tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job

Julie's New Job


This story is fiction, not to be confused with reality in any shape or form. The characters as depicted here are not real!

* * * * *

Well, where to start. I guess it was my being gone so much for my job. You see, in my work I am gone for two or three weeks at a time, sometimes up to six weeks, but, I am then home on time off for one or two weeks or sometimes up to five weeks. Not including vacation time. Worked well for my wife and I, or so I thought. I had been working this schedule at work for over three years. The money was excellent as were the benefits. When I came home, my wife would just about eat me alive right there at the airport when she picked me up! The next two to whatever weeks would be full of "making up for lost time" (in the bed of course). My wife Julie is about six years younger than myself, and at thirty-six years old she still looks beautiful. She was very active in high school and college sports. She was a cheerleader. Light, long blonde hair, 36 DD chest, nice tight butt, 30 inch waist, and a very toned body, as she still works out quite often.

Anyway, as the years went she would get very bored while I was gone, (she didn't work outside of the home). So one day while we were talking on the phone she mentioned that Joan (a friend of hers from college) had called her out of the blue and wondered if she would be interested in going to work for her. She would be able to have her work scheduled around my work schedule! I said that she didn't have to go to work, because we were doing very well on just my salary. Julie said that she got so bored at home alone, that it would be good for her to be doing something to occupy her time. I told her that if she wanted to, to go ahead and tell Joan she would. A few days later while talking on the phone again (I was in the first of three weeks on shift) Julie said that she was now gainfully employed! Working for Joan was great! I was happy for her.

When I got home from that tour, we were like rabbits. Julie was insatiable. (As usual). A couple of things I noticed though were, she seemed preoccupied or apprehensive at some point throughout each day, and she seemed "looser" when we fucked, and last but not least, she seemed to have lost some more inhibitions. I chalked it up to our schedules and "getting that long-time married couple disease! I vowed to myself to not let this happen to us so I was trying to find other means of exciting her in bed. Boy, I had no idea! We talked and made up for lost time.

Julie invited Joan over for a barbeque. I had never met Joan, only knew what Julie had told me about her. I knew that she would be very outgoing because of what Julie had told me about her. Also that in college she had always tried to get Julie to "loosen up" and go to some of the frat parties and other goings on around school. Julie had never been much on frat parties and stuff like that from what she had told me. I had met Julie after she graduated from college when a friend of mine introduced us. We hit it off and two years later we were married. Julie's little sister, Mary, (two years younger) had gone to the same college as Julie. I had never cared for Mary too much as she really acted the slut part down to a tee! It seems that Joan had talked her into going to some of these frat parties, and Mary had become very popular with quite a few frats! Julie wouldn't even talk about her to me because she knew how I felt towards Mary and didn't want to have to be defending her all of the time to me.

Julie was always energetic and exploratory in sex. She liked to keep me (as she would put it) in tiptop condition to service her. Service her I would! We tried quite a few things in bed. Julie liked my 7-inch cock because she could take it in her pussy or mouth without straining. She loved all kinds of sex except anal. My wet dream! Sometimes I could not believe that she would have married me because she could have had any man she wanted. And there were lots of men who had dated her and all wanted her. Of those she dated only three ever got beyond third base. The first time we had sex was after about seven months of dating. While I had had experience with eight other women, I found Julie to be the absolute best, and most open to trying new things. Even after being married for eight years we were not bored at all in bed! My only deep dark fantasy about Julie was to have anal sex and her to enjoy it, Oh well!

So on with the story... Joan came over for the barbeque, and we met for the first time. God! Joan was almost as good looking as Julie. That's saying a lot too! Joan was very friendly and sharp on comebacks. As dinner progressed Julie and Joan talked shop. Joan was after Julie to take on a special project for her and Julie was having none of it. I was brought into the conversation when Joan asked me if I thought it would be a problem if Julie were gone to LA working on this project, while I was on tour at my job. She said that she could arrange for Julie to be home when I was, and that Julie would get about double what she was making now if she took the project on. I said (innocently not knowing details) that Julie should think about it! I mean, double the money! WOW!

Eventually Julie caved in but she had real misgivings about this project. Later that night, after a great round of sex Julie told me that she wasn't so sure I would like her being in on this project. I calmed her fears, thinking that she just didn't like the idea of traveling to LA on a regular basis. Julie said that I didn't understand exactly what her job would be while in LA. I told her that it didn't matter, I loved her and thought that if she wanted to make big bucks that would be cool, and if she really didn't want to do this she could stay home. Julie said that if she didn't take this project on she would probably be let go! I said we are doing all right now and we were all O.K. before, so if she felt she would have to quit to go ahead. Julie finally said that she would try it one time to see, and if she didn't like it would it be all right if she quit then? I said yes, if you want to try it out I'm fine with that! I told her that I loved her more than life itself, and whatever she wanted to do would be ok with me. My first mistake!

Anyway a couple of weeks went by (too fast) and I went back to work. This trip was going to be one of those dreaded six weekers, due to vacations others were taking and I wasn't looking forward to going this trip. Julie called me on my second night and said that Joan expected her to go to LA the next day! I wasn't surprised with that at all, because we had talked about it at the dinner. Julie said that she would call the next, as soon as she knew where she would be staying. We gave our love to each other and I hung up and went to bed.

The next night I waited and waited but no call. I thought that she was probably really tired and never gave it another thought, until three nights later, when she FINALLY called! When I answered the phone Julie sounded distant and winded, like she had gone up to her hotel room by the stairs, at a dead run! She was breathing hard and very unfocused while we talked. She apologized for not calling sooner, but as it turned out, she was putting in marathon hours up to sixteen hours a day!

I asked her how she liked it and she had a catch in her voice that got me a little curious. Then she said she liked it ok, but didn't like using her room as the base office. She was distressed about some of the people she was working with and said that they were very pushy and bragged about always getting what they wanted when they wanted and how they wanted it. She said that she was sorry she had taken on the project, and wished she had never heard from Joan! I was surprised to say the least! I asked her if she just wanted to leave there now and go home, but she said that she HAD to stay this trip and finish what she had started, no matter what. Julie asked me if I loved her still, and I said of course, you never have to worry about me not loving you honey! Julie said that when we were home again we would have a long talk; maybe I might change my mind about that! Now I was worried!

I didn't get to talk to Julie for a week after that. I was very concerned and worried, so I called Joan and asked her about the project. Joan said she couldn't tell me anything about it due to corporate secrets but said that she would get a hold of LA and see what was going on. Two nights later, Julie called. She sounded like she was a little drunk or high on something, but was very loving over the phone. She cried a little bit during our talk a said that she missed me so much.

I asked her when she was due home and she said not for another five weeks. I said that was good, we could have a real heart to heart talk then. Julie told me that she probably wouldn't be calling again until another week or so had gone because of the workload she had. I said I understood, but why couldn't she call a little more often. (I always heard voices in the room with her, in the background, talking about money, contracts, etc.) Julie told me that having to use her hotel room as the base of operations the meetings were going so late at night our time schedules wouldn't work out for her.

I accepted this, as I could kind of understand the situation a little better now. Julie asked me if I still loved her! Of course I love you, I told her, what's wrong? Oh, nothing! She replied. She wanted to stay on the phone but I could hear someone calling out for her to get over there now! Julie sobbed a little bit and said that she really really loved me very much, and to be patient with her please! I said ok, I love you too honey! And she hung up!

This was very out of character for her and I was extremely worried that she was going to have a breakdown or something. I called Joan up and started to chew on her a little bit when she told me to calm down, that Julie was doing a better job than she thought she was, even better that Joan or the people in LA thought she would. Joan said that the pressure would be gone by the time Julie got home again and we would all have a long talk about Julie's future with Joan's company. Joan said that Julie was the best person she had at this time and she couldn't lose her so she would be willing to go a long way to keep her. I hung up feeling not quite right with Julie's best friends attitude, but somewhat reassured. It did sound like Julie was very hot stuff and doing great things for Joan and her company, but, I didn't want Julie to work herself to death or into the hospital!

I didn't get to talk to Julie again until the day before I was scheduled home. That night Julie said that the people she was working with needed her to stay for a couple more days. This was on a Monday, on Saturday night, when I had been home four nights alone, a car pulled up and a big black guy carried Julie's bags into the house. Julie came up the walkway looking lost, tired, and used up. I ran to her and gave her a big hug! She burst out crying! God, she said, I am so happy to see you! I thought I would never get home again!

I saw that she was extremely tired, so I suggested that she take a shower and go to bed to rest up. Julie consented to do just that. She was wearing a long dress coat and scarf, which I thought was not usual since it was summer, but I thought that being as tired as she was would probably make one feel chilled. It was a cool night anyway. I started to take her coat off and Julie stopped me, with a look of fear I thought, she said that she would just leave it in our room. I said it wouldn't be a problem so she finally let me have her coat. She was acting so strange! I took her coat off and noticed that the dress she was wearing was very, very sexy. I made a comment about how great she looked in it.

It was low cut to the extreme and had a slit up both sides, all the way past her waist almost to her ribcage! WOW! She said she got especially for me but was really too tired by now to do anything. I told her I understood, seeing as how she had just got home from a very stressful time away. She burst out crying again! I held her while she said, "Oh, you're going to hate me, you'll leave me and I am just going to die!"

" I have probably lost you forever."

" I soothed her, telling her that I loved her very much. She was tired, she needed to rest, to go take her shower and I would put her to bed.... to sleep! She relented and went to the bathroom. While she was in the shower there was a knock on the door. When I opened it there was Joan! I was kind of angry about the condition my wife was in and lit into her. Joan heard me out, and then asked me if Julie had said anything about her stay in LA. I was dumbfounded at her calmness, especially after I had just been yelling at her! I said that Julie hadn't said anything but had been crying at the drop of a hat.

Joan said, "That was to be expected after the excellent job Julie had done for her company in LA. " Joan said "Julie had volunteered to go back to LA for three more weeks after her time off home." I said that I doubted Julie would be going back. She said, "Julie and her would talk about that right away." I said " Julie was taking a shower and was going to go straight to bed after that! "Joan then shocked me by saying" Oh Good! Can I join in?." I said, "What do you mean, join in."

"Well," said Joan," I wouldn't mind having you for a toy tonight, and Julie has a lot to show you now! " I told Joan that she should leave before I got real mad and did something I might regret! I also told her that tomorrow Julie would be in to pick up her stuff that she was going to quit!

Joan was about to respond to my outburst when I heard Julie come up behind me. "Julie," said Joan," is that true? You're going to quit?"


"NO! NO! I 'm not quitting Joan!" Julie was about in tears again and I was lost as to what the hell was going on! Julie grabbed my arm and drug me into the hallway. "What did you tell her Jon?" She was mad at me! I said, "I told her you were going to quit Julie, you are aren't you?" Julie said, "you don't understand Jon, I can't quit, at least not until my contract with Joan runs out! You need to understand that I love you but things are very different now! My job is going to have to be first on my agenda from now on! I love you and don't want to lose you but I have to continue with this for now. In for a penny in for a pound!"

I was stunned! Was Julie crazy? I needed to know what was going on, so I put the brakes on our conversation. "Joan, do you have something to say before you leave?" I asked? Joan walked into our living room and sat down! She said,"Jon, Jon, Jon, YOU have a lot to learn about YOUR new life and Julie's new job."

"She might have been able to quit five or six weeks ago, but now the people in LA liked her so much that I extended her contract."

"For how long," I asked? "Until they are tired of her," she replied. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, Julie was so devastatingly good and bent over backwards so well, the men in LA insisted that Julie be their personal assistant!" Joan replied. She said, "The men in LA have never had anyone take what they had to dish out, and beg, mind you, beg, for more!"

"I believe that they would kill to keep her now!"

"What do you mean, kill to keep her?" I asked. "Well, just what I said Jonny boy!" Joan was smiling; Julie on the other hand was bent over on the couch, head in her arms weeping. I was getting the feeling that I wasn't going to like the rest of this night, or possibly any other night for a while. Joan stood up and said, "There are some videos that I was dropping off for you in my car, I will go get them and Julie can begin to explain what her duties are going to be from now on!" Joan went out.

Julie stopped sobbing after a bit and said, "You are going to hate me in a little bit, and I don't blame you!"

"I understand if you will be asking me for a divorce!"

"I never, ever, wanted to hurt you, I was tricked into this nightmare and now I am being forced to continue for at least one year!"

"Jon, your wife, your best friend, your lover, I've been a whore! a slut! For anyone who wanted me, for the last six weeks!"

"I've done things that I'm ashamed of, but I ended up enjoying it!"

"Even as I knew this would destroy us, our marriage! I was forced, but somewhere in the middle, I liked, even loved what happened to me."

"I would leave it now if I could, but they have a hold on me that I can't tell you about!"

"They might harm you!"

"I can't let them hurt you, because I love you so much!"

"Julie," I asked," what on earth has happened?"

"Did they do something to hurt you? What?" Joan walked in right at that time. "Jon, Julie has so much to show you."

"She needs to show you how she opened up in LA and became what few men ever see, a true, no holes barred, first class slut!"

"A whore for any man, or woman!"

"MY slut! MY whore! MY cunt! MY asshole! My hands! MY mouth!"

"You see Jon, from now on, she is mine any time that I have her, and when she is home on her time YOU can have the little slut!"

I was about to blow up, confused and angry, when Joan turned all sweet and nice and sat down on our couch. She patted the seat next to her and said, nicely but with more iron in her voice than I liked to hear. "Lets watch the movies, shall we?"

"Jon, you sit right here by me while Julie puts in the first video, and I'll show you what a slut your Julie is!"

"First though, Julie, take off your clothes and shoe Jon your new additions!" Julie looked at Joan with fear, then at me. Biting her lip she started to undo her robe. "Julie!" Joan said, "Get prepared first, then come back and strip like you did in LA for the guys!" Julie shrunk away to the bedroom. I got up to follow her when Joan said, "You better wait right here Jon, now come here and sit down!"

" I've had about enough!"

"I said,"this stops here and now Joan! I won't have you come in here like you own my wife or our lives together! GET OUT,NOW!"

"Oh dear!" Joan said, "I so hoped you would be amendable to your new situation, however, I can see that this is going to require special services!" With that Joan picked a small device out of her purse and pushed a button. A minute later, our front door opened up and in came six big black guys. Very big! Very built! I started to turn to meet them, and they grabbed me! It didn't take them very long to subdue me, I'm ashamed to say it, but there were six of them! One on each leg and one on each arm, they then tied me up with about a mile of rope. These men set me on our couch in the middle; Joan on one side of me and a space was left on the other.

Joan said, "Julie will be able to show you her video's and a live show right next to you! What a treat for you on her first night home!" I realized when Joan laughed, that her laugh really chilled me, to the bone! I also realized that there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do to help Julie or even myself at this point!

The black men had made themselves to home getting some beer out of the fridge and rounding up some chairs, all around the T.V. and couch, making a big circle. We have a big screen TV, and before this, I had been very proud of it. Now I wasn't so sure I wanted such a big screen. These men were joking between themselves and saying things about Julie that infuriated me. I was helpless to stop them! One of the guys put in a movie, and Joan started it saying, "Watch this Jon, Julie makes her debut here in her first of many films to come!"

"We will watch this one tonight, then have our live entertainment, then I am going to entertain myself.... WITH YOU!"

"Not to worry though Jon, you won't be just having me, Julie will also be helping me with you, IF SHE CAN MOVE WHEN THE BOYS ARE DONE WITH HER, THAT IS!!!!"

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