Juliette of Mars

byJackson Blacke©

Actually, very few of us Buckeyes have exclusive sex partners. There's a lot of 'mo sex around, you know, guys with guys and girls with girls. But there are almost no exclusive 'mo couples. There are a few 'tro couples, but the first thing the cops do when they arrest a Buckeye is sterilize him, you know, to keep us criminal types from multiplying. So there are damn few kids here and no reason to form families. Besides, who has time for love, or romance, or kids? We have to work pretty hard at surviving. And in whatever time we have left over, we're way too busy getting laid.

The result of all that is a real low birth rate, which is one of the reasons us Buckeyes are a dying breed. The other, of course, is the death rate. And there are a lot of reasons for that. No health care is one. Then there's our life style - bad food, a whole lot of violence and plenty of drugs. And of course, there's the cops. A lot of us get killed by the cops, either in the passways or after being arrested and sentenced to death, like me, or to prison, which is pretty much the same thing. In five or ten years, there won't be any Buckeyes anymore and Mars will be pretty fucking boring.

So Juliette and me had a pretty good year, at least our standards, but we didn't have an exclusive deal by any means. We still went to minglers, of course. And she used to fuck Frankie once in a while, or any passway trash that caught her eye.

Frankie is pretty much 'tro -'mo. He'll fuck anything with a hole in it, animal, vegetable or mineral. He had a special appreciation for Juliette, but he also had a semi-steady boyfriend. I never knew his real name, but everyone called him Boof. Despite his cute sounding name, Boof was one mean mother-fucker. And I probably mean that literally. I wasn't real fond of him. His other nickname was Jerkoff, but I'm the only one who ever called him that. To this day, I have no idea why Frankie hung out with him.

Myself, I've always been strictly 'tro. Not that I have anything against 'mos. It's just that girls are so sexy, so sweet, and it's so much fun to be teased by them and play with them, being attracted to another guy has just never made sense to me.

Anyway, so Juliette and me never stopped having sex with other people. Why should I be swearing off other bims? If some fine little fire-cracker goes to all the trouble of making my prick stiff, why shouldn't I be able to stick it into her like she wants? And Juliette always said there was something especially exciting about fucking a guy when you don't even know his name. So neither of us were about to give the minglers up.

It was Boof who turned us on to the mingler in Brighton sector, a pretty classy neighborhood. That was about two weeks ago, but it seems like a lot longer.

The four of us - me, Boof, Frankie and Juliette - strolled over there together. At first, we had to do the "Buckeye shuffle". The passways in Ohio Sector are all ankle-deep with junk and garbage left from looting and from the fact that there's no recyc pick-up. The authorities provide absolutely essential services, like power and pressure and water because they know there are people living there. But they know what kind of people we are, so they don't bother with the optional stuff, like coming to get the trash on a regular basis. So people just throw it in the passway. Anyway, the result is that Buckeyes don't pick up their feet when the walk. If we did, we'd be setting them down on cans and bottles and all kinds of shit hidden under the top layer of rubbish. Instead, we just kind of slide their feet forward, keeping contact with the floor and pushing through the litter. For most of us, it's shuffling, but real bims like Juliette manage to make it look more like gliding.

When we passed into Veracruz Sector, we could have begun to walk normally. But Frankie and Boof and me just kept shuffling out of habit. Juliette, though, began to strut. It was always fun to see how heads turned when Juliette pranced around one of the other sectors. What little she wore was more body decoration than actual clothing.

The colonies, even Ohio sector, are kept warm enough that clothing is mostly unnecessary. The hard-working people in the in the more conventional sectors, like Alberta Sector, New York Sector and Veracruz Sector, dress pretty conservatively. None of the men wear crotchless trousers. They keep their equipment covered at all times. Women never get wilder than spray-on slacks or a short panty-skirt and a blouse, which can be thin and gauzy, but can't be totally transparent. Brighton Sector is richer and a little less up-tight. But there are still limits.

Juliette didn't obey any of these conventions. She dressed at the edge of Buckeye fashion, which is pretty fucking outrageous to begin with. That day she was wearing bright pink satin gloves, the kind that come up above the elbow, and matching thigh-high boots with platform soles and 8-inch spike heels. Her clit and both nipples were pierced by three small, silver rings, which had a delicate silver chain looped loosely through them. She also wore a dangly pair of heavily-jeweled earrings, a pink pearl choker and a couple of shiny bracelets. That was it. Her perfectly round, impossibly high, proud little tits and her gaudy pubic tattoo and sweet, tight pussy were all on eager public display. Like I said, body decoration.

Frankie and me and Boof weren't exactly inconspicuous either. Boof was crotchless and his thick, heavy cock dangled impressively between his legs when it wasn't straight-up stiff and tickling his belly button. He went without a shirt to show off how cut his upper body was. I was wearing an old Earth cowboy outfit I'd stolen from the warehouse we'd broken into the night before. Frankie wore black pants so tight you could tell that he wasn't circumcised. He was shirtless, too. But in his case, it was a lot less impressive. A lot less.

As we walked, Juliette toyed casually with her little chain to stimulate her nipples and clit and keep them as stiff as possible at all times. I'm sure she wanted to display them to their best advantage. It really worked. Her nipples stood out a full centimeter from her small, pink areolae. And her large clit stuck out from between her legs like some swollen on/off switch.

After a little while, she asked Frankie and Boof and me to take over chain duties. We were more than happy to oblige. Soon, the three of us had our hands all over her, where they remained almost the whole way to the mingler. Couldn't have kept them off her if we wanted to. But why would we want to?

It turned into a slow trip because we had to keep stopping to make out. Other people pretended not to notice that there were three guys in a corner of the passway mauling a stunning redhead, one with several fingers in her cunt, another with his fingers up her ass and the third working her tits, while she grabbed at all three cocks and two of the guys grabbed at each other. The people didn't do a very good job of pretending, but give them credit for trying.

Juliette had about a half dozen orgasms before we even got to the mingler. The guys and me tried to save it for the party, but gave up half way across New York Sector, and Frankie and me wound up begging her to suck us off, which she did, while Frankie sucked off Boof, all right in front of the local branch of the Third Universal Martian Church of Christ, Time-Traveler.

Just as we were finishing up, the minister came out to chase us off, complaining that we were scaring the kids and freaking the members of the fucking congregation, though it looked to me like the kids took an educational interest and most of the adults were enjoying the show. But what do I know? Maybe the men in that parish always walk around with their pants full of hard meat.

Anyway, why the hell should the minister have had to shoo us away? Why didn't he just have his buddy, Jesus, go back in time and change history so that we were never born, or at least got face-fucked in front of someone else's church? There's a big frigging mystery.

We had to tone it down when we got closer to the mingler. Like I said, Brighton is pretty classy. We didn't want to get arrested or lead the cops to the orgy. So we gave Juliette a rest for the last half-kilometer. As if that would make us blend right in.

I tried to convince her to take the chain off for the mingler. I told her I was afraid some over-enthusiastic guy, or worse, some sadistic bastard, would yank it too hard. She allowed as how she sort of liked sadistic bastards and couldn't take it off because she didn't have any pockets to keep it in (like I hadn't noticed). I offered to hold it for her, but she just laughed and called me "Daddy" and said I was being over-protective. I could see Frankie was concerned too. Boof, on the other hand, was exactly the kind of sadistic bastard I was worried about.

The mingler turned out to be in the storeroom of a furniture store which had just gone of business and was still full of brand new beds, couches and chairs. It was a lot cleaner and more comfortable than the places we usually partied. And much ritzier too. There was even a guy at the door checking everyone to make sure no low-lifes (like us) got in. Somehow, we fooled him. But the guard did tell Juliette she'd have to take her chain off. She pouted and offered him a blow job if he'd let her keep it on. I figured he must have been 'mo, because any warm-blooded 'tro would have had his zipper down in a heartbeat. But he said she had to give it up or she wasn't getting in. She pouted some more, unfastened it and handed it to me.

Inside, things were just getting started. The music was loud dance tunes in the current style. There were about a dozen really amazing girls there, and more arriving by the minute. They were dancing with guys or with each other or by themselves. As I looked around the room, each seemed sexier than the one before. And, as I made eye contact with each, I got harder and harder. It was like they were taking turns putting their hands in my pants and tugging on my pud.

Suddenly, I came to one I recognized. Adorable was her name, and it sure fit her to a T. She had just gotten the vaporizer started and was leaning over it, breathing deeply. She looked up, saw me, shrieked, "Stones!" and rushed across the room, high heels click-clacking as she came. I really didn't know her that well. We'd met a couple of times in the passways, but she sure was friendly that night. And looked like something out of a wet dream, too.

She wore a miniscule, frilly skirt, which didn't really cover either her cunt or her ass, thigh-high fishnet stockings and a tight little cropped tank top that just barely covered her nipples and featured the words "CHOSE A HOLE - ANY HOLE" in shimmering pink block print on the front. Her bright blue lipstick exactly matched the color of her eyes and her thick blonde hair was piled up high in a fancy 'do and decorated with shiny ribbons and sparkling jewels.

Anyway, she came running full-tilt, leapt up into my arms, legs wrapped around my waist, planted her mouth on mine and practically stuck her tongue down my throat. Her groin writhed desperately against the stiff lump in my pants. Suddenly, she broke off the kiss to pant desperately in my ear, "Nice to see you. I sort of got an early start on the 'phro-mone. Can you fuck me now?"

"Well, I guess that will keep him out of trouble for awhile," Juliette commented to Frankie and Boof as the three of them scanned the room, trying to decide where to begin.

Adorable and me tumbled onto the nearest couch with me on top. No one else was fucking yet, but she obviously didn't care. "Shouldn't we dance first," I asked.

She didn't answer right away, but created just enough space between us to yank my zipper down and pop my erection out of my pants. Planting one spike-heeled foot on the floor, she pressed her sopping wet cunt against the tip of my prick and looked up at me from under lowered lids. "We'll do my favorite dance," she whispered. "It's called 'The Shove-It-In'." She wriggled her ass forward on the couch to force the head of my cock into her smoldering pussy. "AAAAAAOOOOOOOOH," she moaned.

"And-a-one, and-a-two," I whispered back and slowly drove my rigid prick into her to the hilt. She shuddered and pumped her hips rapidly and I matched her pace. It wasn't fifteen seconds before she came the first time.

Now, Juliette had just sucked me off and I wasn't feeling much effect from the 'phro-mone yet, so I wasn't desperate. Adorable was a sweet and sexy girl and I caught myself thinking how much she reminded me of Juliette. She was so fiercely horny I figured I'd give her a big bunch of orgasms (which I did) and keep her satisfied for a while (which I didn't and probably no one could have).

She must have climaxed six or seven times before I did. Each seemed more intense than the last. When I finally came and needed to take a break, we held each other close and basked briefly in the afterglow. Then she kissed me warmly and went back to the vaporizer, leaned over it and inhaled its fumes deeply before straightening to look around the room. I wasn't sure what drug had been added to the 'phro-mone. It seemed like maybe creepers or ruby rockets. But whatever it was, it seemed to be doing okay for Adorable.

Soon I began to really feel the 'phro-mone and the drugs too. I found myself staring at a tiny, blonde pixie of a girl on the far side of the room. She was staring back. As I watched, she fluttered her delicate wings, floated across the room and landed, face-first on my now stiff-again cock. I lay back on the couch and reached between her legs to find her clit, which I rolled between my fingers, making her groan with pleasure. She swung her body around so that her legs straddled my head and slowly lowered herself until her clit was in my mouth and my nose was in her cunt. After that, it was either twenty seconds or twenty years of delicious sixty-nine. Either way, it was great. In fact, that little fireball was having such a good time that she pressed her pussy so hard against my face I almost suffocated.

When I came up for air, I noticed Frankie and Boof in a corner, talking to a third guy. I didn't know it yet, but it was The Flea. If I had known, I probably would have stood up, grabbed Juliette by the arm and walked out. But I didn't know.

Meanwhile, Juliette was dancing with three young, very well-hung guys. They were passing her back and forth, taking turns groping her in time to the music. I figured she was in for a good time. And Adorable was on a bed on the other side of the room, getting her pussy and ass fucked at the same time by a couple of gorgeous studs and loving every second of it. She reminded me more and more of Juliette every minute.

Just then, two more girls floated across the room and joined us - a black-haired beauty and a bald bim with huge tits and the word "HAIR" tattooed ornately across the top of her head. (Don't ask me. I'm just telling you what happened. You can't make shit like that up.) I guess my little pixie-slut was enjoying herself so loudly that the other two figured they'd better give me try. Right away the three of them were all trying to suck my cock at the same time. They fought over it, yanked it this way and that, licked it, massaged it with their lips, occasionally actually got it into one of their mouths and generally did as much as they could to make me spurt.

Meanwhile, they were all competing to maneuver their cunts and sphincters into range of my mouth, and I was using my fingers on the clits and holes of the losers. My entire body was being constantly caressed by soft female flesh as they squirmed and wiggled, trying to get their sweet mouths on my cock and their dripping pussies on my face.

I lasted as long as I could, and managed to get all three of them off. Then I could finally let loose myself and, despite the fact that I had already popped off twice in the last hour or so, I came like a geyser. 'Phro-mone and being triple-teamed will do that to you. The three girls struggled frantically to be the one whose mouth I came in and, as a result, none of them could get her lips on my cock and I spray-painted their lovely faces pretty good. Then I got to watch them eagerly lick the cum off each other, which kept me completely hard until the last drip was lapped up.

I sat back to look around for a minute and check out what available next. Not surprisingly, Juliette looked like a pretty good alternative. Boof had retired to a corner of the room where some cute little guy with long, golden hair had entirely swallowed his thick cock and seemed to be trying to set some kind of dick-diving record.

Frankie and The Flea had discovered a sort of freight hook hanging from the ceiling and were getting ready to string Juliette up for an old-fashioned fantasy game. Her hands were 'cuffed together and the men were lifting her still-gloved arms over her heads and tying the 'cuffs to the hook with a length of sturdy rope. She was doing that phony "Oh-no-please-don't-tie-me-up" whine, but broke into a broad grin when she noticed me staring at her and beginning to get stiff again already.

Adorable and three new guys, who had been admiring her intently, had been at the vaporizer. But now she was dragging them over to a nearby couch. They didn't seem to be putting up much resistance.

I wandered over to where Frankie and the other guy were preparing to fuck my girlfriend, trying to look as casual as a guy can when his cock's stiff like a steel rod. Frankie was just finishing with the rope. He had it pulled exactly tight enough that she could spread her legs wide and still keep most of her weight on the soles of her high-heeled boots.

The Flea was in front of her, sucking on a nipple and gently rolling her clit between his fingers. He wore a leather vest. He was much too busy to shake my hand and exchange pleasantries. Anyway, formal introductions are a pretty low priority at minglers.

"No, no, you can't do this to me. I'm a good girl. I really am," Juliette whined convincingly, her eyes rolling ecstatically.

When I moved behind The Flea, and Juliette caught sight of me over his shoulder, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly in a little smile. Her eyes got that come-and-get-it look and then she went back to her act.

"Oh God, you're not going to stick those big things into my little-bitsy holes, are you? They're so huge, so hard, so long, so thick. They'll rip me apart. Oh, please, please, no, don't do it," she moaned and sobbed, getting more excited and less convincing by the second.

The Flea began kissing her on the mouth and she alternated between passionately kissing him back and turning her head away to protest, "No, no, stop. Oh, please, please stop right now. I don't like it. Let me loose. Oh, help me, somebody, help."

Suddenly, the music went gothic and the room became a dungeon. The dark, damp stone walls were studded with heavy iron hooks and rings. In a corner was a torture rack and a small charcoal fire with an assortment of iron rods sitting with their red-hot tips in the coals.

All around the room, the mingler had turned into a torture-and-rape theme party. Boof's little golden-haired friend, his hands bound behind his back and a load of sperm already dribbling down his chin, trembled as Boof turned him to face the cold stone wall so he could fuck his tiny, tight bum. Adorable had attracted another admirer who was pinning her arms behind her while the other three took turns fucking her lovely, slutty mouth.

Frankie was on his knees, licking and sucking on Juliette's big clit, which was rock hard and pulsing in time with both her heartbeat and the music. There were no more words from her now, only grunts and groans, as if she had lost the ability to speak. I think being tied up and hung like this made her even hornier than usual.

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