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June Calendar Shoot


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you.

Juliet called me a few days later saying that ever since the bachlorette party Eli Manning and her have been fucking every chance they could get. She wanted to know if we could hold the wedding off for a few weeks until her pussy recovered and returned to its normal size. I told her no problem and we made plans to get back together in a few weeks.

Three weeks passed and Juliet called and asked if we could do the shoot now, but with one change. Juliet wanted Eli to be the groom in her fantasy shoot. Needless to say I was disappointed, wanting to fuck that gorgeous creature again was on the top of my list and I told her so.

"That's so sweet John, but no need to worry, I spoke with Eli and here is our plan. Eli and I actually do get married and Rebecca Gomez will be the maid of honor and you will be the best man. The four of us have a party afterwards and then the four of us go on a week long honeymoon in the Bahamas. What do you think?"

"Sounds great, when do you want to get started."

"Well that's the thing, I didn't call you for a few weeks because Eli proposed and I have been making weeding plans ever since and we have it all planned for this week-end. I hope that works okay for you."

I'll have to shuffle a few things around, but I think it will be perfect. I'll start setting up my part for the shoot and we should be ready to go. Where will the wedding take place? How about the reception and honeymoon night? I'll need to know for the cameras to be set up."

"We made it real easy, wedding at St Patrick's and everything else at Trump Towers."

"Perfect, I guess knowing Donald doesn't hurt huh?"

"You got that right, well got to run, let me know if you need anything. We'll need you tomorrow evening for rehearsal and dinner afterwards. You can meet Rebecca and we can go from there. St Patrick's at six o'clock."

"Sounds great see you at six."

I arrived at the church just before six and everyone was already there. We did the rehearsal run through and were done before seven. Juliet and Eli's parents begged off having tickets for a Broadway play. That left the six of us to head out for dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant and Juliet had reserved a private intimate room. Eli sat at the head of the table with Juliet next to him. On the other side of Eli was Kiran Chetry and then Tiki Barber. I was seated next to Juliet and Rebecca Gomez was next to me.

All of the men were dressed in suits, Tiki looked fantastic in a tailored double breasted navy blue pin striped suit. Kiran was dressed in a cream colored leather jacket that zipped up the front and a marching very short skirt. Juliet was dress in a tight purple wrap around blouse that hugged her tits beautifully. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail, waiting for her do tomorrow. Below she had on a short tight white skirt that ended at mid thigh. She was wearing black stockings and marching black heels. As for Rebecca she was wearing a flowing gossamer royal blue dress. It hugged her in all the right places and flowed nicely around her shapely legs. Her long black was straight and shined beautifully.

We all drank and had a number of appetizers. We ordered a bottle of wine, which turned into three and then more. Everyone was feeling relaxed and Kiran started things off by running her hand up and down Tiki's thigh. This surprised Rebecca, but became more relaxed when Eli reached across Kiran and unzipped her leather jacket. She shrugged out of it and beneath the jacket Kiran was wearing a cream colored satin halter that tied behind her neck. Her shoulders and arms were bare and you could tell by the way her stiff nipples poked against the thin she wasn't wearing a bra.

Eli pulled Kiran towards him and planted his lips on hers. She let out a moan as she opened her mouth and her tongue shot into his mouth.

Next to Kiran, Tiki fought to free his cock and wrapped Kiran's slim fingers around his huge pole. She moaned in Eli's mouth and began stroking Tiki's cock.

Juliet, Rebecca and I watched as the other three got hotter and hotter. All of a sudden the waitress came into the room and Eli and Kiran broke the kiss and Tiki sat up closer to the table.

Our meals had arrived and we all ate and joked about what happened. Every once in awhile Kiran's hand would slip under the table and Tiki would jump.

"Wait till later Kiran, let's eat and get the hell out of here/"

We did just that, finishing we went back to the suite adjacent to the room where we would all be getting ready tomorrow. Before going up we checked on the ballroom and found everything perfect for tomorrow.

On the way up in the elevator Kiran and Tiki went at it again and luckily for morals sake we arrived at our floor before they started fucking right in the elevator.

Eli and Juliet made same drinks and we could all tell Juliet was upset about Eli attacking Kiran at the restaurant.

On one couch Rebecca and I sat watching Kiran and Tiki kissing hard again. His tongue was down her throat and she pulled at his suit coat. Eli and Juliet passed out the drinks and each took a seat on large overstuffed chairs. We all watched as Tiki pulled off Kiran's jacket and it fell to the floor. Reaching behind her neck he untied the halter top to free her full firm breasts.

Eli unzipped his pants and freed his huge cock. Rebecca let out a gasp when she saw the size of his cock, the largest white cock she had ever seen.

Juliet looked over at Eli and told him to put that away till tomorrow night. Reluctantly he did so and the two of them headed off to bed, in separate rooms.

Rebecca looked at me and I suggested we give them some privacy seeing we had a long day and night ahead of us tomorrow. She smiled knowing what I meant and agreed.

We begged out departure and left the other two, neither really noticing that we left.

Kiran and Tiki fucked halfway through the night and woke up the following morning on the floor and fucked once more before heading out to their own rooms to prepare for the weeding which was taking place in a few short hours.

Juliet was nervous as a kitten worrying about all of the day's events. She was half dressed in thigh high white and silver stockings. They were held up by a lacy white garter belt. Over them was a pair of nearly see through thin nylon panties. Moving up she had a lace and flowered corset pushing her already high set breast even higher. They begged to pop free and be caressed. She stepped into a stiff lacy half slip which would make the dress even fuller around her sexy legs.

There were two women working on her hair. They had it up in a French twist with tiny flowers through it and another woman was working on her make-up. Her face was flawless with wet pink lipstick and eye make-up to enhance her dark translucent blue eyes.

The wedding was a mere one hour away as she stepped into the satin and lace dress. It had a full skirt down to her feet and lacy material covering her arms and shoulders. The bodice was covered in white see though material showing a hint of her high full breasts. The veil and train ran down her back and down to the floor. Her back was bare and she looked like a fairy tale princess.

The maid of honor and bridesmaid wore a maroon colored satin dressed and for once they did not look hideous as most bridesmaid dresses usually look. Both Rebecca and Kiran had their black hair pinned up and both looked very elegant and sexy. The dressed hugged all of their curves and being nearly backless you could tell by the outline of their nipples on the dressed, neither was wearing bras.

All of the men were dressed in black tuxedos and looked debonair. Tiki looked fantastic; his black skin against the white shirt was amazing.

The time had arrived and the procession began with Juliet's father walking Juliet down the aisle, she looked like a million bucks and Eli, Rebecca and I could not wait for the honeymoon to begin.

Rebecca had voiced some concerns about fucking her best friend's new husband, but when she saw the size of his cock last night she couldn't think of anything else.

The reception went off without a hitch, Tiki caught the garter and Julie Banderas caught the bouquet. Now was the time for the four of us to retire to the bridal suite and start her fantasy shoot, which had really turned into reality.

The four of us rode up to the bridal suite in silence. You could cut the tension with a knife, but Rebecca broke the ice; "Eli I can't wait to see you fuck Juliet. I'm sorry I missed the bachlorette party where you guys really got it on. I know it's your wedding night, but I can't wait to sample that big cock of yours, Juliet and I share everything, right Jules?"

Juliet smiled; "Sure do, but not tonight, maybe tomorrow after we arrive in the Bahamas."

I spoke up, "Plans are changed for the honeymoon, in the morning we fly to Miami and board the Voyager of the Seas. I got us the best and largest suite on the ship."

Juliet smiled and gave me a kiss, with a little tongue and whispered in my ear; "Thanks and I'll show you my appreciation once we get on the ship."

I chuckled; "I'll hold you to that."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the suite. It was all lit in candles and the focal point was a large round canopy bed turned down and covered in black satin.

Eli led Juliet to the bed and I steered Rebecca to a couch across from the bed and sat her down so we could watch and also start our love making.

Rebecca wanted to join them but I reminded her that it was their wedding night.

With Juliet facing us and Eli behind her he began raining kisses on her long slender neck and right ear. She moaned quietly and leaned back into him. He slowly began unbuttoning the long series if buttons on the back of her dress. When he had them all undone he planted a number of kisses on her bare shoulders and shapely back. He slowly slid the lacy garment down her arms and the dress settled around her waist.

Juliet wasn't standing idle at this time as she slipped his jacket of and pulled his tie off. She attacked his shirt and had it unbuttoned and slipped it off his shoulders. Both now bare to the waist with the exception of Juliet's satin and lace bodice they began kissing each other feverously.

Juliet clawed at Eli's trousers and they fell to the floor and she fished her hands into the waistband and yanked the shorts down. He was now naked except for the clothes gathered around his ankles.

Eli pulled hard at Juliet's dress and it slipped from her tiny waist and puddled around her lower legs. She stepped out of it and nearly fell, Eli catching her by the waist held her tightly to his body, crushing his stiff pole between the two of them.

Juliet slowly kissed her way down Eli's body sucking on his hard nipples while tugging on his stiff cock. Kneeling in front of him she glanced over at us on the sofa and smiled. Bending down she sucked one ball into her mouth. Eli let out a groan and dug his fingers in Juliet's tightly woven hair. She let go one ball and sucked the second one into her mouth. We could see her tongue flicking around and around his nut sack as she stroked his hard cock.

On the couch Rebecca had my coat and shirt off and was now pulling my pants off. Once she had them off she yanked my shorts off and I was now naked except for my socks,

Rebecca climbed up on my lap and began raining kisses all over my chest and neck. I caught her full red lips with mine and her tongue dove into my mouth. Returning her assault I began kissing her slender neck and bare shoulders. I slipped the thin straps from her shoulders and went back to kissing her. I slipped my tongue in her ear and she moaned her approval. I reached up and began pulling the pins from her hair and it soon tumbled around her shoulders and down her back. It was exquisite, being a shiny jet black that curled around her gorgeous face,

She leaned back as I kissed the tops of her breasts. My fingers fought with the zipper on the back of her dress and it finally yielded to me and it slid down to her waist. I pulled at the maroon dress and it crumpled around her waist.

I leaned back and took in the beauty of her dark skin. Her marble like nipples were almost black and the surrounding aureoles were nearly the same color. Her full C cup tits stood proud and without any sag.

Rebecca let out a groan as she wiggled on my lap and directed my gaze over at Juliet and Eli.

Eli had let Juliet's gorgeous mane of hair down and he was now grabbing fists of her blonde locks in his hands as he fucked her mouth with his huge cock. From across the room we could hear the slurping and gagging of Juliet's mouth and throat. She was moaning as Eli fucked her beautiful face. Saliva was dripping down her chin in a steady stream and dripped down between her two mounds of flash still imprisoned in that white lacy bodice.

Eli gripped Juliet's head tighter as he fucked her full red lips. He was moaning uncontrollably as she ran her tongue around the bottom of his stiff cock. It glistened with her saliva as she feverously jammed it down her throat.

Rebecca briefly stood up from my lap and without taking her eyes from the couple across the room tore of her dress and panties and sat back down on my lap. Rubbing her fantastic ass back and forth across my cock she nestled the head between the folds of her dripping cunt. The tight lips slowly parted and the head of my stiff cock slipped through into her glory hole. She groaned as she slowly settled down on my cock.

Neither of us took our eyes off of Juliet and Eli as I pulled her back against me and took hold of her outstanding tits. I never felt tits that firm before without being fake and these were not fake.

Rebecca slowly began riding my cock as I pulled her head to mine and our lips latched on to one another. Our tongues wormed into each other's mouth as I dropped one hand down and began caressing her gorgeous legs. Sliding up to her pussy I found her clit and began playing with it as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. With each upward thrust I could here the juices gurgling out of her pussy, she was incredibly wet, yet tighter then any pussy I have ever been in.

Rebecca rolled her head from side to side on my chest as she was nearing the first of hopefully many orgasms.

"Oh fuck me harder John, I'm almost there, yes just like that play with my clit, oh fuck me hard, yes, yes I'm cumminggggg!"

She collapsed against me, my stiff cock imbedded in her tight pussy as I felt it spasm around my shaft. Her milky juices flowed out of this Hispanic goddess and bathe my balls and ass crack.

On the other side of the room, Juliet and Eli stopped briefly to watch Rebecca cum and now Juliet resumed her sucking of Eli's cock. Eli worked on the back of her bodice and finally got it off and it fell to the floor. Her ripe gorgeous tits pointed upwards begging for his caresses and he did not disappoint her. He cupped her tits as he continued to fuck her mouth. Her mouth was beginning to ache, but she was determined to get his cream.

Juliet drove her mouth deep onto his cock, nestling his cock in her throat and we could see her lips working hard on his shaft near his belly. Her tongue worked the underside of his cock. All of a sudden Juliet grabbed Eli's ass cheeks and began riding up and down his shaft. She pulled off of his cock and stroking his cock fast in her fist looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eye; "Come on Eli, give me your cum. I want it all over my face and tits. Come on you fucking bastard, come all over your bride's face, give me your cream!"

"Oh yes Juliet, you want me to cum all over your face, alright you fucking slut, here it comes, yes, yes take my fucking load, you fucking slut. Oh Fuck Juliet, I'm cumminggggg!!"

"Yes my husband, cum all your slut bride, oh yes, more, more!"

He unloaded a thick hot stream of cum that slammed into her face hitting her on the lips and shooting across her cheek and into her hair. She opened her mouth and the second shot landed on her tongue and upped lip. She licked it in. He shot the next load into her hair, grabbing two fistfuls of her golden locks and wrapped them around his spurting cock.

He fell to the bed exhausted and she collapsed onto the floor wiping the cum from her face and sucking her fingers clean.

Juliet looked across to us and smiled, my stiff cock still embedded in Rebecca's pussy.

Rebecca squirmed again my cock, rubbing her clit and began riding my cock again. I pulled her off of me and told her to suck my cock.

She fell to the floor and grabbed my cock in her tiny fingers, looking up at me with those large dark eyes, her jet back hair framing her gorgeous face she fisted my cock. Her hand was covered in her juices and my cock glistened with them also. She kissed the head of my cock and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She sucked a good portion of her cum from my cock and began bobbing up and down on cock.

I looked over at Juliet and our eyes met. She smiled when I wiggled my finger at her to come and join us. She got up onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to us. She still had her white hose, garter belt and wet panties on.

When she got over to us she looked up at me with those translucent blue eyes and smiled; "What would you like John?"

I ran my fingers through her cum filled locks and whispered to her; "Juliet I want you and Rebecca to make me cum the same way you made Eli cum."

"Do you think you can handle it?"

I smiled down at her as she bent down and kissed Rebecca; "Oh yeah Juliet, if not I would love to die trying."

She giggled and the two of them kissed some more, Rebecca ran her hands over Juliet's stiff nipples and grabbing my cock nestled it between Juliet's extremely firm tits and she began riding up and down my shaft. Rebecca sucked on the head and licked Juliet's neck and tots as I rode between those two firm mounds of flesh. She let go and the two of them attached my cock. Seeing one blonde mane of hair and another the total opposite, being jet black covering my thighs and lower belly, I wound my fingers in both ladies hair and held on for dear life.

I looked over at Eli who was lying on the bed stroking his cock back to life and we both smiled. He got up from the bed and came up behind Juliet. He pulled down her panties and with one quick lung he buried his ten inches in her dripping cunt.

She let out a squeal as she dropped down on my cock embedding it deep in her throat. I could feel her throat muscles working on my cock and the rocking motion that was caused by Eli fucking her was just too much to take. I pulled back and popped out of her mouth.

She looked up at me through lust filled eyes and yelled out, "Come on you fucking bastard, cum all over my face."

Rebecca slid over to her and moaned out; "Come on John, give us both your load."

I groaned and arched my back as I shot my fucking load all over both of their faces and hair.

When Eli saw this he couldn't hold off any long and he deposited his load deep in his bride's pussy.

We all fell back trying to recover from a wild go round.

This was only the first night of many to follow.

Once on the ship Rebecca fucked Eli, I fucked Juliet and Juliet and Rebecca fucked each other as Eli and I watched on. Once they finished the two of them took very good care of the two of us.

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