tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 24

Julie's Mistake Ch. 24


Julie had turned the plan over in her head a thousand times. She was smart enough to know that there were parts of the plan that could not be worked with precision. She also realized that she could not do this by herself. If she had to have someone else involved, she knew that she needed someone that would not be believed by police should the person turn against her and reveal her plan.

She let out a frustrated sigh. Why did this happen to me, she wondered? It seemed that the only pleasure she now had was plotting her revenge against Jackson! Who could help her? Who could she trust?

No one, of course! That answer depressed the young beauty. Her beautiful face made a frown. She was so alone!

No one could help her that she fully trusted.

Julie folded her tanned legs beneath her perfect bottom. She wore only a pair of skimpy, silk panties and a thin, spaghetti-strap t-shirt. Her rounded tits poked at the material and her nipples were outlined by the cloth. Though it was still early on a Friday evening, she was bathed and ready for bed. The only problem was that she couldn't sleep. Her mind was racing.

She lifted a glass of wine to her lips and tasted the strong flavor. It seemed that this was one of the few pleasures she had left and she was very cognizant that she should not drink too much.

Her cell phone rang.

She looked at the caller id. It was Jackson.

"Of course," she thought. "He wants to have me go over so he can have sex with me. He is so disgusting!"

She didn't answer. She'd lie to him later about being out of town. But, her anger swelled at the boorish man.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Julie's phone rang 7 or 8 times. Each time it was Jackson and each time it went unanswered by the sexy young woman.

Julie's frustration rose with each call. He's such an ass, she thought to herself!

Ironically, the beautiful blonde pondered that a person unsavory enough to help her was Horse. He was cut-throat enough to not care about Jackson but Julie was terrified of the man. She felt that it wouldn't be beyond him to cut her up and use her as shark bait if he thought she was double-crossing him, but that quality made him an easy choice to exact revenge on Jackson. Still, Horse might be persuaded to help her for the right amount of money.

Jackson had destroyed her marriage and seemed to be intent on making her a sex-slave to him in her career. Already, over the last week, he was using Julie at the office for quick, clandestine fucks in his office. The young associate hated getting the call from Jackson asking her to his office. Inevitably he would direct her to lock the door, hike up her suit skirt, pull down her panties (her smooth, tanned legs needing no panty hose) and hold onto his desk while he entered her from behind and debased her beautiful pussy.

His sexual demands had been met the first three days of the week, leading Julie to schedule time out of the office the last two days. And though she submitted so as to gain his trust, silently taking his stiff manhood into her smooth vagina until he spewed his hot, evil seed within her, Julie needed to exact her revenge as soon as possible. She felt that it wouldn't be long before he would try to use her young, hot body to acquire clients.

After a glass and a half of wine, Julie screwed up her courage to call the man she feared most. She listened to the number ring and ring and then got a voice mail. Before it could beep for her to leave a message, the young blonde bride snapped her cell phone shut. Her heart was beating rapidly!

"Dealing with Horse is too dangerous," she thought to herself as she nervously took another sip of wine.

Julie dozed on the couch for a few minutes before her phone rang again.

Again, it was Jackson.

Julie was outraged! It rang until her voicemail picked up.

Within a minute, it rang again.

She opened it and saw her programmed "H" was the caller. "Oh, my!" she thought, its Horse!

"H... hello?" she answered hesitantly.


Jackson monitored Julie's call with the listening device he had put in her phone. He heard her conversation with Horse although he did not know the man's name.

Having tried calling the beautiful blonde all evening, he was extremely agitated that she had not answered, but was yet talking to another man. As he listened to their conversation, he could not really understand what they were talking about. Instead, he heard Julie simply saying that she needed to talk to the man sometime soon and the man telling her that he would pick her up that night. Otherwise, the conversation was cryptic.

Jackson could hear the trepidation in her trembling voice as she tried to persuade the man to meet her the next morning, but the man was insistent -- he would pick her up in half an hour.

When they hung up, Jackson called his nubile, young associate. Again, she did not answer. Jackson was very, very angry and vowed to punish his young slut! She'd pay dearly for her ignoring him! He'd been much too kind to her up to now, he thought. Just thinking of how he would punish her made his cock rock hard!

"I'll teach her a lesson! That fucking whore!" He reached beneath his loose shorts and took his cock in his fist. Closing his eyes, he thought of Julie's perfect ass being offered up to his cock at the office. He could feel the smooth, hot passage around his stiff penis as he fucked her. He could hear her nearly silent mewlings as she tried to find a comfortable position to be fucked in. He stroked the length of his rod thinking of how he would punish his young slut.


Julie sat near her front door, occasionally peeking out of her window, waiting for Horse to arrive. She didn't want him in the driveway for long. They had not discussed where they were going, so Julie had on a nice sun-dress and sandals. Beneath this she wore only a modest pair of cotton panties and a bra.

As much as she hated herself for it, she couldn't help wondering if she would be forced to have sex this night. She felt butterflies in her stomach and a tingling below her flat tummy, firmly ensconced between her lovely, tanned legs.

"What is the matter with me?" she wondered. "I'm becoming a slut!" The beautiful bride blushed at her thoughts.

As she admonished herself, a pair of headlights turned into her driveway. Julie quickly turned on the light to her entryway and went outside.

Horse watched from behind the wheel of his Cadillac as the beautiful, young blonde fumbled with her keys, attempting to lock her front door. Her perfect form was outlined by her dress and he liked the fact that she wore such little sandals. "Naked from her feet to her cunt!" he thought. His groin tightened when he looked at the beauty walking quickly towards his car. Her model's face was framed by her blonde hair. She carried a tiny purse in her hands.

"Damn, she's gorgeous!" he thought.

Her smooth, tanned thighs flashed when she sat in his car and she smoothed the material of her dress once in.

Horse smiled cynically. "So prim and proper!" he thought. "Before long those damn legs of yours are going to be spread obscenely for me, taking my big dick in that tight twat!"

Julie smiled nicely at him, completely unaware of his lewd thoughts.


They sat at a corner table in the back of the dark restaurant. This was fine with Julie who didn't want to be seen. Over a glass of wine she told him of her problems. Horse listened, wondering if he should help her. This Jackson fellow sounded like the type of prick that Horse loved to screw over, but why should he get involved, he wondered?

Julie excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she turned the corner, Horse pulled a vial from his pocket. "This will loosen her up a bit." He poured the powdery contents into her drink. The opiate always worked. It wasn't much. He didn't want her stupid drunk, just a bit loose.

When she returned, they continued to talk as she sipped the wine.

To her amazement, Horse agreed to help her. This lifted her spirits immensely, but she didn't know of the added artificial boost. She was so relieved!

They finished their drinks and Horse paid the bill. Julie smiled broadly. She hadn't felt this good in weeks. It seemed that every worry was lifted from her shoulders by his willingness to help.

It was only when they stood to walk that Julie thought she may have had a bit too much to drink. Still, she was so happy!

Horse put his arm around her slender waist and they walked out together. As they neared his car, his hand slid innocently down her hip and came to rest, momentarily, on her ass. Horse opened his door and she slid into the thick cushioned bench seat right next to him. When he began to drive, his right hand went to the hem of her loose, short dress and slid it up to her smooth upper thigh with his rough right hand.

The former college cheerleader watched as her dress was worked to a point up between her smooth thighs. She knew she should protest, but couldn't bring herself to do so. She appreciated that he was taking a big risk by helping her and she didn't want to have him change his mind. Also, the unsuspecting beauty liked the tingly sensation on her naked skin and she alternately opened her legs slightly and closed them around his hand. To her shock, her nipples seemed to be super sensitive beneath her bra. She giggled girlishly.

Horse looked at her and grinned broadly. Julie laughed out loud.

She felt so great!

"Where are we going?" she asked, although she hardly cared.

"To my place," he answered. "You interrupted me when you called. I need to get back. But we need to stop at your place first."

"Why?" she asked.

"I'll need your help at my place. You need a change of clothes, too."

His rough hand went to the juncture of her thighs. Julie's eyes widened as he stroked her little pussy from outside her cotton panties! The young woman fixed her eyes on the road ahead, but his caressing of her inner thighs began to drive her wild.

Her small hands went to Horse's wrist but seemed to be an almost silent protest of his probing and they pulled away as the young lawyer realized that they did no good. She closed her eyes as he gently rubbed her cunt causing it to moisten her white cotton panties. His fingers found her tiny clitoris and rubbed it lightly beneath its fleshy, little hood. Julie thought she would be driven insane!

When they pulled into her driveway, Julie's panties were soaked and the young woman was mortified. She got out of the car, not expecting Horse to follow. She was very nervous about him coming into her house. Even the drug could not mask her feelings about that! But follow he did, even walking behind her into her bedroom!

"Where are your swimsuits?" he asked as she stood in the bedroom.

"In ... in the middle drawer," she answered nervously.

Horse opened the drawer and began searching through her swimsuits, holding them up for his gaze, only to throw the ones he didn't care for on the floor.

Eventually, he came across the skimpiest one (and most of them were skimpy) and tossed it to her.

"This one," he said.

Julie reached for a small bag to put it into.

Then, "where's your lingerie drawer?"

He could see the pain on the young bride's face as she clutched the swimsuit in her hands. Her heart sunk.

This time she merely pointed to the drawer.

Horse immediately began working his way through it.


They drove for several miles before he pulled into the docks. When they pulled alongside his yacht, Julie saw that many lights were on. She began to worry about what she had gotten herself into, but she wanted his help desperately.

They boarded the boat and Horse directed Julie to a bedroom.

"Put the baby-doll on," he directed.

Julie nervously walked into the bedroom. What should she do, she wondered? She had to comply. But first she sat on the large bed. Faintly, she thought she could hear the low voices of men talking.

She had not seen all of the lingerie that Horse had chosen. When she went through the bag and found the white baby-doll, her stomach turned. It was the lingerie she had worn on her wedding night!

After a few moments, the door to the bedroom opened. It was Horse.

"What the fuck?" he said seeing that she was still fully clothed. "Get your ass into that baby-doll and get out there!"

Startled, Julie stood up. She felt her knees shaking a bit.

He set a glass of wine down on the nightstand. "Drink this."

Julie was shocked at his sudden change in demeanor.

"O... okay," she managed to say.

He stood there as the young blonde lifted the glass to her lips. It was slightly bitter, but she knew that she would need the bracer. What she didn't know was that Horse had spiked the drink with a slightly stronger dose of opiate.

Julie was about to put the glass down after a small drink, but Horse would have none of it.

"Come on, come on," he said "down it."

Julie looked at him with pleading blue eyes, but began to drink it all. It made her feel a bit light-headed and she sat on the bed.

When she finished the glass, Horse took it from her. She crossed a shapely leg demurely as she sat on the edge of the bed waiting.

"Well," Horse said, "get into that sexy nightie."

"In front of you?" she blurted out before she realized the stupidity of the question.

Horse laughed. She really is naïve, he thought to himself. In a few minutes, I'm going to let anyone I want have a piece of her ass, and she's worried about whether I see her tits!

Before he could say anything, Julie slowly stood and reluctantly began to pull her dress over her head. She stepped out of her sandals and was now clad only in bra and panties. Her body was stunning!

Horse was devouring the sight of the beautiful woman, so reluctant to undress in front of him. Still he insisted. His cock stiffened in his pants.

Julie reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. Her large, firm titties spilled out. Shamefully, she noticed that her nipples were rubbery and erect! She didn't know what to make of what was becoming of her! Quickly, she turned and pulled the white baby-doll out of the bag. She put it on.

Horse whistled low. "Fuck!" was all he could mutter. Even with the full cotton panties on, Julie could not hide the fantastic shape of her firm buttocks.

Julie knew that she was gorgeous in the baby-doll. That's why she had chosen it for her wedding night. The skimpy piece tied behind her neck and revealed an acre of cleavage and exposed the shape of her breasts completely without showing her nipples. Julie's nervous fingers fumbled with the sexy outfit. Her nervousness made her appear almost virginal. Below her large breasts, it was sheer and short, just barely reaching the flare of her hips.

Horse watched as Julie pulled the white cotton panties down her tanned legs. He was happy to see the narrow strip of pubic hair just above her vagina. He remembered that she had a very tight pussy and it appeared almost virginal beneath the California trim. His groin tightened further when he remembered how quickly she had lubed up in the car.

"She's made for fucking, and ripe for it right now" he thought to himself.

As she put on the matching silk panty, Horse reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of stiletto sandals that he had found in her closet.

Julie was mortified, but slipped them on. They were 4 ½ inch heels and emphasized her naked legs and barely contained buttocks. Suddenly, the yacht seemed cold and the young bride seemed lightheaded.

She reached out her hand to balance herself and Horse took it in his own. He stepped forward and drew her body next to his. Julie was enveloped by his arms and his mouth went to hers where he kissed her deeply.

The young blonde's hands were flat against his chest, but she did not try to push him away. It was purely a reflex of the puritanical side of her upbringing coming out. She felt his oversized cock from within his trousers against her thigh and to her surprise, it seemed to have an erotic effect on the young woman.

As his hands held her curvaceous hips, his tongue swirled within her soft mouth and Julie kissed him back! Her body seemed to be in a slow smolder, getting hotter and hotter as the minutes went by.

When they broke their kiss, Julie gasped for breath and laughed out loud. She had not felt this giddy since high school!

"Oh my god!" she said. "I'm not usually like this," she said with a giggle.

"Well, you've asked for a lot from me," Horse said. "I figured that if you would help me, I'd help you."

This statement brought Julie back to earth very quickly. But her sense of anxiety was not present. She thought to herself that she should make certain that she got her goals accomplished. Julie wondered why she felt so carefree. But she did and she answered confidently.

"I'll help you, if you help me!" Then she laughed.

Just then, a young woman's voice broke the silence.

"Horse, the guys want you back at the table," she said.

Julie looked up and saw a beautiful young woman.

Horse introduced them. "Amy, this is Julie. She'll help you out tonight." Then he turned back to Julie. "Hurry up," he ordered and he playfully swatted Julie's buttock. With that he left the room.

Julie looked at the young woman. She was probably no more than 19 or 20. Her auburn hair framed a beautiful face with big green eyes and perfect white teeth. She wore very, very short denim shorts and a bikini top. The shorts did not fully cover the bottom of the woman's ass cheeks, and in the front seemed to angle up towards the woman's vagina, exposing her thighs completely. The young woman was barefoot but her feet were dainty and toes were polished.

"I'm glad you're here," Amy confided. "I thought I was going to be all alone."

"Wha... what are we doing?" Julie asked.

"Well, these are really high-rollers," she answered. "We are serving them drinks and stuff while they play. We were just waiting for Horse to get back so that we can go out on the water. They won't really get started until they are away from the docks."

As the two young women walked to the bar area, Julie heard the yacht's engine start and the movement associated with going out on the water.

"When will we get back?" she asked.

"Probably tomorrow evening," was the reply.

Julie looked at the young woman. She was stunned at the answer! She decided to simply not worry. After all, there was nothing that she could do about it and she had enough on her mind.

There a couple of older Hispanic men mixing drinks and the two skimpily clad women took them to the poker table where the high-rollers played for large stacks of cash.

Amy watched with curiosity when Julie approached the men with a drink tray. She had been told that the gorgeous blonde had been a former college cheerleader and was now a business professional, but she knew little else about Julie. So she watched carefully as Julie approached the table.

Amy viewed Julie's ass and legs with envy! Well tanned and shapely, they were very defined and sexy. The redhead wondered if Julie biked or swam or how she kept in such exquisite shape. She was very fit and yet had spectacularly, full, well-rounded breasts that had no sag in them whatsoever!

Julie knew that she would have to endure endless indignities as she served her first drinks. She walked over gingerly in the high heels, carrying a tray of several drinks. Her muscular, tanned legs teetered precariously on stiletto heels. She expected the lurid looks and comments from the men, and they were true to her expectations.

Amy watched as Julie set several drinks down and then had to reach across the table to get a drink to a man seated on the other side. As she did, Julie saw the eyes of several of the men leer at the naked flesh of her large breasts, but then she felt a hand go between her thighs!

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