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June Gets Even... Oops


On first finding "Literotica" and using its abundant story files to fuel my own erotic fantasies, I wasn't at all discerning about what I read. Over time I became more selective finding that there were some authors I like more than others. At one point I think I had actually tired of most of the stories and had to search to find one I could still enjoy. Charley_Ace was one of the authors I continued to read and I regret he appears not to have written for quite some time. When reading wasn't really doing it for me anymore, I tried writing my own but coming up with an idea that hadn't already been worked to death is difficult. As I said, Charley_Ace is a favorite author and I noticed that Mr. Hands wrote an "alternative sequel" to "June Gets Even", a story I enjoyed. One thing led to another and my twisted mind led me to write "June Gets Even . . . Oops!". I have used large amounts of the original text making only minor adjustments to help me more fully explore the characters and to set up the "twist" from the original story and from Mr. Hands' sequel. Such as it is, the story is original from the point of June and Ralph "performing" in front of Mary, Ralph's wife.

My thanks to Charley_Ace for his kind permission to use his story, and for his encouragement.



Jerry and I are in our early thirties, married for 5 years and have no children. We dated a little in College and afterwards we both ended up working for a large firm called Securitech were we dated some more. I really enjoyed my dating years and the variety of sex all that dating enabled me to experience. When I finally got to having sex with Jerry, he was different. He was good and unlike the rest of the men I had been with, he was patient and took his time and he was very considerate which, without fail, always got me really excited and always brought me over the top. I remember thinking that if this guy could revert to fast and furious, old-fashioned fucking now and then, he'd be perfect. One night after a particularly erotic movie I had insisted we see, and most of two bottles of wine, I said right out, "All I want to do right now is fuck our brains out!"

Damn but the man IS perfect! I don't know what happened to us after that. I think I was ready to get into a steady relationship with him but he didn't ask me out for a while and when he did, it was just after I had made a date with someone else and I had to turn him down.

A few days later he quit Securitech and went into business for himself. After that I saw him only occasionally when he would drop in to the Friday night "watering hole" the Securitech people used. One such night I wasn't with anyone else and asked him to join me for some wings and more beer after the rest of the crowd left. I asked him how he was doing and did he miss working at Securitech and I was surprised and elated when he said the only thing he missed was seeing me every day. Hell I missed being with him and although I don't remember everything, we somehow ended up in a steady relationship after that and later, in spite of my determination to avoid long term commitments and enjoy all there was to enjoy in the world, I realized that I loved Jerry and wanted to be with him and when, after some prompting and he asked me, we married.

We had gotten to be very good friends with Ralph and Mary, our next-door neighbors. They had moved into the area only a month after we did and since we were all new to the area and although they were both about 7 or 8 years older than us, we all became fast friends. We were able to buy this place because Jerry's business venture has been very successful and we are, recently, very well off. Mary and her sister received an inheritance from their mother but before the estate was settled, her sister died and her brother-in-law insisted she take the whole inheritance. That money made them able to afford to live here too.

We shared a property line, a housekeeping service and a whole lot of mutual interests and the age difference seemed not to have any effect on the relationship. We ate at their place and they at ours and we often went out together. During all of those occasions, I hadn't noticed any more than what I would consider normal sexual innuendoes among the four of us. I was attracted to Ralph and I could tell that he was attracted to me, but neither of us said or did anything about it. The same could be said of Jerry and Mary. Ralph and Mary are an attractive couple and, I guess by most people's standards, so are we, so there had to be some mutual attraction. It's just that none of us did anything inappropriate. Or, so I thought.

It was about a year after meeting Ralph and Mary that I began to suspect that Jerry was cheating on me. I had found some subtle signs on his dirty clothes. Things like the faint scent of a woman and cum and what looked like lipstick stains on the inside of his briefs. Yes, lipstick. They were faint, but I was pretty sure that they were lipstick. He must have been getting some pretty good lip service - no pun intended. There were even signs that he had purchased some new underwear as I wasn't sure I recognized some of it. The woman smell was familiar but I couldn't place it.

As I started to pay closer attention it was obvious that if he were cheating he must be doing it at work as he was rarely out in the evenings. We are home almost every night except for a couple of Fridays a month. Friday night was his poker night with the guys at the club. I found that I would notice the signs about every other weekend and I was becoming more and more suspicious, but dared not confront Jerry with any accusations until I was sure of something.

I didn't know what to do about what I had found. I needed someone to talk to, so I confided in Mary. I didn't want to alarm her since Ralph was also one of the poker gang, but I didn't know where else to turn. I took a chance and told her anyway. She tried her best to console me and was emphatic that she really didn't believe Jerry was the type to do such a thing. She told me that the signs, as I described them, were so subtle and that I was probably mistaken. She also told me not to do anything drastic until I was sure and convinced me that I could have easily been mistaken. I felt more at ease after our talk. "Surely Mary was right. I must be mistaken." I thought.

Still, I wasn't sure. I continued to search the dirty laundry for more signs and found none. Mary had to be right. After all, Jerry was still as attentive to me as he had always been. Our sex life was not lacking. It wasn't great, but it was good and, feeling a little guilty about suspecting him, I started to make some plans to make it up to him by spicing things up a little.

Jerry responded exceptionally well. The very next Friday after I had spoken with Mary I decided to give Jerry a special welcome home celebration. I lit some candles in our bedroom, put on a really skimpy bra and panty set and got ready to hide behind our bedroom door. I was disappointed that he was so late that night but I was determined to make it memorable.

When I finally heard him come in from poker, it was almost 2:00AM. I hid behind the door and when he came in he saw the candles and our empty bed. I came up behind him and pulled a blindfold over his eyes. It startled him at first but he soon got in to the swing of things when I whispered in his ear, "We're you a winner or a loser tonight?"

"Not a great night babe! Down about forty bucks!"

"Well, as a good wife should, I'm about to turn you back in to a winner. You know what they say, "Unlucky at cards, . . . . ." As I was saying these things I had reached around in front of him, unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants, pulled both the shirt, his pants and his underwear right off then pushed him forward on to his hands and knees on our bed where I pulled off his socks. He was completely naked.

With a little more pushing and directing, I had him on his back in the middle of our bed where I straddled him and lowered my panty clad pussy on to his mouth. After his tongue began exploring the panties for a while, I pulled them aside and gave him access to my pussy, which had been getting wetter as I waited and imagined all the things I would do with him when he arrived. After carefully attending to my pussy lips and pushing his tongue as far inside as he could, stimulating as much as possible, I repositioned my body angle ever so slightly to have him focus his attention on my now engorged clit. In only a few more moments with his tongue lashing on it, he brought me to my first orgasm of the night.

I lay beside him, kissing him and tasting myself on him then as soon as I had recovered somewhat, I moved down and took his already erect cock into my mouth and sucked softly bringing him to full hardness. His moans of pleasure were exciting me again so I swung one leg over him and mounted his cock. As wet as I was, I sat right down on it and took its full length in. Over the next few moments I established a rhythm that felt really good. I also began to realize that being in control like this had its own special kind of excitement. It occurred to me to check with Jerry some other time about maybe pursuing some fantasies along these lines but just now I wanted to look into those eyes of his and have him see me up here and in control, so I tore off the blindfold then reached behind me to undo the bra. As I hoped, his hands went straight to my tits and my hard as steel nipples. Soon the feeling of power, combined with his cock rubbing on my clit and his hands on my nipples brought me over the top for the second time and the effect of that was to bring Jerry off along with me. It was one of the best sessions I can remember ever having with him. I love his patience and his attention to detail when he is managing things, but this was fun too.

"Wow Babe, that was fantastic!" He kissed me and held me and I felt like I was on top of the world. I had started this because I felt more than a little guilt about suspecting him of seeing someone else but now I was already planning a few more encounters like this as it was such a turn on!

I was convinced that I had been wrong about the possibility of Jerry cheating on me until the following Friday, poker night. I got up about midnight to get a drink of water and just happened to look out of the kitchen window, which faces Ralph and Mary's house and saw a man walk around the side of their house and enter the back door without even knocking. It was too dark to see who it was, but I knew it wasn't Ralph. Ralph is a big man and this guy was a little smaller, about Jerry's size. Then it hit me. He even walked like Jerry. "Could it be?" My heart raced as I thought the worst, "Jerry and Mary?" Then it occurred to me why the "woman smell" on the laundry had been familiar. It was the same scent that Mary used.

I watched the house until the living room light went out and soon the guest bedroom light came on. "Not a good sign." I thought. Apparently Mary had a lover, and it appeared to be Jerry.

After fretting for a while about how to handle this, I threw on some sweats and tennis shoes, exited my house and quietly entered their back door. Luckily, it was still unlocked so I tip-toed up the stairs to the bedroom door. I could hear male and female voices in the throes of passion. It sounded like Mary was having a good time with somebody besides Ralph.

The door was closed and I stood there and listened to determine if I could recognize the man's voice but Mary was doing most of the talking or should I say moaning and screaming. Occasionally I heard the man. It sounded very much like Jerry, but I still couldn't be sure and, of course, I was hoping with all my heart that it wasn't Jerry and not being positive at that moment, there was no way that I was going to break in on them. What if it wasn't!

I finally went back home and took my position in front of the kitchen window and turned the light out. I waited for over an hour before I saw the man leaving by the back door. I watched as he went out to the street and turned right, toward our house. I quickly moved to the living room window where I continued to watch. I saw him turn on to our sidewalk and move toward our front door. 'Not much doubt now,' I thought, my heart breaking in the process.

I hurried back into the bedroom, hopped into the bed and waited. Although it took longer than I thought it should have, I soon heard a key entering the lock and the front door opened. It was Jerry! The bastard has been fucking Mary. No wonder she tried to convince me that he wasn't cheating on me! That whore! I thought that she was my friend! What do I do now?' These and other thoughts were swirling around in my head as my hurt changed to anger and thoughts of revenge.

I pretended to be asleep as Jerry climbed into bed and when he snuggled up to me with a hard on poking me in the ass no less, I was torn between admiring his recovery rate and smacking him in the face. I settled for a mumbled, "Not now honey." So he rolled over and immediately dozed off. I couldn't sleep at all. I lay awake, feeling sorry for myself, feeling anger toward Jerry and Mary, and plotting revenge. I loved Jerry, but couldn't stand the fact that he was cheating on me and me not doing something about it. I could think of nothing else but how I might be able to get even with them, hopefully with out losing him if I hadn't already lost him.

Saturday morning, I pretended to be asleep as Jerry got up, got ready and left for his usual golf date. I spent the next part of the day formulating a plan to get even with Jerry and Mary. I needed an accomplice for my plan, a very specific accomplice.

I watched out of the kitchen window until I saw Mary leave. She usually goes to the gym mid-afternoons on Saturdays. I immediately called Ralph.


"Hi Ralph, this is June."

"Hi June! It's good to hear your sexy voice on such a beautiful Saturday morning."

"Thanks Ralph, but it doesn't look like such a beautiful day to me. I have something serious to talk to you about. I know that Mary's not home and wondered if you might be able to help me with a problem that I have."

"You know I'll do anything I can for you June. Just name it."

"I'd rather not discuss in over the phone. Could you come over?"

"Sure, be over in 15 minutes."

"Thanks, Ralph. See you in a few minutes."

When Ralph arrived, I let him in and asked him to have a seat while I fixed him a drink. "Just a ginger ale," he said.

I wanted something stronger, but settled for a ginger ale also. I took the drinks in, handed him his and began. "Ralph, I have a problem that I'd like to get some advice on."

"Sure, I'll be glad to help if I can. This is all sounding pretty mysterious."

"Well, this is very difficult for me to talk about, but since you're one of our best friends, I hope that you can give me some sound advice."

"Shoot. Tell me all about it."

With only a slight pause, I did just that, "I think that Jerry is having an affair. Actually, I don't just think, I know."

"What! Are you sure?"


"I just can't believe it. You two seem so happy together. I have to say June that I think he'd be the last one that I'd suspect of cheating on his wife. After all, you're not only one of the most beautiful and sexy women I know, you're also a very nice person and it's often been Jerry I've heard saying that. He compliments you a lot when we're with the guys. Jerry's got to be a real idiot if he's really doing this."

"Well, thanks Ralph. I'd like to ask you for some advice. I still love Jerry, I love him a lot but I can't tolerate his fooling around. What do you think I should do about it? I mean, if you were in my shoes and you found out Mary was fooling around, what would you do?"

Ralph's expression was one of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar but he recovered so fast I wasn't sure what I had seen. "Boy, that's a tough one. I admire you for sticking by Jerry. I mean it's not easy to accept the fact that your spouse is going behind your back. What would I do? I'm not sure. Yes, I love Mary, but it would be a very tough decision."

"Do you mean that you'd consider divorcing her?"

"Well, it would depend on the circumstances but yes, if what she was doing was behind my back, I'd think about it. But, when it comes right down to it, I'd probably try to work it out somehow. I need to say that the thought of Mary actually doing something like this is not anything I've thought about. Hell," he said with a chuckle, "maybe I should."

"I'm glad you said that, because my problem is also your problem, Ralph."

"What do you mean, my problem too?"

"Jerry is fucking Mary."

He was floored. "What! You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not. I wish I was, but unfortunately I saw, or I should say, heard, them last night. They didn't see me, but I heard everything. When I saw him leave your place I waited a while and soon Jerry came in the front door."

"Shit June, are you sure about this? I know Mary likes him. She's said so often enough but I don't know if she would do that behind my back. Hell, Jerry and I were together last night . . .although he did leave before me." A hint of shock and maybe fear crossed over his face.

"I think that Jerry's been leaving the poker game early and going to your house. He seems to be doing this a couple of Fridays a month for some time now. I have found another woman's smell on his underwear and even lipstick stains and it's Mary's scent Ralph. I'm sure of it." I continued.

His expression changed from shock to anger. "That son-of-a-bitch! He has been leaving early lately, a number of times now that I think about it. And, if you'll excuse me saying so, Mary does have this thing about lipstick and oral sex and this morning at breakfast Mary seemed different, on edge and nervous about something. That bastard said he wanted to get home to his sexy wife. So he's been fucking my wife, has he! I'll kill the son-of-a-bitch!"

"Just a minute, Ralph! I have a proposition for you. I want to get even with both of them and teach them a lesson at the same time. If you're willing, we could have some fun and get revenge too."

After he calmed down, Ralph agreed to listen, "OK. What did you have in mind."

"Before I tell you my plan, I'd like to ask you a personal question."

"Ok, go ahead."

"Do you find me attractive? I mean, you know, have you ever thought about having sex with me?"

He was a little taken back. He paused, smiled and responded, "You caught me by surprise again. I could lie and say no, but the truth is that I've fantasized about you many times. You're a very beautiful woman. Mary and I once. . . . . " He hesitated, looking almost embarrassed then continued, "I want you to understand that I've only a fantasized about you. I've never seriously considered pushing it. I love Mary too much to do anything to harm that. Why do you ask anyway?"

I had wanted to ask what he started to say about he and Mary but rather than possibly spoil the mood I said, "I've had similar thoughts about you. You're a very sexy man. I guess just about everybody fantasizes about some other attractive person at one time or another. It's the forbidden fruit syndrome."

"I'm very flattered, June. I had no idea."

Knowing for sure that Ralph was attracted to me, I outlined my plan. He became enthused and excited, he was sure that we could pull it off. We talked for the better part of the next hour and worked out all of the details. He left with a big grin on his face. I have to admit I had one too. As upset as I was with what Jerry and Mary had done, my plan with Ralph was making me excited.

I gathered all of the materials that I would need and waited for Jerry to return from his golf game.

Jerry arrived, showered and we ate dinner. After dinner he sat down in his recliner and dozed off, as was his custom. I continued my preparations. When I finished, I put on my sexiest negligee and waited for Jerry to wake up.

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