July 14, 1928 in an Erotic Novel


Enough voyeurism, I thought, my eyes returning to my sister, who had her arms on my thighs with her hands around my hips to support herself, as her head moved up and down on my cock. Mon dieu! She just loved to suck my cock! At home, she also usually did it first, and then I made her come in my face, and then we would fuck for as long as we could. Of course, she expected me to lick her pussy like this, but did she also want to fuck?

For a minute or two, I forgot about all the others, but then one woman started to moan louder than before, louder than the others were. Other heads turned. It was easy to find her; she was clutching his head and leaning back, her thighs twitching wildly. She came with desperate sounding moans, her body spasming. The heads of people in the water also looked up, turning to see where the moans were coming from, my sister's too. There was general hum in empathy. Someone clapped once, and then tentatively again, and then a round of applause filled the room, all of us exchanging grins and chuckles.

Then my cock was back in my sister's mouth, and all the other mouths were licking and sucking. Before, it has seemed that people were being restrained about moaning, like I had been, but now we were all much more open with expressing our arousal, maybe even louder than usual, trying to make sure that our active partner could hear us against the background of others' aroused moans. Soon one and the other orgasm occurred, and then, like the spread of an infectious decease, we all caught the fever and were having ours - with even louder noises.

Mine came before the last ones, my hips rocking to thrust my surging cock deeper in my sister's mouth. I didn't hold her head, like some of the men were; I knew she was taking it as deep in her mouth as she could, like she did at home. I couldn't hear her moan, when my cock began to fill her mouth, but felt that she was, then watching her look up at me with her usual grin, as she licked her lips and then licked up the last drops on my cock.

Of course, not just I was then going to change places with her, but by some tacit consent, we all waited for the last orgasm, chuckling and grinning at others. We waited till the older man had recovered and then slid into the water, kissing our partner. The men helped their partner up on the edge of the pool, while the other men got up on it by themselves, and then the fun started all over again.

This time the symphony of moans was almost immediately as loud as before. Sooner than before, even louder moans could be heard. Our partners on edge of the pool were already aroused from what they had been doing, not needing as long to have their own orgasms. Before the last ones, people were already slipping back in the pool, including my sister. I knew why, when I held my hand on her pussy and felt her warm stream, then relaxing myself, while we kissed again.

When the last couples were also together in the pool, we all looked around, some with smirks, others with sheepish grins. Were we going to do anything else, I wondered, remembering again to wonder where the two guests at our table were. Maybe the mutual recognition that most of us had relieved ourselves in the pool urged us all to climb out. Others were also glancing at their partners and around at others, as though to see what they wanted to do.

While my sister and I were doing the same, we saw two couples with their arms around the four of them, grinning and snickering together. I recognized that they were couples I had seen together before, together in a situation that left it unclear which pair belonged together, since the men had been enjoying what they were doing with both of the women, who also seemed to have been enjoying themselves just as much with both of them.

Then I saw the younger man from our table with a girl his age or younger. He grinned at me, and then she did. I didn't recognize her, but was pleased that he and she had apparently had as much fun together as everyone else. Where was the other man? Where were the people who hadn't come to the pool. What were we all going to do now?

There was a movement towards the door, and we all followed those nearest the exit from the pool. My sister took my hand again with a smirk and murmured again:

"You were right, but that was fun."

"Don't have to whisper: it was, very."

The couple next to us nodded with grins. A minute or two later, we all were back on the tennis courts. The buffet had been cleared, but the drinks table was still well supplied, but first we were all curious to see what the others were doing.

That was very obvious, all of them doing what we had done or what we still might want to do, or looking like they already had, the women sitting across his legs with their arms around each other, a couple of them with a glass in their hands. Those who were still doing something and could see us, started for a moment, but when someone from the pool said: "Don't let us disturb you; we all have, just want a drink," they grinned and resumed what they had been doing.

His remark turned our attention to the drinks table, tactfully avoiding our watching them: sucking cocks, licking pussies or the men sitting with a woman straddling his legs and riding up and down on his cock. They couldn't be the whole rest of the party. We got our drinks and mingled away from those still enjoying themselves.

The younger man found us, his new friend holding his hand. He must be very lucky, I had to think: that he had found a compatible companion and that she was so attractive. My sister also was, but I knew her. Why hadn't I ever seen this younger girl, who looked so charmingly unselfconscious about revealing her nice breasts and the sparse hairs that let me see the start of the slit of her pussy, see the little extra fold over her clitoris. But she was looking at us with an innocently smile, although she knew that we knew that she had sucked a stranger's cock with her sweet mouth and let him lick her pussy.

He grinned, hold their hands up and said:

"I was lucky, very lucky."

"Me too," she agreed, giving him a smile, the adding: "Papa [accenting the second syllable] said I should come along, that it would be a nice party, and that ... well, if I wanted to, it could be even better."

"Doesn't sound like my Papa," my sister replied.

"Nor mine," I agreed. We squeezed hands at our little subterfuge.

"And your friend?" I asked.

"I don't think he was so lucky. When we found each other, he left the pool."

It occurred to me then that she must have had an inkling of what could happen in the pool, since she had found him there, having gone along with the group of us, although she was unattached. With her "Papa"? He must be a member of the club and known what could evolve; and he had suggested that his daughter - so nubile daughter - come along, not just for a nude luncheon but also to the pool? And she hadn't been bothered about his seeing her nude, or his knowing that she might be with some strange man? Where was he now, watching her, vicariously enjoying what he was seeing?

"And your Papa?" I asked.

"Oh, he didn't go to the pool; he has a lady-friend here."

Her so open reply surprised us all and precluded any further questions, but I had them. At least her reply seemed to answer the one about whether he did anything with her, but apparently he hadn't the least of objections about introducing her to the sexual activities of the club and must know that she wasn't a virgin.

My sister raised her glass and toasted: "To such papas," and we all took a good drink of our wine.

The couples on the tennis courts began to come for drinks. A member I knew, joined us, without the woman he must have just been having sex with, also one who didn't know I was with my sister. The way he looked at her and the girl, I assumed that he was more interested in seeing them. To say something, I said:

"We all went to the pool."

"We all noticed, of course, the great migration.

"And had fun."

"We did too, as you obviously noticed."

"And the others?"

"When all of you were leaving, some members and guests went home. Some just sat there, like I did, not knowing what to suggest to the people still sitting at my table. One couple had gone home. They were already quite surprised by so much nudity, although they had managed to take off their clothes, admitting that they had been very curious."

"And then?"

"Some people got up to have their glasses refilled, so we all did. I guess it was the first people who had, who then left, but with their glasses, so they must have gone in the house. Of course, we knew what that suggested, and club members then weren't just standing near their table partners, or were finding one, like I did. Hmm? Maybe she more found me. When that started, a few others left - to wherever - and then, well, we all were pretty sure what was happening in the pool."

We four grinned with nods, and he continued:

"I thought so. When no one seemed bothered when first one and then a second couple got more intimate, the rest of did whatever we wanted, as you saw."

"Like we did," the young man replied, smiling at the girl, who smiled back with a nod.

"And we," my sister added. I nodded, remarking:

"But not like a few that were still doing something we didn't."

"Yet," my sister added with a grin.

The other couple also grinned. The man smiled and replied:

"We did, everything else too."

Then he looked at the girl for a moment, looking like he was about to say something, but didn't, until she nodded slightly with little smile. Then he murmured:

"You remind me of someone."

She nodded with a broader smile and suggested:

"Perhaps my older sister, Georgette, we look a lot alike."

"I didn't know her name. Hmm? Oh, does she have a little mole - I don't want to point - just inside her hipbone?"

The girl grinned with a nod, putting her finger where he was suggesting, and replied:

"There. She wanted to come, but couldn't - you know."

"Greet her from me. Well, she doesn't know my name either."

"I'll just tell her that someone did."

"Nice meeting you too. I'd better go back. She had to find a toilet. I do too."

He left, and we all chuckled, drinking. His revelation about the girl's sister explained a little, but also raised more questions. Her Papa had two attractive daughters and brought them to the club to do whatever they wanted, while he did the same with his "lady-friend"? Wasn't he tempted to do something with his daughters, maybe not just tempted? What did his wife do? Have a friend to do the same at home?

We decided to have our glasses topped up and then moved a few steps away from others. Before I could think of anything to say, the girl smirked at her companion and asked: "Did I do it right?"

We all looked surprised at her so direct question, he especially, nodding with a grin, but it took him a moment to reply:

"Better than my best dreams. Oh, did I? Be honest; it was the first time."

"Hm-hmm! For me too, nice. Want me to be really honest?"


"Georgette can do it better, but you can try again. It was still real good."

Again, we were very surprised at her admission, but my sister managed to reply calmly:

"Of course, girls know what is most arousing for another girl."

Had she with another girl? Even if she hadn't, it made sense. Have to ask her sometime. The girl nodded and explained:

"She told me what to do, telling me it would taste strange. It did."

"Must have been an interesting lecture," I remarked.

"Oh, it was. I'm not a virgin, seen a couple before, understood where she was saying I should ... do what."

"You sure did!" he replied and my sister and I nodded with chuckles. Then my sister said:

"If you want him to try again, or, well, we want to do that too?"

I found her hand and squeezed it, and she squeezed mine. They had been holding hands the whole time, probably also squeezing them as they looked at each other, nodding. Then he looked at us and asked:

"Out here?"

"We can go inside and try to find a free room," I replied, hoping we could.

We went in the house. I knew my way around, knowing there were several bedrooms on the upper floors, and that there were small rooms for servants on the top floor, but they only had single beds. I was already assuming the others also wanted to stay together. The third door we passed was open, and I looked in, pushing it wider open, but the room was occupied, very occupied.

On the oversized bed - really two double beds pushed together - there were five bodies. It took me a moment to discern that there were two men and three women. At least, they weren't doing anything. As I was starting to draw the door close, a man's voice said:

"Leave it open; we wanted to have some fresh air."

"She was hoping a third man would come along," a woman's voice remarked.

"Not any more!" the other woman replied, and they all chuckled.

We also did and moved on. We found an empty room with a nice big double bed. It had obviously already been used, but it was free, and we just grinned about the wrinkled sheet. I was surprised but liked that the girl and my sister immediately tucked the sheet back in. When it was flat, a couple of moist spots were then evident, but they only elicited chuckles and nods. Then he murmured:

"All of us?"

"Of course!" she replied: "couldn't be any closer than in the pool."

My sister and I nodded with grins. Then she surprised me again - she was really enjoying all this! She looked at the girl and said:

"If you want it to be real good, let him do it," glancing at me, and then adding:

"And I'll tell him how to make it as good for us."

He looked surprised. I must have to, liking her compliment, just hoping that I could lick the girl's pussy as good as she hoped, as good as her sister did; but also wondering that my sister wanted him to lick hers. When were we going to really fuck? This was becoming better than anything I had done in the club before. The girl snickered and grinned at me, nodding, then snickering again and remarking:

"Then I will too - soixante-neuf."

Her sister sure had prepared her for anything that could happen! We both almost sprang on the bed, curling up together. Had her sister told her to raise her thigh like that to show me - or whomever - her lovely pussy? My sister's had been the best, youngest one I had seen, but hers was even younger and more lovely: pretty pink, no wrinkled inner lips. My sister's also weren't, but hers looked even better. Of course, I had always been delighted with the sight of any pussy I was about to lick, but hers was just so much more attractive. Thank you, sister, for suggesting that I could!

I stopped just looking and began to lick, and she had my cock in her mouth. Even if she couldn't do it as good as my sister - or that very experienced older woman - there was no wrong way to suck a cock, especially if she really wanted it to come in her mouth, like she had said she had liked. And her pussy tasted so good!

The mattress behind me had moved, and I felt my sister's hair brush my back. He must be kneeling on the floor - like I sometimes did in her bedroom. She had also encouraged me to do what she liked. Forget her and enjoy this lovely pussy, I admonished myself. And enjoy what she was doing!

A few moments later, however, I heard my sister murmur: "That's good, but better up here."

The girl nodded with a hum and stopped sucking, and we both waited for my sister's further advice, hearing her give an aroused moan, then responding:

"Yes, like that! Mmmm! There!"

I knew where "there" was and licked her aroused little knob. How could he have not known that it wanted to be aroused; it was so sensitive, making her moan. She began to suck and lick my cock again, and we forgot about them, only distantly aware of my sister's murmurings and more aroused moans.

Mon dieu! Her sister had told her what to do! My cock was throbbing in her mouth, and my hips began to rock. She knew what to do then, clasping it and letting it rub in her small fist. Suck and lick her not so little knob! And moan! To make it better for her, but more in response to what she was doing. "Uhnnn!" All in her mouth! And again! And again, and again! And hers in mine! Sweet pussy juice! Such a young girl could come like that?! And only the second time her pussy was being licked?! No, only the second time a man had licked it; her sister had, and better than he had in the pool. But she couldn't have made her come any better than that - I hoped, at least.

When I rolled back, touching my sister's head, she raised it, letting me roll on my back, her head resting on my waist. I reached back to fondle her breast, but found his hands on both of them, then heard him chuckle as he let my hand hold one. My sister nodded and said:

"That couldn't have been any better than what he did."

"With all your help. Now I know why it wasn't as good as Georgette did it; didn't know - couldn't know - that a woman could come like that, all in my face."

"And it tastes so good," I remark.

"It sure does!"

"Like Georgette does."

We all snickered and the three of us on the bed sat up, smirking at each other. My sister winked at me. Why? Still wanting to fuck? Because she had told him what to do and had such a good orgasm? He rose up and handed us our wine glasses, and we all drank. Kind of a shame to wash away the taste of her pussy. She smiled at me, then scowling, and said:

"Now I can't taste you any more."

"You like it, like I do?" my sister replied.

"Georgette does too, but warned me that I might not. But I do!"

We all chuckled at her exuberant reply. My sister surprised me again, even more, remarking:

"Don't tell your papa."

There was a long, pregnant silence. She blushed, glancing at each of us, then with the briefest of wry smiles murmured:

"He knows that Georgette does. She doesn't, our mother."

Another long, pregnant silence. That answered a lot of my questions; better, confirmed what I had been thinking about the family, but then wondering about our own: had my sister just wanted to see my cock; had she seen our father's; more than just seen it? I wasn't going to ask her that.

My sister replied in a very even tone:

That's nice, if they both want to. I only saw my father's once, but that was all. I think he wanted me to."

That answered my questions - if she was telling the truth. Could I ask her? We all emptied our glasses, then glanced around at each other. The idea of our fucking seemed more remote. I wasn't going to suggest it, but if any of the others did, I would. But they didn't. My sister's glance suggested her agreement. We could do it at home - with my questions?

The other two looked at each other, smiling, but not saying anything. I wondered if they would meet again outside the club, if their families were similar enough social classes for them to, rather hoping that they were, hoping that he could show how much better he could arouse her.

But no one said anything. We all just nodded with mild smiles and left the room, silently returning to the tennis courts. There were only a few people there, having a last drink. The other man swho had been at our table, was there, smiling when he saw us. He had a half-full glass in his hand, and we got a fresh glass before joining him. His smile became a smirk. Of course, he could imagine what we had been doing, especially with a partner for the younger man. Before I could ask, the younger man did. He grinned and replied:

"Oh, I left the pool area when I saw what was going on. Back on the courts, it looked as though I was also going to be left out, but then one of the girls who had been serving spoke to me. Need I tell more?"

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