tagGroup SexJulie's Story Ch. 01

Julie's Story Ch. 01


Author's note: I wrote this for my ex-girlfriend about a guy she told me she thought was hot. I wrote this and told her it was like a "chose your own adventure" story where she'd have to fill in the line at the end of this first chapter. She did tell me how to continue, but I never did. What do YOU think her next line should be? Always open to feedback!


You wake up in the middle of the night. Your room is pitch black. You look over at your clock and it reads 4:30 AM. That's when you realize that there's someone laying next to you. He senses that you are stirring and wraps an arm around your waist, pulling your body close. He uses his nose to push your hair from your neck and gives you a few kisses there. His smell is familiar. You realize it's Joe. You're both naked and as he presses up behind you, you feel his cock against you. You turn your head to kiss him and he slides his tongue deep into your mouth. His kisses are always incredible to you and it makes you moan as you push back into him and his hands runs up the side of your body. His hand rests on your right breast and he lightly plays with your nipple as the tow of you kiss. he's fully awake now and you feel his cock starting to stir against you. You're lost in his soft kiss. His light touch. The slow, but determined movement of his body. You feel so warm. You love having him this close to you. Then you realize that there is a mouth slowly covering your left nipple. You freeze in shock. you have no clue what's going on. Then it all comes rushing back to you.


Saturday afternoon around 4PM your phone rang. You reached over and answer.


"Hello there Ms. Julie." I reply.

"Hi Grant. How are you?" you ask.

"I'm doing good. You?"

"Just great. What are you up to today?" you ask.

"Just hanging out. I was supposed to have a show at Borders tonight, but they just called and canceled it. I guess they're having some sort of book signing or something." I answer.

"That stinks. Are they going to reschedule it."

"I think so. Sometime later this month." I reply.

"I see" you say.

"Yeah, so anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight? Go see a movie or something."

"Just not WHAT WOMEN WANT right?" you joke.

"No, I own it remember."

"Oh yes." you smirk. "Well, I would Grant but I've already got plans tonight."

"Ah. A hot date eh?" I ask slyly.

"Well, sort of. Joe and I are going out to dinner, then to a club in Hollywood to dance. It's called Arythma." you reply.

"I see. okay. Well, that's cool. Maybe some other time then." I say.

"Sure Grant. Have a good evening." you say.

"I will. You too." I say and hang up.

You return the phone to it's cradle and lay back on your bed. As you lie there, you minds starts drifting to thoughts of Joe. How it feels to have him next to you. How nice it will be to dance with him tonight. Feel his body against yours.

You've snap out of your daydream to realize that your hips have been moving and your can feel that you are soaking wet. You smile and bite your lip as you sit up and go on about your afternoon. Thoughts of Joe's body next to yours are never far from you mind.


Dinner was great and Joe was incredibly sexy all throughout. The conversation was filled with deep innuendo. You know that you want him tonight and he wants you just as bad. It's lucky that you both didn't tear each other's clothes off in the car on the ride to the club. His hand rested on your thigh the whole way and it was all you could do to keep from grabbing it and sliding it up under your skirt. Your black thong is soaked.

At the club the both of you dance tightly together. His hips are pressed up against yours and your chest is pressed against his. you move to the music together and it's as if you're having sex on the dance floor. His hands move to your ass and pull your his closer to his. you can feel his cock pressed against you. It's rock hard. As you dance your mind drifts back to the night you first held his cock in your hands. How big it was. How hard it felt.

You want to feel it again now, so you snake your hand down in between the both of you and run your fingers along the length of it. God, it's rock hard. It pulses under your touch and he leans forward and whispers into your ear, "I want that inside of you."

"I want it in me too." you whisper into his ear above the music. "From behind." you add. As you open your eyes after your whisper, you focus on the back of the club. You realize someone's watching you. It's me.

You're taken aback for a second, but then you smile. I return the smile and you continue dancing. Your movements now become even more sexual and every now and then you look over at me to see if I'm watching. I am.

At one point you turn around and face me while he slides up behind you. He runs his hands up your legs to the sides of your breasts and you reach back behind your head to pull his head forward. You lean back and kiss him passionately. I can see your tongue and his running against each other.

He begins kissing your neck and you look right up at me. I can tell by your look that this whole thing is driving you crazy. It's driving me crazy. My cock is so hard that I don't think it could get any harder. You can't stand it anymore. Joe kisses his way up to your ear.

"Hey sexy. You want to go get a drink and then go home and get naked." he whispers.

You moan at the sound of his voice and nod your head. The two of you leave the dance floor and go over to the bar to get some water. As you sip it, you notice that I'm working my way over to you. I step up right next to you.

"Hi." I shout over the music.

"Hi." you reply. Joe looks at me funny and nods his head.

I reach out my hand to Joe, "I'm Grant. I Julie's ex-boyfriend." Joe gets an even weirder look on his face, but reaches out and shakes my hand. "I was wondering," I say to Joe, "Could I talk to you for a second alone."

Joe looks at you. You have no idea what's going on. You know I'm not pissed of or anything, but you don't know for sure what I want to talk to him about. Joe gets a little defensive but nods his head and motions me to follow him. He leans over and kisses you square on the mouth with a lot of tongue. "We'll be right back."

We walk away and you look around the bar while we speak. You're dripping wet with sweat and with sex between your legs. You need to release and all you can think of is Joe's hard cock sliding in and out of your pussy.

About two minutes later, we both come back to you. We're both smiling. Just looking at you.

You smile uneasily, "What's going on?"

"So, Grant tells me," Joe says, "That he was the first person you had sex with."

You smile, blushing a little, "Yeah. So?"

"Well he also says that he thinks he can make you cum more times that just about any other guy you've ever been with." You look at me and I smile and shrug my shoulders. Joe continues, "I had to disagree with that, because I know the times we've been together I've made you cum numerous times. He says that that may be true, but he could still make you cum more times than me."

"So? What's all this disagreeing leading to?" you ask.

"Well, Grant has proposed a little wager." Joe says and he slides up next to you. His mouth is right next to your ear, and the hips around his waist pull your hips back into him. "He thinks we should go back over to your place and have a little competition."

"Competition?" you ask curiously.

Joe whispers right into you ear, "Yeah. Whichever one of us can make you cum the most amount of times tonight wins. It's that simple."

You press back against Joe and think for a second. You have two guys who want to compete against each other to see how many times they can make you cum. That doesn't sound too bad. You think for a second though, "What does the winner get?"

Joe smiles, "Well, the winner gets to have you make them cum in anyway that you'd like." As he says this his cock grinds up against you from behind.

It doesn't take you long to think of an answer, "Yes." you say and grab both our hands and drag us out of the club to Joe's car. We make arrangements for me to meet you back at your house.


You let the two of us into the room and you sit back on the bed. "Well, what happens first?" you say.

"Well, I think it's best if we all get undressed, that way everyone's in the same starting...um...position." I say.

You smile, "That sounds good." Joe and i begin to undress. Joe removes his shirt and I begin to see why you think about him so much. He's in great shape. I remove my shirt and start to unbutton my pants. I'm so excited I'm shaking, but I notice Joe is too.

We both remove our pants at the same time and it is obvious how turned on we both are. Our cocks are both straining against our underwear. We both realize at the same time that you are looking at us and you haven't removed one item of clothing. You're just sitting on the bed looking at us.

"Looks good." you smile. "Come on, let's finish it up and get going."

We both hook our thumbs into the bands of our shorts and begin pulling them off. Joe's cock swings out. I glance over at it and look back at you. You are staring directly at it. I can see why. It's huge. I begin to have second thoughts about the wager, with a cock like that, he can, no doubt, make you cum just by sliding all the way into you.

We are finished undressing and both of us are standing there naked. You're lost in a daze. I look over at Joe and say, "Well, I guess we'll have to undress her if she's not going to do it herself."

We both come over and stand on either side of you and I grab your wrist and pull you up to your feet. You stand shakily and turn to me and I begin kissing you as you feel Joe's hands begin to unbutton your skirt. As we tongue kiss you moan into my mouth and my hand begins to unbutton your blouse.

As I slide your blouse off, Joe slides the skirt down your legs. On the way back up he rubs his hands along the side of your body. As the blouse slips down your arm, i begin kissing your left shoulder lightly. Joe slides up behind you and starts kissing your right shoulder. Both of our mouths on you is driving you crazy.

Joe reaches up and unhooks your bra and as we slide it off of you we both kiss and lick all the spots where the bra was. I slide it off of your breasts and grab your shoulders and sit you down on the bed.

Joe and I are instantly on our knees. We both look up at you and your hands move to the back of our heads. We both move in close and each take a nipple into our mouths. We both lightly lick and suck on them. Gently biting every now and then. You lean your head back and moan from our tongues.

We continue to suck and lick and I feel your body shudder next to me. I open my eyes and Joe is slowly rubbing the tips of his fingers along the crease in your thighs right near your pussy. I remove my tongue.

"Okay Joe. You're may go first." I say as I sit back on the floor. He smiles at you and you are completely lost in him. He lays you back on the bed and gets on all fours above you. He lightly begins covering your body with kisses and little licks. Your eyes are closed. He kisses them.

He works his way down your face. He stops at your mouth and the two of you share and incredibly hot kiss. He teases your mouth with his tongue and this just makes your body writhe more. His cock, still incredibly rock hard, brushes up against you leg. God, you want that thing inside of you.

He kisses his way down your neck, stopping to bite and lick now and then. You're writhing even more. He kisses across your shoulders and then down across your chest. He moves to your nipple again and begins slowly moving his tongue around the tip of it.

He begins moving his tongue faster. He draws your nipple up into his mouth and uses a combination of sucking and biting on it. you're squirming on the covers of your bed and your breathing is rapid. I watch in awe as your whole body tenses up and shudders underneath him.

I think to myself, "God she's beautiful when she cums," and I realize he's made you cum once already. He realizes this too and glances over at me while he moves his tongue to your other nipple.

It's only a matter of moments before he has you squirming again and again he makes you cum hard. This guy's incredibly good with his tongue.

He gives your breasts a break and moves down to you stomach. He kisses down in, biting the sides a bit and then runs his tongue across the band of your thong. He kisses down the front, stopping just centimeters above your clit and then pulls his head up and slide his whole body down your legs, to your feet. You love the feel of his skin against yours.

Joe picks up one of your feet and begins kissing the very bottom of it, lightly. All the while, looking up into your eyes. He runs his tongue along the bottom of your foot and you arch your back. He then starts kissing down the back of your leg. To your calf, where he stops and licks and suck a bit before moving on Down behind your knee cap, then to the back of your thighs where he really goes to work. His tongue slides all over the back of your thighs and his hands reach around and pull your hips closer to him.

You are going crazy as he licks the back of your thigh. You're clutching at the sheets and I smile as he brings you to yet another orgasm.

After you catch your breath, he slowly begins working on the other side. In a matter of moments you are once again moaning out as another orgasm rocks your body.

He slides up next to you, lightly kissing your face as he slowly runs his finger tips over your now sweaty body. You turn and open your eyes for the first time and look at him. He smiles and leans forward to kiss you with his tongue at the same moment his hand slides down into your thong and immediately finds your clit.

You moan loudly into his mouth as he begins to move his finger slowly around your clit. It moments you are squirming and cumming at the end of his finger.

He pulls his mouth from yours and lets you breathe for a second. He smiles. "Like that?" he asks.

You nod.

"Like when I make you cum really hard?" he asks as his finger continues to circle your clit. Your hips grind under his finger. You nod again. "Well, what would happen if I slide a finger into you like this?"

"Oh God!" you moan as you cum around his finger that is now deep inside of you as far as it can go.

His mouth finds your nipple and begins to suck on it as he continues to fuck you with his finger. He adds another one. You want to reach out and feel his cock, which is now rubbing against your leg, but you can't concentrate.

I have never seen you so worked up. You are writhing hard under his finger.

"Joe. God. I need to fuck you. Please put your cock in me." you beg.

"You want my cock in you Julie?" he asks and you nod and squirm on his fingers.

I interrupt at this point, "Well, I think that'll happen, but I need to get my chance."

Joe has no intention of leaving his spot on the bed next to you. He looks down at you, "What do you think Julie. Had enough of me? Want to give him his shot?"

You're still squirming, but you've calmed down a little bit. You look over at me, "No. Not yet. I need your cock in my. I want you dick in me hard."

I stand. "Hey! That's not fair. I should get a shot at making her cum."

You say, "....


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