tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 5

Julie's New Job Ch. 5


When I woke up in the morning I saw that Jon had gone out. I decided that I would take a shower and be ready to make live to him when he got back, if he was ready to do that. As I was on my way to the bathroom I turned and went to the front window. Looking out I saw nobody at all. I left the door in normal 'motel lock' mode so that Jon would be able to get back in and went into the bathroom. As I turned on the shower, I heard a knocking at the door. Thinking that it was Jon I hurried to the door and without looking through the peephole, I just opened the door. It flew inward, shoving me back onto one of the beds in the room! In walked two of Joan's closest associates! They grabbed me up and walked me into the bathroom. I struggled as much as I could but it was no use! They had me in the bathroom and closed the door. "Go ahead, bitch!"

"Take your shower so you are nice and fresh for hubby!" I just looked at him and he reached out, grabbing my nighty, and ripped it off of me! "I said, GET IN THE SHOWER, NOW!" Wanting to please him to prevent my getting hurt, I got in the shower. The other man looked me over, as I stood in the shower naked, "Man, I have to fuck this bitch!" The other guy told him to knock it off, "There will be time for that later, first we get the hubby all set up for Joan!"

I heard Jon coming into the room calling out for me! I went to shout out to him but one of them grabbed me and covered my mouth with his very large rough hand! "You warn him, he's dead!"

"Understand Ju-lie?" The way he said Julie, well, I just nodded and kept my mouth shut! Jon came to the bathroom door and tapped on it, telling me that he had breakfast ready for me whenever I was ready. They released me and shoved me back under the spray of the still running shower. "Get ready, I think he is sitting down at that little table in the corner!" They tensed up and got ready to go out of the door! I was too afraid to do anything but stand there in the shower, fearing that they were going to kill my husband!

They went out in a rush and as I stepped out of the shower right behind them I saw that they already had Jon trapped between them! His head was down on the table and one of them was in the process of putting handcuffs on him! Jon looked at me like a trapped animal! His look told me that he suspected that I had helped them to capture him! Oh God! He looked like he was ready to shout out at me not to me! He thought that I had helped them; I could see it in his eyes!

I got a towel and wrapped it around myself, going into the main room and got as close as I could to Jon. Joan came into the room much like a queen surveying her subjects in the palace! "Jon!" she said," Why didn't you tell me you were going for a drive?" She went on but I couldn't get over how she sounded like she was genuinely hurt that we had run! She also sounded very confident! Then our neighbor came into the room! He had sold us out! I wasn't sure why until Joan mentioned that he had seen my performance at the nightclub weeks ago, and had wanted to have me ever since! He sold us out so he could have his way with me and Joan had given me to him for a weekend! If I had had any clue of this, I might have offered myself to him to prevent Joan from getting us! I think that Jon would have gotten over it if I had, since it would have saved us from this!

I had been crying and somewhere the towels I had put on had disappeared. I remember that one of the goons had been near me just as Joan came into the room and he must have pulled them loose so they fell. I hadn't noticed! Here I was naked in front of a "Friend" of Jon's! Joan offered Joe a special treat of having me with no penalty of time from the weekend! Her goons shoved me over to the sofa and forced me to sit down. Joe undressed as Joan started to use her ice-cold way with words to cut Jon's heart up! As Joe approached me I saw that his cock was smaller than Jon's! I almost laughed! But the seriousness of the situation brought me down quickly! Joe stepped up to me and as I watched his cock it started to throb! It was rock hard! I leaned in and put my lips around it, pushing myself to give him the best blowjob he would ever have! I used all of the skills that I had gained over the last few weeks and really went to town!

During the sucking and licking of Joe's cock I started to get wet! I was getting turned on! Joan was standing near and she was licking her lips and watching! Joe started to fondle me, his hands and fingers pinching and rubbing all over my breasts. I started to fondle and caress Joe's balls. Once in a while I would run my tongue out on a down stroke and lick them as best I could. It wasn't too hard for me to do since his cock wasn't so big or long. After all, I had sucked cocks over a foot long and actually missed them! As Joe started to cum I backed off and opened my mouth wide as I could and stuck my tongue out! I caught as much of his cum as I could! He had a lot of it! I was surprised by the amount that came out of such a small cock! But it tasted pretty good so I was swallowing it as fast as I could! When he was done I took him back in my mouth and cleaned him up! As I was doing this he started to get hard again!

When he was hard he pulled me up and had me get on the bed. I was on all fours as he stepped up behind me and started to push his cock into my pussy! One of the goons got on his knees in front of me and stuck his large cock in my face! I started to lick and suck on this monster cock while Joe pounded me from behind! I was cumming hard when Joe pulled out of me and started to work his cock into my ass! The guy I was sucking had grabbed my head, and was fucking my mouth like Joe had been pounding into my pussy only moments before! Joe was pounding my ass and I started to cum again!

The guy in my mouth started to cum and I was once again swallowing cum, and loving it! I wanted to fuck and fuck! I was hot! The other guy had stripped off and was waiting for Joe to move out of the way. While he was waiting, he stroked my tits and pinched my hard sensitive nipples! GOD! I was cumming almost constantly. It seemed as if every stroke Joe took in my ass caused the ripples of my orgasm to go on and on!

At one point I had both black guys in me, one in my ass and the other in my pussy! Joe stepped up and shoved his cock into my mouth telling me to "Clean me up whore!" I went back to sucking and licking on his cock, regardless of where it had been! I ended up doing that special cleaning job for all of them when they finished with me! As I lay there on the bed and they were throwing on their clothes, I saw that Jon was passed out!

Joan threw some skimpy clothes at me and told me to get dressed, I had some work to do in a while and we had to get going! They bundled Jon into Joan's car, and Joe took our rental car to return to the dealer where we had gotten it! We drove to a large city nearby and Joan gave the driver directions to a private hospital. When we got there Mary was waiting at the front door! Mary pushed a wheelchair up to the car and was all smiles! "Hi Joan!"

"Hi Julie!"

"Glad you all made it!" Joan's goons got Jon out of the car and into the wheelchair. "Oh!"

"You brought my hubby in for the operation!" I was stunned! What did my sister mean her husband?" I started to protest but Joan shut me down! "Julie, for the time being, Jon is going to be Mary's husband, understand?"

"You can't complain anyway since you have had half the cock in LA by now!"

"It's only for a little while! You will still be Mary's sister, but Jon is to be Mary's husband!"

"This makes it easier while we are dealing with the doctor and hospital!"

"Don't screw-up and let them know you are Jon's wife and every thing will be just fine!"

"If you should let them think you are Jon's wife, well, Jon could have a nasty accident!"

I asked Joan what was going to happen to Jon, she said, "You will be so happy when he is out of surgery and has all of his additions!"

"You will benefit greatly, even though it will be 'hard' for you to accept at first!" She laughed at her little play on words as Jon was wheeled away by his 'new wife'. I was shoved into the car and as we drove off, all I could do was cry!

Joan was sitting next to me and patted me on the shoulder and offered me tissue. "There, there Julie, mustn't mess up your face, clients are waiting for your services!"

"You have the privilege of servicing six very special clients tonight and you need to focus on being a sexy, horny, anything goes, full service technician!"

"Service technician!" One of the men in the car started to laugh and the driver joined in as Joan smiled at her little joke!

Later that day I was in another hotel room 'servicing' six clients for Joan. The men were representing a syndicate that was trying to buy out Joan's little business! I overheard them talking to Joan before their fun with me started. "Hey Joan, does the fox over there go with you business should you decide to sell?" Joan laughed and shook her head, "No, she's just for your pleasure tonight, I'll have need of her services in the future so she will not go with the business!"

"But, I can always be convinced if the price were to be right!"

The guy that seemed to be the leader laughed and said, "Joan, that little bitch would be a deal maker for sure!"

"I haven't seen such particular beauty and innocent looking babe for quite a while!" Joan replied, "I'll tell you right now the one thing Julie isn't is innocent!"

"Matter of fact, Julie there is about as far from innocent as any girl can get!" They all laughed for a bit then the leader asked, "How much for the bitch, what did you say her name was?"

"It's Julie, and I haven't decided if I will part with her or not!"

"You will have to give me some time to talk it over with my associates, you see they really like having her around!"

As soon as Joan left they surrounded me and started to undress me. I kept up a banter, hoping that they would go easier on me if they thought I wanted to have them all fuck me! As the first hard cock showed up I fell to my knees and started to give him the blowjob of his life! As I was doing that one of the others grabbed my hips and pulled me up into a bent over standing position. Quickly as I got my balance a hard cock was being thrust up into my pussy from behind! I had started to get wet when I was sucking the cock so this cock went right in with no problem! He made a comment about my tight pussy feeling like a velvet glove, and then slapped my ass cheeks with both hands! He alternated between left and right cheek! It hurt at first but then the burning on my ass started to really get me hot! I went all of the way down on the guy I was sucking and slipped my tongue out and let it caress his balls! It wasn't too hard, even though he was quite long. The guy fucking me started to shake and he pulled out and moved over to my face. "Catch it honey!"

"I want to see you catch it on your tongue and swallow it all up like a good little girl!"

I pulled away from the guy I had been sucking and turned my head to catch a load of cum from this other man. He shot off quite a large load and I didn't miss a drop! It tasted so-o-o good! I had started to really like the taste of almost all the cum I took into my mouth anymore! While I would be doing that I would get this feeling of nastiness that would almost get me off by itself! I had developed the proverbial taste and couldn't wait to have more! My pussy was tingling almost all of the time now! I turned to one of the men behind me and told him to get up behind me and show me what he could do with his cock!

As he slid his cock into my pussy he said, "Take all of it slut!" I really didn't like being called a slut, even if it were true. I pushed back to him as he was thrusting forward, and I realized that his cock was quite long! I tried to pull forward to slow down the driving cock but another guy had stepped up in front of me and shoved his hard cock down my throat! I had two cocks in me now and they were jamming hard! I was trapped in between them and the feeling of being out of control washed over me! I loved it! I wanted them to use me hard and long! I started to cum hard and wanted it to go on and on!

Soon they slowed down and gained a steady pace in together, out together! I was in orgasm heaven! I forgot about Jon, I forgot about Joan, all I wanted was to fuck and suck forever! My nipples were being pinched constantly and the added slight pain was excruciatingly beautiful! The guy in my pussy pulled out and began to masturbate his cock in my face. I was watching him as he did that and the guy in my mouth started to cum gallons! I swallowed as fast as I could but still quite a bit ran over my lips, down my chin to drip on the floor. When he finished he pulled out and the other guy pushed his cock into my still open mouth! I swallowed his cock to its base in one hard plunge! He lost it on the second plunge down! I swallowed his cum and never missed a drop!

The leader of the group stepped up behind me and started to finger my asshole. First one then two then pretty soon it felt like his whole hand was up my ass! I was struggling to stay upright because he soon started to push and pull in and out of my ass in short hard jabbing motions. It hurt for a little bit but pretty soon the pain went away. When I started to moan, he pulled his hand out (later I found out it was only four fingers, but GOD it felt like a lot more!) and plunged his very hard cock into my butt! I stood upright as his hands were pulling on my tits and a man stepped in front of me. They both lifted me up by my legs, with the guy ass-fucking me still lodged inside me! Then the guy in front pushed his cock into my pussy! They held me as they fucked me hard and then, when they had me held up a ways from their cocks, they dropped me onto them! They let go and stood still as the weight of my body ground against the bases of their cocks! I started to cum very hard at that point and actually passed out for a minute! When I came to, they were still going strong bouncing me on their cocks! I started to cum continuously! My nipples were stinging, and when I looked down two other men were biting and sucking hard on them!

As my continual climax's washed over me I passed out totally! I don't remember anything after that until they woke me up to go! I was drained completely. I never had cum so hard or long in my life! Joan came in from wherever she had been and collected my clothes, taking me by the arm and lead me out to her car. NAKED! At her car she put a garbage bag down on the seat for me to sit on since gallons of cum were still running out of me! I felt like I was floating on a cloud! I fell asleep on the way to the house where we would be staying.

The next morning Joan had me shower and go to a beauty parlor for a complete makeover. Sitting with all of the women in the parlor, I realized that most, if not all, of them were well to do married ladies! If they only knew what kind of fine line kept them ladies and separated them from whores like me! I thought back to my first encounter and how I had woke up the next day not remembering anything, but having that tingle that told me I had been well fucked! I could never tell Jon that I now realized that I needed to have that feeling! I thought that he might be able to give it to me, but I wanted that feeling ALL of the time, not just when he was home! The new me was shouting out to the old me tauntingly, Look what you have missed all these years! How could you not have this kind of sex now? You were such a naïve little girl when you married Jon! You might have not been age wise, but experience wise, you were almost a virgin!

The old me, that part of me that loved Jon and only Jon was getting quieter and quieter! Soon the new me would rule my body totally. Joan picked me up and took me back to the house. We went to the hospital so I could see Jon, but he was still out from the operation. Mary was gushing about how the doctor had done such a marvelous job on him! I asked her what he had done. "Done?"

"Why Julie, MY new husband is perfect!"

"The doctor has made a real man out of him!" I was startled at Mary's calling him her husband! "Mary, Jon is MY husband, and don't you ever forget that!" I was getting mad as the 'old' me fought to take control! "Oh Julie!"

"Jon may still be married to you, but I have wanted him forever!"

"By the time you get back from LA, Jon will be MINE!" I stepped up to slap my sister! I wanted to kick her butt all over the place! Joan intervened. "Julie!"

"You go get in the car right now!" Mary was smiling a really mean little smile as Joan took my arm and forced me to go with her! My own sister! I turned to Joan when we got into the car. "You can't let this happen Joan!"

"I'll die before I'll let Mary or anyone else take Jon away from me!" Joan looked over at me and smiled! "Julie, Mary is going to be Jon's wife while you are gone to LA, and while he is still in the hospital!"

"You are going to be too busy servicing clients to help with his care, and I don't think you should be near him for a while!"

"I think that he is going to have an emotional 'breakthrough' this week, and you would not be the right person to be helping him!"

I was devastated! Joan was giving my husband to my sister! My sister obviously thought that this was going to be permanent! I started to cry. I not only had trapped myself into this mess, now I had for all practical purposes trapped the love of my life! Not only that, but I had been tricked into giving him away in what was fast becoming a permanent arrangement! Joan told me to straighten up and quit crying! I couldn't help myself! The emotions going through my head were driving me crazy! I loved all of the sex I was getting, all of those different cocks in all of the ways my body received them! I loved my husband! I shouldn't love having sex with any one but HIM! He didn't have or know how to do the things that my body craved sexually now! New me versus old me! I was losing it fast! All of the sudden Joan pulled over and stopped the car! She reached out and slapped my face really hard! I stopped crying and was holding my face when Joan leaned over and hugged me very close to her! She patted my face with her hand and soothingly stroked my hair. "Julie, you have to think of Jon baby!"

"He needs you to be a strong and sexy woman right now!"

"If you do your job well, he will love you forever honey!"

"He would want you to follow through and do you job the best that you could for him!"

She kept talking to me and stroking my hair until I finally calmed down. We then continued on to the airport where a jet was waiting to take me away to LA! On the flight there, Joan gave me a drink and two little pills to take. "For your headache sweetie!" I did have a headache so I took the pills and drank the bottled water she had handed me. I went out cold about ten minutes later, not knowing if it was the pills or the stress I had been going through! When I woke up we were in LA, in a limo heading to the offices of Roger, the Roger that I had the tag on my nipple for! "We are going to check in with Roger and you will need to do some service work at his office for an hour or so!"

"Not too much longer than that, then we will go to a house that my company has rented here!"

" Once there, you will always be naked, tanning when necessary, and working out in the gym!"

"Your diet has been planned for you!" I will expect you to strive to become even more hard bodied than you currently are Julie!"

"In return, I will see to it that you don't lose Jon as your husband and lover!"

"If you ever expect to see Jon again, you will be a sexual dynamo with any, I mean any client!" Your motto will be unspoken but followed very closely!"

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