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Jungle Fever


The first thing I noticed when we deplaned from the C-130 transport in La Ceiba, Honduras was the sweltering heat and humidity radiating from the tarmac which served the local Honduran military outpost a few miles away. I was part of a Marine Corps forward deployed training group, back in the early 1980s, whose mission was to prepare the Honduran army regiment at La Ceiba to participate in a joint U. S. Military air, land and sea assault exercise.

The exercise was designed to show the flag and rattle the sabers in sight of the communist dictator in Nicaragua. There were about five officers and 10 enlisted marines in our group, and we were transported by bus to the Honduran army compound. The officers were put up in the officer quarters, along with the Honduran officers. I shared a room with another lieutenant by the name of Jose. We became good friends and he became my tour guide on our liberty trip into town that night.

Southern Command regulations required us to wear our cammies while on liberty so that we could be clearly identified as American troops. The Honduran army escorted us around town with an armed entourage of plain clothes military police. Nicaraguan rebels had been known to commit random acts of terrorism, so I did not feel too comfortable at first, being unarmed myself. But as the night wore on I realized that we were well protected, and the locals were very friendly people who were really glad to see us.

We stopped at several bars and had a few beers. Our host then bussed us to a whore house, thinking that everyone of us would want to get laid in the Latin tradition. Since most of the officers were married, and we didn't have a good feeling about the threat of STDs our first night in country, we politely declined their offer.

Around midnight, we finally ended up at a large, open air disco that was very crowded with young men and women. Jose bought us a couple of cold beers and we sat by ourselves at a table, listening to the seductive music and watching the young hot and sweaty bodies grinding away on the dance floor. I had been chosen for this mission because of my fluency in Spanish. I had spent several years stationed in Spain, and studied the language at an extension university under the tutelage of a real Spanish professor. Whenever I conversed in Spanish I always got a lot of attention from the locals, who were amazed that a blond-haired, blue-eyed gringo could speak such good Spanish.

As we sat next to the dance floor with a pretty good buzz going on, I caught the eye of a very beautiful young senorita sitting at a table with three other young ladies, about 20 feet away. I smiled at her and she smiled back, shyly, showing a perfect set of pearl white teeth, which contrasted distinctly with her dark, shoulder length hair and her almond colored skin.

For the next 10 minutes we continued to play peek-a-boo with each other, as she giggled and whispered with her young friends. I mentioned to Jose how beautiful she was and he asked me if I wanted to meet her. Hesitating only momentarily, and under the influence of the cold beer, I replied that I did want to meet her.

Jose got up and walked over to her table and leaned over and whispered something into her ear. He then stepped back and grasped her chair as she got up and followed him back to our table. I stood up and politely offered my hand as I introduced myself. She again smiled a shy smile, glancing down at her feet as she reached out and lightly shook my hand. As graciously as I could, I bowed my head and gently kissed her hand, in my best impression of Zorro! Her fingers were very long and delicate, her skin smooth and soft to the touch, and I could see that her nails were well manicured and painted a deep ruby red.

She told me her name was Elisa and that she was 18 years old. She was wearing a simple knee length, white cotton sundress that accentuated her striking figure. She looked to be about 5'6'' and 120 pounds. The glowing skin of her face, arms and legs was flawless and smooth, without any visible imperfections. She had dark brown eyes set on top of high cheek bones, a small but well chiseled nose and chin, and wet, full lips which were a slightly lighter shade than her creamed coffee colored skin. The hot humid night caused the perspiration on her skin to glisten like a thousand tiny diamonds. The sweet smell of her perfume wafted over to me as she stood before me smiling and looking into my eyes. Her ample visibly breasts rose and fell, as her breathing became slightly labored. She continued to blush as Jose held her chair as she leaned forward from the waist and looked back to sit down.

I got a quick glimpse down the front of her dress and was rewarded with a clear view of her deep cleavage pressed between her ample melon sized breasts that were supported by a simple white cotton bra. The plain natural beauty of this young woman was no less than breathtaking. Her bright white smile and fleshy lips were so intoxicating and inviting.

We ordered a pitcher of sangria and joked and drank for the next hour as I got to know more about her. By the time the second pitcher was empty, we all had a very warm buzz going, and my Spanish had improved considerably. Elisa let me know she enjoyed my company by allowing me to sneak a few quick kisses during which she would flick her tongue out to tease me.

By now it was close to 2:00 am and was time for us to return to the base. As we walked down the unpaved street toward her home, hand in hand, I found myself half-way falling in love, struggling with the fact I was happily married, yet afraid I would never see this beautiful 18 year old senorita again. We dropped her off at her parent's house and I leaned forward to give her another quick kiss, as she looked around to make sure nobody was looking. As we embraced I could feel her full breasts pressed tightly against my chest, my hardening penis rubbing against her hip. She thrust her warm wet tongue into my mouth as I sucked it in then released it, sucking and nibbling on her luscious lips. She finally pushed me away, and with a sly smile she turned and went through the gate leading to her small house.

Jose and I rode back to the base on the bus in virtual silence. I was deep in thought and could not get Elisa off my mind. The next morning I got up early and went to breakfast with Jose in the officer's mess. My fellow Marine officers did not want to chance eating the local food, so they ate MREs while I feasted on eggs, fried fat back, refried black beans, fried platinos, fresh squeeze orange juice and dark rich coffee.

As we ate, I relayed my feeling about Elisa to Jose. He told me that the camp commander was planning a party that weekend, and he would go out in town and look for her and bring her onto the compound to the party. I was elated at the thought of getting to meet her again, and it was difficult to keep my mind on the jungle training we conducted the rest of the week.

On Friday, by 1900, we were done for the day. I was soaked with sweat and completely worn out. I went back to the room I shared with Jose and stripped down and took a cool, invigorating shower. By 2000 I was fully refreshed, had put on a clean set of cammies, and made my way across the parade field to the officer's club.

After having a few drinks with the post commander, a bus-load of hookers arrived. They came into the club, and the drinking and partying began in earnest. Most of the officers, who were married, stood off to the side with the camp commander drinking brandy, while the young enlisted marines partied with the pretty senoritas. By 2300 I was ready to go to bed, and somewhat disappointed that Jose had not yet returned from town with Elisa. I was resigned to the fact that I would probably never see her again.

As I walked back across the moon lit compound I heard a voice hoarsely whisper my name. I looked to my right, and there was Jose, and standing next to him was my darling Elisa. She gave me a big smile as I walked up to her and put my arms around her, kissing her deeply. Jose told me he was going to sleep at home that night with his wife, and I would have his room all to myself. He smiled a knowing smile and winked as he turned and walked away.

I grasp Elisa's hand and ask her if she wanted to go to my room. She squeezed my hand and nodded in the affirmative with a bright smile, and turned with me toward the officer barracks. We could hear the laughter and revelry of the party continuing on in the club as we made our way upstairs and into my room.

Elisa stood in the middle of the dimly lit room as I turned and locked the door. She looked radiant in her pale white dress under the light from a table lamp across the room. I turned toward her and reached out and pulled her close to my body, running my hands up and down her back as we kissed each other passionately. Her body was hot to the touch as our tongues mingled together in hot wet kisses. My hands groped the soft flesh of her full rounded ass cheeks as I ground my stiffening penis against her pelvic mound. I nuzzled her neck and nibbled on her ear as I drank deeply of the smell of her freshly bathed body, her shampooed hair, and her delicate perfume mixing with the slightly musky smell of her perspiration dampened skin. I was totally at the mercy of this beautiful young woman, and the feel and smell of her lascivious body, so soft and perfectly contoured, was driving me mad. I had to have her, but I wanted to treasure the feeling of each erotic moment as we both chased headlong after our uncontrollable lust for each other.

We finally broke apart and Elisa said she needed to go to the bathroom. As she closed the door behind her, I decided to undress and lay down on the bed. I was hot and sweaty in my cammies, and as I stripped down I could feel a slight refreshing breeze drifting through the open window and across the room. I turned the desk lamp off and lay down on the cool white sheets of the bed. The bright moonlight, shining through the window, illuminated the bed, and I could still hear laughter from the party wafting across the compound. I lay back with my head on the pillow and pulled the sheet up to my waist to cover my nakedness. As I lay there in deep thought I closed my eyes briefly, awaiting Elisa's return.

I heard the toilet flush and then water running in the sink as I drifted off into a state of semi-consciousness. Everything seemed so peaceful as I imagined myself married to my beautiful Elisa and living back home in the states. Everyone would be astonished at her beauty and jealous of me at the same time. Every man who is married to a beautiful, sexy woman knows the proud feeling he has as he shows her off to his friends. It was difficult to imagine how fortunate I was to have found such a beautiful young woman, thousands of miles from home, in a remote village in Honduras.

I smiled, deep in thought, when I was brought back to reality by the sound of the bathroom door opening. I lifted myself up on one elbow and watched as Elisa tip-toed over toward the bed, completely nude. Her large pendulous breasts, accentuated by dark silver dollar sized aureoles and turgid nipples, swayed gracefully back and forth as she came and knelt on the bed. She was so innocent looking, yet sexy and mature for her years. As I lifted up the sheet for her, my lustful gaze drifted downward from her heavy hanging breasts along her thin waist and full rounded hips, stopping abruptly at the erotic sight of her dark tangled mass of curly pubic hair, framing the upper junction between her lovely muscular thighs.

As she slipped under the sheet I could smell the distinct fragrance of her freshly bathed body mixed with her perfume. Her woman scent was intoxicating as we snuggled up together, our hands reaching out and groping strange flesh as we examined one another's bodies. I cupped her heavy breasts in both hands and tweaked her turgid nipples between my thumb and fore fingers as she reached down and found my stiffening manhood, squeezing my shaft and fondling my sensitive cum filled balls.

Lying face to face, I looked deeply into her dark eyes, as we lazily began kissing one another. As she reached out toward me I was surprised, but also excited, to see a patch of dark hair in her armpits. It was customary for Honduran women to allow their hair to grow under their arms, and this only served to heighten my passion. I kissed her damp forehead and moved down to kiss her nose then grasped her full lips lightly between my teeth and playfully tugged on them.

She giggled an innocent little girl laugh as I sucked on her lips and explored her wet mouth with my tongue. She responded by sticking her tongue deeply in my mouth, as I sucked her in hungrily, devouring her slithering member. The passionate kissing, coupled with my wondering hands and the sweet smell of her damp skin had now caused my penis to swell into a full erection, something that was quite obvious to Elisa as she continued to squeeze and fondle my stiff shaft and heavy scrotal sac.

By now we were both beginning to sweat more profusely in the heat of the night, so I threw back the sheet, exposing our naked bodies to each other's gaze. The bright moonlight cast an eerie light upon the smooth skin of her voluptuous body as she lay sprawled on the white sheets, her quivering flesh completely laid bare to my sexual advances. She began to moan as I slipped my hand down between her thighs and began running my fingers through the thick curly strands of her dark pubic bush. I pressed my palm against the puffy folds of her now soaked labia as I ran my middle finger up and down the hot moistened slit of her vagina, paying special attention to the rigid nub of her sheathed clitoris. She squirmed in ecstasy at my touch.

As I continued to gently stimulate her clitoris, I began to kiss her neck, continuing on down to her massive tubular breasts, sucking in each nipple, as if I was a nursing child cuddling in her arms. She continued to moan and squirm as I ravished her body, kissing my way down her soft belly, licking her tender flesh, until I was positioned between her now gaping thighs. I began to lick the inner skin of her upper thighs, reveling in the slightly salty taste of her pale naked flesh. I licked and kissed my way downward, continuing to caress her legs until I was just inches from her dark love triangle. I was amazed at how thick and curly her full pubic bush was. Dark thick curly strands of pubic hair grew profusely along the upper portion of each inner thigh. I reached out with my fingers and parted the moist strands of hair until I discovered the pink wet flesh of her vaginal lips.

I pressed my head forward, breathing deeply of the slightly musky smell of her womanhood as I flicked my tongue out and began licking her hot wet slit. I pulled her labia apart and began to ream her vaginal opening, sticking my tongue as deeply inside of her as possible. I continued to lick her sensitive flesh and moved even further down to explore her most private nether hole. I gave her clean shiny anus a good licking as well as she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy. I was intoxicated with the salty taste of her moist inner flesh and the musky smell of her sex. My face became wet with her natural juices as I continued to ravage her orally.

She grasp my head with both hands and clamped her thighs tightly against my ears as I continued to work my tongue up and down her sopping wet sex, paying particular attention to her now rigid clitoris. I softly licked and sucked on her sheathed nub, as if it was a miniature erect penis, rolling her rigid appendage around on my lips and tongue as she squeezed my head even tighter between her firm thighs.

Within seconds she began to moan loudly and cut loose with a string of erotic Spanish words I did not fully understand as the first wave of her orgasm swept over her tense body. I continued to assault her clitoris as she responded with another orgasm, her body rocking back and forth in erotic ecstasy. Finally she pushed my head away while she hoarsely whispered "basta," enough.

By now, my penis was rock hard and stood straight up at a 45 degree angle, ready to consummate our love making session. Elisa had recovered enough that she rolled over on her hands and knees and straddled my hips, placing her dripping vagina directly over my swollen erection. She was so beautiful and vulnerable in this position. Her heavy pendulous breasts hung down low, her erect nipples grazing along the sweaty hair on my chest. I reached up, squeezing and fondling each glistening globe, feeling their weight in the palm of my hand, and pinching her nipples as she reached between her thighs and guided my rigid shaft toward her dripping treasure trove.

As she pushed downward on my erection to align its length with her dripping cunt, I felt my shaft fill with blood and thicken even more. I involuntarily pressed slightly upward as she began to lower her hairy pubic mound downward, rubbing the swollen and widely flared plumb sized head of my penis up and down her wet slit to lubricate it. She finally allowed my swollen glans to press directly against the tight but well lubricated depression formed by her vaginal opening. She released my shaft and lowered her ass further down, virtually impaling herself on my rigid shaft.

I felt my thick manhood slip between her thick labia and violate her vagina as she continued to press her ass downward. She then started to hump up and down on my thick penis, allowing it to penetrate her more deeply with each succeeding movement of her hips. I reached out and grasp the quivering flesh of her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, as she began a steady rhythmic movement up and down on my manhood. Her heavy breasts bounced and swayed with each movement of her hips as she continued to grind her tangled pubic mound against my own, our curly pubic hair entwined and tangled together. Her dark hair flowed over her face as she leaned forward, her eyes closed, and reveled in the eroticism of the moment.

We were one, in the God given sense, copulating with wild abandon. I thrust my hips upward to meet each downward thrust of her rounded ass, causing my swollen shaft to violate her even more deeply. Her moans became quicker and louder as another orgasm built deep within her groin. I reached back further and began to violate her anal opening with the middle finger of my right hand. She moaned even louder as she continued to work her hips up and down on my throbbing erection. I pressed my thighs together and pulled my scrotal sac upward so that it rested on top of my thighs. With each downward thrust of her hips my balls would be pressed between the deep folds of her ass. It was an exquisite feeling. I was beginning to be affected by the sensuous and animalistic guttural sounds of her lovemaking and could feel my own familiar orgasmic sensation beginning to swell within my loins.

I knew I could not hold out much longer, so I decided to time my orgasm with hers. Suddenly the thought of this young vixen becoming pregnant entered my mind. Instead of withdrawing however, I became more excited. By now it was too late as I felt my orgasm rising with uncontrollable urge. Fortunately I did not have long to wait as she began to wildly grind her hairy vulva against my stiff rod, letting out a guttural moan as her third orgasm swept over her voluptuous body. I squeezed the soft flesh of her ass cheeks between my fingers and pulled her down on top of me as tightly as possible, pressing my cum filled balls tight against her ass hole as my orgasm rushed upward and out of control.

My thighs and buttocks tensed up as I pressed my hips hard against her nakedness, spurting my thick white ejaculate deep within her bowels. The thought that I might be impregnating her with my seed caused me to shudder with sexual excitement as I released load after load of my thick hot sperm deep within the dark folds of her mysterious sex.

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