tagLoving WivesJulissa's Awakening

Julissa's Awakening


After Julissa and I were married, we would discuss our fantasies and expectations from our second marriages. We discussed our individual lifestyles and the number of sexual partners we had before we started dating. I was excited to learn that Julissa was a "party girl" after her divorce and had bed many men. We wanted to explore new things as a couple and yet keep our individual routines and friends. Julissa would still have her girls' night out and I would occasionally get with the boys for sports, fishing, and hunting. We also would mix and incorporate some of our activities as a couple. We discussed an "open marriage"; however, Julissa said she didn't want to just fuck other men, but instead, would consider involving me with her "partying", since one of my fantasies was to watch he fuck another guy. I wanted her to explore exhibitionism as well, so we discussed vacationing at some far off place where she could display her charms without running into someone who knew us. My wife said she would give it a try; however, she was not promising to fuck anyone unless things were "just right".

We decided to find a place where she could dabble in toplessness or nudity without fear or coercion with strangers we would never see again. A place where others were also topless or nude and her dabbling would be accepted. We adopted the theme that "what happened at this far away location would stay at that location". I promised her we would start slow and that I would not push her into anything. She would poke me in the arm and say, "You really want to see me fuck another guy, don't you? I don't know why some of you men want to watch your women fuck other men or parade around topless or nude, but, if that's what you want, I'll give it a try."

Julissa is the perfect housewife, lover, partner and "hotwife". She is beautiful, has a caring heart, big brown eyes, long jet black hair, legs to die for, and large nippled 32D's. Before our introduction to the hotwife -- swinging lifestyle a few years ago, we started talking about a real vacation, just the two of us, and "letting it all hang out". We selected a week's stay at a resort on the Dutch island of St. Maarten near Cupecoy Beach to enjoy the "clothing optional" area. After four months of tanning, working out, buying dresses, outfits and bikinis far more revealing than anything she had ever worn, we were finally there. I was certainly excited and she was nervous knowing her tanned breasts and naked body would be on display. We awoke early, ate our breakfast in bed, showered, enjoyed a long session applying sunscreen on each other's bodies, the anticipation was killing me! I chose her bikini; the small black one, triangle top and almost a string thong for the bottom. We headed out to the beach and walked the extra distance to the clothing optional side.

Julissa was nervous as we walked along the beach among others in various states of undress. I knew she wanted to chicken out, but for me she was brave. She could not understand why I would want other men to see her naked breasts, but was willing to keep her end of our agreement to indulge in my fantasies. My fantasy was far more exciting than the reality..... I think I saw her smile. There were no college girls frolicking topless or nude in the sun. Of the dozen women near us, only four were topless and none were impressive. Although disappointed, I set up our folding chairs and anticipated her public unveiling! We laid out on our lounge chairs; she opened a book and I stayed quiet and viewed the scenery. After a half hour or so, Julissa untied the string holding her bikini top, her hands were trembling. Without fully removing her top, she went back to reading her book. I patiently waited. She was obviously nervous; there were a few nude couples, but also some single men waiting to see some naked women.

I was not sure how I felt about them. As time passed, many men would walk or jog along the beach and take in the naked bodies. After some time, a breeze blew her top to the side, so she gently removed it, placed it in her bag and continued reading. They were exposed! MY wife's naked tits in all their glory! I was proud; she was more beautiful at that moment than I ever remembered! Why? I do not know. All I do know is that I was certainly a proud husband! Julissa became more comfortable as the morning wore on. She did get a little upset with my continual attempts at re-applying of sunscreen on her good bits. I certainly did not want them to get burned! When some gawkers showed up, her nervousness returned, but when they left, she relaxed again. As more couples joined us on the white sand, we started conversations with those who sat near. Soon she was chatting away with the wives and husbands. She didn't even remember her top was gone! The other husbands certainly had some dumb-ass silly grins looking at my wife's tanned breasts. Life was good! Sex that night was great!

The next day we repeated our previous routine. We enjoyed the morning sun, and her newfound willingness to show off her naked breasts. A gentleman stepped from the trees onto the sand. He had his bag and towel with him, but looked somewhat nervous, not sure if he was welcome without a partner. He did not act anything like the voyeurs and gawkers from the previous day. He chose an area on the sand near us, but not too close for comfort. He was a strikingly handsome guy, somewhat older than us, a little gray on the sides, and muscular. Something in his manner indicated he was financially comfortable. I also noticed Julissa was giving him a thorough once-over; certainly not a common occurrence. I smiled at my flirting wife. As the day wore on, I noticed this gentleman seemed to stay to himself. He noticed the other couples mingling, but did not attempt to join in. Julissa and I quietly discussed him. He seemed nice enough, and we invited him over to join us.

He was quite pleased with the invitation and joined the conversation. His name was Dirk and he spoke with an accent. He had a quiet but somehow magnetic personality. He was polite and his air of self-confidence was comfortable to be around, as he was completely nude. He and Julissa soon were talking like old friends, sharing their life story and experience. I soon noticed a comfort level developing I had never seen before. She tended to shy away from strange men, never trusting their intentions. As they talked, she actually was touching his arm, smiling and laughing, sometimes serious and concerned. I could not hear exactly everything that was being spoken, but the tid-bits I did pick up on were about the wife he had lost suddenly, about a year ago. Her name was Grieta, and she was the love of his life. They were Dutch and visited St. Maarten once a year. His wife had been very beautiful and she indulged his fantasies by going topless and nude for twenty-some years. They enjoyed an alternate lifestyle and had frequented the red-light district in Amsterdam.

We invited Dirk to join us for a late lunch. Conversation was comfortable and interesting. He had booked a balcony suite at the same resort. He invited us to join him for a glass of wine and a look at his suite. The wheels of my mind started to turn. As we approached his suite, a quiet silence descended upon us. Nervous energy started to build as he opened his door. The realization that we were entering the private room of another man, a stranger, was exciting. The suite was gorgeous and even had a very private balcony overlooking the beach. We stepped outside as Dirk opened a bottle of wine. The view was beautiful. He joked that Julissa still had her top on from lunch at the restaurant.

"This balcony is more than tops optional, it's clothing optional!" Dirk said with a grin.

Julissa's eyes widened as she turned to look at me. Dirk approached from behind as she started to whisper something in my ear. My mind was racing as I untied her bikini top; she did not resist. Dirk's hands caressed her side as he simultaneously tugged the bottom strings of her thong. Both halves of her bikini floated to the floor. Julissa was naked in front of a stranger! She looked deeply into my eyes, looking for reassurance, approval, or even permission? I kissedher softly, put my hands on her hips and gently turned her naked charms to face Dirk. Not a word was said. Dirk placed a soft hand on either side of her face, and after a moment's hesitation, he kissed her, deeply. Julissa did not resist. My heart pounded and my stomach contracted as cold shivers ran up my spine. Was I ready for this? He led her back into the room, gently backing her onto the king sized bed. She did not even glance at me. He lay down beside her, caressing her face, placing gentle kisses along her neck, forehead then mouth. She submitted to this stranger. No resistance would be forthcoming.

Almost dazed, I quietly sat down on the couch, watching as another man explored every curve and crevice of my beautiful wife. I was calm and no jealousy was felt. It seemed quiet. Her moans were soft as he pleasured her masterfully with fingers and tongue. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as the first orgasmic wave hit her hard. Her body trembled as she recovered. She rose up, slightly dazed, finally noticing my presence. She looked at me, searching for any hint of disapproval, but there was none. She smiled and turned back to him, inserting her thumbs into the waistband, she slowly slid down his trunks. A look of awe crossed her face; a pang of jealousy crossed mine. He was impressive for an older man. So inquisitively did she examine and massage his hardened cock. She explored every vein with the tip of her tongue. Gently he entered her mouth, but she was unable to envelop his entire shaft. He gently pulled at her hair as she continued increasing the tempo of her efforts. She was good, but had never put out that much effort with me for a while. His legs trembled and stomach convulsed as he tried to stop her. Julissa would not quit. With a cry he exploded as she swallowed every spurt of his cream without hesitation.

Dirk spread her legs high and wide, exposing those special pink parts, ones that had previously only been seen by a few. She lay back on the bed again, anticipating what was to happen next. His manhood had lost little of its hardness; he was ready for more. Slowly he rubbed his cock back and forth along her clit and exposed labia. I was suddenly concerned; then relaxed as he took a condom from a small container on his nightstand. Julissa waved him off as she massaged his balls. She told Dirk she wanted to feel him inside her when he came. She tensed as he pushed against her opening, obviously not sure if it was going to fit in her tight pussy. He entered only an inch or two, waiting for her to relax. Her eyelids fluttered and a deep guttural moan escaped from my wife's lips. He continued inserting the entire shaft of his cock into Julissa's anticipating pussy. Not only was my wife being fucked by another man, she was fucking him back! He stayed motionless as her hips started to pulse upwards, faster and harder, grinding his shaft into her, into depths I had never explored.

I was confused, I had always wanted to see this, but it had always been just a fantasy. Now it was real, and I was aroused! The pain in my groin was unbearable; I had not noticed my own erection in my trunks. It hurt. As I adjusted myself, I almost lost control. I sat quietly watching her intense pleasure, the blush of her chest, the bulging vein in her neck, the muscles in her calves, the curl of her toes, sounds I had never heard escape her lips. Julissa rolled on top of him, facing away from me. I was embarrassed to watch his manhood slide into her from below. Watching her tanned nude body rise, then fall back onto him, again and again; I could not look away. I was concerned his size might hurt her then realized my utter and complete stupidity as she ground her cum-lathered pussy down on him, harder and harder. He held and suckled her magnificent swaying breasts. She continued her assault with total abandonment. Her pussy was beautiful as it completely enveloped his shaft on her down-strokes.

Dirk pushed Julissa off his cock then turned her around to face me. She was on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying gently. He again entered her, this time from behind. Although she looked directly into my eyes, I was not there. She had gone to another place, a place of passion and complete abandonment. They may have been strangers a few hours earlier but he had her completely in frenzy on the bed. Clearly her pussy was ripe and swollen as he moved his cock against her outer lips. Her labia were parted by her swollen pink pussy lips clearing the way for his shaft. It looked like it was happening in slow motion, the moment I had dreamt of and now feared in some ways. With the ease of a hot knife cutting into butter, his shaft spread her open as he began pushing himself into her womb. She moaned slightly feeling him entering her as his the thick part of his cock split her open. I had to brace myself against the wall and watched as he began to fuck her in front of me. Julissa's legs spread wider apart to accommodate him as the two of them adjusted to each other.

I can't say it was pretty or romantic, yet it was sexual in a carnal sort of way. His large hairy sack flattened out each time he pushed deep into her causing her to whimper her obvious delight. And then while I was staring at them on the bed, my wife raised her arm as if she wanted me to come to the side of the bed so she could see me. I hesitated of course until Dirk turned back looking at me and told me my wife wanted me close to her. I didn't know what was happening as I walked over to the side of the bed and saw them sexually coupled right in front of me. Julissa whispered something to him as Dirk used his arms and lifted himself off her while keeping his cock planted in her pussy. My wife rolled her head to the side and smiled at me. I was lost as she waved her arm at me to come even closer. Dirk was inside of her but not fucking her as I moved closer.

"I want you to be part of this. Kiss me," she said softly.

Leaning over the bed, I pressed my lips to hers just like she had asked. Her lips were warm and inviting yet the scent of two people fucking filled my head the closer I got to them. It was a scent I was certainly used to, but not as an observer. And then holding himself up off of her ass, Dirk began to fuck my wife again as I watched his thick cock pushing in and out of her womanhood.

"Are you enjoying this?" she asked before turning her attention back to her new lover.

I never really answered my wife, since I was also very engrossed in what they were doing together. The violence of their fuck took many turns, increasing the longer they stayed united at their genitals. My wife appeared to be enduring his cock while loving it every minute it was inside of her. Dirk began to punish my wife like men do the closer he got to filling her with his semen. Then he let himself down on to her as she gasped for air while his ass pumped like crazy. All I could really see of my wife was her backside as she buried her face in the bed sheet. I was as intense as they were and my cock was still in my trunks.

"Oh fuck. Yes baby!" she muttered once to him at the crest of their connection.

Dirk made sounds from deep within his chest and I then realized he was pumping her full with his cum. I stood silently over them witnessing their union while their bodily fluids began to blend together inside of Julissa. He kept fucking her hard and she kept muttered to him not to stop. And then they appeared to calm down once his cum had filled her vagina and began to ooze out onto the sheets. They collapsed lay in each other's embrace for the longest time as I stood over them staring like it was some kind of miracle I had just witnessed. His tempo then again increased. Grasping her hips, he was now pounding her furiously, and there was no gentleness this time. Sweat formed on her brow, her long black hair became damp glued to her cheeks and shoulders. She buried her face into the bed and bit the blanket to muffle her screams. His reddened face contorted as he spewed a second load into my wife's throbbing vagina even deeper than the first. Both collapsed in total exhaustion on the bed; Dirk lying on Julissa's back with his erection still buried deep inside her.

They lay there recovering for a few minutes then Julissa took a shower while Dirk and I talked. He loved my wife's pussy and said he'd love to service her a few more times on our vacation. I actually felt sorry for the guy and we made a deal that if Julissa was game for more sex, I was too! We shared another glass of wine then said goodbye. He thanked me for letting him enjoy my wife, saying she was great in bed. Kissing and hugging my wife, he thanked her for some incredible sex, as we walked out the door he told her she was unbelievable at sex. We walked silently; hand in hand back to our room in total shock and awe at what had just taken place. I wanted so desperately to make love to her. When we left she thanked me over and over. I asked her if she ever wanted to do this again and she said, "Yes, definitely!" Julissa and I talked that night about the events of the day. She told me she loved being impaled on Dirk's cock, and even though I added more fun to the sex, it was great to enjoy him one on one with me watching. I told her it was okay, but she had to promise to include me if she was inclined to repeat the scenario again.

We snuggled up in the room that night and talked about where our next adventure would be because we had five more days to explore the nude beach. She said her pussy was a little sore but very satisfied. I hope so because it really got a workout that day. She did say she'd be ready for another session if we found the right candidate(s) in a couple days. What a wife and what a sexy woman! After that night with Dirk, Julissa was a different person. Shejust glowed. I can't explain it; but, she not only enjoyed the great sex, but for the first time, was really comfortable with everything we did on that vacation. She was thoroughly agreeable to sampling any of my other fantasies or her own. Julissa became an exhibitionist and a hotwife over the next few years.

Watching my wife have sex with a well hung man is better than any porn I've ever seen. For her pleasure, I love her and want her to be the happiest wife in the world, lacking nothing, and not miss out on all the pleasure and excitement of many sex partners like I enjoyed when I was a younger man.


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