tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 16

Julie's Mistake Ch. 16


Julie lay pinned beneath the huge young man. He was so heavy that she labored to breathe under his weight. Her magnificent body was still connected to his by his long, fleshy penis, but she could feel it slowly softening within her tight vagina. Her legs were spread obscenely and her little pussy had a stuffed feel to it, even with him not being completely erect.

His orgasm had been remarkable for its intensity and animalistic nature. He had pounded the young bride hard with his big dick and he had ridden her like an expert horseman. The young bride was breathless beneath him and had absorbed his pounding prick with the athleticism that her perfect body possessed. Once his began to shoot his spunk, the young lawyer was surprised at how his whole body had seemed to be part of the pounding of her slit. Julie had clutched the young man tightly, upper and lower body, joined by the raging hard-on within her pussy, and had returned the fuck's intensity thrust for thrust. Still, when it was over, she knew it was a workout and her rounded buttocks and legs had a thin sheen of moisture on them from the workout.

Daniel had filled the tight pussy of this sexy married woman full of his hot cum. As he lay on top of her, his semen draining into her slit, he was very proud of the fucking he had just thrown her. He had heard his dad and his friends talk about riding a woman hard and putting her up wet and he knew that he had done just that with this gorgeous, tanned blonde. As he lay on her he could feel his thick cum dribble out of her snug love hole.

The realization gradually swept over the hot-bodied blonde that she had now fucked both father and son! The thick, white jism of both had been deposited deep within her tight, wet tunnel. She unwrapped her tanned legs from around the back of his knees and let them lay spread widely on the bed. The taut muscles of her legs demanded a rest and she let them lay relaxed and open. Daniel was laying heavily on her and she tapped his side so that he would realize that he was too heavy for her.

Quickly after she tapped him, the young man lifted his torso from her and leaned on his elbows and forearms. He looked at the beautiful blonde woman beneath him. Daniel knew that his libido was high enough that he would be ready to fuck her again within minutes if he just stayed where he was.

"I'm sorry I'm so heavy for you," he said quietly and considerately.

Julie didn't reply, but the look in her blue eyes was enough to let the young man know that she was not being rude to him. He looked at her full breasts as they lay proudly on her chest and bent his head to take a nipple into his mouth. His lips covered it and sucked hungrily at it and Julie felt the familiar sense of sexual desire begin to mount again within her body as he drew the berry to a rubbery firmness. To her terrible dismay, she found herself wishing that his cock was hard again as he sucked on her nipples. But even as he aroused her with his lips on her nipples, she felt his cock slip wetly from her pussy. After all she had been through, she had not had an orgasm. He rolled over off of the young woman but held her closely with his arm. Julie knew that she was not going anywhere as this large young man held her in his arms. She was quite small next to the young man and when she looked up into the ceiling mirror, she shifted her body so that her pussy and tits weren't quite so visible. Still she knew that her naked body made a very, very erotic figure.

With this first break in the sexual merry-go-round, Julie realized that she was more than a bit intoxicated. She knew that she had been drinking as she was being fucked by these young men, but she had lost track of the amount of beer that she had drunk. Now, she was very, very lightheaded. When Daniel handed her the open beer that she had been drinking from before he fucked her, she took a long swig from the bottle. Despite her concerns, it still tasted good. Maybe it was better to be drunk in her predicament, she thought.

She could hear the boisterous voices of the young men up on deck, but she didn't have her bearings otherwise. Even though the curtains were drawn, she could tell that it was only then getting to be late afternoon. She thought to herself that because she normally kept late hours at the office that she was not in any danger of her husband realizing that she wasn't where she was supposed to be, yet. But, even in her slightly intoxicated state, she still wanted to get back to shore before it got dark.

It occurred to her that she should jump up and get dressed, but she had no idea where her clothing was and she needed to get her bearings anyway. So, she lay there naked, next to the young man who had just finished taking her a few minutes before. Though she would have denied it, his light touch was not entirely unpleasant to the young woman.

Daniel's big hand was caressing Julie's firm, fleshy tit very gently. She looked into his eyes as he fondled her breasts and knew that he was in a type of heaven. His hand moved slowly down her side and to her hip. As he did this, he lowered his head to hers and kissed her mouth. Julie didn't kiss him back, but didn't resist his kiss. His thick tongue filled her mouth but found her little tongue retreating and not engaging his.

She felt his hand drift to the soft juncture of her tanned, well-formed thighs. His fingertips rubbed the trimmed hair of her pussy as if he was tattooing the feel of this beautiful woman's body on his brain. After several seconds of this, she felt him begin to probe toward her opening, and moving her muscular legs apart slightly, into her pussy.

His thick middle finger sunk into her body entirely and began to rotate within her love hole. Julie had to stifle a squeal, her pussy was so wet. But she couldn't stop from uttering aloud when she felt him rubbing the wet flesh of her vaginal walls.

"Oh, god," she said. Instinctively, she clutched the bed sheets in her hands as she acquiesced in the disgraceful fingering. The squishy sounds made as he diddled her caused her to close her eyes in shame. What had she become, she wondered? Why couldn't she escape this torment? What had she done in her life to be put through this? None of these questions changed the cruel fact of her vulnerable and shameful position.

Daniel looked at the beautiful woman that he was fingering. Her eyes were shut tightly and for the first time he realized that this was something that was completely foreign to her character. He wasn't fucking some slut; she was doing this only because she had to. But even at his young age, he knew that her soaked pussy meant that he might be able to tap into a deeply hidden recess of her psyche that would unleash a sexual tigress.

He lowered his head to one of her full melons and began to suck on her nipple as he fingered her. It quickly stiffened to a point and he moved to the other nipple. As he licked, it too came to attention. He pushed the two fleshy melons together and sucked both nipples into his mouth at once. Then he flicked his tongue and sucked on the hard tips of her tits. After patient attention to her titties and deep fingering of her pussy, Daniel felt her small hand move to touch his leg. As he continued to suckle at her breasts, he looked at her manicured hand as it just lay on his thigh. The very large solitary diamond on her ring finger made her hand look even more erotic. Her hand didn't stroke his leg, but it did make a physical connection between him and this beautiful woman. He smiled to himself and continued his assault on her senses.

After a little more time of fingering her and sucking her breasts, Daniel felt her begin to rotate her slim hips just a bit. Her breathing became a bit more shallow and audible and he noticed her pussy seeking out his fingers just a bit more. He felt almost triumphant as he knew he was tapping into her sexual desire even as she resisted with all she had. He continued kneading her tit flesh and sucking hard on her nipples.

"Ohhhhhh," the young woman whimpered between breaths. The young bride was humiliated.

Daniel stopped fingering her just long enough to move her hand to his soft cock. Then, as she took it in her hand, he went back to finger-fucking her.

Julie was reluctant to touch the young man's soft cock, but she knew that he expected her to do so. It was still sticky and wet from the mixture of their juices. She began to massage it gently and as it slowly grew in girth, she began to stroke it softly.

"Suck me, baby," he said.

The young lawyer was very turned on but still hesitant to act. Daniel rolled on his back and tugged on Julie's torso to move her onto his body.

Julie complied and found herself sitting on his legs. He fondled her pink nipples as she sat upright on him, her large, full melons dangling proudly on her chest. As his large, soft hands were tugging on her nipples, Julie's hands were both at his genitals. She cupped his large sac and stroked his cock with her hands.

He handed her back the beer and she took another long drink of it as her free hand held his cock and balls. Then he took the bottle back.

Her slightly intoxicated mind realized that she had not really seen the cock that had just finished fucking her. The cock was thick and long, but very smooth on the shaft. It wasn't heavily veined. The crowned head was a fleshy pink color. His pubic hair was thick and dark and covered his balls and legs as well as his stomach.

Daniel caressing her tits was driving Julie insane but she was intent on keeping her cool. The former college cheerleader bent at her waist and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. After just a moment, she let her head plunge down the stiffening tool. Julie was surprised at how quickly he was able to achieve an erection again, after just cumming a few minutes before, but his cock was fully erect now.

"Babe, you are a great cock sucker," he said.

Julie looked up at him with her big blue eyes. Although she was humiliated by his statement, she knew when she saw his lustful leer that the young man was not aware that he was insulting her.

As she looked at him, he stared back at the beautiful blonde with a mouthful of his cock. He still had a tit in each hand and he rubbed the nipples with his fingertips. Julie bobbed her head slowly up and down on his thick shaft while she gazed seductively into his eyes. Finally, Daniel muttered, "oh, god," and lay back down on the bed.

Julie knew that he was watching her in the mirror on the ceiling. She made a delectable sight, the perfect bodied woman with her ass up in the air and her head in his crotch, sucking his cock.

They both heard the door to the bedroom open, but Daniel did not look at who entered and Julie's head was occupied giving fellatio.

"Thwack!" The tender flesh of Julie's perfectly rounded buttocks shook from the open-handed spank.

The unexpected slap sounded even louder because it was so unexpected. Julie's eyes flew open and she let out a feminine yelp.

"Ow!" she cried.

Daniel's erect cock flew out of her mouth and she turned to see who had slapped her, full hand, on her naked ass cheek. Her dangling tits fell from Daniel's fingers and bounced as she turned quickly. The pain from the slap wasn't too intense but it was a stinging slap, nonetheless.

She didn't immediately recognize the man. He was certainly much older than these young men and he was grinning meanly.

"Danny, does your dad let you use his boat to fuck whores on?" he asked.

Daniel was clearly intimidated.

"No, sir, but she's not a whore," he replied, "She's a lawyer."

The man laughed.

"She's not your lawyer, is she? That didn't look like advice she was giving you just now!"

The man reached for Julie's arm and pulled her roughly off of the bed. The young blonde scrambled off, trying to keep her balance. Her big tits shook and bounced as she was pulled off of the bed. She stood there, completely naked, by his side, his vise-like grip keeping her immobile. The man reeked of alcohol. Julie now noticed a second man standing near the door to the bedroom. Then it hit her; these were the two men on the boat next to Roger's who had been so rude to her.

"Your dad would kick your ass if he knew you were fucking whores on his boat, wouldn't he?"

"Ye . . . yes, sir."

Julie looked pleadingly into Daniel's eyes, but she knew that he was simply too intimidated to help her.

"Have all of you little pricks gotten a piece of pussy from her?" the man demanded.

Julie was terrified. She didn't wait for Daniel to answer, but blurted out a defense.

"They threatened to not take me back to the docks. That's the only reason I did it," she cried.

The man released her arm and slapped her fleshy bottom again.


Julie's buttocks stung painfully from the blow and her flesh quivered.

"Ow!" she cried again and her hand flew to her buttock. She knew she must look ridiculous, but that was really her last concern.

"Shut up, I wasn't talking to you! Just shut up, damn it," the man said.

Then he grabbed her arm again. Julie's free hand went to her face and she tried not to cry. Her mouth was open and she wanted to talk but was too afraid. She wasn't even thinking about the fact that her big breasts and legs and ass were naked for all to see.

"Danny, I asked you a question," he demanded. "Have all of you guys fucked her?"

Despite Julie's pleading look, Daniel answered truthfully.

"Yes, sir, we have."

"All right," the man answered. "We're taking her back to shore, Danny. And if you have any sense, you better tell your friends here never to breathe a word about this to anyone. Comprende?"

Daniel shook his head slightly.

"Yeah, I understand. We won't. I promise."

The man turned and pulled Julie behind him. Julie was terrified to go with the man but his grip on her wrist was tight.

"No, please, let me go," she said as she tugged at his grip.

Her pleas had no effect and she stumbled behind him, walking nude.

When they got to the stairway to go up on deck, the man turned to Julie.

"Look, these guys were going to keep you here and fuck you silly all night long. Is that what you want? You'd be lucky to be able to walk after they've fucked you like they want. I don't know how much these guys paid you to get you onboard the ship, but it wouldn't be enough."

Julie didn't know what to say. Sure it could be true, she thought, but these two drunks looked more menacing than all these young men combined. It disturbed her that they thought she was a prostitute, but even in her slightly intoxicated state, it occurred to her that this might be better than them realizing her true profession.

"Get upstairs, you're done taking advantage of these boys," he ordered.

Julie turned and began to walk up the steps. As she turned she heard the man snicker.

He was looking at the two red palm prints on the beautiful blonde's perfect ass cheek. So, that was the pert ass that so perfectly filled out the shorts he had seen her in just hours before? He thought to himself that she had a perfectly spank-able ass and he was going to take advantage of it shortly. Yeah, he thought, a real man's cock will be in your ass soon, sweetie. He reached and felt her ass.

Julie fairly jumped as she felt his hand cup the crack of her backside. Feeling the man's rough hand on her ass flesh made her move more quickly to the deck.

As they reached the deck, Julie saw that the young men were standing away looking at the beautiful woman. She covered her nipples with a forearm but the fleshy tits were still nearly naked. The man had a tight grip on her other wrist.

The cool sea air gave her goose bumps over her body. The young men had looks of concern on their faces.

"What about my clothes," she asked innocently as she stepped over onto the boat that was tied next to theirs. There was no response from the man, who simply looked at her with disgust. Julie hated when men treated her like she was stupid. The man then looked at the young men.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your mouths shut. Understood?"

Julie's heart sank as she witnessed them simply shake their heads. Clearly they were intimidated by him.

He roughly moved her to a chair on deck and told her to sit. Julie did as she was told. Her rounded, naked buttocks touched the cool fabric of the chair. Seconds later, the engine started and the boat began to move away from the other.

The man returned almost instantly with the necks of a couple of beer bottles dangling between his fingers.

Julie was sitting with her tanned, sexy legs crossed and her arms crisscrossed on her chest, covering her naked titties. She could tell that the darkly tanned, skinny man didn't care. He handed her a bottle and she took it.

"Drink up, sweetie," he said. As she took a drink from the dark bottle, the man pulled his t-shirt off of his torso. Julie eyed him wearily, but knew what was in store for her. He quickly shed his shorts and was now standing completely nude. He had his back to Julie and his skinny buttocks were completely white, in contrast to his sun damaged dark skin.

Julie's eyes widened when he turned towards her. His cock was massive! It looked completely incongruous to the rest of his skinny body but stuck out of his body at an upward angle, completely erect.

The man pulled Julie to her bare feet.

"I'd have introduced myself earlier, but I thought you'd pass out!" he said with a laugh. "Ladies call me horse." As he said this, he was roughly grasping her naked melons. Julie's hands were at his arms simply trying to parry his moves.

She knew it was no use.

With that, he turned the young blonde away from him and pushed at her sexy shoulders. She bent slightly at the waist from the pressure. Her little pink sex peeked out from between her muscular ass cheeks and Horse held her away from his body so that he could see where he was about to put his immense tool.

Julie felt the wide tip of his huge organ begin touch her pussy lips. He began to try to screw his hips toward her buttocks and his cock into her pussy. Julie's legs were up against a railing and she couldn't move forward to avoid his cock.

Julie cried out in discomfort. "Don't . . . you'll hurt me. Pleeeeeze, stop!"

But she felt him push harder and the tip of his cock spread the wet opening of her cunt. It entered her reluctant pussy very slightly.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh," the young woman cried!

Still the long tool pressed in a relentless attempt to force its way into her narrow passage.

"Ohhhhh. Pleeeeeze," she uttered pathetically.

The discomfort was intense to the young woman, but she felt him continue to fuck into her pussy. Momentarily, the man stopped pushing into her. She realized that he was only partially into her.

"Damn, you're a tight pussied, little bitch," he muttered, before he continued his push, literally.

"Oooooohhhhhhh, gawwwwwddddd," Julie moaned pitifully as the man grabbed her hips and finally got a good grip on her ass.

The man grabbed Julie's hair and pulled her head back and turned her face toward his. His alcohol breath was very, very strong, but Julie's mouth was open from the fucking she was taking. His mouth roughly covered hers and his tongue entered her pretty mouth.

Julie could barely breathe, but the rough fucking continued. Gradually, her little cunt adjusted to his monster cock and began to bathe it with her pussy juices defensively. The man pounded her pussy relentlessly but she knew better than to resist.

Even with his tongue in her mouth, Julie moaned pathetically in discomfort.

"Mmmmmm, uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhh."

Her cries were muffled, but she knew that she was being fucked by a real man, not some young kid.

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