tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 7

Julie's New Job Ch. 7


Chapter 7: Jon Continues With His Version

Now I had a new cock that looked nothing like what I had grown up with! I was discouraged for a while after the operation; I would never have done anything like this on my own! I had grown up with it and was happy with the way it had been! Now, well, it was beginning to feel 'right'. Mary had been pushing me for sex on a daily basis, several times a day! I had to pretend that I was starting to 'love' her, and when Joan brought Julie over one day I had to ignore the one true love of my life! It was the hardest thing I had ever done! When Julie had put her arms around me giving me a hug and tried to kiss me I had to pretend that I didn't want her! It tore me up inside to see the haunted look that Julie gave me! She started to cry and went out to Joan's car. I had crushed her!

Although it was hurting her, I had to pretend that I loved Mary now, and later Joan! I had developed another plan, and this time I was going to succeed in getting Julie and myself away from this bitch and her 'business'! I was also going to make her pay dearly for disrupting our lives and marriage! My plan had been fomenting in the back of my mind for the whole time I had been recuperating from the operation.

One thing that had caught my attention was that I was not the only one who had physically changed! Julie's breast's were noticeably bigger and seemed to stick out and up more! Her body was about as toned as I had ever seen it! Her muscles had great definition! I only hoped that she would still want me after the way I had seemingly ignored her! I had been very cold towards her, which wasn't too hard at first due to her fucking around with all of Joan's 'clients'. I felt as though she had loved all of the cock she was getting and that I was a let down to her in the sex department!

Once we were free from Joan, maybe I could convince her to love me and want only me again! It would take a lot of work but I still could remember our wedding vows as if we had spoken them only yesterday! For better or worse, I was going to try to get my wife back! If it didn't pan out after that, well, at least I would have done everything within my power to correct a very bad situation!

One day Joan came over to the house where Mary and I were living as 'husband and wife'. She ended up getting into bed with both of us! My chance to show Joan that I was 'different' and willing to go along with her plan had arrived! I did everything that I could remember to give her the absolutely best fucking she had ever had! I did things that I had wanted to do with Julie, and some things that Mary had shown me she liked! The end result was that Joan fell, and fell hard for me! I could see it in her eyes as she left that night! I was on track now to get free from her and get my revenge in return! I still couldn't believe how she had taken my wife and then me into her sick twisted little world! I was not nor am I now, a wimp! I had been into tough situations before and always managed to come out ok, so I knew that I would do all right in this one! That bastard Joe would pay dearly for his ratting us out, of that I was sure!

The best part of fucking Joan that day had been when I leaned close to her and whispered that I thought I owed her big time! I saw that she took it like I thought she would and was happy! I knew that she could not ever understand that I meant I owed her big time for fucking up my life and that I would get my revenge. She saw it as I thought she had done me a big favor with the new cock! I was laughing to myself (inside) at how surprised she was going to be!

One day after that, Mary mentioned how all of my stuff had been shipped from my old job! I questioned her (carefully of course) and found out that I had 'quit' my job! I wondered if Joan knew about my 401k and other savings plans. I also wondered about our checking accounts! I checked into them and moved some money around, careful to not be caught on the computer. I transferred most into cash and then transferred it all into my trading account! I would have full control of all of my money! It was a rather large sum, and it would tide Julie and myself over for quite some time! I now had a war chest built up and prepared to get ready to push my plan to the utmost!

Joan started to come by on a daily basis and we would usually fuck and suck for a while then she would leave. Mary started to understand that she was losing me to Joan, and really started to get wild in bed, I guess to try to convince me to stay with her! I was getting so much sex now that I was constantly getting pretty tired at odd times during the day! Joan saw that Mary was wearing me out and one day she asked me if I would like to move into her place! I said that I would, trying to remain very calm and objective. I couldn't let her know that I had to be in her house in order to talk to Julie and let her know what I was planning! I also needed to see if Julie was going to still be in love with me or had I lost her forever! Joan had me moved into her place that week. I saw Julie once during that week and she was withdrawn around me the whole time!

Joan had me set up in her bedroom. Julie's bedroom was next to Joan's, and I was certain that Julie could hear Joan and I fucking every night! It was harder for me to have sex with Joan and still be convincing enough to let her feel that I was developing feelings for her! Knowing that Julie was next door and could hear us, hear me, fucking Joan, had to be very hard on her! Finally, one day Joan had to leave and Julie was working out in the gym at the back of the house. I knew that Joan had cameras and microphones everywhere so I arranged to take a run just before Julie went on hers! I ran to the local park and waited by a big old oak tree. Pretty soon Julie came running up. As she went by I fell into step just behind her, and spoke out to her. "Julie!" "Julie, behind you!" She turned her head and caught sight of me. She started to run harder! I hadn't expected this! I ran up and grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side. Once we were on the grass and near some trees and bushes, I let go and watched her face. She looked at me then started to look everywhere but at me! I finally started talking to her. "Julie, you have to listen to me!" "We don't have much time!" I was becoming afraid that she was going to run away! "Julie, please look at me!" Julie finally looked up at me. "What do you want to tell me Jon?" She was very quiet. "Joan might take this the wrong way and do something to me if she catches me talking to you even if you are...were...ar OH JON!" I took her in my arms as she started to sob. She cried for a minute and then calmed herself down enough to listen to me.

"Julie, I have a sure fire plan, and soon we will be free from Joan and her cohorts!" "You need to know that I still love only you Julie, only you!" "I am very close to starting the process and getting us away, but you are going to have to answer me this one question." "Do you still love me?"

I waited and watched her face. She looked very haunted and then she shook her head NO!" She was crying silently, tears running down her face. I was stunned! I asked her, "Don't you feel anything for me anymore Julie?" She sobbed loudly, and then she faced me. "It's not that I don't love you Jon, its, well...how can you still love me after all of the men, all of the whorish ways I have done and been?" "You can't love me Jon, I don't even like myself, let alone love myself and if I can't love me how can I expect anyone else to love me?"

I didn't know what to say! I had thought that she didn't love me anymore and it was her doubts about my love for her she had meant! "Julie, I know that I have been acting very cruelly to you, but I had to so that Joan would think that she was winning me over! I needed for her to believe that I was falling for her and out of love with you!" "Can't you see that I had to deceive all of you in order to get to the place I am now?" "Our only chance for success is to make Joan believe that I love her and not you!"

Julie looked at me. "You still love me Jon?" She was watching my face, looking into my eyes, she would know if I was telling the truth or not in a moment! I looked deep into her eyes, I took her hands in mine and spoke very slowly and calmly, "Julie, for better or worse, YOU are my love, You are my only love, You are who I want for the rest of our lives!" "Julie, I cannot live without you anymore than you could live without me!" I needed to find the one thing to say that would convince her; I searched my mind, thinking then finally it hit me! "Julie, do you remember when we got married?" She frowned at me. "You know, the day of our wedding, right before our reception!" She was still frowning, but I could see that she was trying to remember that day. "You said to me, don't ever give me up Jon!" "You were scared and wound up from the stress of the wedding, and one of my old girl friends had shown up uninvited and talked to you." "You remember?" Julie was looking at me with eyes filled with tears! "Do you remember what I told you then?" "I told you that there was nothing in the world that could come between us!" "I told you also if you remember, that you were born to be my wife, always and forever just as I was born to be your husband!"

Julie hugged me close and cried on my shoulder! "Jon, I remember that!" "Is it true still?"

I was hugging her hard to me! "Yes, Yes!" "Julie you have always been the only one for me!" Julie hugged me and then broke away.

"What if I told you that I loved to get fucked by strange cocks Jon?" "What is your love for me knowing that I want to be a slut?"

"Julie, we need to get away, then later, when we have had some time to heal, we can talk about whatever your needs are, and if you still want to or need to, well, I guess we will cross that bridge together!" 'Right now we need to talk about getting away and setting Joan and friends up for their fall!"

We talked about my plan, and while Julie was unsure about it she finally admitted that it was either that or death. She had been thinking about suicide and not living after my 'falling in love' with Joan! She had kept it hidden pretty well from Joan, and she had been busy with clients. She had also been making movies for Roger and friends too!

"Jon, they have been setting up a 'special' movie for me and they want to film it pretty soon!" "Roger told me that they expect it to be a big hit with particular clients of theirs and it sounds like its going to be one huge gangbang, with a big surprise and the end." "He told Joan that it would be filmed 'live' and in order as it occurs!" "The other movies I was in were done like regular films, in that we shot certain scenes first then filled in the rest later!" I didn't like the sounds of that! Julie felt that the big ending was going to be something she hadn't done before, and she couldn't figure out what it was, but Joan knew!

Later that evening, Joan and I were in her bedroom fucking. When we finished I started small talk with her. "Why do we keep my slut wife around here Joan?" Joan looked at me and had a slight smile. "Jon, I want her to see me with you and I want her to see you being with me all of the time." "It is the way I am punishing her and she needs to be punished!" "Besides, she is going to be going away soon enough!" "She is going to star in a 'special' movie for Roger, and after that movie comes out, well, she may be able to practice her trade in Mexico or some other third-world country!" "Besides that, I am in the process selling my business to an European syndicate!" "They will take her to Amsterdam or some other place and she will be servicing other clients for them over there!"

"Look Jon, I have a video of Julie's last meeting!" "See what a slut she really is now!" "You certainly will be well to be rid of her!" Joan put a video in the player, set the remote by me, and said that she had 'things to do'! I watched that damned video because I knew that she would be watching me on her hidden cameras!

The movie started with Julie in a very, very short pair of cut-off jeans. (The sides were up to the waistband, and the pockets had been cut out!) A big white guy was showing her how to do a certain exercise on what looked like the weight-machine in our gym out back! He had his hands all over her as he put her into the 'right' positions and eventually, she got turned on and they started to kiss each other! Soon, they were undressing each other! His cock, when Julie got it out of his shorts, was HUGE! It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life, and I could see Julie licking her lips and she fondled it! Her lips formed a nice tight circle and she slipped them over his cock! She went down a ways and started to bob up and down on it. Soon she was taking most of it into her mouth, and obviously into her throat, it was that long! He had her sitting up at the end of the bench, and was holding her hair in a ponytail. You could see her face plainly! Her wedding rings were clearly visible as her hand wrapped around his cock at its base!

Soon, he had her lay down, and her shaved pussy was shown close-up! He went down on her and as he ate her, his hands forced her legs up and back until her knees were alongside of her head! She was wide open as he licked her pussy and tongued deep inside of her! I was feeling upset, but knew that I had to hide that it bothered me a lot! I was afraid that if Joan saw me getting upset, that she would figure out I was faking everything! I took my cock in hand a started to stroke myself, hoping that she would see that and think I considered this just a fuck flick!

In the movie, the big guy was now lining up that monster cock and soon was shoving it into Julie's pussy! He still had her legs back and she was rubbing her nipples and clit! He leaned down to her head and whispered, "I have some friends coming over, do you want to have more cock?" Julie looked up at him and said, "YES, I want MMMOOORRRREE!" As she said that he was shoving in all of the way! "MMMMOOOOORRRREEEE!" "I WANT MORE COCK!" "Fuck me you bastard!" "I WANT IT ALL!" He was pounding away at her now! She was moving around trying to get more of him into her pussy!

In the background you could see other men coming in getting undressed. These guys were your typical porn movie studs. Some were black, most were white, and there were even a couple of oriental men! The one thing in common with all of them was their huge cocks. None of these guys had anything under ten inches it seemed like! There was about nine of them a total. Julie saw them about the time the first big guy started to cum! He pulled out and pulled her up so that her face was in front of his cock! He started to cum, shooting what seemed to be gallons of cum all over her face, into her mouth and down on her tits! She was busy trying to catch it all on her tongue and in her mouth!

After he was done he stepped back and Julie got up. Hands were all over her and they were roughly feeling her tits, pussy and ass! They lead her over to a flat workout bench and while one of them lay down on it they continued to fondle her. As soon as the guy on the bench was ready, they picked her up and sat her on his very large hard cock! She started to pump up and down on it while another guy lined up at her mouth for a blowjob. Another man got behind her and soon he was pushing his cock into her pussy as well! The camera was able to catch some of it and soon a position was held that clearly showed two cocks in her once virginally tight pussy! Eventually the man on top pulled out of her pussy and pushed his cock into her ass! She had three cocks in her, at least two and a half foot of cock, almost three feet! She was having a continuous orgasm! As soon as the guy in her mouth shot off another was pushing into it. The same for her pussy and ass! They had her in several positions, and the last part of the movie they were having her get on different machines and then finding all kinds of ways of fucking her on them!

One scene that stuck in my mind was her laying on an inclined bench, her legs spread out and her butt up on the footrest! Her pussy and ass were obscenely spread open, and since she had had such large cocks in both of her holes, they were open to where you could see right up in her! She was sucking on a cock and as they started to each step up to her, the order became pretty steady. One cock would fuck her pussy, then her ass, then that cock would move up to be cleaned up by her mouth! When they would cum, they were shooting off into a pitcher! At the end of the gangbang, they all watched her drink their cum out of this pitcher. She savored it like it was the best wine in the world! As she was drinking her special order drink, some guy sat down in front of her and started to finger her pussy and ass. Pretty soon his whole hand was stroking in her pussy! As he was doing that another guy was pushing a small barbell into her ass! (The barbell was one of hose very small one pounders with plastic covering on it!) You could see that she was starting to get into this and soon she started to orgasm in probably the biggest orgasm I had ever seen her have. Admittedly, it was a movie and how much was acting and how much was true to what she was doing was not known to me, but DAMN! I couldn't believe that she would willingly do something like this, even now after all that had happened!

The next morning, Joan left me alone and took Julie with her to see Roger. I knew that I had to act fast because I didn't want Julie to be doing any more movies, especially for Roger! I had a feeling that his next movie would be even sicker that what they had done to Julie so far! I went for my morning 'run' that Joan knew I was doing everyday now. She thought that I was in love with her by this point; I think she had a thing for me from sometime before I met her, but I wasn't sure! Anyway, on my run, I phoned a friend that I knew I could trust implicitly, and since he was someone I had known for a very long time, I was sure he wouldn't sell me out. He started to get the necessary things together and told me about how long till he was ready. I went back to Joan's house, and started to get things ready there. By the time Joan and Julie got back, several hours had passed. Joan came into the bathroom where I was showering, and got in with me. "Jon, I have a great movie for you to see tonight!" "Julie really went out of her way on this one!" "You like to see Julie the slut being fucked every which way don't you Jon?" I said that I would rather be fucking her that watching some old whore fucking a bunch of men! Joan smiled and hugged me tightly! "Jon, do you like me at all?" I knew this was some kind of test of hers, so I held her closely to me and hugged her hard! "Joan, I think that I am in love with you!" "You have shown me what a slut I had for a wife, and you have made me even more of a man!" "Yeah, Joan, I love you for sure baby!" If I hadn't have been looking at her eyes when I said that I might have missed the tears welling up in them! She was being very emotional at this point! I think that she fully believed that I did love her now!

"Let's go out to dinner, shall we sweetie?" "Just you and me Jon!" "I'd go anywhere with you Joan!" I responded. We got dressed and went out to a great restaurant and had a nice meal. Joan was very touchy-feely with me and I responded in kind, knowing I had to keep her convinced of my affections for her!

When we got home she had Julie come into the living room with us. "Julie, Jon and I are going to watch your performance from this afternoon!" "Why don't you sit down here, on the other side of Jon, and watch with us!" "You can tell us the way you were feeling as these guys had their way with you!" "She was just marvelous Jon!" "She put on a performance that would have won an Oscar!" Julie looked very uncomfortable sitting next to me and I thought she was going to spill the beans for a minute or two, but she finally calmed herself down and smiled at us. "Joan, will I be able to try out Jon's new cock later tonight?" "You did promise me that I would be able to before I had to go away!"

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