tagGay MaleJungle Fever Ch. 6

Jungle Fever Ch. 6


"Lions and tigers and bears – oh, my! Lions and tigers and bears – oh, my!"

That same song lyric played over and over in my head as I staggered blindly through the thick undergrowth, my face whipped by the onslaught of branches. My panicked mind reached randomly for the familiar; a sense of normality that was lost at the onset of my journey.

"Lions and tigers and bears – oh, my! "

If only I were in the wonderful land of Oz, accompanying Dorothy on her fantastic journey to the Emerald City. But I wasn't. My Emerald City was the lush green of the Amazon jungle, once beautiful, now my living nightmare.

I was the Cowardly Lion, running as best I could, lost from the path back to the car which I had stumbled away from.

Behind me, the Bear was out cold from a sharp blow to the head. Big, strong and hairy, The Stranger lay stretched upon the ground where I had tied him with the vines hanging so freely. When he woke, he would be the proverbial bear with a sore head, and I wasn't staying around to witness it.

And so I ran. Or rather, stumbled, taking the unconscious Tiger in a fireman's hold, his sleek, muscular frame flopping like a rag doll in his weakened state. Defeated to within an inch of his life, Boi's only hope of survival now rested with me. And I was lost.

The humidity of the jungle was peaking and I prayed for the rain I could sense coming on. How long had I run? How far behind had I left The Stranger?

Dehydrated, hungry and exhausted, I fell against a tree, unable to continue. Carefully biting my tongue to produce saliva to moisten my parched throat, I slid to my knees, lowering Boi to the ground as gently as I could. Unless he woke, I knew it was over. I couldn't go on any further.

My entire being began to cramp, the sweat pouring from me, evaporating much-needed salt from my body. I winced in pain, envisioning the cramps jumping my queue of agonies to take the lead. I fell to my side, looking through tear-filled eyes at Boi's slumbering frame.

"Please..." I whispered, but even that was an effort.

I rolled onto my back, begging silently for salvation. And then a drop. Cold, moist, alone. A single drop of rain trickled off my forehead. I lay there still, waiting for the next and it came only moments later.

I opened my mouth to greet the oncoming rain. A tremendous clap of thunder erupted from above, loud enough to shake the ground itself. I opened my eyes and witnessed the first wave of a solid sheet of water falling towards me. It moved as though in slow motion, tumbling down like a shower of spears.

And then it hit. The Gods let loose their torrential downpour like nothing I had ever witnessed. I felt it sizzle against my overheated skin as I shielded my eyes and allowed my mouth to overflow with rain. I gulped greedily, drowning myself in the ecstasy of the long-needed drink.

And still the rain came, turning the dirt into mud, the trees into broken umbrellas. Its force was as hard as the thunder was deafening. But still I drank, quenching my undying thirst.

The convulsions came without warning and suddenly I was on my knees, heaving up the water I'd guzzled, my stomach rejecting the liquid assault. All that went down, came up and my eyes mimicked the rain with the pain of such violent retching.

An unexpected hand on my shoulder soothed my muscles, caressing my back like a mother settling her child. The vomiting passed and I looked up to see Boi, kneeling beside me looking worse than I felt, but concern on his face nonetheless.

"You drank too fast," he told me, opening his own mouth to swallow small amounts of rain. "Take it in slowly and you will be okay."

I fell back against a tree, sitting exhausted.

"You're alright!" To this day, I'll never know how I managed the smile through the overwhelming discomfort I felt.

"Thanks to you," Boi said, moving to sit beside me, his movements slow and tentative. "The man? Where is he?"

"I left him behind. He's unconscious – I hit him with a rock, tied him up and left him."

"He will follow us soon," Boi said. "Where are we?"

"I don't know. I just ran. We're lost."

Boi shook his head and caressed my knee with his hand.

"No," he said. "Stay here. I'll look around."

He rose and staggered off into the undergrowth, disappearing behind the thick wall of rain long before the woodland hid him.

Time had no meaning anymore, with the sun hidden behind a carpet of clouds and the rain shielding any change in temperature. I stayed where I was waiting an eternity, or perhaps only minutes, allowing my mind to continue settling and take in the situation.

I pictured The Stranger, straining against his bonds as the rain pounded through the matted hair on his chest. I found my mind wandering back to those last moments when I almost lost myself in his arms and suddenly I was back there, looming above him as I sucked the moisture from his torso, drinking from the well forming in the valley between his enormous pecs.

My hand wandered to my groin, perhaps the only muscle that wasn't aching, and I felt the tension melting away from my body as I began massaging my nether region in time to my imaginations.

Suck. Stroke. Suck. Stroke.

The Stranger groaned in sync with my own pleasurable sighs beneath the tree where I sat. I saw his back arch beneath me, his chest rising to greet my lascivious tongue. And my breathing was just as heavy, The Stranger's gasps echoing in my ears.

I ran my hand over my body, enjoying the flow of water cascading over me as my mind's eye touched The Stranger. My hand greeted my hardened nipples with a gentle tweak, forcing The Stranger to open his luscious mouth further, his head thrown back in anticipation of my kiss.

I could feel his body against mine now and I pressed down harder, reaching between us to caress his cock, our mouths locked together in passion.

I climaxed the same time as he did, The Stranger's convulsions timed exquisitely with my own and his cries and mine merged into a rapturous chorus of ecstasy. And then the image faded and my own, claustrophobic surroundings returned.

"Typical man," I thought out loud. "He cums the he goes!"

I must have snoozed for a while after that, because suddenly Boi was back at my side again, shaking me gently.

"Come," he said. "There is a cave nearby where we can stay."

He helped me to my feet and together we aided each other's progress. 'Nearby' proved further than I expected and it was only the company of Boi, and his saturated body rubbing against mine as we held one another that kept me going, knowing soon that we would be safe….and together.

The cave, when we finally arrived, stood part-way up a cliff, over which the most glorious waterfall cascaded into a whitewashed sanctuary, extending out into a river.

We scaled the rocky embankment to a ledge hidden behind the falling water, where a yawning cave entrance opened to a welcoming fire in full blaze.

Boi led me to the flames which he'd lit before returning to fetch me, and the warmth of the cave made me realise how cold it had actually become.

We sat by the fire and Boi wrapped his arms around me, rubbing me lightly to encourage the warmth.

"I have many places like this," he told me. "When I travel through the jungle, I need places to stay, so I find caves like this one and remember them."

Further inside the cave, a small gathering of different fruits were piled against the wall. Seeing me eye them, Boi went over and grabbed a handful, cracking open the shells when necessary and feeding their delicious flavours to me. Though a simple meal, it was perhaps the most superb I'd ever had. I hadn't eaten for almost two days and I relished every mouthful.

"After you finish eating, we will rest," he said, taking a mouthful himself. " We will stay here for a while and recover, and then I can take you home."

"Home?" I asked. "Your home or mine?"

"Whichever it is you want."

And so it was. After we had eaten, we slept and the sun crossed the sky behind the eternal rain, changing day into night and back again. Days passed – I don't know how many – perhaps only two, perhaps more – and we rested, regaining our strength.

We slept a lot, Boi venturing outside only when needed to gather more food or to fill shells with water from the waterfall while I remained behind, a kept prince in primitive luxury.

Then one night, whilst wrapped in each other's arms again for warmth, the adventures of past dissolved and our manhood returned.

Boi snuggled close to me, his hand tenderly caressing my back, our faces only an inch apart.

"You never told me why you are here." He said, his eyes searching mine in the half-light

"I came to get away from it all," I said. " I needed to find myself."

"And the man?"

"I don't know. He followed me here. He was supposed to kidnap me and take me back."


I shrugged. "My father is the Attaché to Venezuela. Maybe they thought I would be easy pickings for a ransom."

Boi nodded, drawing himself closer to me. I could feel his member pressing into my leg now and my own cock responded to its feel.

"What about you?" I said, pretending as though nothing was occurring below. "How do you come to live in the jungle?"

"My parents were missionaries,' Boi explained. "They came to teach the Bible to natives but found God themselves and stayed. The harmony with nature, the spirit of community…they found peace here. I was conceived and born in a village."

"And now," I asked.

"Alone. When I was four years old, our village was attacked by a neighbouring tribe. My mother was one of the first people killed, but the villagers helped my father to escape with me. Until he died from a fall, many years ago now, he raised me to live off the land. We tried to go back to your world, but hated it. So we returned here and stayed."

"Don't you ever get lonely?"

"Very." He drew me into him, kissing me tenderly and the world ceased to exist. We were alone in a vacuum, no sound but our own sighs and whispers. Wanting each other for so long, we drew the moment out as long as we could, pressed hard into each other, our cocks jostling with enthusiasm.

Suckling my neck now, Boi rolled over on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him, greeting his affection. No violence, no fear. Just the warm intertwining of two beings in love.

My fingers explored his physique, circling his jutting shoulder blades and trailing down to the soft cheeks of his bottom. His intake of breath as I fingered his anus was silenced by another kiss, until he slid his powerful frame down, suckling my nipples and gently nibbling my chest. My fingers slid through his hair, longing for him to move lower down my body.

He greeted my subtle command with understanding, his breath melting me like chocolate. Neck, chest, stomach. So close yet so far.

Then he came down hard on me, his jaw suddenly puncturing my gut, his torso crushing my groin.

My eyes flew open in surprise. The Stranger was looming above, his muddied foot firmly planted in the small of Boi's back, pinning him to me.

I was speechless as the last of the rain ran from his body forming a pool of water on and around us.

"I think we have a problem." His voice was flat, matter-of-fact, like a teacher about to scold his pupils.

"How….?" I couldn't think what to say.

"How do you think?" he responded to my unformed question. "I followed you here. I've been watching you for days, giving myself the chance to recover."

"I thought…." But my racing mind failed me again.

"The vines?" he asked. "They were nothing. When the rain came, I woke up and found you, sitting beneath a tree jerking yourself off. You hadn't gotten very far…." He laughed. "You must have walked around in circles. I would have killed you there and then except that I didn't know where Jungle Boy was. Couldn't chance him jumping me from a tree."

I felt Boi try to move to no avail, his awkward position making him short of breath, preventing him from talking.

"What are you going to do to us?" I asked, relieved my voice finally reached the punctation mark.

"As I said, we have a problem."

"What problem?" I cursed myself for letting my voice shake. The Cowardly Lion had returned. I waited expectantly.

"With a bit more pressure, I could break Jungle Boy's back. Leave him here to die and take you back to my employers. Whether your father pays the ransom or not, they will kill you. And probably me too, for the fun I've had with you."

He paused for effect.

"Alternatively, I can kill you both now and return empty handed. But if I do that, my bosses don't take kindly to failure." Another pause, this one longer, as though he expected me to respond. Be brave, I told myself. Even the Cowardly Lion found courage.

"Neither option sounds promising," I said, surprising myself at my casual air. "Multiple choice usually has more variety."

"There's one more option," he replied. "We face the facts. Be honest. Both of you got off when I took you. You know you like it. You want it. Crave it. If we go back, we die. If we stay here we can form our own tribe. I can force-feed you any time you want. Jungle Boy here can teach us to live in this godforsaken place and everyone gets what he wants."

"If you mean it, let him go," I said, nodding towards Boi. The Stranger hesitated, then released his foot, stepping back in case Boi should lunge. But instead, Boi simple sat up and looked at me confused. When I wasn't forthcoming, Boi shrugged.

"Perhaps he is right," he offered.

"Alright then," I said, masking my unexpected enthusiasm, "but I saw you too, when we had you down. You got off on it just as much as we did. If you want some kind of orgy tribe, you have to take what you give. Deal?"

The Stranger thought on the offer, perhaps a bit too long for my liking, but finally acceded, stepping forward and grabbing Boi's hair, pushing Boi's face into his groin. Boi took the invitation, swallowing The Stranger's cock whole as The Stranger forced him to his back, sitting on his chest making him take it even deeper.

I rose to my feet, watching The Stranger's face contort with satisfaction. A surge of jealousy invaded my being as he governed the man I was making my own.

"Let's see how you keep your promises!" I huffed as thrust my own cock in The Stranger's face, stepping either side of Boi's head and taking a firm hold of The Stranger's head. He took it faster than I expected, reaching up to stroke my chest as he did so.

"We ought to kill you for everything you've done to us," I told him, thrusting harder. He tried pulling his head back, but I held tight, forcing him to take it. Below me, Boi reached up to squeeze my arse, slapping it playfully. He released The Stranger's cock from him mouth and turned his face to lick my ankles, forcing his tongue in hard against the groove below the bone. It tickled and I shook my foot, giggling.

Eager to feel Boi inside me, I pushed The Stranger down, pinning his arms with my hands. I was bending over, kissing him hard, my tongue pushing into the far reaches of his throat.

Behind us, Boi rose, and I felt his groin press against my arse. His hands grip my sides, wet from the spit he'd just rubbed on his cock. And then he was in me, nudging cautiously until he was completely inside.

I felt my arms tremble, no longer able to support my weight. My forehead sunk to the ground, only to be greeted by The Stranger's tongue flicking out to attack my ear. I couldn't move, my body and mind frozen with rapture.

Pulling a hand free, The Stranger pushed lightly on my head, burying my face into his shoulder and making my arse lift higher. I bit into his shoulder to muffle my cries of delight, the broad expanse of The Stranger's upper body like a corncob feast for my hunger.

When Boi finally came, I collapsed on top of The Stranger, exhausted and satisfied and he squeezed me tight in an amorous embrace.

It was a strange twist of fate. With battle lines firmly drawn, we were now walking the line, no enemy on either side. It was an unsettling truce, one I wasn't sure could last long. But until the day came when The Stranger we remembered returned to destroy us, Utopia returned to the wilds of the Amazon.

And several miles away, more Strangers arrived, our campfire shining like a beacon in the night, guiding them to our nest where they watched from afar, noting our every move, sizing us up like the unknowing prey we were.

In the bat of an eyelid, paradise was about to disappear. The terror would return with a vengeance holding more dire consequences than our lascivious minds could comprehend, because when all is said and done, there's no such thing as a happy ending.

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