tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 18

Julie's Mistake Ch. 18


Julie awoke the next morning with a slight hangover. She moved gingerly in the bed. As the morning sun began to stream into the bedroom, she tried to reconstruct the previous night's events.

She had no idea what time she had gotten home. Certainly it was in the wee hours of the morning. She did know that she had not been that intoxicated in many years. All she remembered was that when she arrived home, her husband was nowhere to be found, but he had left a note with accusations of infidelity and adultery.

Julie, who was exhausted and drunk and feeling the humiliation from her treatment at the yacht club, had tearfully read the note and then fallen asleep, exhausted from the day's events.

Now, in the morning light, Julie found herself still clutching the note in her hand. Her blue eyes opened and saw the contents of her husband's drawers emptied. She realized that he had completely moved his clothing out of the house.

She read the note, once again. It said that he had gone by her office and spoken to people there about her unexplained absence. It also said that he had spoken to Jackson who told him of Jackson's own intuition that Julie was involved in an extra-marital affair, although he did not know with whom. He had counseled the young husband that he should consider ending the marriage and consider himself lucky that there were no children involved. Her husband said that Jackson asked him to keep this to himself and not tell her that it had been heard from him.

Reading about Jackson's betrayal of her as well as his moralizing, especially given what she knew about him, filled Julie with a rage she had never felt before.

She shifted in her bed. It was then that she realized that she still wore clothes from the night before. Much to her humiliation, she wasn't even wearing a bra or panties! She had no idea where her clothing had gone, but she was, even now, only wearing a skimpy, very short, thin cotton skirt that was not much longer than the little cheerleading skirt she so proudly wore in college. It really only just covered the round flair of her butt. Up top, she had on an old, tattered and thread-bare t-shirt that reached just below her tits and left her flat stomach exposed. Her large chest was too big for it and her pink nipples poked up as if trying to fight through the cloth. Inexplicably, she wondered whether the skimpy cloths were from another young woman who had been used by these awful men and then discarded, naked into the night. The t-shirt and skirt were obviously just old clothes that had been on the boat for years and were not part of a set. Not a shred of underwear! Her mind went back to the hazy memories of her wanton behavior last night.

She didn't even drive her car home, did she? At that point, she knew that she was indeed lucky that her husband was not home when she arrived. Could the memories that she had of what happened that night be correct? Even as she tried to not think about it, the memories became clear.

The recollection of her being passed from man to man as each satisfied his wanton lust on her naked flesh and within her mouth and vagina caused the young blonde professional woman to reflect that perhaps her husband was right. As she shook her lovely head in shame, she doubted that he could possibly know the full extent of what had happened to her over these many months. Why had she accepted her fate last night, she wondered? Had it been out of her control, as she so wanted to believe, or was she simply acquiescing in what she had become – the most shameless slut, a wanton whore?

She tried to tell herself that her situation was hopeless last night and that she had been completely helpless. She didn't know if that was true, but she tried to convince herself nonetheless. What else could she have done in such an intoxicated state with no way back to shore, she wondered? But when she thought back to the final hours of being at the dock, lying naked on her back on a soiled bed, spreading her thighs for men to put their hard cocks into her little pussy, she turned her face to her pillow to hide her humiliation. How many men had taken her that way? Who were they?

"Oh my gosh," she thought, "that was just a few hours ago!" She shook her blonde head in disbelief.

Julie remembered the helpless feeling of humiliation on the yacht. Her mind wondered how she could get the cruel, intoxicated men to let her off the boat. She truly believed that her only bargaining chip was her beautiful, young body, but even then, when would she be let off? Even slightly drunk, her mind schemed to get them to let her go.


Julie knelt before the large man on the floor of the yacht's bedroom. His stiff cock was in her mouth and she bobbed her beautiful face rhythmically on his tool. She was tired and horribly shocked at her own behavior and yet here she was, kneeling submissively before the stranger, suckling his hard shaft.

The huge throbbing cock filled her mouth. Needing a deep breath, Julie pulled off of the hard penis and looked at it closely for the first time. Julie grasped it in her hand and felt it jerk involuntarily. What otherwise could have been an instrument of love, she recognized as a menacing, pulsating, fleshy object of subjugation. Humiliated, she felt reconciled to having to continue her sucking. She looked up at the man who was leaning against the bed. His cold eyes staring nearly lifelessly at her caused her to quickly avert her gaze.

She had lost track of how long she had been blowing the man, but his heavier breathing indicated that he was nearing climax. Julie cupped the heavy sac beneath his shaft and continued to bob back and forth on the instrument.

The bedroom door opened and the dimly lit room was momentarily lit up. Then the door shut. Julie had no idea who had entered. A delay would only extend her misery, so she sped up the rhythm of her head.

The man above her put both hands on her head and spoke. "Pull your head off, baby," he directed.

Julie paused her sucking of his penis. What did he want her to do? She began the fellatio again. She heard the man who entered chuckle. The sound of his laugh almost made her cry. These men were so abusive! She quickly changed her thoughts.

The man she was sucking off put a hand on his cock, between her face and his body, and she realized that he did want her to pull off. His other hand held her head by her thick, blonde hair.

Julie let the rock-hard cock slip from her lips as the man pumped his cock with his fist. She looked innocently at the man's cock, only inches from her face. Before she could even realize what he was doing, the first thick gob of cum exploded from his cock struck her nose and lip!

She heard the man cry out in ecstasy. "Ahhhhh."

Shocked, her mouth flew open, but she shut it immediately when some of his jism landed on her tongue. She felt her face become red and flush with shame as spurt after thick spurt of sperm landed on her face and neck. The man held her there until his balls were emptied. By that time, she felt his hot seed on her forehead and eyebrows and eyelashes. Then she felt his grip loosen on her hair. The thick, hot liquid slowly dripped down her face and neck.

Shocked as she was, she felt her face pulled towards his body and even though her eyes remained shut, she felt her face rubbed into the fleshy hose that was quickly losing its stiffness and his pubic hair.

Julie blindly felt around the man's thick legs for the bed sheets, careful to keep her eyes shut tight. How humiliating! The strong smell of semen filled the room immediately.

She felt the man move away slowly and speak to the man who just entered.

"Horse, she gives great head! I figured a bitch this gorgeous probably never had a facial. I thought I'd be the first to give her a nice big load!" Both men laughed.

Julie was wiping the cum off of her face and neck as the men spoke and she had no idea what they were saying. She stood and was leaning against the bed. She felt a wet wash cloth hit her softly on her stomach. She picked it up and finished wiping away the man's seed when Horse finally spoke to her.

"Listen, I need something from you," he said. He looked at the beautiful blonde who was now staring at him with pleading eyes.

Dutifully, the young woman pushed herself onto the bed and scooted her body to the middle of the large mattress. Then, her eyes never leaving those of Horse, she laid back, her full breasts proudly pointing to the ceiling, knees up and feet flat on the bed, and she spread her beautiful legs for him. Her little pussy was his for the taking. She reached her arms up to ready herself to embrace him. The beautiful blonde peered innocently at the man thinking that she would be pounded hard sexually again.

It wasn't lost on Horse that her submission to him, at least for this night, was complete.

The sexually sated man simply smiled at the young woman's willingness to fuck him yet again.

"No, I don't think I could fuck you again, baby," he said as he approached her and placed his rough hand on her inner thigh. "I'm thinking of taking you back home."

Julie mouthed the words "thank you."

"But I need you to promise me you'll come back one more time whenever I call you, do you understand?"

Julie nodded.

"I'm going to get a couple of the fellows from the yard to drive you home. But, they ain't gonna do it free, comprende? And if I do that for you, you've gotta live up to our agreement, understood?"

Julie nodded again.

He took her delicate hand and she started to get off the bed. Finally, she thought. Where were her clothes she wondered? She was so relieved! Her ordeal was nearly over.


Julie lay in bed, but kicked the sheets off of her. She pulled the t-shirt over her head and lifted her buttocks to wiggle out of the skirt. Her nipples were noticeably erect just from thinking about the night. Her hand searched for the warmth between her legs and she momentarily felt her warm pussy. The touch was nearly electric and she pulled her hand away. Why was her libido so high, she wondered?

Her fuzzy memory seemed to recall her being driven home by a three of the men from the docks. As her memory came back to her, she shamefully remembered being on her back in the rear seat, her satin smooth thighs wrapped around a man as he fucked her tender pussy relentlessly. Almost involuntarily, her hand went to her little slit. A single, manicured finger slipped into her pussy. Her mind drifted to being driven home.

There was a bit of a disconnect in the scene to her. She tried not to think about it, but the memories came flooding back; her lying in the backseat with the t-shirt drawn up beneath her chin, leaving her succulent breasts exposed for the man to suck and kiss as he fucked her. And, she remembered, the man had made himself right at home with her tits, sucking and licking and feasting voraciously on her swollen, pink aureoles as his thick, rigid dong filled her trimmed, little pussy.

Julie thought back to her strange perspective, lying in the back seat, of the sights of the street lights and auto lights momentarily illuminating the interior of the vehicle, revealing the tanned legs, arms and blonde head of the beautiful woman and the naked pale buttocks and back of the man atop her, only to darken quickly as the moving car sped her towards home. The experience of being plowed by this stranger's big cock was humiliating enough for her to go through while the car was being driven, but at least some of the sounds of the sex acts were masked by the noise of the moving car.

But she remembered being overwhelmed with shame as the car approached her house and the driver pulled over to the curb for several minutes, a few hundred feet from her home so that the man between her legs could empty his balls within her. When the car pulled to a stop, the driver turned off the lights and engine. A streetlight from across the street poured a bluish light into the car.

Turning to the intermingled bodies as they copulated in the back seat, the driver of the car said, "Hurry up."

Julie saw the two men in the front seat occasionally glance back at the man fucking her. The sound of the fucking was now magnified by the complete silence of the dead of night. It seemed to her that the man intensified his efforts to finish within her by quickening the strokes of his stiff meat.

He grabbed Julie's wrists and held them apart as his torso rose from hers so that he could look at her gorgeous face as they fucked. The former cheerleader wished that she could close her eyes, but she knew that she should stare directly into his dark eyes so that she might speed the desired orgasm into the depths of her wet pussy.

The man repeatedly plunged his long, thick cock into the heated depths of the loins of the beautiful woman. She, in turn, squeezed the man's turgid cock with her pussy and milked it softly. Being held as she was, her pussy was the only part of her body really responding to the fucking.

"Take my cock, baby," the man uttered as he looked into her deep, blue eyes. "Take it deep!"

"Uhhhh," Julie moaned as the man pumped his thick tool into her quaking pussy.

"Now, that's more like it," she heard one of the men in the front seat say. "Can ya believe that?" the other voice replied.

The vehicle creaked and moved rhythmically with the man's thrusts into the young woman's pussy. The smacking of his hips into her pussy was mixed with the wet sounds of his mouth alternating between her rubbery nipples and her wide-open mouth. When he kissed her, Julie tried to turn away in disgust, but it was no use. The man forced his tongue between her soft, rosy lips and to her complete humiliation, she found herself kissing him back.

The moisture from her wet love-hole made a disgusting squishing sound that also resounded in the car. Amidst the noise of the man fucking her, Julie tried unsuccessfully to muffle her moans.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," the young woman moaned each time the man stuck his hot tool into her to the hilt. She hated the sounds of her being fucked, from the creaking seat, to the rocking of the car, to the slapping of flesh on flesh. But, still, the relentless fucking continued. She shifted her feet and began to meet his cock thrusts with a slight pump from her muscular butt towards the thick hard flesh.

"Ah... mmmmm... mmmmm... ahh ... ahhh...," her mindless chant continued as the man plunged deep into her wet and battered pussy.

Julie wanted to shut her eyes but she also wanted to keep track of the two men in the front seat, so she didn't. Occasionally, the men would look back and she would glance at them, wondering if the fucking she had already given them was enough for them to be through with her, and humiliated that she was fucking this man so shamefully even as she thought of these other issues.

"Ahh, ugghhh... ugghhhh!" she now felt an unwanted orgasm creeping down her spine and into her pussy! Her nipples began to tingle. The powerful force washed over her like a wave.

"Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Julie thrust her hips wildly back at the man as forcefully as he fucked his throbbing hot cock into her. His hands moved to cup her muscular buttocks as he drunkenly drilled the beautiful blonde with his stiff man flesh. From the man's frantic pace, she knew he was close! Despite her humiliation, her nails gripped his naked back and her love-hole squeezed and pumped onto his powerful cock.

"UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" her cries filled the car's interior. As she moaned in pleasure, she felt the man's hotly jerking cock head pressing deep into her moistly sucking cunt. Then she felt the man stiffen as he prepared to fill her with his hot jism.

A few more thrusts and, finally, the man grunted as he began to orgasm inside her. Julie wrapped her soft legs and arms around the man's naked humping body and held him close as she felt him shoot his seed deep into her pussy. Her shapely butt pumped up to meet his downward thrusts. Nearly before he had stopped shooting his spunk within her, the car pulled away from the curb and drove quickly to her home. The man atop her was literally pulling his dripping penis from within her warm pussy flesh as the car stopped in front of her home.

The beautiful, young lawyer spread her legs to let the man off of her and was then dropped off at her driveway, barefoot and drunk, as if she was a slut or a whore. Not caring in her intoxicated state, she remembered just being glad to be home.

Now, in the morning's light, Julie's head swirled from the night of debauchery. She stiffened in orgasm. Moaning quietly, the young professional bucked her hips and tweaked her sensitive nipples. It washed over her in long waves. As the flood subsided, she fell into a deep slumber.

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