tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJungle Tom Ch. 06

Jungle Tom Ch. 06


It was the height of the wet season when we received another visitor. A petite blonde girl arrived complete with her friend Nichole and a couple of other stragglers.

The new arrival seemed pleased to greet everybody. I noticed that she had been caught in one of the rain showers that we had earlier because her vest was soaking wet and this had caused it to become transparent.

I could see that she was wearing no bra.

The Chief invited me to escort our new guest and her friend to their hut. I quickly introduced myself and was told that our visitor was called 'Paris.'

"Nice to meet, you Tom," said Paris and she leaned forward to shake my hand. As she did so one of her breasts started to escape from the side of her vest and I got a view of half of her nipple.

"Whoops," I said, "it looks as if you've popped out."

Paris looked down at herself and quickly covered her breast.

"Silly me," she said, "what a thing to happen. It's a good job you told me you naughty man, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise and you could have been looking at it all day."

Her friend, Nichole giggled.

"Paris, how could you have been so silly not to notice that your tit was showing?"

Nichole started to laugh uncontrollably and because she was wearing a flimsy vest too, her left breast escaped.

"Now you've done the same thing," I said.

Nichole peered downwards and noticed her lack of modesty.

She covered herself and said,

"Oh my God, I can't believe I did the same thing."

I escorted the two girls to their hut but as they started to walk they both suffered the same wardrobe malfunction and both ended up with one tit hanging out of their tops, Paris the right one and Nichole the left one.

I decided that it would only be right to point this out to them.

"When I did they both started to giggle again.

"You're such a bad man," said Paris, "trust you to notice that our titties were showing. I really did not know how this could have happened again."

Nichole put her breast back in and so did Paris but Paris failed to do it properly and the nipple simply stayed in view. I decided not to tell her as I thought that we would end up here all day.

When we got to the hut they invited me inside..

Paris took a mirror out of her case and decided to hang it on the wall. She must have caught her reflection because she noticed that her breast was on display again.

"Oooh, you naughty man," she said to me, "why didn't you tell me that I was flashing again? I can't believe that this keeps happening to me, it never usually does!"

I sighed and decided that it would be best if I left.

I bade them farewell. I told them that I would see them both tomorrow and if they liked I would show them around the village.

"Oooh, can I bring my camera?" asked Nichole.

"Yes, if you must," I replied.

The next morning I went to the girls' hut and was surprised to find them both still asleep in bed. They were both tucked up nicely under the covers.

I noticed a digital camera by the bedside table and was about to have a look at the photos that were on there to see if there was anything interesting when Nichole woke up and saw me. She sat up in bed completely topless and both her small breasts were in full view.

"Er..., you're flashing again," I said.

"Oops silly me," she replied and pulled the covers up over her chest.

"What are you doing?" she asked me.

"I was just looking at your camera," I said.

"Well, I'd rather you didn't", she answered. "There are some photographs on there that could get into the wrong hands. We wouldn't want them appearing on the internet or anything would we? People might get the wrong idea."

I asked her what she meant and she explained to me that although the photos were completely harmless some people might misinterpret them.

I asked her to explain further and she told me that during the night Paris had been unable to sleep because of the heat and humidity. The hut had been well-lit because all the oil lamps were on and Paris had decided to strip naked and lie on the bed, simply so that she could cool down.

I asked Nichole why she thought it necessary to take photos of Paris if she was completely naked.

She told me that she always took photos when they went away and it was perfectly normal to take photos of just about everything that happened to them.

I asked her if I could see the photos but Nichole told me that it would be wrong to see them without Paris' permission.

When Paris woke up I asked her if I could see the photos. Paris looked at me still half asleep and then sat up in the bed and just like Nichole was completely naked from the waist up.

"I can see your titties again," I teased.

Paris pulled up the covers to hide her breasts.

"You're such a naughty man," she said, "I forgot that I had no top on. It's a good job you told me otherwise I wouldn't have remembered."

She gave me permission to see the photos and explained to me that they were completely innocent.

The first couple of frames showed Paris on the bed completely naked. She was lying on her front so I couldn't really see anything but I noticed what a lovely peach of a bottom she had.

The third picture however was very interesting indeed.

Paris was now lying on her back, her legs were wide open and her pussy lips were in full view. I asked her why on Earth that there was such a graphic photo on there.

"Oh my God," she gasped, "stop looking at that photo please, you naughty man. I forgot that was on there."

I ignored her words and continued looking. I felt an erection growing.

"Listen to me," Paris said, "it's not what you think. I can explain.

I was so hot and my pussy was so sweaty that I simply had to open my legs to cool down. I needed to get some air on my muff if you see what I mean."

"Okay, I'll believe you," I replied, not too convincingly.

Paris then asked me to pass her top. I reached over, found her vest and handed it to her. She managed to put it on under the covers without showing any nipples this time but then much to my surprise she climbed out of bed and was naked from the waist down.

I pointed out to her that she still wasn't decent and when she realised her nudity, she gasped in horror.

"Oh no," she said, trying to cover her pussy with her hands. "I forgot that I had no bottoms on. I was so careful to cover my tits up that I forgot about the bottom bit.

Why didn't you tell me that I was naked before you let me get out of bed? You're a naughty man?"

"Well that's because I didn't know that you were naked!" I replied.

Nichole started giggling. She was still lying under the covers and was modestly only showing her head and shoulders.

I was annoyed when Paris found some jogging bottoms and put them on. I had enjoyed seeing her pussy.

It then occurred to me that I could have some fun with two vacuous girls such as these.

"Girls, "I said, "I have an idea.

Before we go for a stroll in the village I'm going to teach you something. I'm going to show you how best to cope with the heat and stickiness of the rain forest."

"Ooh, please do," said Nichole, "its so hot here that I think I'm going to die."

"Well," I continued, "Paris had the right idea last night when she stripped naked and spread her legs, but there is a little more to it than just that."

"Please tell us more", said Paris.

"This is what you must do," I said, trying to sound serious.

"You both have to strip completely naked but you'll also need water to cool you both down.

I wouldn't advise using drinking water as you need that to stop getting thirsty.

I find that saliva is great for cooling."

Paris looked at me and laughed. She didn't sound too convinced.

"What, you mean you want us to spit on ourselves?" she asked.

"No, no," I replied, "look I'll show you what I mean."

I pulled down my shorts and underpants.

Paris and Nichole both gasped when they saw my swelling penis.

"You're very naughty," said Paris, "you can't just show your man's thing to two ladies."

I apologised to the girls and explained that I too became hot in this awful climate. I explained that my private parts needed air too. Paris seemed to show sympathy and mentioned how uncomfortable I must be feeling.

Nichole simply giggled again and her uncontrollable shaking caused both of her small breasts to skim above the covers and appear in view again.

"Now," I said trying to sound serious, "watch this!"

I bent forwards and tried to reach my stiff cock with my mouth, but of course I was unable to do so.

"If only, I could lick myself," I said, "I could polish the whole of my dick and the wetness would cool it down."

Paris simply froze with intrigue and stared firmly at my penis.

"What I need," I continued, "is a friend who could do this for me."

"I see what you mean," said Nichole who by now had stopped laughing,

"perhaps I could help Paris in the same way, by licking her pussy when she is too hot.!"

It wasn't exactly as I intended, as neither girl offered to lick my dick but in other ways it was going along the right lines.

"Yes," I replied, "perhaps you could."

Now, Paris decided to remove her bottoms again and the now naked Nichole climbed on top of Paris as she lay straddled across the bed.

Nichole bent her head down over Paris's naked beaver and started to lick away.

I enjoyed a great view of the carpet-munching activity that was going on and I enjoyed seeing some fantastic views of Nichole's ass- crack as she leaned forwards over Paris's beautiful slim body.

Eventually I could resist it no longer and although unable to break the girls' boundaries and lick Paris myself, I positioned myself behind Nichole and grasping her bobbing ass with both hands I pulled my face towards it and started to lick at her anus.

For a brief moment Nichole stopped chewing at Paris and turned her head back towards me.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Nichole," I replied, "I thought that your ass might need cooling, so I decided to give it a lick."

"Well," said Nichole, "don't stop, it feels good. I am rather hot."

She then splayed her buttocks a little wider as if inviting some cooling fresh air and let me continue to lick her ass, as she went back to the job of giving Paris a good pussy tasting.

Nichole's crack was very sweaty (it must have been the heat) but she tasted good and I lapped away like a kitten drinking milk.

After a few minutes of tushy-tongueing , I was beginning to get tired and bored and my aching cock was crying out for a little attention.

"Would one of you girls be kind enough to cool my penis down?" I asked.

Paris sat up which caused Nichole to stop licking her. She sidled around Nichole and leaned towards me.

"I suppose I could lick it if you wish."

Paris stuck out her tongue and probed at the head of my shaft. It felt good and I 'm sure that my erection grew a little more.

"It's too big just to lick," purred Paris," I feel more comfortable sticking it in my mouth and sucking it like a lollipop."

"Then do just that," I gasped.

Paris gently but firmly sucked deeply on my dick and I was loving it but it was no use at all in cooling any of us down in the tropical heat.

Whilst this was happening, Nichole not wanting to be left out, loomed over my face and like an eclipse blocking out the sun, her pussy dropped heavily onto my chin. I continued my tongue work but this time on her cunt and she moaned with pleasure.

"That feels really nice," she murmered, "please don't stop."

Paris appeared enthused by her words and continued to suck away at me with more passion.

As I chewed gently at Nichole's swollen clit, Paris eventually stopped sucking away at me, but before I could protest, I felt her hand on my dick and then she sat on it and I felt it slide inside her.

Now I had a girl on my face and a girl bouncing on my cock. This was turning out to be one sweaty but exciting game and after a few minutes or so, the ecstasy was too much and I shot my load into Paris's pussy, feeling it tighten around me even further as I climaxed.

We eventually stopped and all rolled away from each other, exhausted with pleasure but desperately needing to cool down.

I climbed off the bed, got dressed and left the hut without saying a word. We never went for our walk.

The next day, I found that Paris and Nichole had left the village. A tribesmen brought me a large envelope, in it was note that they had left.

"Dear Tom,

You're a naughty man. We needed you to cool us down but all you did was leave us hot and sticky. We don't like the humidity here so we've decided to go home.

We're far too hot to wear panties anymore and have decided to leave ours as a gift for you.

All our love

Paris and Nichole xx"

I discovered in the envelope were two pairs of screwed up but moist panties. I pulled them both out, unfolded them and held them up to look at. Both were lacy and made of silk. There was no way that I could tell which was Paris's and which was Nichole's.

'Well,' I smiled to myself, 'perhaps if I have a good sniff then I might be able to tell which is which!'

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