tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 23

Julie's Mistake Ch. 23


How could this be happening? Laura's mind reeled. Her mother had always been the prim and proper mother and wife! Now she was acting like a wanton harlot! As adolescents, Laura and her friends had joked about how they could not imagine their parents even having sex. Laura's mother was the mom all the kids believed never had a hair out of place and who was even a bit prudish around them. Certainly she was gorgeous, but she was also untouchable. Yet, now ... here she was! The shocking scene stunned Laura.

Laura watched in horror – unable to pull her eyes away- as a stranger fucked her mother. As her eyes focused on the wanton display – her mother's shapely, tanned legs lewdly spread wide and in the air as the beastly, smiling man held her mother's ankles and pumped his rigid tool into her open pussy – she nearly forgot the fact that another man was holding her own tight hips and having his way with her from behind. Her own situation was quickly brought back when the man behind her gave her firm, young ass cheek an open-handed slap that reverberated throughout her body!


"Oww!" The loud slap brought a cry from Laura's ripe lips.

Twack! He spanked her naked ass flesh again!

"Oww!" she cried out again!

The sting to her young buttock was painful, and the sound of the slap resounded loudly through the hotel room. As if acknowledging her momentary inattentiveness to the man, she lowered her pretty head to the bed and submissively began to grind her shapely ass against the man's rigid, invading cock.

"Do you like that, baby?" she asked in a sexy voice. "Do you like my pussy?" Laura said these nasty words with dismay, but wanted the man to stop spanking her bottom.

Then she reached between her satin-smooth thighs to gently cup his large testicles. Her slender fingers weighed the bloated sac that she knew would soon be emptied into her quaking pussy.

"Please, cum in me fast," she thought to herself. She wiggled her muscular, youthful buttocks erotically against the man's pelvis.

"Good," was the only word from the stranger fucking her tight pussy.

As he continued to plow her young cunt with his long, stiff rod, Laura heard her mother's drunken mewling. It was clear to Laura that the men had gotten her mother drunk, but her mind swirled with everything else. Why was her mother here? What if her mother saw her? How could she get out?

It seemed as if it was only a few minutes before she heard the man fucking her mother exploding in orgasm.

"Fuck!" he yelled from the next room. "Squeeze my cock with that tight cunt!"

Laura heard the men surrounding her mother laugh as the man's orgasm slowly waned. As he pumped the last few drops of semen into Pamela's pussy, he continued to chant "fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

Her ears burned with shame to hear the man emptying his balls into her mother's wide-spread body but what really shamed her were the enthusiastic words and calls from her mother as she urged the man to fuck her, evidencing her mother's complete and utter sexual abandonment – entreaties that did not end until he was clearly pumped dry and beginning to soften within her.

"Yeah, baby, fuck me good!" Laura recognized her mother's voice, but it sounded completely different. "Fuck my pussy, baby. Give it to me!"

Despite her shame, Laura could not draw her mind away from what was happening to her mother. Laura's beautiful, innocent eyes were wide, looking at the naked, smiling men surrounding her mother, each apparently waiting their turn to fuck her!

"So, this was the woman she heard being taken in the other room when she first came in the hotel room! What had the men been doing to her? She knew that they had been spanking her mother at the very least! How long has she been doing this? Maybe this is where I get my whorish streak from," she thought shamefully.

Laura lowered her head again to the mattress. Without thinking, one of her delicate hands went to her full breast, hanging from her slender torso, and gently tweaked her nipple. She squeezed it gently, feeling her vaginal juices flood her tight pussy. She was so turned on!

As the man behind her established his tawdry rhythm of fucking the young college student, doggie-style, Laura peeked up from the foot of her bed and through the hotel bedroom door. She saw Hall glance at her drunkenly. His eyes widened slightly as if he just realized the connection between mother and daughter!

"We're just two tight pussies to him," Laura thought to herself. Despite feeling used, Laura remembered that she was submitting to Hall's demands to save her father's job.

His eyes narrowed and he lifted a single finger to his lips to indicate that Laura should be silent. He was visible only from the waist up, but his broad, hairy chest made Laura believe that he was nude.

To her surprise, Laura felt the man fucking her take a handful of her thick hair and tug on it as if it were the reins of a horse. It kept her head up and looking into the other room at what was happening to her mother.

"You like to look," the man said in broken English. "Watch the whore get fuck," he said, referring to her mother. He began to drive his lust-engorged penis into Laura even quicker and deeper. He grabbed Laura's slender waist with his free hand to get a better fucking grip. He wanted the young college student to feel the fucking he was giving her. The driving of his cock into her wet pussy began to be punctuated with the slap of flesh that filled the room each time his hips hit the back of her thighs and wide-open ass cheeks.

The young woman didn't even realize that she let out a moan each time he entered her to the hilt!



"Oh!" she chanted. Her cries were short, staccato cries, coming quickly after each fast stroke from the man's cock.

He leaned his torso back to view his huge, glistening rod appearing and disappearing into the beautiful, young woman. The thick, turgid penis was shiny with her love-hole's juices.

He smiled as he rode her relentlessly from behind. Each time his hips struck her ass, Laura's well-defined calves and slender feet jumped a couple of inches off of the mattress. He admired the shapely form of her legs and watched the soles of her feet hop erotically as he fucked her. He was greatly amused at his tormenting of the young college girl.

The fucking began to be hard for Laura to take. Her gaping mouth let escape the guttural sounds of a woman being fucked too long and too hard.

"Ughhh!" she cried.

He spanked her ass again.


"Uuughhh! Please!" she said to no one in particular. She felt the man's torso drop to her back and his hands cup her large, very firm tits. His hands worked her rubbery nipples into stiff, eraser-sized love-buds.

"Oooo!" escaped from her slack mouth!

He grabbed her hair again and tugged on it hard.

"Uughhh," she cried as she took the man's relentless pounding. Her beautiful face showed the humiliation and shame that she had never felt before. Despite herself, her spectacular young body was on fire! She jerked her hair out of the man's hand and put her face into the mattress to squelch her cries of passion.

She was about to cum!

"Ohhhhhhh, fuckkkk meeeeeee," she cried as an intense orgasm began to wash over her body! Her quaking vagina squeezed the man's rod and began its milking action over the entire length of his rock-hard penis. He felt his hard cock covered with her warm, glistening pussy juices.

"Oh! Fuck me!" Laura chanted mindless of the men in the next room.

"Fuck me!" she cried out! She was completely and utterly out of control!

"Fuck meeeeee!" The orgasm swept through her tight love-passage and into her smoothly rocking buttocks and she squirmed sensuously against the man's cock to satisfy her wanton lust! Her feminine hands gripped the bed sheets tightly and her dainty painted toes pointed straight out from her legs as she orgasmed intensely.

"Aaaaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh," she cried in abandonment!

The release was heightened knowing that she shared a wanton sexual side with her mother! All of the shame and degradation that she had endured and witness her mother endure flooded over her young body and she climaxed long and hard!

Slowly the young college student regained her senses and found that the man fucking her had not climaxed.

Her own sexual writhing revolted her! She was humiliated to realize that she must have been turned on by watching her mother get fucked! What was happening to her? She buried her face in shame!

When she next looked up, it was because of the laughter and heckling from the next room. She saw her mother's Greek goddess form in silhouette again, but this time she was blindfolded and being led into Laura's bedroom!

The laughter was because one of the men literally had a finger up Pamela's pussy as they walked slowly into the bedroom and stopped only inches from the bed that Laura was being fucked on.

Laura was aghast at seeing her mother like this! Her own climax had brought her somewhat back from the sexual wantonness that she had just found herself in.

"Nooo... nooo," she said softly as she saw her mother being led into the room.

Nude and drunk, Pamela was completely at the mercy of these men. Two men held her naked body while others fondled her nipples and played with her very large, firm breasts. Slack-jawed and obviously sexually out of control, Pamela smiled and pumped her tight hips and ass on the man's probing finger.

Laura saw that her mother had a man's semi-erect cock in her hand, tugging it gently, trying to tease it into erection. She also noticed that her mother's pussy was shaved as smooth as a baby's ass. It looked incongruous between her mother's womanly thighs.

Completely unaware of her daughter being her audience, Pamela sought to satisfy her own apparently insatiable, sexual appetite. The man pulled his finger from her love-hole and spoke.

"Baby, you need some fat cock, don't you?" the man asked Pamela as he pulled his finger from her pussy. He put his finger, still glistening with Pamela's vaginal juices, into her mouth.

Laura watched as her mother sucked the finger before pulling away from it and saying, breathlessly, "Cock. I want some cock in my pussy!"

Laura was in complete shock. Without even thinking, she twisted her body and the man fucking her had his stiff dick fall from her pussy, covered in her wetness. The young woman appeared very frightened and scooted back up against the footboard of the bed. She pulled the bed sheet up to cover her nakedness.

All of the attention was on Pamela, and Laura somehow escaped the men's lustful notice.

She was horrified, but didn't know what to do.

Her mother was moved to the edge of the bed and sat, briefly, with her back to Laura. Her thick, brown hair fell to just below her naked shoulders. Laura could see the swell of her mother's large breasts from around her back. Now only the top of Pamela's ass cheeks, divided erotically, was visible as she sat, but her perfect back that swelled to beautiful shoulders was still naked to Laura's view.

The men, Laura lost count of how many, crowded around her mother, penises in every stage of erection. The man who had been fucking Laura now reached for Pamela and began to fondle the woman's pendulous tits. Pamela smiled briefly before her mouth seemed to drop open in arousal. The fact that she was turned on was fully evident to all by the shape of her mouth in an O.

Pamela still beneath the blindfold and pulled her toned legs up off of the floor to open her vagina for the next man's cock. Her mother's tanned legs bent up to her torso and they touched her large breasts. To Laura's alarm, the man nearest Pamela with a hard cock stepped between her mother's open thighs. The man's cock was massive! It looked like it was thick enough to be someone's arm! The fleshy, purplish head looked foreboding and menacing, but the man's eyes showed he was intent on squeezing the monster cock into Laura's mother!

The man held Pamela's hips as he placed the fleshy tip of his tool to the opening of Pamela's vagina. Laura watched as the man's huge penis began to push into her mother's quaking pussy.

Pamela squirmed a bit, clearly uncomfortable with the man's size. It didn't look like she could take it inside her!

"Ohhhh!" she cried out loud as the man inched into her.

"Noooooo!" she begged. "Uggggggggghhhhhhhh! You're too bigggg!"

The men in the room laughed cruelly as the gorgeous, mature brunette tried to recoil from the man's cock. It was no use. The man pushed several inches of his rock-hard member relentlessly into her yet unyielding pussy.

"AAAaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh," Pamela groaned in discomfort!

Laura watched, nearly hypnotized by the scene. Her mother was beginning to pump her hips but was still moaning either from discomfort or sexual excitement! Laura noticed her mother's heels dig into the small of the man's back.

Within seconds the beautiful brunette had taken the man's massive tool several inches into her love hole. The man pushed deeper. Pamela's brow was furrowed but she was being worked expertly! Her pussy accepted the tight entry, inch by inch.

The man lifted Pamela slightly off the edge of the bed and swiveled beneath her still connected by the massive, fleshy rod. He dropped to his back and he scooted onto the bed with him beneath the gorgeous woman. He now lay flat on his back on the bed, beneath Pamela.

When they nearly reached the headboard, Laura was left with a view of her mother's shapely ass pumping up and down on the man's rigid man-flesh. Her long, tanned legs straddled the man's own legs and Laura watched as her mother and the man kissed deeply as they engaged in the ancient dance of sexual intercourse!

The man's massive organ was glistening with her mother's love juices and his fleshy testicles hung loosely between his legs as he fucked Pamela from below. It took only a moment for Laura to realize that it was her mother who was fucking the cock, not the other way around. The man was lying nearly perfectly still and Pamela was working her pussy up and down the stiff rod. Laura watched as her blindfolded mother expertly worked her pussy the full length of the cock, varying speed and how far she stroked the cock with her cunt.

A man standing next to the bed spanked Pamela's ass.

"Ohh," she cried out loud. "Spank me, daddy! I've been a naughty girl!" Pamela smiled drunkenly.

The man who had slapped her buttock scrambled onto the bed. His long penis was fully erect. Laura watched unable to understand what was about to happen to her beautiful mother.

The unattractive, skinny man leaned over Pamela as she lay on the other man fucking his cock. He grabbed a buttock in each hand and stretched them slightly apart, revealing the tight, starfish-like asshole of the woman being fucked vaginally.

"Hold her," he said. His cock was fully erect and pointed nearly to the ceiling.

Laura watched in horror as the man below Pamela gripped her shoulders tightly and two other men pinned her thighs to the bed. Now the man behind her spit on the cleft between her womanly ass cheeks.

"Wha...." was the only thing out of Pamela's mouth.

Then the man spit into his own hand and rubbed the saliva on the head of his slender penis.

Immediately, he put the cock head against Pamela's asshole and began to push.

To Laura's surprise, Pamela did not struggle, but stopped her pumping of the cock and bit her lower lip in discomfort. It was as if she was resigned to letting the men do any perverse thing they wanted to do to her.

A slight groan escaped her lips. It sounded pathetic.

"Uggggghhhhhh," Pamela moaned as the man inched his cock into her sphincter and completed the double insertion. "Ohhh, godddd," she moaned.

"Ugggggghhhhhhhhhh! Pleaseeeee! Noooooooo!" Pamela's legs were splayed open unnaturally and still being held in place.

The skinny man began to pump his hard penis in and out of Pamela's asshole. "I'm not the first visitor here," he laughed.

Laura could watch no more!

Instinctively, the young college student jumped off the bed, big tits bouncing, and ran naked for the hotel room door. She didn't even think about the fact that she was completely nude! She just needed to escape!

Throwing the door open, Laura ran down the brightly lit hallway. It was completely empty. She had no idea what time it was or where she should go. She ran towards the stairwell, completely unaware that one of the men had followed her out the hotel room door.

Laura opened the door to the fire exit and was in a concrete stairwell with metal railing. She paused to consider which way to run. Her long hair was disheveled and her firm breasts rose and fell quickly on her chest. She took a step towards the stairs when a hand clamped on her wrist!

"Not so fast, sweetie!" a man's voice stated. "I'll bet Hall paid for all night with you gals. You don't want to short-change him."

Laura looked at the man's drunken face. His pale chest and face were red from alcohol but his cock was stiff as a board.

"Please, I can't go back in there!" she managed to say but she was quickly spun around by the man. She faced the railing in the empty stairwell.

"That's fine with me, you cunt," he said meanly.

Almost before she could move, she felt the man's hard penis between her perfect buttocks searching for her love hole. He had one hand on her wrist and the other around her waist as he probed drunkenly for her pussy hole. It wasn't long before she felt the tip of his cock enter her pussy!

Laura felt the man's cock slip into her wet pussy to the hilt. Immediately, she felt him begin to fuck her in earnest.

I am just a cunt to him, she thought to herself. I am just a slut!

At the shame of her thoughts, Laura felt her pussy moisten rapidly. Before she could think, she found herself involuntarily spreading her gorgeous thighs. She placed one foot on the first stair going up while her dainty hands gripped the railing tightly. Her sensuous mouth hung open.

She was a whore, just as the man thought! She was a whore, just like her mother!

"I... I can't go back in there," she stuttered again.

"That's fine, sugar," the man replied. "We'll go into my room and fuck."

She bit her lower lip and shamefully decided to allow the man to have his way with her. The man's cock pumped in and out of her tight pussy.

He fucked her hard in the stairwell and fucked her hard all night long in his room.

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