tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 15

Julie's Mistake Ch. 15


Pamela awoke the next morning in the near darkness of pre-dawn. Although she had only slept intermittently during the night, she found that after a night of intense sexual intercourse and several orgasms, she was well rested and her lush body completely relaxed. Her eyes gradually adjusted to the dark room and she saw Hall sleeping soundly beside her. She looked around the room and saw the evidence of the night's lewd sexual activities.

The empty champagne bottle and glasses were on the table and her skimpy lingerie lay discarded by the chair upon which they had sat before he fucked her. Pamela's mind drifted back to the previous day and night. Her beautifully mature body had been put through a sexual workout and she could feel it this morning. Her mind went back to the afternoon before in Hall's office. Sure it was a shock having to fuck all of the men that Hall expected her to fuck, but she had survived it.

Of all of the strange sensations this morning, however, the strangest was the odd way her anus felt. She had never been buggered before and her tight sphincter was sore. The experience of being held down naked while a stiff penis was pushed between her shapely buttocks and into her virginal asshole was surreal to the beautiful woman. Still, it wasn't as bad as she would have expected.

Hall, she thought, was a very powerful man. His financial empire was even greater than what she had previously believed. And the tentacles of his business reached, affected and controlled thousands, now including Pamela and her children. Despite that knowledge, Pamela was not as intimidated by the man as she had been initially. It seemed to her that Hall had made the highest demands that he could from her and that she had gotten through them. The woman recognized that she had always been turned on by powerful men. It was this knowledge that frightened her. She was a bit troubled by the lengths she had gone to protect herself and her children.

A pouty look appeared on Pamela's beautiful face. Why had she married Gene, she wondered? She now knew him to be an out-of-shape whoremonger. How could she have ever consented to let him fuck her? The thought of his fat body lying atop her now made her nauseous. And her sucking his cock! Bobbing her head on his stiff tool until he shuddered and ejaculated his hot sperm into her mouth! What would have made her do this? Wouldn't it have been so much better to be with a man like Hall? He was a real man who was capable of making a woman happy in so many ways.

The sexy woman shifted her body in bed. The soft flesh of her long legs brushed Hall's muscular thigh. She let her cool feet touch Hall's. The contact caused the nipples on her soft orbs to stiffen.

"I am such a whore," she thought and nearly giggled aloud. She wondered what she, an upper-middle class married woman with two nearly grown children, was doing lying naked in a bed with a man like Hall. "Why did I let him intimidate me into fucking," she wondered. Yet she knew that she had fucked him back, too, especially the night before. The thought ran through her mind that one woman could probably never satisfy a man like Hall. "So what," she thought, "maybe that was the price of ultimate satisfaction." Maybe the ultimate sexual satisfaction came in knowing that his cock exploded inside other women and not caring so long as she got hers, sexually and financially. Pamela's hands moved to her full breasts and tugged gently on her nipples, bringing them to a rubbery stiffness.

Whether she could quench his seemingly insatiable sexual desires seemed unlikely to her, but then she knew that her body had proven capable of handling him when she was given the opportunity to do so. Her long, lovely legs had wrapped the man and fucked him, thrust for thrust, as he fucked her, bringing the powerful man to intense orgasms. Pamela knew that the sexy pussy between her legs was a power that she could hold over men like Hall. It was now up to her to decide if she would use her beautiful body to her advantage.

Pamela pushed the covers back from their bodies. The thought that she was a wanton slut went through her mind and she nearly laughed out loud. Would she actually do what she was considering?

Her soft hand drifted to his hips and reached for his genitals. Very gently, she stroked his testicles and flaccid cock. Then she moved down by his tool and sitting next to him let her beautiful face go down until she felt the stiff pubic hair surrounding his balls touch her pretty nose. She flicked her tongue out and teased his fleshy sac. At the base of his soft cock she could taste her dried pussy juices from the night before. So soft and harmless, she thought.

Hall stirred just a bit.

Pamela went back to her work. Moving her dark brown hair behind her ear, she opened her mouth and took his soft cock between her lips. Despite the fact that he was still apparently asleep, his tool began to stiffen. With her mouth still attached to his manhood, Pamela shifted her body until she straddled his legs with hers. She was now on her knees over his legs, her round buttocks resting on her heels as she sucked his cock. Her large breasts hung heavily from her chest and rested gently on his thighs. She tasted both his dried spunk and her love juices on his rod. She wrinkled her cute nose at the pungent smell, but continued to suck deeply, determined to bring Hall to erection. Her hand gently stroked his stiffening cock.

It wasn't long before her expert fellatio had the man's cock standing stiffly at attention. The sexy brunette was amazed that he continued to appear to be asleep. Pamela bathed his thick, long cock with her saliva until it was drenched, just like her pussy. Her head bobbed slowly up and down on his erect penis. She wanted Hall to experience her cock worship to the fullest and she opened her throat to be able to deep throat the large dong. Once her lips formed an "O" around the base of his rigid tool, she paused and allowed the rod to flinch several times completely in her mouth and throat. "He'll never find a better cock sucker," she thought to herself.

Then she rose from her bent position and held the cock in her soft hand. She shifted her knees to straddle his hips and directed the head of the thick tool to the wet opening of her pussy. When it touched her pussy lips, Pamela lowered her soaked cunt onto the man flesh.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned as he entered her pussy, spreading the smooth walls of her love hole like a hot knife through butter. Slowly she began to pump her hips over his cock, grinding her wet hole on his cock. She looked down at the massive tits that dangled fully from her chest. The nipples were rock hard! She closed her eyes and took the full flesh in her hands and massaged her nipples sensuously as she rhythmically used her strong legs to raise and lower her pussy on his rod as she fucked the man.

Then she took Hall's hands and put her heavy tits in his palms. His eyes opened, though he was still half asleep, and his hips began to push back up into her shaved pussy.

The beautiful housewife and mother looked deeply into Hall's eyes and squeezed his cock with her tight pussy as she rode him. And she rode him long and hard that morning before she flew back home, well fucked, contemplating a job offer that the man who had butt-fucked her the night before had made.


Julie stared at the document that she was reading on her office computer. She had been back at work for a few days and all had been going well till now. Her heart pounded in her chest as she sat in front of the monitor and she shifted her rounded bottom on her chair. She looked at her watch. It was 10:15 a.m.

How could she possibly comply on such short notice? Yet, the email was clear. She had to comply. Julie wondered whether the man was insane! How could he possibly have these expectations? She shook her head in disbelief, but the threatening email attachment that she had opened and shut immediately indicated that he was serious.

Julie had the urge to call the man and tell him to do whatever he needed to do, that she was through with living with his whims, but instead she gathered up some paperwork from her office, told her secretary that she would be out at an appointment for the rest of the day and quickly left her office. Her heart rate rose as she raced through the corridors of her law firm's office to make the ridiculous noon deadline.

***** Julie drove slowly through the parking lot of the marina. As she searched for the boat slip, she shifted uncomfortably in her car seat. It was a scorching hot summer day and she drove her sports car with the top down.

The young lawyer had changed into a pair of very short white shorts and a wispy halter top as the email had directed. Her little pedicured feet were in a pair of sandals. In an effort to avoid recognition, she had a large straw hat covering her thick, blonde hair and wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

Julie wondered why Roger had not simply called her office. Why would he email her, she wondered? And, why would he have been so threatening in the email – threatening to email the partners at her law firm, revealing her wanton sexual activities? In their only two encounters, she had always complied with his demands. What would make him become so angry?

All of these questions ran through her pretty head as she finally found the boat. She glanced at her watch. It was only five minutes until noon, the deadline that she had been given to get to the boat. She felt a bit of anger well up inside her because of the twist in her life since she met Hall. She hated all of these men for making her submit to blackmail. Still there was a relief that she had met the deadline.

The young blonde gathered her belongings, a summer bag with her tiny bikini swim suit, sun screen and magazine, as well as sundry other objects, some of which she included in the bag to make the outing seem more innocent should she run into someone she knew at the marina. She knew this was extremely unlikely on a work day, but she still took the precaution. She left her work clothes in the trunk of the sports car so that she could change into them before she got back home.

Once Julie saw the size of the large boat, she was hopeful that she could actually be back at work fairly quickly. She guessed that Roger would want to fuck her, and if she wasn't able to convince him not to, that she would end up letting him lay between her spread legs and defile her tight pussy. But it was clear from the size of the boat and the several decks on it that this could be accomplished at the marina, if he insisted. There were easily several sleeping areas on the luxury boat, Julie knew from being on other ships this size at this marina, and so maybe she would be able to escape back into her own world fairly quickly, she thought.

As she had been directed, Julie walked quickly to the dock and boarded the boat. A couple of men on an adjoining boat stared openly at the stunning blonde as she walked onto the boat. Julie was not surprised. Her shapely, tanned legs, even encased in a business suit, drew men's attention wherever she went, and wearing shorts that were so scanty that they barely went below the swell of her ass cheeks, she understood their stares. Coupled with the skimpy halter top and her full braless tits swaying gently beneath the thin cloth, the young lawyer knew she would draw any man's attention and perhaps even more than their attention.

She looked around and saw no one present.

One of the men on the boat next to Roger's called out to her.

"Can I help you?"

Julie turned to the men and smiled in an attempt to act nonchalant. They each had a beer bottle in their hands. They wore only shorts and were deeply tanned and in their mid to late fifties. Julie's round, firm breasts pressed up against the thin fabric of her halter and the shape of her nipples was clearly outlined. The bottom of the halter top was well clear of her flat tummy, showing off the fullness of her tits. It was clear she had no need for a bra to support them as they stood firm and high on her chest. Her sculpted legs were naked to their view.

"I'm just visiting Roger," she replied.

"I haven't seen him," the man said, "but, I'm sure he'll be coming soon." The man smiled broadly at the double entendre. Both men stared openly and unabashedly at the beautiful blonde. They knew she'd be getting fucked very soon.

The second man laughed aloud. "No doubt 'bout that," he said sarcastically.

"If he doesn't show up, you're certainly welcome to join us," the first man added. "We're lots of fun!"

Julie felt the sting of his comment but smiled weakly at the men in a futile attempt to act as if she had not realized what was meant. What a thing for a man to say to her – that he knew Roger would be "cumming" soon! The men knew she was there to be fucked by Roger! Why would she allow herself to be treated like a common whore, she wondered? Was her life so out of her own control that she now permitted comments like this with no reply? And yet, here she was – like it or not – acquiescing to Roger's email, wearing clothing so skimpy that a prostitute would be ashamed to be seen in them, really just advertising that her pussy was available, in an attempt to regain control of her life.

As she felt her face and neck redden, she turned and began to walk away. Julie could literally feel the men staring at her nearly naked, rounded buttocks as they swayed sensuously with each step. The men's voices were hushed so she couldn't hear the words they said, but their meaning was plain. The young bride was completely humiliated by these men. Yet she knew that there was an element of truth in what they said. She would soon have Roger's huge, stiff manhood pounding her little vagina. What was it that made her different than a common whore, she wondered?

How shameful she felt.

She went below deck cautiously, calling Roger's name softly. It was perfectly quiet except for the gentle groaning of the ship as it swayed on the water.

Julie opened a couple of doors in an attempt to find the master bedroom. When she found it, she placed her hat, sunglasses and bag on a chair and kicked off her sandals. Her big, blue eyes scanned the room. It was immaculate and huge! Not surprisingly, it was dominated by a large, plush bed. She wondered how many women had been used on the bed for the pleasure of these domineering men.

Julie's eyes looked up above the bed and she was shocked to see that the entire ceiling was mirrored! Her classically beautiful face stared back at her from the mirror.

The email had explicitly said that she was to undress and lay on the bed. She closed the door to the room and untied the halter top. She placed it carefully in the bag. Then the young woman, nude except for the shorts and a pink ribbon holding her hair in a pony tail, unsnapped the shorts and worked them down her taut, tanned legs. Julie had worn no panties, so she was now completely nude. She placed the shorts in the bag as well.

It was at this point that she realized that Roger had probably been on the boat already. As the cool air-conditioned air met her soft skin, Julie knew that someone had earlier turned on the air. So, she thought, Roger's around somewhere. As much as she hated it, she felt her pussy tingle slightly at the thought of what would soon transpire.

Julie took her magazine and propped herself up on the bed against the headboard. She knew that if she thought about having sex with Roger that she would be turned on, so she tried to not think of it. Within seconds, though, she found herself looking up at the mirrored ceiling. She stared at her tanned body – muscular cheerleader legs, slim hips and narrow waist, topped by two large, firm breasts. Her nipples were slightly puffy and erect. Seeing her nipples and the neatly trimmed blonde landing strip above her tight pussy embarrassed the young woman. She moved down the bed and rolled onto her tummy and, with her legs slightly spread, began to read her magazine.

***** The door opened slowly and silently. Two pairs of eyes looked at the delectable sight before them. The tanned blonde's body lay stretched out before them as she read a magazine. They stared momentarily at her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. Julie's body was completely tanned and her lying there naked was an unbelievable sight. The young woman was unaware of any intruders and one of her legs was bent at the knee, her foot girlishly suspended up in the air. She might as well have been back in college at her dorm room reading a magazine. Her pink-ribboned hair only added to the youthful appearance of woman. Her sweet pussy peeked out from between her legs.

Looking seriously at each other, one nodded to the other, who stepped back a few steps as the first entered the room and closed the door.

Julie expected Roger and turned at the slight noise. What she saw shocked her! It was some one else!

"Wha. . . Who are you?" she asked. The nude blonde turned and quickly scampered up the bed to a sitting position, and drew a large pillow over her body in an effort to cover her pussy and titties. She looked at the large young man who was in the room. He appeared slightly shocked as well.

"I'm, I'm . . . Daniel," he managed to stammer. "Roger said to say he'd be here in a minute," the young man said.

Julie looked at the young man quizzically. He couldn't have been more than 19 years old. He was nothing but an overgrown boy. She didn't know whether to be angry or not. What was going on?

Then she heard the engine start.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Dad said to wait," the young man said nervously.

Julie could feel the boat begin to slowly move from the dock.

"Your dad," she asked incredulously?

"I . . . I mean Roger!"

As the boat began to turn and pick up speed, Julie tried to gather her thoughts. His dad? That didn't sound the least bit plausible.

"Hand me my bag, I need to get out of here," Julie said emphatically from behind the pillow. At this point, only her torso was covered by the pillow. Her long legs wrapped themselves around the bottom of the pillow but were completely exposed.

She pointed at the bag containing her clothes. "I said, 'hand me my bag!'"

The door swung open and two other young men entered the room. Both of them were about the age of Daniel. One of them picked up the bag and tossed it outside the room. Then he looked at Julie.

"Listen, Julie, you won't need those. We've got a better idea. We're going to go out to the bay where we can get a little privacy and party with you."

Julie's temper began to rise. "I have no intention of doing any such thing!" she yelled at them.

"Oh, I think you will," the young man said confidently.

Julie scoffed at the idea. "You little boys better get me back to shore, right now!" she said sarcastically.

Kevin smirked. "Little boys, huh? We'll see if you still think we're 'little boys' after we've fucked the shit outta you."

This infuriated Julie more. "Listen to me, you little bastard," she threatened, "do you want to be charged with rape?" she asked.

"Rape? That's an ugly word," the young man said. He seemed to be much more in control of himself than did the others who appeared a bit frightened. "We aren't going to touch you unless you want us to – beg us to," he corrected himself. "We're just going out to sea for a couple of days. Whenever you want to go back, just let us know."

Julie's eyes widened at the thought. How could she explain being out that long? Even staying out overnight would cause a world of problems for her, jeopardizing her marriage and work. The young bride tried to stay calm but her beautiful face betrayed her concern.

The young man saw this and spoke again. "Heck, if we go back to the marina without partying with you, we'll just write your bosses, and your husband, and let them know about you fucking Daniel's dad! Does your husband know that you fuck other guys?"

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