the many concessions that she had made to the law firm. They knew when she was "out sick" that they would still be making money on the back of the ambitious young associate. She was not anxious to answer the door and walked cautiously into the house making sure to stay out of the view of anyone who was at the door. She wore a pair of short, tight blue jean shorts and a gray t-shirt. She peeked through the blinds only to see the emaciated old man from across the street leaving her yard, crossing the street, and making his way onto his sidewalk.

Wondering what he wanted, Julie opened the door to call out to her elderly neighbor, but before she could speak, the envelope flapped from the door and she pulled it off the entrance.

She stood in the doorway and watched the strange man disappear into his home.

Puzzled by this, Julie closed her door and slowly walked to the rear of the home, about to start working again. As she walked, she opened the envelope and pulled the contents from it. Her heart virtually stopped as she looked at the photos.

"Oh my god," the former cheerleader heard herself say. "Oh my god!" she said again.

The first photo was a graphic photograph, taken through her front window, of Julie bent at the waist with Roger fucking her from behind like a hungry animal. The second was a close-up of her face, her mouth agape and her eyes shut with furrowed brow in clear discomfort from the pounding she was taking from the thick, long cock which could be seen in full view as he withdrew from her splayed, tanned thighs.

As she nervously shuffled through the photos she was horrified by their content. There was the young lawyer sucking Roger's huge cock, her pretty head tilted at an angle as she wet the shaft of his monstrous cock with her saliva. Julie cringed when she saw her soft hands cradling the man's stiff dong and big balls as she performed a fellatio on him. Next, she was being fucked by the big man as she lay on her back on the carpet. The only visible parts of her in this photo were her tanned, muscular legs wrapped around the man's massive thighs. Roger's beefy naked buttocks dominated the photo and made the image of her widely splayed thighs seem even more lewd. Julie stared at the photo for several seconds, horrified as it showed the bottoms of her little feet seeming ridiculously suspended in air, and her manicured hands clinging to the man's wide back as he pounded her tight vagina relentlessly.

The accompanying note simply had a phone number on it and said to "call immediately."

Julie felt light headed as the photos slipped from her fingers to the floor. She was trembling violently. What could she do? Why was this happening to her? Her mind was reeling and the young woman's face was a picture of anguish. The blonde beauty felt herself slump back against the kitchen wall and slide to the floor surrounded by the lewd photos. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to think this through. What could she do?

The phone on a kitchen corner table rang and the young woman screamed! What if it was him? She crawled to her knees and saw the caller id was "private." Should she answer? What if it was him? It continued to ring as she stared, terrified and paralyzed, at the phone. Then it abruptly stopped ringing.

What if it was him and he was now angry at her, she wondered? What would he do with the photos? Would he show them around the neighborhood? Would he give them to her husband? Was it him that had called?

With her sexy legs shaking and fingers trembling, Julie picked up the receiver and dialed the number on the paper. What could she do? What would she do if her husband found out? The phone rang and rang and rang. Then an old man's voice answered.


Julie walked out of her front door and across the street towards her neighbor's house. As instructed, she wore only a "little bikini," having been told specifically to not even wear shoes. She felt she might as well have been naked. She silently prayed that no neighbor would see her as she moved quickly across the street, her blonde hair blowing in the breeze and her big, firm tits, covered only by the little cloth triangle barely covering the flesh surrounding her nipples, swayed provocatively as she walked. Her flat tummy was exposed down to the bikini panties which hardly kept from public view the well-rounded globes of her buttocks.

Horace watched as his nervous, young neighbor came across the street. He smiled his knowing smile. "What a slut," he thought to himself. "She's anxious for me to fuck her, I know."

Horace studied the succulent young body of the woman coming across the street in the bikini. Her skin was perfectly tanned and her legs were shapely and firm. He found himself staring at the juncture of her smooth thighs wondering what her lovely slit would look like once nude. The old man was also fascinated by the big globes that swayed sensuously behind the little bikini top. "She has some big hooters for a skinny girl," he thought. Then, his next thought was "she'll like what I'm going to do to her." The old man sat on an easy chair that faced the front door. He saw Julie's shadow as she approached and tapped lightly on the door.

Horace said nothing, but saw the sliver of light enter the dark room as Julie slowly opened the door. He smiled as he realized that she had completely obeyed his orders to her.

He watched as the shapely blonde slowly entered his house and closed the door behind her. She stood in the house waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Chills of revulsion and fear raced down her neck. The smooth skin of her full, firm breasts rose and fell in a nervous rhythm as she stood near the door.

Horace felt his hard cock throb against his clothing as he looked at the innocent woman who had fallen into his trap. There she stood, just as he had ordered, nearly naked and scared, but before him nonetheless. Horace stared intently at the blonde beauty. His eyes moved slowly from her beautiful face to the big mounds of her breasts, to her unclothed flat tummy, where he stopped to admire her tiny belly-button, and then down her body to her tanned legs and finally to her bare feet.

"Hello," the young woman said meekly. "Hello?"

Julie tried to keep her courage up, but felt the need to run out of the dark house. It took every last bit of fortitude to stay.

Immediately, she smelled the foul odor of an unclean abode. Julie's hopes were heightened when no one answered her. She turned slowly towards the door to leave when she heard a voice.

"Keep the door closed," the voice croaked.

Julie's hand went to her mouth to stifle a scream. She wheeled and faced the area from where the voice had come. Still her eyes could not see through the darkness.

Julie heard her voice, but it was disconnected from her body. "Please," she said. "I can pay for the pictures. I've got a lot of money and I can pay for them."

Horace laughed a hideous laugh. "No, I don't think I need any money. Blackmail would be so un-neighborly," he mused. "No, I thought that you and I could work out a little deal, though - pussy for pictures, so to speak."

"I wouldn't let you near me, you bastard," Julie replied without thinking.

"Is that right? Well, tell me, should I post these pictures on the neighborhood bulletin board or just hand them out door to door?" Julie gasped aloud and the poor ashamed woman began pleading. "Why would you do this to me?" she asked. "I've never done anything to you at all."

"And that, my dear, is about to change," he said. "Get down on your knees," he demanded.

"No," Julie said with some trepidation. "I'm not doing this," she said, almost tearfully.

"Certainly, I'll honor your wish. Run along then," the old man said. "I know that you're a lawyer. What firm do you work for?"

Julie stood there dumbfounded. "I'm finished as a lawyer," was her simple reply. "I can't stop you from sending them to my work, anyway."

Horace enjoyed the exchange with the feisty lawyer. "Well, all the pictures are on that digital camera and computer, baby. Would you mind giving me the email addresses of your co-workers?"

Julie's eyes began to well-up with tears. "Why would you do this to me?" she asked again. "I can't do this, anymore!"

"Would your hubby like them in color or black and white?"

Julie simply shook her head "no."

"Okay, then, if you don't want them sent, what would you suggest?" the man said as he rose from his chair.

Julie watched in horror as the old man approached her in the dim light. He reached her quickly. She stood, petrified, in front of him.

His body reeked of old age and bad hygiene. He was slightly shorter than she and was extremely skinny. Julie thought of physically fighting him but knew that whether she could overcome him wasn't the issue – the problem was the photos. But even in her state of fear and revulsion she remembered that he had said they were all on the camera and computer. Could she do this she wondered?

She remained where she was as he moved around her. She felt his gnarly fingers with their long fingernails begin to fidget with the clasp of her bikini top. It was now or never! Her brain screamed for her to run, but her legs were frozen!

The clasp came undone and the fleshy globes of her breasts swung freely. The old man's dry hands moved along Julie's shoulder blades to the string holding the bikini top on her shoulders. Taking the string in his hands, he pushed it off of her shoulders and the top fell lifelessly to the floor. She next felt the bikini bottom being tugged at forcefully at her hips. As it was forced down, Julie was jostled and her fleshy titties swayed and jiggled erotically. Soon the bikini bottom was down her soft thighs and calves. Quickly, it fell in a puddle at her ankles.

Julie's eyes widened as the man's hands fell to the split between her buttocks and she felt him probe for her vaginal opening from behind. The former cheerleader needed to try to control this old man, just a bit, she thought.

Julie squeezed her thighs hard to prevent any further invasion and trapped the man's bony hand between her soft, but muscular, thighs. Surprisingly, it worked and she was relieved when she felt the old man withdraw his hand as she relaxed her leg muscles.

The old man had withdrawn his hand, but he moved slowly around to Julie's front. Julie may have had a small victory but she was still standing there completely nude. She looked at the old man's cavernous eyes as he stared down at her pussy.

"Oh, darn," he said. "You're trimmed. I do so like a full bush," he said as he stared at the neatly trimmed landing strip of blonde pussy hair above Julie's love hole.

With that, his hand rose to her soft flesh of her titty and took a rapidly hardening nipple in his fingers. The young woman was always aware of how sensitive and responsive her nipples were, and no matter the situation, they hardened quickly when they were touched. Today was no different and the flesh stiffened erotically when he tugged on the nipple. Then, unexpectedly, he twisted it painfully.

"Your pussy is mine, slut," he said cruelly as he pinched her nipple.

"Owww," Julie cried out. "No! Please, no!" Was she to endure the physical pain as well as the mental anguish that she already had to endure?

As her mind saw red from pain, she heard him speak.

"Kneel down, you slut."

As much from pain as anything else, Julie felt her knees buckle and she submitted to his crazed demand as he twisted her nipple painfully again. Quickly she was on her knees and she instinctively slapped the man's hand. It was a hard slap and he released her rubbery nipple.

"You won't hurt me, again," she said through watery eyes.

The old man seemed to reel away from the young woman, both surprised and agitated at her boldness.

"Damn you," he said. He shuffled to the easy chair and sat down, rubbing his hand. "Get out of my house, you fucking slut!" he yelled.

Julie, though emboldened enough to protect herself from any pain, remained on her knees. She considered that she needed to neutralize the old man.

"No pain," she repeated seriously as she rubbed the tender nipple.

She looked into the uncaring eyes of the old man.

"Get on all fours and crawl over here," he demanded.

The former college cheerleader hesitated, but then placed her hands on the floor. Her thick, blonde mane feel to the sides of her lovely face and her heavy tits dangled enticingly from her chest. This was a very humiliating position for a beautiful well-heeled lawyer to be in, nude and on her hands and knees and about to crawl towards the cruel old man, but she knew that she had brought it on herself.

Horace watched in gaping wonder as the gorgeous young woman began to slowly crawl to his chair. A jolt of erotic sensation swept into his skinny, hairy thighs and through to his rock hard erection. Although still fully clothed, Horace was acutely aware of the tent forming in the middle of his khaki trousers. He felt that if he so much as touched his erection that he would spew his hot spunk into his underwear. He wanted to look away, but he couldn't. His eyes were fixed on the pink nipples that pointed downward to the floor from the woman's full tits as she made her way on her hands and knees towards him.

Julie felt especially vulnerable giving in to his demand that she crawl towards him. Her big, blue eyes met his and she felt a wave of intense shame come over her. Was she really such a slut, she wondered? The flinty look in his eyes left no doubt that he considered her a whore and nothing more.

Still, she continued crawling towards him until she was within a few feet and he told her to stop.

Horace rose from the chair and approached Julie. She cringed as he reached her and she lost sight of him as he went behind her. She had never felt so degraded before. She was clearly frightened, but she had to admit that the anxiety had a sexual edge to it. What was he going to do?

She felt him straddle her and lean over to reach for the big breasts that dangled beneath her. His bony hands took the flesh and kneaded them - the warm, soft flesh spilled between his widespread fingers as he did so. Julie hung her head, but felt her body begin to betray her. How could she respond to this vile man, she wondered? But whether she desired it or not, her body quickly began to heat up to the man's ministrations.

The man cupped the soft mounds of her breasts and massaged them for what seemed an eternity to the young woman. Instinctively, the young woman wanted to plead with the man to stop, but she knew it would be fruitless to do so. Instead she tried to bear the intimate caresses without showing any sign of pleasure.

Julie was completely still for a long time but finally she could take it no longer. Instantly, her head fell into a hanging position and she began to breathe heavily through the parted ripe lips of her mouth. As the old man worked her titties, tugging, rubbing, kneading and massaging them, Julie still did not move a muscle except her head which she shook occasionally, trying to escape the electric sensations shooting through her young body.

When he finally released the womanly flesh, Julie involuntarily released a sigh.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned. Her sensitive, pink nipples now hung heavily towards the floor as she remained on her hands and knees.

Horace moved further down her young body. His bony hand rested on her shapely, soft rump just momentarily before he slid it down her bottom and between her ass cheeks. Julie's aroused body now acted on its own. She knew that he was going to seek out her vaginal opening and she arched her back to make the slit more accessible to the horrible man. Horace stretched two fingers together and slid them between the wet lips of her pussy. There was no resistance as he encountered a completely soaked pussy. As his hand finger-fucked the young wife, his other hand alternated between rubbing her ass and her luscious thighs. He smiled as he realized that Julie was beginning to push her arched ass back towards his invading fingers in an almost unconscious sign of surrender. When he realized that, he withdrew all but his fingertips from the woman's soaked sex and watched as the shapely buttocks moved slowly back to re-insert the old man's thin fingers into her pussy.

"Yes," he thought to himself, "this is a very wanton slut."

Horace finger-fucked the young lawyer with really no thought of bringing her to orgasm. Instead, it was clear that he was doing it only for his own gratification. His two fingers did not even come close to being the size of a normal cock and Julie was being driven insane as he probed and explored the smooth, wet walls of her tight vagina. Julie arched her naked buttocks and squeezed the invading fingers with her pussy muscles but nothing seemed to offer relief to the young lawyer.

As she remained on her hands and knees being examined digitally by this old man she began to wonder how much longer she could take the probing. Her tight, young thighs were now spread open and there was no resistance offered to the man's touch. His rough fingers, crudely fingering her sex, felt delicious to the beautiful blonde. If only he would bring her to orgasm! Julie didn't know how much longer she could be held at this peak without coming. It seemed like it was forever!

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