Jungle Man


Everything was so vivid and colorful. The rainforest was a mysterious and exciting new place for Clara. Walking around with her sketch pad and bag full of pastels and pencils she looked around for something to inspire her.

She was fresh out of school with a bachelor's degree in Art. Talented and possessing a vibrant energy that showed in her work, Clara's professors felt that she would become a very successful artist.

Her parents, a nice middle-class couple, loved their only child very much. Having put herself through school with scholarships and academics, they decided to reward her for her achievements by send her on a trip to wherever she wished.

Wanting to pick somewhere that would give her ideas for a new collection that she would be showing in a gallery in a few months, she chose a place that was exotic and pulsating with life: the rainforest.

All of a sudden, Clara heard a rustling to her left. Peeking between the leaves was a little spider monkey looking at Clara very curiously.

What the monkey saw was a pretty blonde with thick straight hair, pulled back into a pony tail and off her face. Her skin was flawless and had a light honey colored tan from her trip to the Amazon. She had blue eyes that looked like the sky after a storm. Her slender 5'4" frame was wrapped in a colorful tube/sundress that bared her shoulders and barely reached her knees.

Smiling, Clara opened her sketch pad and brought out a pencil to capture the little cutie.

After a few minutes, she had a general outline of the monkey and his surroundings, but instead of sitting still like a good model, he became bored and began to scamper off.

Intent on finishing her sketch, Clara took off running after the creature.

The sense of freedom from the run was exhilarating to the young girl who had been strapped down with responsibilities all her life. After a few minutes the monkey stopped and looked back to see that the girl had followed him deeper into the forest. He was standing on a branch and seemed to be striking a pose. Chest puffed out, propped up against the tree, with a clawed hand on his hip, he looked like he was ready for her to sketch him.

Amused by her thoughts and the monkey's antics, Clara let out a laugh that usually captivated any and all who heard it.

Getting into a comfortable position and bringing out her utensils she bent her head to finish her sketch, not knowing that she was being watched.


Alano watched Clara a few feet away, masked by the foliage.

He was a young man, mid-twenties, native to the little village in Brazil that Clara was staying at. Considered a fine catch in the village, he was dark-haired with a bronze/tan hue; he was handsome, strong, and conceited. He was aware of his good looks and used them to get what he wanted. However, it was a whispered that he had a cruel and brutal personality.

His family owned and rented houses in the town, a very lucrative business, and he grew accustomed to getting whatever he wanted.

Clara was renting one of their houses and Alano knew from the moment he saw her that she would be his.

Her beauty outshined all of the other women in the village. All failed to come close when compared to her. None held their appeal to him as they once had.

Every day he made sure he saw her and spread the word that no man was to touch her; she belonged to him. Having authority in the town, his word was law. If he wanted Clara no one would stop him or get in his way; they knew better.

He could have taken her at any time he wanted, but he waited. Today he would ask her to marry him and she would then become his wife whether she wanted to or not.

Following her from the village into the forest, he just wanted to watch her. When she saw the monkey and began to run, he took off after her.

When he caught up to her, she was laughing and smiling at the monkey. His stomach tightened when he heard the sound. She was intoxicating and fascinated him every time he heard her laugh. A jealous man, he knew that once she was his, he wouldn't be able to tolerate her being around other men.

Clara was sweaty from her run and the dress clung to her body. Alano could see every detail and curve of her body. When she dropped her pencil and bent over to retrieve it, he couldn't hold back any longer. He would make her his right now, he couldn't wait any longer.

He stepped out from the trees, snapping a twig in the process.


Hearing something snap, Clara turned around. Startled, she called out, "Who's out there?"

When she saw Alano emerge from the trees and not an animal, she didn't relax; she almost preferred an animal.

Alano was always watching her and showing up wherever she was. No man in the village really spoke to her and she thought he may have something to do with that.

He always laid an arm around her shoulders or waist whenever he was near and his touch made her skin crawl.

She had seen him yell at his butler, a charming old man, because he put his hat in the wrong place. But seeing him hit a little boy for getting in his way was what had turned her off completely to Alano. Her aversion for him though, was obviously not seen.

Pursuing her into the forest, she wondered what he wanted.

"Alano, what are you doing here?" she asked.

Stepping closer to her, Alano looked down at her and said, "I've come to collect what's mine." Reaching out he trailed his fingers down her arm.

When she went to pull her arm away, his hand tightened in a bruising grip.

"Aah, oww. What are you doing, Alano? Let go of me!" Clara demanded.

A crazed light entered his eyes as he backed her into a tree and brought his head down and captured her lips in a hard kiss. On her gasp he thrust his tongue into her mouth. His forceful kiss was horrible and she brought her teeth down hard on his intrusive tongue.

Tasting blood he broke the kiss and touched his tongue. His fingers came away stained red. Furious, he backhanded her, hard.

Dazed by the blow, Clara couldn't focus on Alano. She could catch parts of what he was muttering, "... I'll show you... bite me, try to hurt me... you're mine, and you'll learn... I'll punish you, Clara..."

Trying to pull her thoughts together, Clara started to struggle against him. Surprised that she pushed him, she was successful in her escape for a moment and almost slipped past him.

However, he was fast to recover and caught her around the waist. Pulling her back, he threw her against the tree with enough force that her head snapped back and hit it.

Stunned, Clara was seeing spots. Trying to stay conscience, she futilely and weakly tried to fight him off.

Alano practically ripped her dress off and once her breasts were revealed he started to play with them. Pinching and pulling on her nipples till she screamed in pain, Alano leaned over her to whisper, "Scream, Clara. No one can hear you or stop me. You're mine. But for hurting me, you must learn the consequences. Either accept me or fight me, I will get my way no matter what."

"Let me go you bastard!" she screamed.

Backhanding her again, Alano said, "You will learn Clara."

At this point Clara was coming in and out of conscience. He was doing whatever he wanted with her body, pushing two then three fingers in her cunt to get her ready for him. He had succeeded to get her a little moist and positioned his cock at her entrance.

Just when he was about to rape her, she hazily saw his eyes roll into the back of his head. He then fell to his knees and kept falling until he was lying on his stomach, face-first in the mud.

Relieved that he hadn't raped her, Clara slumped against the tree, trying to stay coherent.

Raising her head, she gasped. Right in front of her was a man, wearing a loincloth. The situation would have been comical to Clara, if she wasn't fighting to stay lucid.

The man was huge; 6'5" at least, with a heavy muscular build from hard, heavy labor. His long jet black hair fell in waves down his back and over his shoulders. His tanned hand was reaching out to cup her face. In his other hand, he held a club of some sort.

Clara slipped into unconsciousness, hoping that he wouldn't hurt her.

Catching the small, fragile creature before she fell, Manolito held her close to his chest. Looking at her face he knew she was the one. The one he had been waiting for. The woman that would complete him.

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