tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 17

Julie's Mistake Ch. 17


Julie felt her abused pussy squeezing Horse's massive cock as she climaxed uncontrollably. Horse's stiff cock filled her little love-hole completely, and yet her pussy throbbed and pumped and worked itself up and down on the man's long, rock hard pole. The young blonde was very aroused indeed, and her pert, heart-shaped ass fucked the cock in and out of her sopping vagina.

The ecstasy that she felt in finally climaxing after a long afternoon of fucking was so intense that the conservative professional woman was now using Horse instead of the other way around. She pumped her perfect ass rhythmically the full length of his cock, stopping only when the opening to her pussy smacked his torso at the base of his erection.

The beautiful, young lawyer heard the sound of her own passionate cries as her body shook and trembled in orgasm, but she didn't recognize them, her cries were so loud and animalistic. She nearly collapsed during the intense orgasm, but she was held up by Horse and his large dong even though she felt his thick, hot jism shooting deep inside her vagina and dripping out of it and down her tanned, muscular inner thigh.

Even before Horse's cock was completely through exploding within her, Julie felt her young, nubile body being shifted. Her little feet shuffled slightly to the left and her body shifted in that direction as well. Despite being in the throes of passion, Julie realized that another man was now facing her, with Horse still pulsating in and out of her stretched cunt. It was only when she came out of this climatic state that she realized that her hands had gone to her own fleshy breasts and had been tugging on her rubbery nipples during her orgasm.

Even in her alcohol haze, Julie felt ashamed of her own uncontrolled passion. Why was she such a slut, she wondered? Why did she react so unrestrained?

As her big blue eyes gradually regained focus, she saw the second man from the boat. He, too, was naked and his penis was rock hard and angling up from his hips, the fleshy, purplish head menacing the young woman from the thick patch of wiry pubic hair.

Horse's large hands were on the soft flesh of her naked hips and he was still pumping his cock in and out of her, but her small hands went to the second man's broad shoulders for support as she accepted the fucking being thrown to her by Horse. She stood there balanced uncomfortably with the man's large cock still hidden deep inside her body. As her body was rocked back and forth by the fucking, her open palms slid down to the man's hairy chest.

"She's nice and snug, Roy," Julie heard Horse utter to the man she was now holding on to.

"I'm gonna have her put that pretty mouth around my dick before I bang her," she heard the second man say.

Julie's eyes drifted to the man's stiff penis. A wave of sickening disgust and revulsion shot through her as she thought of what lie ahead for her. She found herself shaking her head "no" as what he said about her sucking his cock sunk into her mind. The young lawyer just wanted this to stop and yet she knew that her body took over during these encounters and betrayed her as if it had a mind of its own.

Yet, no amount of sexual arousal could overcome the shame she felt.

It was as if the man whose cock was buried deep in her soaked love passage thought she was deaf. How utterly degrading, she thought.

Her ears burned with humiliation, but she was still recovering from the orgasm and the alcohol was still affecting her, physically and mentally, too. Her large, full breasts shook erotically with each slowing thrust by Horse into her tight pussy. Julie's pink nipples were erect and rubbery at the ends of her full titties, and bounced each time Horse's hips smacked her rounded ass.

Horse's long, wet cock strokes into Julie finally began to slow to a stop. His rough hands still held her narrow hips. For the first time, the soft flesh of her buttocks felt the stiff pubic hair from the man's midsection. It emphasized the length of man flesh that was still semi-erect within her body.

Julie knew that she was expected to wait patiently and without complaint for the man's huge cock to be pulled from within her soaked pussy.

She did as expected.

The beautiful blonde arched her lithe back slightly, raising her rounded buttocks and felt the man's oversized organ begin to pull from her throbbing vagina. Her breathing was deep and labored from the fuck she'd just been thrown.

Horse watched with fascination as his long rod slowly appeared from inside the warm body of the blonde before him. Her tanned buttocks were perfectly formed and shaped. He hadn't fucked anyone this perfect in a long time and he knew that he and his friend were going to wear the young blonde out before the day was over.

His cock finally pulled completely out of the woman's tight, wet slit. A long string of his sperm dangled between their bodies, momentarily, finally broke and landed on the back of Julie's golden tanned thigh. No sooner had his cock fallen from her pussy than his friend, Roy, began to go to work on her.

Horse laughed to himself as he saw the blonde's ass and fleshy tits jiggle as she was pulled towards the staircase down below deck, where Roy was no doubt taking her to be fucked relentlessly.

"Please, no," he heard her say. "I just want to go home. Please!" But she was led on shaky legs by the man.

"Baby, the sooner you get me off, the sooner we take you home. Do you understand?" Roy looked at the beautiful young woman straight in the eyes. "That tight little pussy of yours needs to work the way home for you. I don't want any shit outta you, understood?"

Julie nodded. Her mind drifted to her clothes. "My clothes," she said aloud. She knew she was pretty buzzed. She looked across the boat out to sea. There was nothing but blue water in sight. What could she do, she wondered? How could she avoid her fate? It occurred to her that in her predicament, her only bartering tool was her luscious body.

Horse stared at the succulent woman whose sexual secrets he had just experienced. His gaze fastened on her goose bumped little nipples. He knew Roy was next in line to fuck her. Who knows what that crazy fucker will do to her, Horse thought. The dude is a crazy bastard, he thought. He certainly is going to fuck her silly.

Horse thought about some of the stories that he had heard from Roy about what Roy had done to women sexually in the past. He seemed to have a mean streak in him, and now he's drunk, too, Horse thought.

Horse smirked when he saw Julie's beautiful face turn towards him as she was being led away. The sun was bearing down on them and her soft, naked skin shone brightly. There was an innocence to her that was inconsistent with what she had just done over the afternoon, but Horse didn't care much about her feelings. He looked on as the fearful young woman was led below, a last, pleading look on her gorgeous face, big, blue eyes, pert nose and rosy, full lips, framed delicately by her blonde hair.

Julie recognized Horse's mocking eyes. His leering face laughed at her look of defeat and acceptance of her hopeless position.

As if reconciled to her fate, Horse watched the young woman as she turned and was led away in the nude. He tried to take in the entire picture of this naked woman. He focused on her perfect buttocks and legs. The young woman was very well tanned and softly muscled.

He wondered if Roy would even want to take her back to shore after he had finished fucking her. Why would he? Would he insist on calling out their friends from the yacht club so that they could fuck her, too? Now that would teach the snooty slut a thing or two about fucking, he thought to himself!

Horse began to walk towards the stairs, his soft, thick cock dangling lifelessly, nearly half way to his knees. His large testicles hung loosely behind his dong. He knew he'd be hard again and would fuck the young blonde at least one more time. He stopped at the rail of the boat's main deck to light a cigarette. He purposefully delayed going below deck. He'd give his pal a few minutes' privacy with the beautiful blonde. No use getting in the way.


"Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii," Julie screamed.

"Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeiiiiiii," she screamed again. "Pleeeeeeeeeze, nooooooo!"

The distress was too intense for the nubile blonde. Her brain flashed red with the intense discomfort. The young woman thrashed her wonderfully silky, tanned legs trying to escape the powerful thrusts of the man's cock, but to no avail.

Horse first heard the anguished cries as he entered the bedroom. He looked upon the carnal scene on the oversized bed with bemusement. The gorgeous blonde was lying flat on her stomach, her arms spread above her head in a V. Horse's friend was on his knees between her widespread thighs, riding her hard, pinning her down on the bed, his hands on the back of her soft shoulders and his pelvis smacking into the soft flesh of her rounded ass.

Every few cock strokes, the man would lift one of his hands from her back and raising it high above his head would bring it down hard on the soft flesh at the juncture of her thigh and buttock.

Thwack! The open-handed spank resounded in the room.

"Ah!" she cried out at the spank.

Thwack! Thwack! This time the drunken man took care to slap her fleshy ass cheek.

"Ahhhh!" she cried at the stinging blow.

"Owwwww!" the beautiful blonde cheerleader cried again as the third swat made her tight buttocks jiggle!


"Please! I'm trying," the young woman said without much meaning. "Gentle," she begged.

"Damn," Horse thought, "Is he fucking her pussy or her ass?"

The discomfort on her young face, her clutching of the satin bed sheets in her little fists, and the scissoring of her shapely legs told him that his friend was deep inside her back passage, and that she was squirming to get away, but he couldn't believe the man would have tried to fuck this beautiful, sophisticated woman in the ass.

Her tanned legs were spread on the bed and she felt the naked body of the older man atop her. His long, thick shaft was pounding mercilessly into the young lawyer's stretched asshole. It felt like a long, hot poker was pumping in and out of her butt.

"Ooooooohhhhhh, awwwwwwww, pleeeeeeeeze," she cried aloud.

The friction of his stiff cock in and out of her tiny butt hole seemed to radiate to every nerve ending in the beautiful woman's body. The slapping of his hips against her buttocks was loud and painful. Julie began trying to relax her sphincter muscle and immediately found the fuck less uncomfortable.

"Just relax and try to make him cum fast," she thought to herself. Julie tried to get her bearings.

The beautiful blonde reached between her legs to feel for the repulsive man's scrotum. Her delicate fingers felt the man's big balls and began to gently cup them in her fingertips.

"Do you like that, baby?" she heard herself ask. "Are you going to cum for me?"

Julie felt the full weight of the man lean onto her back. His stubbly face scratched against her soft cheek. His breath was awful and reeked of alcohol.

"Nice and comfortable?" the man taunted Julie. The young woman had turned her face to him and she looked with eyes that had just been rolled in the back of her head. Now as they focused on him she was appalled. Momentarily, she lost the ability to act.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh," was the only sound she made.

"Aaaawwwwwwww," she cried as he began to fuck her again.

"Aaaaaaeeeeeeeeiiiii," she cried.

Horse watched the fucking continue with emotionless eyes. He took a long draw from his beer and felt his heavy scrotum twitch with new life. The young beauty stretched before him would have to work hard to get back to shore, he decided. This was just the start.

Horse walked to the head of the bed and sat against the headboard. Julie's face was buried in the mattress. Spreading his legs around her, his crotch was just above the blonde head of the beautiful lawyer. Horse grabbed her blonde hair with his hand and pulled her face up. Her mouth was slack and her eyes displayed a submission that he had not seen before in her.

"Suck me," he said. Then he lowered her open mouth over his expanding cock.

He watched with fascination as the blonde beauty began to suck his manhood vigorously.

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