tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 22

Julie's Mistake Ch. 22


Julie sat next to Jackson on the bed. Her soft hand stroked his large member into erection as he lay with his back against the bed's large headboard in a half-sitting position. She forced herself to try to be engaging in their conversation, but her mind was really on getting even with him. He talked of his work and his wife -- much to Julie's dismay. All the while, he was caressing her firm tits and the silky soft skin of her inner thighs.

As she felt his penis harden in her hand, Julie finally bent down and prepared to take his rigid member in her mouth. Her blue eyes stared at the big cock. The fleshy cock head seemed oddly menacing. She was disgusted, but she forced a smile when she looked up at Jackson staring down at her through his glasses. Pursing her lips, she kissed the swollen cock and then opened her mouth and took the throbbing tip orally. Her slender fingers cupped his heavy testicles with one hand as her other brushed her hair behind an ear.

Jackson groaned aloud as the beautiful blonde bobbed her head, full length, on the huge throbbing penis. Her tongue swirled around the fleshy head of his jerking cock. She felt him put his hands through her hair and grip her ears as she worked up and down his rock-hard manhood.

Jackson stared at her full tits as they hung sensuously from her chest. They were perfectly tanned and formed. "This bitch is still tanning nude," he thought to himself.

He began to fantasize about finding her by her pool, lying out in the nude. His mind drifted to visualizing the beautiful former cheerleader, covered in tanning oil, lying on a pool-side lounge, her firm buttocks being toasted in the sun. "I'd love to give her a surprise fuck by the pool," he thought.

Julie began to feel his throbbing reaction to her sucking and she sucked his massive hardness a little quicker. Her pretty head bobbed up and down his erect penis as Jackson watched. Her lips were tightly compressed around the stiff tool and occasionally let out a sucking sound. Her fingers went to his hairy sac and began to play with his bloated testicles.

"Yeah, baby, suck it," Jackson grunted as he watched his beautiful associate performing a fellatio on him. His head dropped back as he soaked in the sensation of having this beautiful, innocent blonde giving him head. His hands left her honey blonde hair and stroked the soft skin of her shoulders. It only intensified the cock suck when he could feel her shoulders rise and drop as she sucked him. Her wonderful tits touched his hairy legs each time she dipped down. He watched in fascination as she would force her mouth down to the base of his cock, taking his large penis completely into her mouth and down her throat.

"Damn, you've learned how to suck cock, Julie," he gasped.

The young blue-eyed beauty was mortified to hear him talk like that. But she knew that he was right. "I am a good cock-sucker," she thought to herself shamefully. "He's right, I am a slut." But she didn't want to let on that she despised him.

"Hmmmmm," she hummed. She let her eyes look up at Jackson as if she was acknowledging a great compliment.

God, he loved having this haughty young woman bent over with his cock in her mouth. He thought to himself that he would love to shoot his spunk all the way back to her tonsils about now, but he wasn't finished. No, this was the same young bitch who had rebuffed his advances a few years back. "Look at her now -- she's a fucking slut!" he thought meanly. "No, she may walk out of here after this fuck, but she'll walk out on some fuckin' unsteady legs. She'll be walking like she's been well fucked."

"Baby," he said out loud, "I've got a little present for your pussy." His hands slowed her bobbing head. "Get on your hands and knees; I want to fuck you doggie."

Julie felt her face and chest redden at the lewd way that Jackson put this. She knew that she was simply a beautiful receptacle for his lustful spunk. The tanned, former cheerleader knew that she had no choice. She pulled her mouth off of his saliva soaked cock and moved to a doggie position as she felt him getting into position behind her. Her large, firm orbs hung delectably from her chest and her muscular buttocks offered up her little pink slit that peeked out from between her well-formed ass cheeks.

Her beautiful ass was being stroked by both his hands and she felt his stiff dong slapping her soft skin as he positioned himself to enter her yielding body. He pushed her knees wider apart and she felt his hand between her soft thighs. A finger began to explore her love passage. He screwed his digit into the moistened hole. Quickly, he began to probe the dilating slit and began to draw the narrow furrow open.

"AAAaaahhhhh," she moaned.

"I want you real wet, baby," he said as he began to grind a second finger into her pussy. "It won't take long."

Julie's head collapsed into a pillow as she maintained her position, letting him explore the smooth passage of her pussy. It was bathing his fingers in juice.

"Oooooooooo," involuntarily escaped her lips. "Ooooooooo," she said as she felt her pussy soaking his pudgy fingers.

He pulled his fingers out and Julie felt his hands grasp her hips. His wet fingers felt obscenely sticky against her silky flesh.

Then the thick head of his massive organ came in contact with her vaginal lips. Her tight hips were held in place by the man about to enter her from behind. As she felt him push his thick, stiff cock into her, inch by inch, she yielded to the initial discomfort by groaning again.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh," she mewled. "He's so thick," she thought to herself.

She felt the entire length of his cock push into her love hole. Quickly, he began to pump in and out. It hurt a bit and her mind went red for a moment. Jackson saw her hands grip the bed sheets in a fist and her mouth open and her breathing become labored.

When she came out of this momentary lapse, she felt his hands tightly on her hips and their bodies connected by his stiff flesh and his tawdry rhythm established behind her. He was fucking the young woman intensely.

Then Julie heard him laugh.

"Head down, ass up! That's the way she likes to fuck!"

The beautiful blonde groaned in humiliation but she squeezed her vaginal passage around the cock within her and gripped it tightly. She had complete control of her magnificent pussy. If she was going to make her plan work, she needed to go all the way with it. The beautiful, shapely blonde forced herself to turn to the man and smile. She could hardly believe what she saw: a middle-aged, overweight man, on his knees, fucking her perversely.

Jackson looked at the gorgeous smile on the woman he was fucking. Her blonde hair hung around her perfect face as she turned to smile at him. The sight of her shapely ass and legs and her naked body lying submissively before him made the man shiver and quake. He felt Julie squeeze her pussy around his throbbing cock.

"Fuck!" he groaned out loud. He didn't want to cum this quickly, but he could not control himself.

"Ugggggg," he grunted as he felt his stiff penis begin to shoot his spunk into her pussy.

"Uhhhhh, fuck!" he shouted as he spewed his seed.


"Uggggggg, fuck!"

Julie thought about the way Jackson sounded when he came. His grunting was animalistic and yet she found his fucking strangely powerful. ***** Laura was asleep on the king-size bed in the five-star hotel room of Mr. Woo. It was well after two in the morning and the stressful evening had taken a toll on the young beauty. Her thick, dark hair framed her gorgeous face. Her ripe lips were slightly parted and she slept peacefully. An expensive sheet partially covered her young, lithe body. The sheet only covered her lower body from just beneath her belly button on her flat, smooth tummy and over one of her long, well-formed legs. The other leg was out from under the sheet and exposed from nearly the top of her thigh. Her pussy was covered.

Woo was snoring several feet from her on the bed.

Laura had only been fucked once that night, before dinner. But when they returned to the hotel room after dinner and drinks, Woo had insisted on trying to engage in sexual intercourse once again. Consequently, Laura had spent a long time with her head between his legs and his slender cock in her mouth, trying in vain to have him gain another erection. The inexperienced American college student tried her best, while on her elbows and knees on the soft bed, to bring Woo to erection.

Woo had pulled Laura up from his limp tool when it became abundantly clear that he was not going to achieve a hard-on. His penis was wet with her saliva. The older man cupped her perfect tits and feasted on the American's young nipples and fingered her wet pussy. Laura did not climax, but was very, very aroused by his attention, scissoring her legs around the man's intruding digits, until the fingering diminished and they both fell asleep.

Neither stirred much when the door from the hallway opened. The foyer light was flicked on but the young woman only turned her face slightly to avoid the dim light. The sex and alcohol had dulled the young woman's senses. Laura was gradually awakened by the muffled voices and drunken laughter of the men.

The young beauty sat up in bed. Her large breasts hung nakedly on her chest, the nipples peaking the womanly flesh. She saw the shadowy forms of the men and scooted her butt to the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor to try to get her clothes. There was no time for that, though, and she grabbed the sheet and held it over her breasts.

Instinctively, she said, "What?"

"Shhhh!" was the only response.

Laura now recognized Hall and another two men from the dinner. They appeared to be pretty intoxicated.

Hall smiled drunkenly at the young woman's surprise. "Let's go," he said in a whisper.

"Where?" was her only response.

"To another room," he answered.

"I can't," Laura replied. "I'm not dressed." She clutched the sheet tightly to her tits.

Hall and one of the other men laughed softly at Laura's naiveté each grabbed one of her wrists and pulled her off the bed. The sheet got lost in the movement.

"No, please," she pled as they pulled her off the bed and onto her feet. She was completely nude and exposed.

As they pulled her through the room, she could smell the alcohol on them. She knew that they were very drunk. They were much stronger than her and they easily manhandled her to the door of the room. At that point, Hall peered out into the lighted hallway.

"The coast is clear," he said with a chuckle. "Come on!"

Laura was pulled out into the brightly lit hallway of the hotel. The door to the room shut behind them.

Now the nude college student didn't have any choice but to run down the hallway with the laughing, drunken men.

She was humiliated but also so fearful of being caught, that her long, smooth legs ran as quickly as the men around her permitted. The two still held onto her wrists and her youthful breasts and curvy buttocks bounced freely as she ran.

It seemed like a long run and her heart beat furiously as Hall fumbled with the door key to the room. Laura heard the elevator bell and looked down the hallway. She heard the voices of people exiting. Hall laughed and finally opened the door, just as the people turned the corner.

A humiliated Laura and the laughing men raced into the room and the door shut behind them.

She immediately covered her nipples with her slender hands. As her eyes adjusted to the relative darkness of the room it became evident that it was a suite of rooms. They had entered into a living area. There were two bedrooms, both with their doors open.

From one of the nearly darken rooms, Laura heard a woman's moaning voice.

"Uggghhhhhh! Ugggghhhhhh! Ugggggghhhhh!," the woman moaned.

As Laura was pulled towards a bedroom, she could make out the sounds of flesh slapping. Clearly the woman in the bedroom was being fucked.

"These men are insane," she thought to herself.

Laura hesitated momentarily as the three men and she passed the bedroom from which the sounds came.



"Uhhhhhh!" the woman continued with her moans.

The sounds were a strange, erotic mixture of discomfort and sexual desire coming from the woman. It was as if the fucking was almost painful, but still enjoyed by the woman.

Looking into the nearly dark bedroom Laura could make out the curvy form of a naked woman on the bed with a man on his knees, fucking her from behind. They faced away from the door and were evidently unaware of the presence of the young, nude college student. The shapely woman was on her knees and elbows being fucked doggie style. Her knees were widespread and the man was between them gripping the poor woman tightly by her hips. As Laura's eyes adjusted, she realized that there was another man facing the woman, seated at the head of the bed. Evidently, his cock was being sucked by the woman. The woman's face was buried in the man's nude crotch and was bobbing up and down. This probably explained the woman's muffled cries as she endured the fucking. Laura could see the man's face. His closed eyes and slack mouth could only mean one thing: he was being pleasured intensely by the woman's mouth.

Suddenly, there was a slapping sound as the man fucking the woman from behind struck the woman's ass cheek.


"Ohhhh!" was the woman's high pitched reply. Her head came off of the man's cock.

"Come on!" he said with a foreign accent.

Laura cringed. "Why were men so cruel?" she wondered. Her eyes widened as she stared into the room. The man's open hand rose to his head level and swung hard to the woman's firm buttock!

"Thwack!" The sound reverberated in the hotel suite.

"Come on, you fuckin' whore! Squeeze my cock with that pussy!"

"Ohhhhh, please!" The woman sounded pitiful.

The man's Asian sounding accent made him sound that much more dangerous to Laura.

The man laughed menacingly. "That's better, you slut!"


"Ow!" she cried again.

Laura was momentarily mesmerized. That poor woman, she thought to herself. She's giving it up to them! These men are such brutes! Shamefully, however, the young woman realized that her mouth was slightly open and her breathing labored and her own nipples were erect from watching the other woman abused.

"What's wrong with me?" she wondered.

The man who was spanking the woman was riding her relentlessly! His ass cheeks flexed and relaxed as he pumped his cock into the woman's yielding vaginal passage.

Laura looked on nearly hypnotized by the sexual show before her. When the man being sucked opened his eyes and smiled at Laura, the young woman was brought out of her shock and averted her eyes. The three men with her shuffled her into the other bedroom and shut the door.

Now, their fun would begin.

Laura turned towards the three men. Her large melons rose and fell gently on her chest. She was aware of her nudity and she sat at the edge of the bed and pulled a pillow towards her. She covered her large titties and trimmed pussy with the pillow, and then folded her legs beneath her bottom.

She was frightened, but in a very compromising position. What could she do, she wondered?

"What order do you want us in?" Hall asked with a drunken smile. All three men eyed the young beauty lewdly.

"Please, Mr. Hall, don't make me do this. I'm not like that," she said softly to the man. She hoped he listened to her plea, but deep down she knew it was useless.

Hall reached for the pillow. Laura let it drop from her hands. What choice did she have? Her eyes were downcast in dejection.

The men whistled drunkenly as the young woman's secrets were once again revealed. Her large, perfectly formed tits, her very flat stomach and the neatly trimmed landing strip of hair that led to her love-hole stiffened the cocks of the men.

"Please," she nearly whispered to herself, "I'm not a whore."


The beautiful, young college student was flat on her back, luscious legs spread open. The Asian man was on top of her, between her long legs, humping her wet pussy for all he was worth. It was impossible for the inexperienced American woman to detach herself from the fucking she was taking. The man was an experienced cocksman and was driving the young woman to orgasm with a combination of nipple sucking and friction on her tiny, erect clitoris.

The fucking had begun with Laura not knowing what to do with her hands. She certainly wasn't going to be holding the animal fucking her!

But as the man worked her expertly, she first tightly grasped the sheets of the bed in her little fists and then went to the man's body where they held onto his back and gradually even stroked his ass cheeks as he fucked her. Signaling her final submission to his fucking, the man turned his head slightly and smiled at Hall and the other man who also witnessed the woman's transformation.

The obscene sounds of sucking and flesh slapping reverberated throughout the room. She took his cock thrusts and met them with a rhythmic pump from her pussy. She tried, in vain, to block out the two men waiting and watching!

Occasionally a gasp or moan would escape her lips involuntarily, but she tried to bite her lip and take the fucking as silently as possible. But even without her crying out in ecstasy, the sounds of sex were very loud.

She was also shamefully aware that Hall and the third man sat in the room next to the bed as she was being ridden sexually and that they awaited their turn to partake of her sweet, tight pussy. Her brain only processed a small amount of the words that came from the two men as they spoke.

"Look at her take that stiff cock!"

"She was made for fucking!"

Despite herself, her will to resist was utterly destroyed by the skilled fucking of the man and she felt his hot breath on her neck before he turned and locked his mouth wetly on hers. Laura inner thighs tingled as the man pumped his hips between them, and she gently squeezed the man's stiff penis with her pussy. She wanted him to climax so that this could end, but deep inside she also was pleasuring herself. The young woman drew her long legs up tightly to her tits and dug her heels into the small of the man's back. He was now free to drive the huge, throbbing length of his cock as deeply as he could!

"Give it to me, baby," she whispered in his ear. "Fuck my hot pussy!" Then she gently bit his earlobe. Laura rocked her pussy in unison with his thrusts all the while mindlessly chanting, "so good, so good!"

The man's hands went to her smooth thighs, which were doubled-up near his chest, and he fucked the young woman's cunt desperately, each thrust delving deeper into her love-hole. Laura let her legs slide down the man's thighs until she could wrap her silky columns around his.

He rammed into her grasping pussy with every bit of power he could muster from his toes to his legs and hips to his chest. Their naked flesh slapped audibly as they each tried to make the other climax.

The fire in her pussy was unbearably hot, now. A high-pitched whimper began to come from her mouth as her young love-hole was vanquished by the man and she abandoned all pretenses! No longer was she even aware of Hall and the other man as they watched, transfixed, by the sight of this beautiful brunette losing all abandon!

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "let me have it! Give me your cock!" She pumped her pussy up and down his rock-hard manhood. His long, hard, jack-hammered thrusts brought to college student to the very brink of orgasm.

She felt the man stiffen immediately and begin to shoot his thick, hot jism into her cunt. He groaned loudly as he pounded her in a frenzy.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," she heard him groan in her ear. She clung onto him while his pounding slowed. She clung to him tightly and her hips maintained a slow up and back movement to accept the last, lewd probings of his manhood. As she did so, she felt her pussy began to fill with the spunk that his cock spewed.

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