Chapter 1

"This sucks." June complained out loudly. Being a senior (finally) meant freedom and happiness, but for some reason she wasn't enjoying any of the perks, and just turning nineteen didn't help either.

"Only a few more months and were outa here" her friend Felicity chipped in "so stop complaining."

June couldn't believe that she was finally going to graduate. It had been tough thru ought the years. Being dyslexic meant that she had to spend extra hours studying, and having parents that didn't entirely understand this made things slightly harder. It's not like they didn't care it was the just that had no idea how to deal with it. Yet thru the entire ordeal June was able to keep her grades in good condition.

Wrapped up in her thoughts, June hadn't realized that Felicity had asked her what she was thinking about.

"Hello is anyone home?" she asked annoyed.

"Oh, sorry. What did you say?"

Felicity couldn't believe this. Here she was pouring her heart out about her date with Damian and she wasn't even listing. "What are you thinking about?" while noting that her friend was drifting off into lala land once again.

"Oh nothing" she glumly responded. She just wasn't feeling it today. She glanced over at Felicity, who had a pissed look on her face. June couldn't help but giggle, Felicity looked like a little kid throwing a fit. Hating to see her best friend so upset June offered to go buy some sweets from the vending machine. They both agreed on m&ms and June supplied the change.

The closet vending machines on campus that didn't require much walking was in the gym, near the pools. June contemplated whether she should just go there or to the cafeteria. She didn't feel like walking that far since she and Felicity had 15 minutes left of their free period. When she got to the gym she had to go thru the pool area to get to the vending machines. As she was making her way towards the school pool she forgot that there was swim practice. Now, this wouldn't have bothered her if it was girl practice, but as fate would have it, it happened to be boys swim today. 'Damn' she cursed under her breath. She was always uncomfortable with the opposite sex, especially when they all had ripped swimmer bods and wore Speedos.

She made her way across the threshold as fast she could without being noticed or tripping over her own feet. She was just about to make it, when out of nowhere the captain of the swim team stepped in front of her. She would have run him over at the speed she was going at, if he hadn't been a solid 6 ft 5, 210lbs statue.

"Oomph!" she cried out.

"Sorry" she heard him say, "didn't see you there June Bugg" he said in his sweet sexy southern drawl that could melt the North Pole. 'Yeah right' she thought to herself. She knew he had seen her. He made it his mission to always find a way to be right there when she least expected it. She wondered if he got some sort of kick out of it.

"What's the rush, June Bugg?" He asked nonchalantly. Didn't he realize that he was wearing nothing on but a tight blue Speedo, why hasn't the school board endorsed full body swim suites? Doesn't matter he would look good in that too, damn him for looking so fine.

"That's none of your business, Adric." She retorted. June was trying hard to look anywhere else but the hard planes of his chest topped with sugary looking pink nipples. All she wanted to do was run her hands up and down this man's beautiful body, to feel that 6 pack. Her gaze took a quick detour towards his package; she could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. She snapped herself out of her personal appraisal of this hot god. When she finally had the nerve to look at his face he was smirking evilly. She quickly averted his beautiful blue gaze, for fear of him seeing her embarrassed for looking.

"You can look all you want June Bugg, I don't mind it at all." he said in his sexy drawl. When she refused to look him in the face, he placed his finger underneath her chin and pulled her gaze towards him. She could feel the cold wetness of his touch, it seared her skin.

She swiped his hand away from her face and proceeded to walk to the machines.

When she finally got to where she wanted, it felt like it took her a year and a half to get there. She had trouble putting the change into the machine, because her hands were shaking so badly. She was cursing out the stupid quarters for not cooperating with her. She accidently dropped the change, they were going in every which direction. She cursed the change once again and cursed Adric for making her this way.

She quickly found all the change except for a missing dime; she searched the ground, but couldn't figure out where it went.

"Looking for this?" June froze on the spot, which was kind of awkward since she was on her hands and knees looking under the vending machine. When she looked up there he was leaning against the soda machine with the dime she was looking for in his hand. She stood up and made for the dime, but he quickly pulled his hand away.

"Uh-uh, you can have it back under one condition." He was toying with her and she didn't like. Adric loved to mess with her; he really enjoyed seeing the different reactions he got out of her. It wasn't because he was being mean to her, which was far from it.

"What?!" she spat out.

"Hmmm, how about a kiss?" Raising a dark eyebrow, he wondered if she would take the bait.

"What?! Are You out of your mind?" June couldn't believe what she just heard. Why would the most beautiful guy in school want a kiss from HER?

An evil smile formed on his face "Then I guess you don't want your dime back, Bugg."

"Just give me the dime, I only got like ten minutes left here. I can't waste it on playing games with you."

His smile faltered for a brief second. He wasn't gonna let her win this one.

"I guess your right; ten minutes wouldn't be enough for the kind of kissing we would be doing."

June swallowed hard at that; she couldn't form a decent reaction to that, and that's exactly what he wanted.

He leaned in close enough to where their lips were almost touching. "I guess we can do this another time" he breathed out. He took her hand placing a soft kiss to the palm and then placed the dime there.

"See you later June Bugg" he called behind him before he disappeared out into the hallway.

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