tagInterracial LoveJungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure


Chapter 1 – Jungle Secrets

The Guide glanced back to see the progress his clients were making. He knew that white people always found it exhausting when they took the trip through the thick, humid African rainforests. Most of them wanted to be taken to the witch-doctor. For what reason, he could not tell - all the locals knew of the wickedness of the shaman and avoided contact with him unless it was very necessary. 'At least they paid well' the guide thought to himself as he waited for the American couple to catch up to him. The man was just like any eager travel enthusiast – full of energy and wearing all the stereotypical clothes for the trip he was taking – in this case the khaki shorts and shirt, heavy shoes and, of course, the mandatory explorer hat.

'Clown' the guide thought and allowed his eyes to move to the woman. What a sight she was – her long, raven black hair was tied up in a pony tail, which opened up her lovely face. Sweat dripped from her forehead past her light blue, almost grey eyes, down her perfectly sculpted cheeks and nose, trickled over her full lips and eventually dribbled off her chin. Her electric blue tank top was completely soaked and her C-cup breasts wobbled inside the fabric as she took heavy steps on the pathway. For safety, it generally wasn't a good idea to wear shorts in the jungle but the guide was just too selfish to tell his client that – now, looking at her long, firm legs, he didn't regret his decision. What's more her nylon shorts, barely covering anything more than her ass, were now drenched and had gone translucent. She seemed to be wearing no panties and the guide could almost see the dark patch of her pubic hair. The heavy Caterpillar shoes completed that, Action-Woman, Lara Croft look.

The guide's lips curled into a slight smirk as he peered at the beautiful white woman, advancing slowly and her goofy male companion, walking behind her and looking around with the enthusiasm of a child looking for hidden Christmas presents.

"Isn't this amazing, Vicky?" the man called out. Victoria looked sharply at him then at the guide. Noticing the black local man staring at her bouncing breasts with an annoyingly dreamy smile on his face, she snorted in frustration. She wasn't used to this situation – of not having control. She was a city girl – used to manipulating men into taking care of her every desire, the degrading ogling of worthless tour guides was not something she could put up with. She straightened up, took a deep breath and reminded herself why she was there – she was now engaged to Greg – the youngest spoiled child of a multimillionaire family. Victoria was intoxicated by money and power – and as long as she got to marry this guy in a few weeks time, she had to swallow her pride and join him on one of these ridiculous trips to Africa that he loved so much.

"It's lovely, honey" the scornfulness in her voice completely eluded her fiancée.

"Not much left now, boss, it's just down there" The guide pointed down to a clearing, visible from the top of the hill they were standing on. 'But you're on your own when we arrive! I want nothing to do with that crazy man' he added to himself. Finally the small path opened up to the clearing, a solitary hut in the middle, and a small garden in which various vegetables grew, a few chickens were running around in a small fenced area. Even Victoria loosened up and found the witch-doctor's abode rather cute and romantic.

"I shall wait for you back at the path" the guide said, retreating out of sight as the couple walked towards the hut. The village people often spoke of strange things happening to attractive white women who visited the witch-doctor and as far as attractiveness went, Victoria was the most stunning white girl that he'd ever seen. He indulged into a forbidden fantasy as he waited for the two Americans to return.

"Come in, come in" a creaky voice sounded from the inside of the clay shack as Victoria and Greg approached. The couple walked in to see a very black man, sitting on a mat, clad in just enough to conceal his manhood but not much more. Even though he was clearly enormous 'down there' and he had a lean, well built, muscular body, Victoria was appalled by his appearance. She had never associated black men with sex and this one, practically naked in front of her - so blatant and in-your-face - pushed her into treating him to one of her trademark belittling looks. Sensing her negativity he retorted with a lustful gaze, making no attempt to conceal his condescension as he looked up her perfectly curved body to finally fixate deep into Victoria's blue eyes, with an atrocious grin, infuriating the proud white woman.

"Welcome to Tan'kha's humble home" he said with his thick African accent and bowed his head, mellowing down after the wordless clash of egos with the lovely young American lady. Victoria nodded coldly while Greg beamed enthusiastically "Thank you, sir. It's a great pleasure to be here. This place is amazing" Tan'kha smiled sincerely.

"You've no doubt come for a reading of your future?" the black mystic asked.

"Wow, that'd be great. Honey?"

"Um, no thanks, I think I need a breath of fresh air, I'll wait outside" Victoria felt the Tan'kha's stare on her round ass as she turned around to walk out. By habit, she swayed her hips and teased the black man, immediately regretting it.

"You have a lovely companion" Tan'kha started once the two men were alone.

"She's great, isn't she? We're getting married in 5 weeks time"

"A strong woman, she is, difficult to tame" the witch-doctor said, he knew these American men, no willpower, crushed by their very own wives.

"Oh, she always gets her way" Greg said, openly admitting Victoria's total domination over him.

"In Africa, it is the wife who pleases her man and obeys his every desire" The sage said, almost mockingly. Greg toyed with the idea of a submissive Victoria. The mere thought made him blush as if he'd betrayed her.

"We are in Africa, friend, you must take control of your possessions" Tan'kha continued "before you lose them" he grinned. The goofy expression on Greg's face didn't change.

"You said something about reading my future?" He clumsily attempted to change the subject.

"Very well" the black man got up and walked over to a shelf, stacked with sacks, bowls, bones and various other strange looking objects. He took a selection of herbs and powders from their sacks and mixed them in a bowl, finally adding water to make a mushy shake-like liquid, which he brought back and sat on the floor. He sipped from the bowl. Greg stood, fascinated by the process, he didn't know what was going on but the mysteriousness of it captivated him. Tan'kha presented the bowl to the White man with a comforting smile, his iniquity well hidden. Hesitant Greg raised the bowl and drank its contents.

"Now what"?

"Ah, I see good things for you in the future. You shall make your future wife very happy. You shall have a blessed life in your new home with her"

"Oh, um, that's great" somewhat disappointed Greg said. 'This bozo's a damn fake. That was the lamest reading I've had' Tan'kha smiled as if he'd heard a funny joke as Greg got up to leave "Well it's been a pleasure to meet you, we must be going now"

"Finally" Victoria groaned as Greg walked out. She was yearning to get away from the horrible witch-doctor and back to the comfort of her air-conditioned rented house. They went back to the path where their guide was patiently awaiting their return. They headed back to town. Tan'kha stood by his hut looking as the American couple disappeared in the jungle. An eerie glint in his eyes reflected the afternoon African sun.

Chapter 2 – Tan'kha takes control

It was well past midnight when Greg woke Victoria up. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she stared questioningly at her fiancée who was standing at the foot of the bed. With a glossy stare and a strangely empty voice he said

"Come with me, Victoria, I have a surprise for you"

"Can it not wait till the morning? I'm tired!" she asked annoyed

"No, we must go now" with that he tossed the sheet off of her and reached for her arm. 'What the hell, let's just get this over with' she thought and got off the bed.

Victoria was wearing one of Greg's shirts – a thin long sleeve cotton shirt, which didn't make her too hot in the humid African nights. Coming down to her lean thighs and sleeves hanging over her hands, it made her look innocent and adorable and also covered her curves well from prying eyes.

The house was on the very edge of the small town, the jungle started literally right behind the small backyard fence. Lifting Victoria up in his arms so she wouldn't get dirty, Greg walked through the tiny garden and dove into the jungle.

"Greg, where are we going? This is dangerous, we will get lost" the girl protested but he carried on, moving surprisingly swiftly through the jungle. His speed was affected neither by the extra weight of his beautiful fiancée in his arms, nor by the almost complete absence of light, since the jungle canopy stopped the moon from shining through. Silently they went on for some time until abruptly they came out into a clearing. A circle of 16 lit torches and dim rays of purple moonlight, which snuck through the leaf cover, which was much less dense here, illuminated the grassy area. In the middle was a large stone block with strange carvings all over it. Thick ropes hung from each corner of the block.

Victoria looked around confused. Even in the cool night, the humidity was so high that her shirt was now damp and stuck tightly to her body, emphasizing each curve oh her breasts and waist. Her skin glistened pale orange in the firelight. As she tried to figure out what had gotten in her husband-to-be.

Slowly Greg walked towards the stone block, which, Victoria had concluded, could only have been an altar of some sort. He gently placed her down. The attractive young woman realized that she wasn't particularly afraid of anything. She knew Greg well enough to know that it was just another goofy romantic endeavor. She figured that he was just trying to get them to enjoy the authentic African lifestyle together. Something like that. She even felt somewhat aroused as Greg laid her down on the cold stone. Her dark nipples poked through the thin, damp fabric of her shirt.

Giving into him, she relaxed and closed her eyes, awaiting him to take her. Instead she felt her right arm get pulled up to the corner of the altar and a rope was tied to her wrist – not uncomfortable, but tight nonetheless. Startled and slightly nervous, she opened her eyes

"What are you doing?" She asked with all the confidence this surprise had left her. She had always been the one in control of the relationship but somehow this behavior, uncharacteristic for Greg was intimidating and exciting her at the same time.

"I will be your husband soon, you must trust me" the same emotionless voice. It seemed slightly odd but she didn't delve into it. Victoria relaxed once more as one by one, her wrists and ankles were tied to the altar. She felt helpless and vulnerable but also extremely aroused.

"Oh, Greg" she moaned through her teeth and looked at him in anticipation.

It was then that noticed just how zombie-like his face looked in the light of the torches. She became aware of how strange this really was – she was tied to an altar and her fiancée seemed to be acting very machine-like, very lifeless. Her anxiety increased as she realized that the whole situation looked more like some sort of a religious, numinous ritual than a sexual game between lovers. As if to confirm her growing fears, Greg silently turned around and disappeared into the jungle.

"Greg!" she yelled after him "Greg come back here, this isn't funny!"

The sound of him running through the thick undergrowth faded away and soon complete silence fell upon the clearing. Victoria lay tied on the altar, pulling at the ropes, trying frantically to free herself from their grip. She struggled in vain for a few minutes.

"Greg!" she shouted once more, hoping this was all one of his stupid jokes and he would pop out laughing.

"Greg isn't coming back" she heard a rusty voice with a thick African accent. She turned in that direction to see the witch-doctor, Tan'kha, standing inside the circle of torches.

"He's sound asleep back at the house and doesn't even know you're missing" the black man grinned at himself. Panic overwhelmed the young woman.

"What have you done to him?" She asked and desperately tugged at the ropes.

"Oh, just gave him a little potion. It allows me to...take control of his body" the shaman edged closer to the altar.

"But you should worry about yourself, Victoria" the black man's teeth screeched when he said her name.

"Wha...what are you going to do to me?" She was now mortally scared of this man, any thought of her stuck-up American attitude evaporated as his face leaned over hers menacingly.

"You are a beautiful woman, the most beautiful I have ever seen" Tears of dread were sparkling in Victoria's blue eyes as she realized what the underlying message of his words was. She refused to cry, she still had some dignity left.

"But you are wild, you must be tamed" Tan'kha continued his monologue.

"No, please, let me go, Greg will be looking for me" Victoria pleaded.

A blood curdling laughter split the air.

"You don't get it, do you? You belong to me now! Your petty white boy cannot save you. He has no power here, this is my domain"

Tan'kha's dark hands slid down to touch Victoria's body. His fingers slowly undid the buttons of her shirt, one by one, until her only garment was completely undone and he opened it up, to reveal her gorgeous naked body. The girl closed her eyes in shame, trying to hold back the tears. A quick tug and she was completely exposed. The witch-doctor sneered and his black hands cupped and squeezed her soft breasts. For reasons she didn't understand, Victoria turned her eyes towards her tormentor's crotch, only to see the largest cock she had ever laid eyes on, pushing aside the small crotch-cloth and pointing upwards. Involuntarily, her nipples became erect, her body instinctively reacting to the stimulation on her breasts and the sight of a mammoth black cock, hard in acknowledgment of her perfect figure.

"So, the little white girl likes to play then!" Tan'kha laughed disdainfully. Victoria sobbed quietly but refused to let her tears run, she would not admit defeat even if her body would.

The shaman bent his body over her breasts and his lips found one of her erect nipples. His tongue gently licked it as he sucked it into his mouth. His hand slowly traced down Victoria's well toned, flat tummy and further down past her neatly trimmed bush to finally stop at her clitoris. He gently massaged it, until her pussy began lubricating and a quiet moan treacherously escaped her lips. His gentle approach only increased her feeling of degradation and humiliation as she realized that even though her mind didn't belong to him, her body did.

As if reading her thoughts, Tan'kha straightened up over her again. "I have made a little potion for you too, but there is only one ingredient missing". The black man climbed on the altar, and lay on top of her. He loved the contrast between his black dark skin and the American woman's pale flesh as he positioned his monstrous cock between her spread legs, at her pink slit.

"No, please, I'm begging you" Victoria desperately whispered a final plea as she tried to prevent the unavoidable.

With a wicked grin and a grunt he lodged his dark meat deep into the gorgeous woman's pussy. She let out a cry of pain from the sudden and unwanted intrusion of her womb. Tan'kha enjoyed her tight and warm hole as he started pumping, pushing his tool in and out in rhythm. As her vaginal walls loosened to accommodate for his cock and both of them lubed up, the shaman increased his pace, pure pleasure overwhelmed both of them as he slid smoothly and effortlessly, each thrust building up the impending orgasm.

As if a cloud had come over her mind, Victoria lost her clear thought and began moaning – softly at first, then louder and louder, until screams of pleasure echoed in the clearing. She was getting fucked like never before and she loved it. She forgot that she was a puppet being forced into this against her own will and bucked her hips against the ghastly monster that was devouring her cunt, now feeling her climax building-up.

With a loud yelp, the American woman tightened up and pushed herself onto Tan'kha's black cock, as her orgasm exploded deep inside her clitoris and shock waved throughout her entire body, making every single nerve twinkle in pleasure. The man swung himself faster and faster inside Victoria, his lips found hers, the beauty eagerly accepting the shaman's tongue in her mouth as another orgasm shook her rigid body. Finally, a jet of black cum shot through Tan'kha's long shaft and splashed the inside of Victoria's pussy. His semen poured out in powerful streams and filled her womb.

After Tan'kha had emptied the contents of his balls inside the girl, he pulled out and got off the altar, he held his cum-covered cock in front of the American's angel face. Still in a lustful animal state, Victoria lapped and tasted her new master's hot jizz. She sucked the large dark cock-head clean and licked the long shaft up and down, getting a good taste of black dick.

Out of nowhere, Tan'kha produced a bowl, already filled with a peculiar liquid and positioned it between Victoria's spread legs, where his cum was oozing out of her gaping pussy. Drop by drop, his cum mixed with the contents of the bowl.

With the warm feeling of her powerful double orgasm still lingering in her clit and the distinct taste of black cock and cum in her mouth, Victoria was thorn by inner conflict. As an independent and proud American woman, she felt humiliated and exploited, held captive and abused against her will by a savage African animal, but the sexual elevation this man had managed to take her to was undeniable and despite all, she was forced to admit to herself that the experience was utterly magnificent. Once again as if Tan'kha could read her thoughts, he brought the bowl to her lips.

"Drink up and be at ease, my beautiful American slave" the witch-doctor said as she sipped from the potion. The predominant wonderful taste of her master's cum soothed Victoria into a deep sleep.

Chapter 3 – Rescue Attempt

"Look, I'll give you 500 dollars if you go look for her". Greg desperately looked at Bamyan, the guide who had taken them to the witch-doctor the day before, and his friend – Quen'ti. It was late afternoon, the sun would soon begin descending and there had been no sign of Victoria since morning. It was very strange, as she preferred to stay in the house as much as possible. Greg had a feeling that something terrible may have happened.

"Boss, the jungle is dangerous, she could be anywhere, I can't take that risk" The American tourist looked at the black man in disbelief

"You grew up here! You know the jungle like the back of your hand. Please, I'm begging you" Bamyan's expression was cold and emotionless. He didn't reply.

"Ok, fine! I'll give you 1000 dollars, you could live like a king for 2 years out here with that much money, just help me find her!" A smile crept up on Bamyan's face

"Of course, boss! Quen'ti and I will leave straight away. But we're coming back before dark. We don't want to spend the night in the jungle"

The rescue team set out in their search for the white woman. They chatted amongst themselves as they went through all the clearings where the jungle wasn't so thick, they were almost sure that the girl's disappearance was linked with her visit to the witch-doctor. They remembered all the rumors about what happened to some of the tourists that went to the mystic. They hesitated before entering Tan'kha's domain. Then their greed got the better of them and they went cautiously into 'his' part of the jungle. Finally they reached the shady clearing with the altar.

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